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Chapter 17: A Different Side of McNab

Letting out a sigh, McNab shifted in his seat and eyed off the box in front of him. From the years working with Detective Lassiter, he knew there wasn't much, if anything, in it regardless of its size. Curious at what the detectives think they'd found, McNab lent forward.

Shuffling through the contents of box, Lassiter kept an eye on McNab's behavior. Like he suspected, McNab didn't seem worried. Could he be wrong? Could McNab and Spencer have nothing to do with Chief Vick's death and Iris's disappearance.

"O'Hara, turn the recorder on please." Lassiter then continued, "Conducting this interview is myself, Head Detective Carlton Lassiter, my partner ..."

"Detective Juliet O'Hara."

"And suspect number one. Please confirm your name."

"My name is Officer Buzz McNab."

"Thank you. You've been read your rights and have wavered the right to a lawyer present at this time. Is that correct?

"It is and yes, I understand my rights."

"Do you understand what you are being questioned about?"

Smiling, McNab placed his hands on the edge of the table.

"I'm being questioned about my possible involvement of the assassination of Chief Karen Vick. Which I deny of course."

"Are you sure you want to stick to that statement?"

"Yes I do."

"How long have you known our second suspect, Mr. Shawn Spencer?"

"For years."

"And your relationship?"

"What's that to do with anything?"

"Did I hit a nerve, Officer McNab? I mean, you're married. You have a child and yet … you have kept your 'friendship of years' with Mr. Spencer a secret. Why?"

"You already know why, Detective," McNab snarled. "Don't try playing mind games with me. You won't win."

"Fine. How long have you and Mr. Spencer been lovers, then?"

Lassiter watched as McNab drew in a deep breath. Either to calm his temper or to rein in the flicker of fear in his eyes. Whatever it was for, McNab seemed to be rattled.

"How dare you," McNab hissed, before swallowing hard. "Do you even know what you've done?"

"I do. I played and won a mind game against you."

"You're a fool, Detective. A bloody fool."

"I'm I?" When McNab didn't answer, Lassiter returned to the task at hand. "I asked you earlier today, if you thought Mr. Spencer could shoot Chief Vick. You didn't deny it, only said that he didn't kill Chief Vick. Is that your way of admitting Mr. Spencer shot her?"

"Nice try Detective … twisting my words to say what you want to hear, and no, it's not me saying anything like that. What I meant is, it wasn't Shawn who killed Chief Vick."

"Are you sure?" Lassiter enquired as he place a picture on the table. "Maybe you didn't realise he shot her in the head."

Picking up the photo, McNab looked closely at it, before throwing it back on the table. Smirking he lent back in his chair.

"That's not Shawn's handy work. It's too messy."

"Really!" O'Hara snapped. "That's your answer, you sick son of a ...?"

"Yes detective O'Hara, it is." McNab replied slamming his hands on the table as he stood up. "If Shawn had done this, it would have been a lot cleaner. No way, Shawn do that."

"Don't you have any feelings about what he did. This was your chief. A woman who was there when you needed her, or are you just as cold heart-ed as Shawn? Then again ..." O'Hara looked McNab up and down in disgust, "I wouldn't expect anything less from people like you."

"You don't know Shawn, or me as a matter as fact," McNab snapped back, "and you never will. But then again, Detective O'Hara, you shouldn't be letting your feelings run this interview. That's an extremely dangerous move to make."

"Detective O'Hara," Lassiter growled, giving his partner a warning to back off. He needed to put McNab on the edge, not over it. What the hell was wrong with her?

Taking the hint, O'Hara moved back, before walking around behind McNab, crossing her arms and continued to stared at him.

Sitting down, McNab stared at Lassiter as he spoke. "Do you really think that will make me nervous. If you were Shawn, maybe, but you're not, and as such, no threat to me, Detective O'Hara."

"So Shawn's an abusive lover. It hat why you won't betray him?"

"What? No! He's never lifted a hand to me or anyone, Detective Lassiter."

"Funny, I remember him pushing me against a wall and threatening me."

