Teen Wolf Season 1

Summary: AU where Scott is female, Allison is male (named Alex), and a few other different gendered characters. Starts from Season 1 then carries on through the next seasons.

Chapter 1

Scottlyn 'Scott' Mccall swung her lacrosse stick around imagining catching the balls being thrown at her. She was the first female on an all boys team of lacrosse at Beacon Hill High School but only in name, Coach Finstock allowed her on the team but ever since she joined she's been stuck on the bench. She so desperately wanted to prove that she wanted to belong on the team - a true member of the team, on frontline. She was going to practise for awhile and then head to bed for an early night, so she could get a fresh start tomorrow.

Scottlyn Mccall is a 5'10, slightly curvy brunette. She had nice hazel eyes with long eyelashes (like her mother), a little button nose and cute bowlike lips. While she was tall, she was also curvy with ample breasts (that she managed to hide under big/heavy t-shirts) and a slim waist with long legs. She was not very athletic (besides lacrosse and track on the off season) as her asthma limited her from doing much. Her height helped her slightly in lacrosse but being a girl made it harder for her on an all guys team, coach never put her on and the guys made fun of her for being on the team and not being very good at it.

Scott froze dropping her lacrosse stick, hearing a noise from outside, the unmistakable sound of the creak of the steps leading up to the porch. A second later after hearing nothing else, but feeling a bit uncomfortable, she quickly picked up the closet thing that was a good weapon - which happened to be a baseball bat. She walked down the stairs with the bat raised slightly in her left hand and as she got to the last step she glanced around quickly, then headed to the front door. She carefully opened the door with her right hand and walked outside. She looked around the yard as she walked across the porch with the bat raised.

She yelped as something swung down from the roof of the porch and yelped backā€¦ She raised to the bat to hit at it when a voice stopped her.

"Scott! Scott! It's me, Stiles!" said the familiar voice of her best friend, Stiles.

"Stiles, what the hell are you doing?!" Scott said as she dropped the bat onto the floor. She crossed her arms across her chest with a scowl on her face.

"You weren't answering your phone! Why do you have a bat?" Stiles asked with his head tilted to the side. Stiles is a tall, a few inches taller than her with a buzz haircut and big, puppy brown eyes. He has freckles scattered across his cheekbones and he has such an infectious smile that when she's upset he can cheer her up. He's her best friend, she his and they've been that way for years.

Scott blushed and said in defense, "I thought you were a predator!"

Stiles eyebrows lifted, "A pre-I-wha-look, I know it's late but you gotta hear this. I saw my dad leave 20 minutes ago. Despatch called - They're bringing in every officer for the Beacon Hills Department and even the State Police!" he said excitedly.

"For what?" Scott asked, curiosity filling her.

"Two joggers found a body in the woods." Stiles said, vibrating so much that he was bouncing up and down.

"A dead body?!" Scott asked, shocked. They have never had anything like that happen in Beacon Hills before, not that she could remember.

"No, a body of water!" Stiles said, sarcastically. "Yes, dumbass, a dead body."

"Like murdered?" Scott asked.

"They don't know yet. All they know is that its female and maybe in her 20's." Stiles replied, he always knew about the inner workings of the Beacon Hills Sheriff's office as he listened in on his father's calls.

"Wait a minute! If they found the body then what are they looking for?" Scott questioned, not liking where this conversation was going.

Stiles smiled and rubbed his hands together.

"That's the best part! They only found half the body! Come on, we're going!" Stiled said as he hopped down the porch steps to his Jeep.

Scott knew arguing would be pointless against Stiles, she turned around to return the bat inside. She grabbed her grey hoodie and trainers before shutting & locking her front door with her key. She hurried down the steps and jogged to the car. She just got into the Jeep when Stiles drove off towards the preserve.

A few minutes later,Stiles had pulled up to the Beacon Hills preserve entrance, closed at this time of night.

They both got out of the car and walked into the woods. After a few minutes of walking, Stiles faster than her.

"I cant believe we're doing this." Scott said, slightly out of breath. She cursed her asthma hating the fact that it was slowing her down.

