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Scott arrives at the Stilinski residence and went straight up to Stiles's room, nervous about the upcoming game and party. She didn't know what was happening with her and it scared her, the bite mark healing, her new found lacrosse skill and her new found senses. She hoped Stiles knew what was going on and how to fix it.

"Hey! Good that your here, you've got to see this! I've been up a lot researching this." Stiles exclaimed jumping up from his desk.

"How much Adderall have you taken?" Scott asked, concerned as she noticed his agitation,he's fidgeting, eyes constantly shifting and not staying still.

"A lot… but that's not important."Stiles said going back to his seat. Scott walked over to him and looked at what Stiles was researching. Images of people with wolf heads, details about wolfsbane and other werewolf myths were on his screen.

"Remember the joke from the other day? Not a joke anymore. The wolf - the bite in the woods. I started doing all this reading. Do you even know why a wolf howls?" Stiles rambled on, fingers tapping on the desk.

Before Scott could reply, Stiles continued on.

"It's a signal, okay? When a wolf's alone, it howls to signal its location to the rest of the pack. So if you heard a wolf howling, that means others could have been nearby. Maybe even a whole pack of 'em."

"A whole pack of wolves?" Scott asked, feeling weird.

"No - Werewolves."

"Really Stiles? Werewolves?" Scott asked, incredulous. Scott couldn't believe he was making a joke out of this situation.

"Just listen to me, okay? I saw you on the field today, Scott. Okay, what you did wasn't just amazing, all right? It was impossible." Stiles said, looking straight at her.

"Yeah, so I made a good shot." Scott told him, nonchalant.

"No, you made an incredible shot, I mean - The way you moved, your speed, your reflexes. Y'know, People can't just suddenly do that overnight. And there's the vision and the senses, and don't even think I don't notice that you don't need your inhaler anymore." Stiles exclaimed, jumping up from his seat. The chair was now in between them. Scott put her hands on the back of the chair and sighed.

"Okay! Dude, I can't think about this now. We'll talk tomorrow." Scott said.

"Tomorrow?! What? No! The full moon's tonight. Don't you get it?" Stiles demanded, throwing his hands in the air.

"What are you trying to do? I just made first line. I got a date with a really hot guy who I can't believe wants to go out with me, and everything in my life is somehow perfect. Why are you trying to ruin it?" Scott demanded back (pleading), she was starting to get angry now and unknown to her, her nails slowly started to turn into claws.

"I'm trying to help. You're cursed, Scott. You know, and it's not just the moon will cause you to physically change. It also just so happens to be when your bloodlust will be at its peak." Stiles informed her.

"Bloodlust?" Scott asked.

"Yeah, your urge to kill." Stiles said, nodding his head a bit too much.

"I'm already starting to feel an urge to kill, Stiles." Scott told him, clutching at the chair even more. Her claws ripping through the leather.

Noticing this, Stiles said, "You gotta hear this. "The change can be caused by anger or anything that raises your pulse." All right? I haven't seen anyone raise your pulse like Alex does, hell I haven't seen you pay this much attention to any other guy before!"

Closing her eyes, Scott imagined Alex and a feeling of peace came over her. He claws descended and she let go of the chair. She opened her eyes when she was calm enough to talk.

"Alright...we'll talk about this tomorrow but right now I've got to go." With that she left, leaving Stiles to look at the ripped leather of his chair. He sighed, really worried for his friend.

The night of the party, Scott exits the bathroom in a towel, her hair wet and holding a hairbrush with one hand and her towel with the other. As she walked into the hallway, she found her mother waiting for her.

"Mom!" She exclaimed, pulling the towel tighter to her. She hurried down to her room to get changed. She had already laid out what she was going to wear tonight and Alex would be coming to pick her up any minute now.

"Is this a party or date?" Melissa Mccall asked, walking beside her daughter to her room. She wore her light pink scrubs as it was her night shift. They got to her room and Melissa went to her picture board as Scott got dressed. Scott had picked out a burgundy bra & pants set, swing top with little straps, black skinny jeans, a burgundy cardigan, and black lace up flat boots. Once dressed she moved over to her dresser to get her clear lipgloss and hairbrush,she wanted her hair to be down and wavy.

