-Naruto/High School DxD-

The Biju/Jinjuriki makes their place when transported into the DxD dimension. Starting when Itachi and Kisame went first for Naruto. This was in thought by reading s/10842457/1/To-Touch-The-Sky


Jaune follows Pyrrha with his semblance awakening Babbo or in this case Crocea Mors. Starts with him witnessing her instead of Ruby in season 3. Them returning or not is up to you.


Naruto encounters Merilo after leaving the orphanage or getting his apartment. Reasons... fanfiction route or blame 4ths death... I think I want to blame those responsible for not developing him(ep 480) like they should have.


Ash becomes a war veteran and losses his life, but in the process wish upon Jirachi (insert celestial/man-made object) which crazily enough someone follows him and de-ages... UltraBeast will prevail?

-Pokemon/Possible Crossover-

What will happen when Deoxys decides to join Ash? Idea from the manga... Pokemon Adventure(?)