Ok, my first real fanfic that I'm posting, so please be gentle.

~*~Anyway, this starts off after the end of GoF, it's Harry's fifth year and he's been named quidditch captain. The old Ravenclaw captain, Roger Davies, graduated from Hogwarts last year and Cho is the new Ravenclaw captain. Cho and Harry will NOT date in this, but they may become friends, who knows? Definitely not me. Oh, and Alicia Spinnet is a year older than the other chasers. That's not wrong or anything, I don't think it was ever stated which year she was. Anyway, that's why she graduated and Angelina and Katie didn't.

Disclaimer: Ok, I own nothing here and I'm making no money off this. This is just for fun. JKR and WB are the kings (and queen) of the universe and own all things HP.


Harry climbed through the portrait hole to the Gryffindor common room, shivering. He shook his head in a doglike fashion to throw the rainwater out of his jungle of black, messy hair. Being quidditch captain was hard work, especially when you were taking over after the soon-to-be-legendary Oliver Wood. He would make any other captain look bad in comparison, and more than anything, Harry hated being less than the best. So Harry had kept up the frequent quidditch practices like Oliver had done, no matter what weather Hogwarts was facing.

Hermione and Ron were sitting by the fire. Hermione was squinting at a huge book resting on her lap. It was A Study of Modern Magic, that stupid book Hermione had been reading since Tuesday. She claimed that it was "just fascinating", but having her nose stuck in it made her very slow moving in the corridors and prone to crashing into people. Plus she was never listening to what he and Ron were saying and never contributed anything to the conversation. He and Ron had jokingly planned to throw the book into the fire the previous night, causing Hermione to slam it shut and storm up to her dormitory to read in peace. "Well, at least she closed it," Ron had said, shaking his head. "It's not much, but it's a start."

Ron slowly looked up from his homework and gave Harry a relieved smile. "Thank God!" Ron jumped up and ran over to him. Hermione gave him a scowl before going back to her book. "I've been sitting here bored to death for the last two hours!" Ron whispered, looking over his shoulder at Hermione.

Harry wiped the wet hair off his forehead. "Sorry, practice went a bit late." He plopped down onto the floor next to Hermione. "It's raining something fierce out there." He pointed at the window, where the rain was pounding furiously like it was trying to break the glass.

Ron took the chair on the other side of Hermione. "So are you guys ready?" he asked in a hush voice. Better if the rest of the common room didn't hear, in case the answer wasn't the one they wanted. Harry shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. We've been practicing like mad lately, but things aren't the same without Wood. I just can't be sure. I hope so."

"It's not a big match Harry, it's just the beginning of the season. Ravenclaw's not that tough this year without Davies. They've got no leadership, that Cho's not captain material." Ron said with a weak smile.

Harry couldn't help but feel worse. Captain material. Harry sure didn't feel like captain material right then. A captain wouldn't let his relationship with another captain make him sweat nervously, as Harry began doing right then.

He didn't want to play against Cho's team, not after all of what had happened last year. Images of the Yule Ball, Cedric's lifeless body and the tears streaking down Cho's face on the last day of term flashed through his mind. Things were different now. He knew that nothing could ever happen between them, but he didn't really care about that anymore. But she was a reminder of all of the things he wanted to forget about last year, as Harry knew he was to her. He would have to shake her hand before the match. He would have to look her in the eye again...