Off in the busy continent of North America, a producer sat leaning in their chair. A knock was heard from the door. "Come in." the producer called. A man in his mid-thirties approached. "Hey!" he warmly greeted as best as he could. "It's been a long time since we've seen each other!"

"Yes Chris, it has." The producer said. "Please, take a seat." As Chris did, the producer frowned and got right to the point. "Look, Chris. I'll be honest. Ever since season 5 of Total Drama was met with poor critical reception and our new show has hired, the Total Drama franchise hasn't done too well."

"Hey, they only got the views due to a couple of traitors that joined that show!" Chris pointed out. "In no way is Don's show superior to mine!" "The fan response begs to differ." The producer said. "With the high focus of a certain couple in the first half and the poor direction of an antagonist in the second half, fans wish things would go back to the simple days."

"Simple, huh?" Chris muttered. An assistant handed him a sheet. "What's this?" "Call them...guidelines." The producer said. "A way from Total Drama to get back on top."

Chris frowned. "Make an animated toddler spin-off?"

"Whoops!" The producer said yanking that sheet away and handing him another. "That's just an idea that's been tossed around on the drawing board." Chris looked over the new list. "Oh, I'm sure I can get this to work." He said with a grin.

"I hope so, McLean." The producer narrowed his eyes. "Because if you can't, we give all our resources to Don and his new show."

Chris laughed nervously as he left and shut the door. He quickly pulled out his phone and dialed an old number.

"Hello?" A gruff voice answered. "Chef? Yeah, it's me. We just got the green light. You still got that list of leftover auditions?" A chuckle came from the other line. "Oh, yeah. So, we do we start?"

"Right now!" Chris said with a grin.

"We're ready to start Mr. McLean!" An intern yelled. "Just a second!" Chris whined finishing his beverage. He turned to his partner in crime. "The newbies on their way, Chef?"

"Boats should be pulling up shortly."

"Good." Chris throw his empty cup at an intern and brushed his hair with his hands. "Let's begin. And be sure to use the full intro this time!"

A camera slowly focused on Chris and his demeanor brightened. "Hello, Total Drama fans! Hope you missed us, because we're back in action baby!" He laughed. "After a long few years of a hiatus and a certain someone's never-to-be-spoken-of-show, we're back to give you the roughest, toughest, most dramatic season of Total Drama yet!"

The scene flashed to him walking along a sandy shore. "As you can see, we've decided to switch locations once again! Say goodbye to Pahkitew Island and hello to Misaninju, located somewhere in the Pacific. Point is, we're just far enough from civilization and to keep legal off my back!"

The scene flashed to Chris sitting on a tree stump next to a dying fire trying to keep it going. "The island may be different and believe me we got some juicy twists in store, but the rules of the game are still the same. This season, 28 players will compete in various challenges against each other, survive the dreaded elimination ceremony, and be the last one standing to win the grand prize of ONE...MILLION...DOLLARS! But we're not going easy on these newbies! Oh, no, no, no! Every choice these suckers make will heavily affect their game." Chris pulled out an invincibility statue and laughed. "With plenty of twists in store, who's gonna crack under the pressure? Find out right here on Total...Drama...Misaninju Island!"

Welcome to my new Total Drama story. 28 OC's of mine will battle it out on this band new island. I haven't finished the first chapter yet and I'm still wrapping up chapter of TDRI Redone, so here's a little list of all the OC's and a bit about them. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

1. Emily Sturges- The Unpredictable Loner

"Sis, if you're watching this, just know. I hate you."

Bio: Emily is a calm, collected individual who is difficult to read and much more difficult to predict. She didn't want to sign up for Total Drama, but she intends to make her stay worthwhile. If she wins, she intendeds to move far away from civilization and enjoy some peace and quiet.

2. Jerome Paul- The Noble Demon

"This is a game for a million dollars on the line, so excuse me if I don't intended to win pleasing everybody."

Bio: Jerome believes being too nice leads to people walking all over you, and being a jerk to everyone doesn't land you any points either. Which is why he's coming into the game with a foolproof strategy to carry him throughout the season. He intendeds to use the money to start a passion project of his.

3. Jennifer "Jenny" Bolins- The Drama Queen

"So much drama potential! This could be quite the interesting season, wouldn't you say?"

Bio: Jenny has always reveled in the spotlight. Gathering up drama and dirt is her speciality, and she's determined to make this the most dramatic season of Total Drama yet. If she wins, she plans on making her own reality show gathering up even more drama from others.