"Its both." She said, blushing. She really didn't want to have this conversation with her mom.

"And his name is…" Melissa trailed off, giving her daughter that knowing look.

"Alex." Scott told her mother, picking up her phone and putting it in her back pocket.

They both stood in silence,Scott taking care of her hair and Melissa just looking at Scott with a small smile on her face. They both heard a knock on the front door and Scott tried to hurry past her mother, eager to get out. Melissa stopped her with a firm hand on her arm.

"We don't need to have the talk, do we?" Melissa asked, eyebrow raised. She laughed internally as she watched the blush appear on her daughter's cheek.

"Mom, I'm not having the safe sex talk with you...again. That was embarrassing the first time!" Scott whined, wanting to get down the stairs to Alex. Melissa burst out laughing remembering the sex talk they had. She smiled at Scott and moved to walk down stairs, they both got to the door and Melissa opened it. There stood Alex, dressed in a blue button down shirt, his black leather jacket, black jeans and black trainers. He looked good, really good.

Scott and Alex both smiled at each other, both liking what they saw.

"Hi Mrs Mccall, my name is Alex Argent." he said, holding his hand out for a hand shake. He was being kind and respectful, something she knew her mother liked.

"Hello Alex, I trust that you will have my daughter back by a reasonable hour?" Melissa asked the teenage boy, crossing her arms over her chest and raising her eyebrow.

"Yes, Mrs Mccall." Alex nodded, smiling slightly. They both walked to his car and he opened the door for her. She smiled at him and got into the car.

They arrived at the party a nearly half an hour later, the party was already heaving and Alex goes off to find them both drinks. Scott stands near the pool and looks around, this was the first party that she was invited and she didn't know who to talk to. She stopped as she spots Derek Hale standing off to one side of the yard, with his signature scowl. A dog starts barking from behind Derek and he looks back at it & the dog quiets down. Alex comes back to her with drinks in his hands, she takes one off him and says thanks. When she looks back at that spot Derek is gone and looking around notices something leap up to the roof and scurry away, shaking her head she focuses on Alex.

Alex asks her to dance, she says yes and puts down their drinks. An upbeat song comes and Alex puts his hands on her hips & pulls her close. She puts her hands on his shoulders and starts to move against him, her hips moved slowly against his as his hips moved back against her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and moved even closer to him, laying her forehead on his. One of his hands moved upwards to the nape of her neck (holding her even closer to him) and his other hand moved slightly closer to her behind. They danced like this for several minutes until she felt someone's eyes on them, moving her head slightly to side to see more she noticed Jackson kissing Lydia. His hands were on her ass as they were making out but his eyes were on them - her- but he wasn't blinking just looking straight at her. Scott focusses on alex again, liking their closeness and as they were moving faster along with the music she started to get sick. Her head started hurting and sweating, she stopped moving against Alex and pulled away.

"Hey, are you alright?" Alex asked,concerned. She moved away from him as she started feeling dizzy and there was this unknown feeling pooling in her stomach. She wanted something but she didn't know what.

"What? Yeah, I'm fine." She said through gritted teeth, she wanted to get back to dancing with him but as she moved closer to him a another pang of pain went through her and she closed her eyes.

"You know what, I'm not fine, feeling pretty sick at the moment. I'll find my own way home." She said as the pain got worse, She made her way through the crowd towards the door and bumped into Stiles.

"Please take me home." She said, bringing her hands to her head as if trying to get rid of the pain. Stiles agreed gently dragging her out of the house and towards his jeep. As she was getting into the car, she heard Alex call her name and groaned knowing that he probably thinks shes a freak. She looked up for a few seconds now noticing Derek talking to him as Alex kept glancing back at her.

Scott hurried out the car before Stiles could properly park it and rushed into her house and ran up stairs. As she rushes into the shower, she turns the shower on to rid her body of sweat. She takes a quick look around the room, not noticing the full moon that can be seen outside her bathroom window. As she curled up in the shower, her fingernails begin to grow into claws and her teeth elongate into canine teeth as well as her eyes glowing bright amber.

