"Eclipsa" - Dialogue

Eclipsa - Thought

[~*~] - Time change

{Line Break} - Location change

The setting sun on the horizon invites a cold breeze to accompany the dense smell of nature.

Three figures are making their way from a large clearing to a forest. Far behind them are the tall walls guarding the Butterfly Castle.

Two of them are wearing full metal armor with a shield in hand and a sword at waist.

The third person is on all fours, sniffing the floor with the occasional inhale.

This one is lithe in appearance, wearing dark brown boots, a long purple skirt reaching to her knees, a thick sky-blue vest, and long white gloves reaching to her elbows. Her purple hair is tied into two buns on either side of her head with a ponytail each that's as long as her body. A metal helmet sits on top with two white horns. Her green eyes are wide as they search with frantic movement.

She stops and inhales twice to be sure. She looks behind her. "Look lively. I think I found the Monsters' scent." Her face scrunches. "Hmm, or maybe Warnicorns past by here."

The other two follow pace as Mina resumes her search. One of them turns to the other. "Hey, do you think we will find Monsters here? Close to the castle?" He asks with a skeptic tone.

His companion shrugs.

"Whether we find something or not doesn't matter." Their heads snap forward as Mina continues with her investigation. "We're Knights. If danger is lurking in the shadows, then we conquer it and make sure there's nothing to fear."

She stops again, this time her head bends up. She inhales longer. "That smell shouldn't be here." Her voice is closer to a whisper.

Before the others could ask, she takes off around the trees.

The two are caught off guard, but quickly follows. Thankfully she doesn't go far.

They stop still as the scent of rotten flesh hits their noses. Their eyes fall on the two limp, mangled bodies in front of her. One takes a step back.

"Oh...but why…"

The other turns around and quickly takes off his helmet to puke his food.

Mina slowly rises. Her eyes narrow and gain a focus they usually lack.

"We need to tell the Queen."


How long have I been here?

Eclipsa keeps up a practiced smile. Her back is straight on the plush chair, hands folded over her skirt. Occasionally nodding to something she has zoned out a long time ago.

For today, she has decided to go for something simple: a sleeveless dark red dress that reaches down her angles. A violet shirt underneath. White gloves that reaches past her elbows. White socks and black flats. Her long green hair is loose, reaching her lower back.

The maids suggested to go with something more beautiful, like a necklace and earrings with an elaborate hairstyle. But Eclipsa couldn't be bothered.

She's currently in the main dining room that's typically reserved for large royal gatherings or for her and her mother. Today she has the 'pleasure' of being in the company of Shastacan, who, if she listens for a moment, is talking about the distributions of corns and how each family could blah, blah, blah.

Yes, she knows it's rude, but Shastacan is the embodiment of loving himself talk and to always be right.

She looks down on her food and realizes she's already eaten most of the corn and side salad, but not the side dishes like the corn stick, corn filled meat, and corn yogurt.

While food is still an option for distraction, her stomach will complain if she continues. She could continue to wander off into her thoughts, but after doing this for so long, she's sure it's almost time for her maid to arrive and tell them it's time to go to their quarters. The first time she's been caught lost in thought, Shastacan brought up to her mom about how unbecoming it is for the future Queen to let her thoughts become astray. When this first happened, her Mom almost had Shastacan's head rolling on the floor, and while that would solve some of her problems, she doesn't want to be responsible for starting an interdimensional war when one is already on the horizon.

She nods again to something Shastacan said after focusing on him. Despite all the talking, he has finished most of the main dish and some of the side dishes. Today he's wearing his usual attire: a closed sky-blue jacket with white cuffs and golden shoulder pads, blue pants, and white boots. The chain of a gold watch is seen on his breast pocket.

What makes him stand out among other nobles is his pudgy face: natural rosy cheeks with a mole on his left one, and white hair with the sides curled into buns. Rumors has it he's letting it grow long to have three on each side and one over his forehead.

"-My parents have given me more responsibilities as the head of the family, something that's been long overdue after-"

Eclipsa tenses as she tries to think of anything that's more interesting. Her eyes drift to a newspaper folded next to her plate. The picture in front shows a giant monster slumped against a wall with swords and spears deep through his body. A few dead Mewman guards with deep slash marks are lying near him.