4. Colin Hopton- The Undetermined Perseverer

"All my life I've been failing at most things I do, but I can't give up now."

Bio: Colin's life has always been one long line of a series of unfortunate events. Strangely, the boy still pushes forward in hopes of his luck turning around. He isn't sure what he'll do with the prize money quite yet, but if he wins he considers that victory enough.

5. Debra "Debbie" Wildman- the Downer

"What's the point? We'll just lose again!"

"...we haven't even started the first challenge yet."

"I'm cautiously pessimistic."

Bio: Debbie has been called a lot of things. The Downer, the Doomsayer, The Eeyore, etc, etc. Point is, she has a bleak outlook on life and even a bleaker outlook on herself. She has no plans for the money. After all in her words, "Why plan when you know you don't have a chance anyway?"

6. Zander Levoy- The Arrogant One

"Anything you can do, I can do better! And if not, give it time. You won't be better for long."

Bio: Zander isn't just better than you. He KNOWS he's better than you. And he'll do whatever he must to prove that to the world. He seeks to use the prize money to further his array of skills.

7. Emmett Lars- The Jinx

"I don't know why, but ever since I was younger, people seem to be quite the klutz around me."

Bio: Nicknamed, "Jinx" from a young age, Emmett has had the unfortunate ability of causing stress to others around his proximity. He joined Total Drama to get rid of his nickname and prove he's not the jinx everyone thinks he is. He wishes to use the money to buy his dream house. And pay off a few medical bills for friends, family, and strangers around him.

8. Sarah Darks- The Loveable One

"I'm finally on Total Drama! This is so exciting!"

Bio: Sarah has plenty of friends and even fewer enemies. It's just virtually impossible to hate this sweet girl. She wishes to use the money to donate to her school and charities of her choice.

9. Audrey Savon- The Trickster

(Giggles) "Bet you weren't expecting that, were you now?"

Bio: Audrey is a harmless, innocent girl who simply wishes to have "a little fun" and enjoys what she does. She joined Total Drama for the "fun" she could have and plans to use the money to have "the thrill of a lifetime."

10. Crystal Rienes -The No-Nonsense Competitor

"Just as a warning: If you're on my team, don't fall behind. Otherwise you'll get trampled."

Bio: Crystal is a strict, no time for goofiness player. She keeps her eyes focused on the goal at all times and reaches it. Simple as that. It's a million dollars after all, and she intends to let NO ONE get her way. She wishes to use the money to buy her own gym.

11. Spencer Champlin - The Master Planner

"Just have to stick with my matter what the others throw my way!"

Bio: Spencer prides himself on being able to come up with a plan for nearly any situation. His tactical strategy has caused him to be president of the student council at his school and well liked and respected among his peers. He came to Total Drama for a challenge and to use the million to attend any University he chooses.

12. Andrew Barfield- The Happy Go Lucky

"Why worry, man? Doesn't do anything to help you. Just causes more stress."

Bio: Andrew has a rather laid back view on life and prefers to just let life take it's course. He has no worries on the future and plans to use he money to have one hell of a party.

13. Laurel Arman- The Strategic Perfectionist

"Now listen to me very carefully when I say this. Everything. Has to be. PERFECT!"

Bio: Laurel strives for perfection in everything she does, competing, academics, hell, even flossing. She is determined to make sure everything goes exactly as planned so the million dollars fall into her lap. She plans to use the money to start up her own business and become the youngest CEO ever.

14. Bartholomew Blaze Benson- The Boisterous Bruiser

"Just let me handle this guys! This isn't a problem for Blaze Benson!"

Bio: The big guy, "Blaze" is a strong and determined dude. Most of his problems he solves by punching. And if that doesn't work, punch some more. He hopes to use the million to open up a boxing ring.

15. Wyatt Kappel- The Goody Two-Shoes

"Don't you know you're breaking the rules? I refuse to get a penalty due to your incompetence!"

Bio: You ever meet someone who has such a stick up their ass that that they ruined the fun for just about everyone? That's Wyatt in a nutshell. The Teacher's Pet, the class snitch, when the going gets tough, always watch your back around him. Wyatt seeks to use the money to pursue his dream of being a teacher.

16. Randy Hogue- The Overly Obsessed

"I've been told I'm a little obsessed with one fad to the next. But there's no harm in that."

