Ciara walked into the police station with Hope by her side. Ciara looked around for Tripp. "Where is he?" Rafe sighed, "He's in the interrogation room." Ciara sighed angrily, "He should be in a cage. I hope he stays locked up for a long, long time."

Paul walked up to Ciara and wrapped her in a hug, "I'm glad you're okay. When you weren't answering your phone, I thought the worst so…" Ciara nodded, "Yeah, I'm glad you did. I would be dead right now otherwise." Paul sighed deeply.

Steve and Kayla walked into the PD a moment later. Steve approached Hope, "You have my boy in custody?" Hope sighed, "I'm sorry, but Tripp admitted to the murders of Brandon, Miranda, as well as Claire." Steve looked at Hope in shock, "N-no, there must be a mistake."

Ciara stood up, "It's no mistake. He tried to kill me tonight too." Kayla walked up to Ciara, "Oh, baby." Ciara shook Kayla off, "I'm fine." Kayla looked at Steve, "Should we…?" Steve shook his head, "No…" Ciara looked over to Steve, "Wha-what're you talking about?" Steve sighed, "When Tripp first came to Salem he was convinced that Sweetness here was responsible for his mother's death. So he wanted revenge."

Ciara slowly shook her head in realization, "Ye-yeah, Tripp had told me about that." Realization washed over Ciara, "That's what he meant." Hope walked over to Ciara, "What're you talking about?" "When I confronted Tripp, he said that it 'wasn't the first time'." Ciara sat back down, tears coming to her eyes, "How could I have been so wrong about Tripp?" Ciara collapsed into the chair and Hope bent down so she was at Ciara's eye level, "Baby, there is no way you could have known."

Ciara wiped her eyes, "It's my fault that Ben is in Statesville right now. If he wasn't with me, Tripp never would have targeted him. And Miranda, Brandon, and Claire would all still be alive." Fresh tears threatened to fall when Hope sighed, "Look, Ciara, you know that I don't like your relationship with Ben, but you being with him had nothing to do with this. This is on Tripp and Tripp alone." Ciara leaned back in the chair and wiped her eyes.

Ciara sat in the police station for what felt like hours. She sat in the chair staring at her black heeled boots. Ciara thought back to her birthday when Ben gave them to her.

"Hey baby." Ciara smiled as Ben walked in with a huge box. Ciara gasped, "Ben, you REALLY didn't have to." Ben leaned over and dipped Ciara in a kiss.

Ciara gasped, "Wow. You know you coulda just wrapped you up, you're more than enough of a present for me." Ben blushed slightly, "You have been so amazing to me, that this is a small token." Ciara looked at Ben suspiciously, "Okay…" Ciara opened the box and saw black thin-heeled boots with silver spikes on the sides near the bottom of the sole.

Ciara exclaimed, "Oh, my god! Ben, thi-this is too much." Ben shook his head, "I have seen you eye these every time we walk through the Square. You deserve this, Rockstar."

Ciara smiled as Ben placed one of the boots on Ciara's feet and helped her up. "A perfect fit." Ciara laughed, "My Prince Charming." Ciara got up and lifted her foot up. Ciara started laughing. Ben looked at Ciara's foot and then back at her face. "What?" Ciara stopped laughing, "Now, the next time you tickle me…, I can REALLY do some damage."

Ben chuckled, "Yeah, I barely walked away with all my teeth last time. Now, I've gotten you something that could take my eye out." Ciara giggled and hugged Ben as they both thought about that moment in the cabin.

Ciara shook her head and took a deep breath getting that thought out of her head. she looked up and saw Ben walking into the police station.

Ciara leapt out of her seat, ran up to him and jumped up into his arms, locking her legs around his waist. "Hey Rockstar." Ciara squealed as she wrapped her arms tightly around Ben's neck. She started kissing each side of his face. "I am NEVER letting you out of my sight again." Ben smiled a big smile, "Don't plan on it, baby." Ciara squealed again as Ben spun her around. Ciara laughed as Ben put her down.

