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PS I love the Walking Dead and Rick. This is A HUMOR fanfic, so yes, I'll be making fun of the characters. Only cause I love them. COme on guys you've got to see the "Coral" memes on the internet. :D

The heat was baking hot in Georgia. It was mid June and school was almost out for the summer.

Like every morning, Lori had to drag her son, Carl out of bed for school. A growing pre-teen boy needed his sleep, Carl was a bit slow in the mornings and sometimes grumpy, which was normal. But Carl was a good kid. His grades were decent, he had nice friends, and he always got his homework and chores done by the end of the day.

"I raise myself a fine boy!" Rick said one night when him and Lori were laying in bed one night.

Actually, Rick would say that about everyday and it was starting to annoy Lori and Carl.

Rick desperately tried to be the "Cool" or "Spunky" dad, but really, he was just a complete dork.

Anyway, one day Carl was running late for school. Lori was feeling under the weather and wasn't able to wake Carl as she usually did in the mornings. So, Rick being the jolly father he was, strolled into his son's room to wake him up.

He opened the door a bit too loudly, causing his sleeping son to stir in his bed.


Carl grunted and threw the blankets over his head.

Oh please not now, he thought to himself.

"Coral! You need to get up Coral! You don't want to miss the bus coral!" Rick said, patting all the way up from Carls behind to his upper back.

"Daaaad..." Carl muttered from under the blankets.

"No! No 'Five more minutes' you're getting up now! SO we can have a father-son breakfast before you go to school, and before I go to work!" Rick said, patting Carl's behind as he spoke.


"No 'Dad' we're having a father-son breakfast!" Rick insisted.

Carl has had it.

"We will if you stop patting my butt and letting me get up!" Carl cried, throwing his blankets off of him, to look up at his father.

Rick blinked and moved his hand from Carl's butt. "Oh...right."

After a suuppeeerr dreadfully long breakfast with his dad.

(Of burned eggs and bacon, and Rick complaining about his partner Sean and gossiping about him.) Carl was mentally more exhausted than he was when he first woke up. He muttered a thanks to his father for the burnt breakfast, threw his backpack over his shoulder and dragged himself out of the house to walk to the bus stop.

I love my dad, but man can he be a chatter box in the mornings. Carl thought to himself.

When he was about ten feet away from his house he heard nothing but his father calling for him.


Carl sighed, stopped walking and turned to see his father running after him in his blue white stripped pjs and brown fuzzy slippers. So stylish.

"THAT'S OKAY DAD! I'LL JUST BUY LUNCH AT SCHOOL!" He called back to his father.

But Rick kept running.


Lovely, Carl thought.

He couldn't say no to his father for being so thoughtful and kind to him.

Rick stopped in front of him and handed him a brown paper back.

He grinned at him. "Here you go!"

Carl forced a smile and hugged his father just as the school bus rolled through, coming to a stop besides them.

"Thanks dad." He replied, before turning to get on the bus.

He was definitely buying lunch at school.

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