Globgor, King of Monsters, has Fallen

Quite the bold statement, she frowns with eyes downcast.

"What are you looking at, Eclipsa?"

She notices her expression faltered for too long. She fixes it with a shaky smile as she meets Shastacan's gaze.

"The newspaper today is quite interesting, don't you agree?" He raises an eyebrow, and Eclipsa needs to keep her jaw clenched to hold back a sigh. "I'm talking about Globgor. Never thought anybody could kill a Monster like him."

He rolls his eyes. "Oh, that. Quite the surprise, yes. But it's nothing we should concern ourselves with."

Her face scrunches. "Are you sure of that? I won't pretend he wasn't dangerous, but he kept the Monsters in check."

"And you're concerned about this?"

"I mean, aren't you?"

She's not sure why, but this conversation makes her feel dumb.

That sigh of his and his plain tone makes her feel as if he's speaking to a child. "Eclipsa, your mother has long since mastered wandless magic, and her field of magic is quite deathly. She has the Magical High Commission at her side, and the Monsters might be smart enough to hold up a weapon, but we have trained soldiers." He lets out a hearty chuckle. "And it's hard to forget that our side possess magic and they don't."

"I…guess you're right." She has to swallow the bitter taste it leaves in her throat.

"Of course I am. So cast your worries away and focus on tomorrow. The Passing of the Wand is a huge step in inheriting the throne of Mewni."

"Yes, it is," she interrupts him in the most respectful manner. Just to have a moment to hear her own thoughts. Maybe I should've stayed quiet.

"Where is that blasted maid?" Shastacan pulls out his watch. "It's already 9:32. She should've been here two minutes ago."

She takes a short breath to prevent her voice from rising. "Maybe something important is holding her back."

He puts the watch back into his breast pocket. "As a maid to the Butterflies, she should be efficient in her job. If she isn't on time, then someone else should be hired. Someone who does appreciate the job they've been given."

Her hands clench into fists and her mouth opens for a retort.

The main doors to the room swing open. "Forgive me for my tardiness."

A maid walks in with a hurried pace. She's wearing a sky-blue dress with long sleeves up to her wrists. A white apron reaches to her knees with a white cap. At around 20 years of age, she has a youthful appearance. Freckles adorns her cheeks and across her nose. She has warm emerald eyes and a short chestnut hair.

"Lord Shastacan, Princess Eclipsa, I brought the waitresses to begin cleaning."

Soon, staff members enter and pick up the plates.

Eclipsa and Shastacan get up before that and leave. The maid who first got in follows behind Princess. The clattering sound of plates and utensils becomes background noise as the three enters the hallway.

Shastacan turns to Eclipsa, who in height reference, is one head lower than her. "Don't forget that tomorrow we have a meeting at 5 pm. Until then."

And with a practiced tone she replies, "until then."

They turn to opposite sides and walk towards their respective quarters.

The silence that follows is welcoming to the Princess, but not fully relaxing. She's still standing straight, hands folded in front of her and moving fluently with her steps as if a book was placed on her head.

The maid is fiddling with her apron. Her gaze is downwards, but it flickers between Eclipsa and the tiled floor.

"I-I'm sorry for being so late." She bends her head down so her hair blocks her vision. "I tended to your garden as usual, but I must've taken longer cleaning your room. When I realized it, I did my best to rush in and-"

"Mathilda, it's alright." The maid brings her head up, and sees the Princess looking back with a smile. "Without you, I wouldn't know where I leave half my stuff. So thanks for putting up with my messes."

This causes the maid to reply frantically, "as your personal maid, it's my job to clean up your messes." Her face grows red before covering her eyes. "I-I-I didn't mean it like that. I love my job, so I'll happily clean anything you need me to."

Eclipsa chuckles at that, and turns her attention forward. "If only you could get me out of my 'play dates'." She chokes on the word, "sooner."