Ciara dropped her smile as she and Ben approached Hope. Ben looked at Hope, "So… do I get to know who did it?" Hope sighed but before she could say anything Ciara interrupted, "It was Tripp." Ben looked like his eyes were going to bug out of his head, "Tripp?! Like Tripp?!" Ciara sadly nodded, "Yeah. He confessed to me. And that's not all." Ben looked at Ciara shocked, "What ELSE could there be?!" Ciara took a deep breath, "He-he, uh…" Ciara took another deep breath, "He tried to kill me tonight."

Ben made a b-line toward the interrogation room, "Where is he?!" Ciara ran up to Ben and placed a hand on his arm, tugging slightly, "Ben… please." Ben shook his head, "He CAN'T get away with this. He has to answer for what he's done."

Ben bursted into the interrogation room. Ben was seething, "You son of a bitch." Tripp looked up slightly with dark eyes, "Well, if it isn't the man of the hour." Ben took a deep breath, "Why? Why would you kill those people, including Claire?" Ciara walked in and stood behind Ben. Tripp looked at Ben shocked, "Why? It's because of you."

Ciara spoke making her appearance known, "No, Tripp. This is on YOU. Ben isn't the reason that you did this." Ciara thought long and hard about her next statement, "You're just as evil as your mother!" Tripp stood up, "You know what you little bit-" Tripp couldn't finish his statement, Ben's pulled him up by the neck, "You say another word to Ciara, and you'll be leaving here in a body bag!"

Tripp squirmed out of Ben's grasp and started to slowly clap, "There he is. The violent man inside of you, ju-just itchin' to come out." Ciara took a deep breath and walked over to Ben and Tripp, "No, he's being protective of his girlfriend. You know, the one you tried to KILL tonight!" Hope walked in, "You shouldn't be in here." Ben gestured to Tripp, "He's just gonna get away with what he did to Ciara?!" Hope shook her head, "No, he's going to prison for a LONG, long time. I'm going to personally make sure of it."

Ciara took one last look at Tripp before taking Ben's hand and walking out of the interrogation room. Right before they were out of Tripp's line of sight, Ciara grabbed Ben and kissed him passionately. Ciara sighed and placed her hands on either side of Ben's face, "It's okay. I'm just glad my mom and Rafe came in when they did." Ben pulled Ciara in close and placed his chin on the top of Ciara's head. Ben closed his eyes not wanting to picture what would have happened if they didn't. Ben pulled back and placed a kiss of Ciara's forehead.

Ciara looked at Kayla who mouthed "It's okay." Ciara sighed, "There's one more thing." Ben looked at Ciara, "Okay, I can take it. Hit me. What is it?" Ciara said, "Tripp had tried to kill my Aunt Kayla when he first came to Salem." Ben looked shocked, "And all this time he was acting like he was on this high horse?!" Ciara nodded, "I know. I said to him that you were sick when you did what you did, but HE'S the psychotic one."

Ben pulled Ciara in for another hug, "I don't know what I would have done if something had happened to you." Ciara pulled Ben and sat him down where she had been sitting. Ciara took a deep breath, "There's something I didn't tell you." Ben nodded slowly and Ciara continued, "After I went to visit you in Statesville the first time…" Ciara took another breath, "I hired a PI to find the real killer." Ben looked shocked, "Wha-I thought I said…" Ciara cut him off, "I know what you said. I-I just- I couldn't let you go to prison for something that you didn't do. But it's a good thing I did. That was the reason that my mom and Rafe came charging in when they did."

Ciara gestured the Paul, "Paul found a video of Tripp murdering Claire. If it hadn't been for him, I'd be dead right now." Ben dropped his head absorbing what Ciara had just told him. Ben walked over to where Paul was and reached out his hand, "I think you saved my girlfriend's life."

Paul tried to shrug Ben off and shook his head slowly, "Ah, I just did what any good PI would do." Ben shook his head in disagreement, "No, Ciara is here right now because of you. And I won't forget it. Ever." Paul accepted Ben's hand and shook it.

Ciara wrapped her arm around Ben's waist and walked back over to her mom, "Can we PLEASE go home?" Hope nodded slowly. "Ben?" Ben turned back to face Hope. Hope continued, "You take care of my baby girl." Ben nodded slowly, "With my life." Ben took Ciara's hand and led them out of the station.