Stiles knocks on the door, trying to get in but the door is locked.

"Go away." Scott growls.

"Scott, let me in I can help." Stiles said still trying to open the door.

"No, you need to find Alex, make sure he's alright. I saw Derek talking to him. Stiles… I think Derek's the wolf." Scott panted, the anger building up at the thought of it. "I'm pretty sure he's the one that killed that girl in the woods."

Scott could hear Stiles texting through the door, and heard the 'oh shit'.

"Scott, Derek and Alex left together." Stiles said, concerned.

Scott loudly growled, fully shifted in her werewolf form. She got up from the floor, leaping from her window and running into the woods. She could feel the anger and fear making her stronger, making her run faster. If Derek hurt Alex in any way….

She makes her way to the Beacon Hills Preserve and sees a car parked right in front of the entrance. She stops by the car and sniffs the air, smelling Derek's scent and continues into the woods. Further into the woods, as she follows the scent and finds Alex's black leather jacket hanging from a tree.

She hears leaves crunching and someone walking near her.

"Where is he?" she calls out, going into a defensive position and looking around. She hears someone whisper - "He's safe, away from you."

Using her newfound, enhanced werewolf vision she sees Derek Hale in the darkness of the trees. She growls at him and he grabs her, pushing her up against a tree, again she growls trying to push him off her. She stops as he shushes her, he's hearing something coming in the distance.

"Shit, they're already here. Run!" Derek told her and takes off running. Scott is frozen against the tree and stares into the direction where the footsteps coming.

As she begins to run, she is stunned by an arrow-borne flare striking a tree next to her. Then not even recovering from that arrow strike, she is hit by a second arrow that pins her to a tree. With her enhanced vision she three figures several feet away from her holding crossbows at her. One of the figures steps closer to her and say "Take her."

She tries to get the arrow out of her but stops as she notices Derek attack two of the hunters and rushing right to her. He pulls the arrow out of the tree, breaking the arrow and grabbing her arm and running. Once they reach a safe distance away from the hunters, they stop, making sure they were safe.

"Who were those people?" Scott asked him, eyes widened and panting. Her arm really hurt and was still bleeding.

"Hunters. They have been hunting our kind for centuries." Derek informed her, checking their surroundings.

"Our kind? What do you mean our kind? This is your fault, you did this to me!" She exclaimed, glaring at him. She didn't want this, this - whatever this is - was forced upon her. She leans up against a tree and transforms back to her human form.

"Is it really so bad, Scott? That you can see better - Hear more clearly, move faster than any human could ever hope? You've been given something that most people would kill for. The bite is a gift." Derek told her, crossing his arms and scowling.

"I don't want it." Scott told him, pleading.

"You will. And you're gonna need me if you want to learn how to control it. So you and me, Scott - We're family now." And with that Derek walked away.

Scott was walking on the road back home when Stiles pulls up and picks her up. They sit in silence as they both try to process their night. Scott relaxed more knowing that Alex was safe and unharmed.

"He probably thinks I'm a freak."

The next day Scott waited to speak to Alex before leaving.

"You feeling better now?" Alex asked as he looked at her.

"Yeah, I - I know, I know. I'm really sorry, I am. But - You're gonna have to trust that I had a really good reason." Scott babbled, blushing and pleading with him with her eyes.

"Did you get sick?" He asked concerned.

"I definitely had an attack of something." Scott replied, thinking about last night.

"Am I gonna get an explanation?" He asked with his arms crossed.

"Can you just find it in your heart to trust me on this one?" Scott asked him, sheepishly.

"Am I gonna regret this?" Alex demanded, thoughtful.

"Probably. So is that a yes on a second chance?" Scott asked, eyes hopeful.

"Definitely yes." He smiled at her, his eyes twinkling. A car beeped and he turned. "That's my dad. I better go." As he walked to the car and got in, Scott could see inside the car. Her eyes widened as she noticed the lead hunter from last night. Her chest felt tighter as he smiled and waved at her, she waved back.

Oh crap.