"Hey, your the one of who says nothing exciting ever happens in Beacon Hills!" Stiles exclaimed, slowing down a bit for her. He was the carrying the flashlight, hoping he would find the other half of the body.

"I was trying to get a good night's sleep before practice tomorrow." Scott told him, looking around to make sure they werent being followed or something.

"Right cause seating on the bench is such hard work." Stiles remarked, turning to face her whilst walking backwards.

"Well that won't be happening this year. I'll be playing first line!" Scott said, with her head raised. She had been practising for awhile and she was getting better. She really hoped she got on to first line this year.

"Well, that's the spirit! Everyone should have dreams, even unrealistic ones." Stiles commented sarcastically and turned back around.

They spent a while walking around and continue upwards, this caused Scott to fall behind Stiles again and she started getting out of breath quickly.

"Maybe the severe asthmatic should be the one to hold the flashlight?" Scott said to Stiles, stopping to take a hit out of her inhaler. She takes deep breaths and carried on slowly.

Suddenly, Stiles saw some lights coming from the direction they were facing and he took off in the same direction.

"Hey, Stiles wait!" Scott exclaimed as she tried to catch up with him whilst also staying out of the sight of the people holding the flashlights. Stiles kept going until he knocked into someone, fell to the ground and tried to get away.

"Hold it right there!" an unknown cop said, pulling back his K-9 partner.

"Hang on, hang on. This little delinquent belongs to me." Sheriff Stilinski informed the deputy, coming up to him. He held his hand out to his son and pulled him up. He scowled at Stiles and told the deputy to look around.

"Hey Dad, how you doing?" Stiles said, nervously. He wrung his hands behind his back and tried to look innocent.

"So, do you listen to all my calls?" Sheriff Stilinski asked his son, not even feeling angry.

"Not the boring ones." Stiles said, smiling slightly. Sheriff Stilinski shook his head and looked around, trying to find someone.

"So where's your usual partner in crime?" Stilinski asked shining his flashlight behind Stiles.

"Who Scott? She's at home, she wanted to get a good night's sleep, it's just me. On my own. In the woods."Stiles replied to his father, rocking back & forth on his feet. He didn't want his dad to know where Scott was, wherever she was.

The Sheriff not believing his son shined his light into the woods trying to find Scott.

"Scottlyn? Scott, you out there?" He yelled, still looking for her. Stiles hoped that Scott stayed hidden until they left, not wanting to get her into trouble as well.

"Well, young man, let me walk you back to your car. We can also talk about a little something called invasion of privacy." Taking his son by the shoulder, Sheriff Stilinski marched him to his car whilst taking one last look around.

Scott sighed as she heard Stiles and the Sheriff walk off she took a look behind the tree she was hiding by, she shook her head and slowly walked off behind the tree. She would have to find her own way home. Scott pulls up her hoodie and starts to walk off in the direction she came from. After a few minutes of walking she started to get light headed and breathless she pulled out her inhaler and tried to take a puff when she saw something on the trail in front of her. She shook her inhaler but stopped as she heard something rustling the bushes. She turned around to look and a herd of frightened deer came running out towards her and her inhaler went flying as she was pushed to the ground.

Once the herd of deer was gone, she got up and looked around wondering what caused a whole herd of deer to franticly run past her. She took her phone out of her pocket and looked around for her inhaler. As she was looking for her inhaler, her light passed over a pale/white flesh. She pointed her phone at it again and sees the upper half of a girls body, noticing that the entrails were spread out over the ground and she panicked, taking a step back and losing her footing, falling to the ground. Quickly getting up she hears a growl and turns to see a big creature with dark fur and glowing red eyes. The monster pounces on her, forcing her back to the ground and as she turns on her front to try to get away, the creature quickly grabs at her and bites her midriff. Scott screams as she the beast bites down hard, she kicks at the beast and she rolls away.

Scott gets to her feet and runs away as fast as she can. Out of breath she gets to the main road and a speeding SUV swerves to avoid her and continues on. Panting she stops and lists her hoodie to see the bite mark on her stomach. She jumps as she hears a wolf howl in the distance as it starts to rain. She walks as quickly as she can to get back home.