-Card Capture Sakura/Naruto-

I read s/11950658/1/A-New-Mayor-in-Townsville and thought if Naruto was her cousin from America and saved her from a certain death... close to death... harsher world she fights in indeed.

-Naruto/Kingdom Hearts-

Naruto befriends heartless while he is alone in the park as a child... after kicked out of the orphanage.

-Naruto/Shaman King-

Sakura breaks the seal on his head by Kushina due to the extensive damage after the first day at the academy and awakens his father's side bloodline.


This story is similar to one where Lelouch is his ancestor (where they meet and he gives up his hatred) and becomes the new Meijin after falling into a river by the villagers and wakes up in Land of Iron. Accessories included.

-Kim Impossible/Totally Spies-

Kim tracks down all villains she previously fought and attempts to suicide as a last resort. Luckily she was sucked into a portal when that happens.