As soon as Ciara and Ben walked into the loft, Ben looked around. The place looked wrecked and that's when he noticed the lamp. Ciara looked to where Ben was. "Rafe shot the lamp. To get Tripp off me." Ben sighed heavily, "I can't believe how close you came to…" Ben couldn't finish his thought so Ciara did, "…death? Yeah, me neither. When Rafe shot the lamp, Tripp was distracted long enough that I was able to knee him in his 'special parts' and that got him to release me." Ben smirked slightly, "My girlfriend is badass." Ciara chuckled, "Was there ever any doubt?" Ben shook his head slightly as Ciara wrapped her arms around Ben and kissed him. Ciara felt so safe in this moment. After everything they had been through, the world could end tomorrow and Ciara would be okay because she had Ben in her arms.

Ciara moved her hands to Ben's face and the kiss quickly became passionate. Ben hoisted Ciara up on the island and Ciara pulled Ben as close as she could locking his waist with her legs. Ciara started to pull the hem of Ben's shirt when Ben pulled out of the kiss and pulled back. "Ciara… are you sure?" Ciara got off of the island and wrapped her arms around Ben, "Absolutely. I know that I can trust you. After what we went through, I want you to have every piece of me. Every. Single. Part."

Ben slowly grinned, "Only if you are absolutely sure." Ciara nodded, "Yes. Ben, I want you to make love to me." With that Ben hoisted Ciara up again and led her into their bedroom, not stopping her this time.

Ben gently placed Ciara down as they reach the foot of the bed. Ciara kissed Ben passionately. Like there is no one else in the word besides the two of them, because to her, there isn't. Ben returned Ciara's kiss with equal passion.

Ciara pulled back for a moment and Ben thought that this was it, Ciara couldn't go through with it. There was always a thought in the back of Ben's mind that he might not ever be able to show Ciara just how much he loved her. And he was okay with that.

Ciara pulled back and started playing with the hem of Ben's shirt. Ben took a moment to look for fear in Ciara's eyes, but there was none. The only thing that was there was a want and a desire for him. Tears began to pool slightly in Ben's eyes. Ciara looked at Ben in confusion, "What?" Ben swallowed and pulled on Ciara's hair slightly, "I can't believe this. I can't believe I get to love you." Ciara smiled and kissed Ben passionately.

After having sex, no making love, for the 2nd time that night, Ciara and Ben collapsed onto the bed both in pleasure and exhaustion. Ben wrapped Ciara tightly around him, "I love you. You know that?" Ben kissed the area in between Ciara's shoulder and neck. Tears welled in Ciara's eyes and Ben started to panic.

Ben jumped away from Ciara so he wasn't touching her any longer. Panic filled Ben's voice, "What? What did I do? Whatever I did I am so so, so sorry." Ben stood up putting his underwear back on. Ciara sat up and wrapped herself in a sheet as she did. She reached out for Ben's hand. "Ben. I'm not scared, or even upset."

Ben looked at Ciara in confusion, "Then-then why do you look like you're about to cry?" Ciara patted the bed for Ben to sit back down and slowly he did.

"I have never felt as loved as I do in this moment. After Chase, I-I never thought that I would feel this. But I do." Ciara whispered the next sentence, "And it's all because of you." Ben's face relaxed and he couldn't even try to fight the smile that came to his face.

Ciara continued, "You truly ARE my knight in shining armor Benji." Ben looked at Ciara, "Benji?" Ciara chuckled, "You call me Ci, Ci-Ci bear, and Rockstar. I figured it was time that I had a nickname for you." Ben smiled, "Well, I'll be the Benji to your Ci-Ci bear. But in all seriousness, it's you Ciara. You're the one who saves me every day."

Ciara couldn't stop the tears this time, "Ben..." Ben wiped a tear as it fell, "I love you. More than I have ever loved anyone. An-and I couldn't take it if I hurt you. Purposely or accidentally. I-I just couldn't take it." Ciara sighed, "I-I don't want to admit it, but there was a part of me that was scared that I would never be able to hold you in my arms again. And that's how I knew."

Ben looked at Ciara in confusion and she continued, "I knew that I could trust you. To give you every single part of me. That you would never EVER hurt me." Ben shook his head, "I wouldn't."

Ciara sighed as she and Ben laid down putting her head on Ben's shoulder. As Ben wrapped an arm around Ciara, Ciara said "I love you too."