Bio: It's difficult to keep Randy's attention for long. It's not anyone's fault, he just bores rather easily. Which is why he's always looking for something to keep him entertained. Movies, games, anime, sports, you name it. Randy has, or will, eventually try it. He hopes to use the money to fully explore his interests.

17. Wally Corana- The Crazy Prepared

"I've got my eye on them. I'm taking no chances with any them. None!"

Bio: Wally can be described as untrusting in a word. His friends played a "horrible" prank on him and as a result he keeps his distance from most people. Why would he join Total Drama then? Well secluded on an island for starters. That and the money is just the amount he needs to make his isolated mansion with proper cameras and other measures to make sure he's never surprised again.

18. Dusty Cardon - The Ritzy Performer

"Hope y'all enjoyed the show tonight!"

Bio: Dusty is a well-dressed preformed who prides himself on his skills as an actor and on stage. As one talented fellow, Dusty is confident he'll win the million and continue his career as an performer.

19. Ariel Lorner - The Ambitious Nerd

"Winning the million dollars is gonna blow up my ViewTube channel!"

Bio: Ariel is one geeky and ambitious girl. She has hopes to start her own Viewtube channel discussing her passions and the million would be a great away to kickstart her dream.

20. Rose Limmes- The Insecure Artist

"D-do you really like it?"

Bio: Rose Limmes is a young shy girl from a small town in the USA. She auditioned for Total Drama due to her best friend pressuring her. Due to her shy nature, she blends into backgrounds easily. If she did win Total Drama she would attended art school.

21. Valerie Nolan-The Attention-Grabbing Tease

"Aw, come on now. I would certainly appreciate the help from someone as cute as you, sweetie."

Bio: Valarie is a very attractive gal. She knows it, her classmates knows it, and everyone on Total Drama will too. She joined for a little fun with the guys and girls of this season and plans to use the million to get her "future fans" to serve on her hand and foot in her future mansion.

22. Ava Mino-The Energetic DJ

"Let's party!"

Bio: As a DJ, Ava is the life of the party wherever she goes. She has so much energy it's difficult to keep her down. She joined Total Drama to "make new friends, party hard, and have fun". She plans to use the million to throw one hell of a party for everyone at the end as a celebration. She'll throw one even if she loses. Either way, she's determined to get everyone to party this season.

23. Alex Benders- The Violent Enthusiast

"I don't care who's ass I have to beat! I'll kick your ass, his ass, hell I'll kick my own ass!"


Bio: Alex is one angry, rash, and temperamental girl. Everything can be solved by violence in her opinion and she has no problems starting fights either. She joined Total Drama for the competition and plans to use the million to join her favorite wresting team.

24. Barry Allon- The Impulsive Genius

"While I do consider reality tv to be a tremendous waste of time, still can't help admit a million dollars would help with my work."

Bio: Barry knows there's more important things in life than pointless drama. So why is he on a reality show, you ask? Invention parts aren't cheap and there's only so many times you can take apart stuff around the house before your parents notice. He joined Total Drama for the money and inspiration for new ideas. Hopes to use the million to upgrade his lab. And pay his parents back.

25. Mila Milburn- The Nightmare Fetishist

"It's so creepy! ...I LOVE IT!"

Bio: Mila is a sweet, bubbly girl. Who just also happens to love all things creepy and spooky. As a result she has very little friends. But she doesn't let that bother from being herself. She joined Total Drama for the, "love of the thrill of the elimination ceremony". She plans to use the million to attend ever SpookyCon in the world for the next several years.

26. Terra Kanter - The Innocently Blunt

"Aw, it's not so bad. We could be the others right now."

Bio: Terra is a sweet girl. Honestly. It's just that she's so blunt she has trouble making friends. She can't help but speak her mind in a candid but sweet way. She joined Total Drama to try and make friends. She plans to use the money for a wild senior party for everyone at her high school as an apology. She's accidentally offended a lot of people.

27. Lucas Truehart- The Rustic Stoic

"My pappy told me I have the emotion of a sloth once, since it takes so long to get a reaction out of me."

Bio: Lucas hasn't reacted much since as a child much to the frustration of his parents. Cookies, good grades, an allowance. Nothing. They signed him up for the show to get him off the farm and to hopefully show some concern for once.

28. Oliver Eddins- The Restless Hater

"Do you seriously believe this work? Ugh! Don't talk to me. This is hopeless! Why did I have to get stuck with the worst team possible!"

Bio: Oliver is just one huge ball of sunshine. If sunshine was belittling and hating on everything people do around you. He plans to use the money to show everyone use how to properly use it.