1.- Intro

It all started one year ago when Jake Long, an average 12 yo Chinese boy woke up on his bed like any other day. Except from the fact that this time he had a dragon tail growing from his butt. When he tried to stand up he tripped over his tail. Half asleep he look to see what the cause of his falling was. That's when he saw the huge dragon tail. He freaked out and screamed. He tried to stand up but when he did the tail started to move desperately making him run away from his own tail, screaming until his door opened and he collided with it? Afterwards he fell and landed on his back facing upwards. Then he burped and a ball of fire was shot to the ceiling.

It was his mother Susan who opened the door and found his son unconscious on the floor and fire spreading on his room.

When Jake regained consciousness he was back in his bed, the fire was extinguished and his mom was lying next to him.

- Good you are awake.

- Mom what happened?

- Well, Jake, you tell me. What was the last thing you remember?

- The last thing i remember... There was a giant snake in my bed and then it followed me through the room… and then I… what happened to the ceiling?

- A small fire, but Jake focus. You have to remember what happened.

The twelve year old started to think…

- Come to think about it, i never really saw its head.

- Good, I'm glad you didn't hit your head to hard.

- Mom is something wrong?

- Oh, no Jake of course not. Is just that… it seems you are now old enough to know it.

- Know what?

- Jake there is something you should know about our family or at least my side of the family. The thing is that we are dragons. Or at least you and your grandfather are. It skipped my generation.

- What?! Mom. Did you say i didn't hit myself too hard? I guess i did because i hear you saying that I'm a dragon?

- You heard right Jake.

His grandfather Lao Shi. Father of his mother. Entered the room followed by his old shar pei dog.

- Gramps? What are you doing here?

- I am here because your mother told me you had your first transformation.

- My what?

- Your transformation Jake. That snake you saw it was actually your tail. And the burnt on the ceiling was from your dragon breath.

- Indeed young man. You have reached the age in which dragons develop their abilities.

- Are you serious? Is this a joke or what?

- Hey kid aren't you listening? They keep telling you that you are a D.R.A.G.O.N. a dragon.

That was Fu dog speaking from the first time.

- Did Fu just talked?

- Yes i did any problem with that?

- Whoa this is all getting weirder by the time.

- Jake. You gotta take it easy. I know it a lot to process but with time you will see that everything makes sense.

- As i was saying. From now on you will develop your dragon and magical powers. But that is not all. You will need to train and master your abilities for your duties in the magical world.

- Whoa wait. Dragon, magic. Duties. Magical world? Is this for real. Now what you gonna tell the tooth fairy is real?

- Well actually…

- Of course it is. And that's why we must start your training immediately. So you can learn about the magical world too.

From that day. Jake noticed weird thing happening in his life. For starters he woke up every day turned partially into a dragon. In times his transformations were unconscious during daytime. But also he noticed magical creatures all around him. Creatures he thought weren't real. Pixies, goblins, gargoyles and other creatures walking around without people noticing them. His grandpa explained it was because of the magical veil that separates the human world from the magic world, a strong magical spell created to prevent humans from seeing magic. Though there were some creatures that could be seen by humans like unicorns, centaurs, Mermaids and other human hybrids but also dragons.

That veil was casted by the Elders to prevent any other conflict between humans and the magical creatures.

Jake also learned everything related to magical creatures, spells, enchanted objects, magic history, and the Human organization that wants to destroy magic.

There's the hunts clan, a group of humans that can see magic because of a curse. Humans with the mark of the dragon will have its ability to see through the veil and use magic for their own purposes.

There is also H.A.M. Humans for the abolishment of magic. A larger group of humans aware of the existence of magic but unlike the hunts clan, they lack the power to see magic creatures so they developed technology that allows them to do it. Their goal is not to conquer the magic world but to exterminate it.

The hunts clan has a base in NYC and the HAM was not seen there yet.

For a year Jake studied and trained for his dragon duties and also he attended school at Millard Fillmore middle school where his grades were doing the opposite of improving.