Mathilda's hands move down to her sides. Her face no longer flushed but laced with shame. "I wish I could do that, but remember that the first time I tried, Lord Shastacan almost had me fired for taking his precious time away."

A heavy sigh escapes Eclipsa as she harshly grips her skirt, and her voice becomes sharper. "It's either too early or not on time. It's never enough for him! First Tom and now this!? Every guy my aunts tries to pair me up with end up testing my patience."

"Well, let's look on the bright side. Tomorrow your mom will give you her wand. You will be able to cast spells like you always wanted."

Eclipsa can appreciate the attempt to liven the mood, but yet…

The Passing of the Wand is a huge step in inheriting the throne of Mewni

She shakes those thoughts away and focuses on the fact that she's close to her personal haven.

After a deep inhale and exhale, she reigns her nerves under control, and rubs her eyes to fight off the fatigue. "I know I should, but now all I want is for this day to end."

"I know this day wasn't how you expected, but tomorrow will be better. I'm sure of it."

"…See you in the morning."

Matilda can only respond with an equally glum tone. "Y-Yes, see you in the morning, Princess."


Within minutes of separation, Eclipsa has taken the most direct route to a set of wooden gates.

After opening and closing the entrance to her rose garden, Eclipsa takes the deepest breath she can muster, inhaling the various aromas of freshly picked flowers and watered grass along with the night's cold breeze. It puts the largest smile she had all day.

She walks through the dirt path. Her eyes sweep over the place eagerly.

Eclipsa still remembers how she and her mother discussed over the placement of the water fountain. The bushes on the very side that reach the walls. The amazement she felt when seeing her mother perfectly cut the weed with her sword-wand. Or the many times they sat on the wooden bench and ate food in private.

Her smile falls as she approaches the Rose Tower. How long was it since Mother and I worked together? If she recalls correctly, a few months ago before the Monsters have gotten bold enough to openly attack corn farms. Usually they steal, but it was small in comparison of what they are doing now.

This included raids to supply exchanges, attacking carriages moving between towns, attacking towns, and if rumors are to be believed, then today they have even been sighted near the castle.

She has tried to confirm this, but the only response she got back was focus on your studies, or your Mother will handle it.

With those thoughts, she enters her rose tower. While the smallest in the castle, it accommodates for being the widest, making her room spacious.

Her steps click against the spiral staircase.

A month ago, the amount of royal lessons she took have increased to prepare her for her future responsibilities as Queen.

She's already twisting the handle to her room without realizing it, and only comes to when she is in front of her closet.

With mechanical movements, she disrobes, throwing it into the laundry basket before putting on her pink bathrobe and bunny slippers.

Following her routine, she walks to her bed and spares a glance to her work desk that's long enough for several books to be placed over. The only items on top is her feather quill on top of a white sheet of paper. It has been a while since she worked on prototypes for new spells.

Her fingers trace over the soft velvet of her bedsheets. Eclipsa humors the thought of looking at her garden through her window, but she doesn't have the spirit for it.


"Hey, Eclipsa, open up!"

She draws a sharp breath and runs to the door with a smile. Opening it with haste reveals her Mother. Otherwise known as Solaria the Monster Carver.

There couldn't be a sharper contrast between mother and daughter, from Solaria's darker skin, shaven hair, blue eyes and lightning bolt cheek marks against Eclipsa's paler tone, gray-purple eyes, long green hair and spade cheek marks. Now that it's night, she has a baggy red shirt that reaches to her mid-tights and long black shorts.

Solaria's smile can be confused to a smug grin. "So how's my little Princess doing?"

Eclipsa throws herself around her waist. Her mother lets out a boisterous laugh. "Let me guess. Shastacan."

The response is a muffled, "yes."

Solaria pats the back of her daughter's head. "Look at it like this: you're doing much better than I did when my family set me on…'dates'." The Queen eyerolls as some memories creep up. "Political marriages my ass."

She giggles and backs away from her mother. "I swear, I have an easier time speaking to birds."

"Hah! One thing I learned about speaking to prim-poshy noble, is that you nod at most of what they say, and threaten them to get to the important stuff."

"Or I could just curse them," Eclipsa adds with a giggle. Obviously she would never go that far, but it's fun to think about.