"That's different, and you know it."

"I suppose you're right. Like a mad dog, it's only the people he's paid to hurt, kill or ones like me that corner him, that face his wrath."

"You really don't get it and you never will. Shawn isn't this some sort of psychopath killer. He hates the idea of hurting anyone, anything, but sometimes … you know … you don't get a choice in the matter."

"Okay. So what's Mr. Guster's involvement between you and Mr. Spencer?" Lassiter asked as he placed Gus's picture down.

"Guster? He's Shawn's childhood friend and co-owner of Psych. For me, I don't have anything to do with him."

"What about the safe in the Psych office? It's covered in Mr. Guster and Mr. Spence's finger prints."

"You'll have to ask Shawn about that. I'm sure it's to do between them, but surely not me."

"Fine, what about your hidden room," again, Lassiter dropped photos down on the table, "and gun collection."

"What about them? They're all registered and I am licensed to carry. As for the room, it's gun safe."

"You seem to have an answer for everything, don't you." O'Hara piped in.

"I guess so. What's wrong Detective O'Hara, yours and Detective Lassiter's little box of tricks not getting you anywhere."

"How long have you and Mr. Spencer been hired assassins?" Lassiter snapped as he slammed his hands down.

"I'm not an assassin, Detective. In fact, I've never killed anyone in my life."

"So what? Does that means you organise the jobs and payments, while Mr. Spencer does the killings." Lassiter watched as McNab took in a sharp breath and moved slightly. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"How about you focus your time with questions I can answer, instead of ones you should be asking Shawn."

"Really? You seemed willing to talk for Shawn the other day."

"Oh, Detective Lassiter, you have no idea what is going on."

"Then enlighten us,"

"You're the detective. Figure it out." McNab replied, before giving a knowing smile.

"Why didn't you tell us about Mr. Vick's request of you to go and collect Chief Vick's sniper riffle after she was killed?"

"I didn't think about it. He said it was for her."

"You didn't think it was strange, Chief Vick didn't asked you, herself?"

"Maybe, but I've had a lot of weird requests, even from you, Detective Lassiter. So why would I question the Chief's husband. It wasn't the first time I ran errands for him."

"I guess that's true, but I thought you were a good cop. That you would have put two and two together. Instead, you kept your silence, which made have cost Iris Vick her life."

"Iris? I don't see how this has anything to do with Chief Vick's daughter."

"We believe the person or persons responsible for Chief Vick's death also kidnapped Iris."

"So … now you don't think I'm involved in Chief Vick's death?"

"Oh yes, we do. And we're sure you know where we can find, Iris Vick."

"Not me. When she went missing, I was with you. So unless you are saying you are involved as well. You're backing up the wrong tree there."

"What's this?"

Lassiter placed the last trick he had on the table.

"It's a game, me and Shawn play."

"A game? It's a book with numbers and codes in it. How can that be a game?"

"You look smart, and I'm sure you are Detective Lassiter, but not smart enough to understand such a … what's a word you would understand, mathematical intellectual game as this one is."

"Try me."

"Sure." McNab replied as he indicated defeat with his hands. "Each number, represents a letter and visa-versa. After we set what each one represents, we aim for a target to reach and the winner is whichever one of us get there first. Each game has a new target and set of meanings. That's it."

"And Mr. Spencer will give us the same answer, will he?"

"Of course he will. Shawn came up with the game."

"Who shot Mr. Spencer?"

"I don't know. What I do know is, it's the same gun that killed Chief Vick."

How many times did you retrieve the gun for Mr. Vick?"

"Twice. Once before Chief Vick was killed and once after."

"Yet, Mr. Vick claims he only asked you to get it once. Before Chief Vick was kill. But we know you went and got it a second time after her death. So who's telling the truth?"

"I only do what I'm told to do. Nothing more and nothing less. Anything else Detectives?"

"Not for now. This interview was ended at ..."

"Oh, and Detective Lassiter," McNab interrupted, "Good luck with Shawn. You're going to need it once he finds out what you have done."

With that, McNab was lead away.

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