Solaria enthusiasm quickly fades. "Yeah, curses…" She walks past her daughter and towards her bed.

Eclipsa doesn't mind as she knows where her Mother stands on the subject. "I could always curse Monsters instead."

The Queen shots back a grin. "That's my girl!"

She sits on the bed and pats the spot next to her. Eclipsa eagerly sits next to her and looks up to her Mother in expectation.

Solaria runs a hand through her shaven hair before locking eyes with her daughter. "About Shastacan, I honestly would've kicked him out if his kingdom didn't provide extra military force. But don't worry about him, because you won't be seeing him for a long time."

Eclipsa smiles, knowing her mother has her back, but that pleasant feeling lessens as the Queen looks down with a face usually reserved for war room.

"Because you're going to another dimension."

"But-But why?! Did I do something wrong?" She pauses for a moment, her mind leading her to a worst option. "Don't tell me I'm going to Saint Olga's."

"Relax! You did nothing wrong. And no, not going to Saint Olga's." Eclipsa draws out a heavy sigh. "Monsters are becoming too active around Mewni, more than what I'm comfortable with."

"But you can beat them right? Why do I have to leave?"

Solaria ruffles her hair and her cheeky smile returns. "Yeah, I'm strong. I can take any monster and beat them to the ground." Her smile falls again. "That's more reason for you to leave. Because I know the Monsters will be coming for you to get to me."

There's a pause as Solaria considers her words. No need to tell her about the bodies.

"It's bad enough they got spotted near the castle," she continues. "Even worse when we have no idea how they got there or even pulled a disappearing act. Sorry."

Eclipsa looks off to the side. "If only those knights haven't killed Globgor."

"Yeah, Globgor might've been a Monster, but at least he kept the others in check. That's the big reason why I allowed him to live." She slams a fist to her thigh. "Dammit! Those knights shouldn't have gone that far in the Forest of Certain Death. The best we could guess, is that they got too frisky in beating up Monsters, then Globgor appeared and you can guess the rest. What's done is done, and now I got to fix all this."

"It's just not fair."

She's fully aware how childish that sounded, but she's barely able to spend quality time with her Mother, and now she's going to leave for an uncertain amount of time.

Solaria's arm encircles her shoulder for a one-arm hug. "Think of it as a long extended vacation. You look like you need a break anyways."

"But…I wanted to spend more time with you."

She feels a small kiss on her head. "Me too. I promise to finish this war as quickly as possible, and once we're together again, we will do whatever you want, even gardening."

This draws a giggle from her, knowing how much her Mother hates it. Her eyes close as she tries to enjoy this moment as long as she can.

Torches light up the stone chamber. In the center are two wooden caskets: one is old and decayed while the other is pristine with meticulous wing designs on the top. And spread against the walls are Monster Statues that reach the high ceiling.

They vary from simple bipedal creatures with animal features to pixie entities; all wearing armor and cloaks while wielding a weapon of some type.

The most eye catching is a Monster donned in full armor and bulky in physique. A giant battle axe glimmers with Monster scripture on the curved blades. On its chest armor is a giant red blood crystal in the shape of a crescent moon.

In front of its feet is a long pedestal with several scrolls either opened or closed.

In front of one stands a humanoid figure in a business suit and black pants combo, a white buttoned shirt and red tie. He has gray skin and slick black hair combed back. A sharp pointed finger traces over the text as he reads.

No matter how many times I read this, there's always something new to learn.


In a swift movement, he takes out a circular device. It's blue all around with a white pixie shape on top. The top half splits up to reveal a screen on the top and buttons on the bottom.

He takes a moment to read the caller id before moving it next to his ear. "Rasticore, how are the other Monsters behaving?"

[Savages! I love getting it on when I use my chainsaw, but this? A lot of these guys want blood. You should've seen them attack that town! Between getting them to stop and getting them into the tunnels, I thought the MHC would show up and kill us! Being a leader is the worst!]

He rubs his temples, "So long as our numbers didn't dwindle, you did an excellent job."

[But seriously, when are you coming back? I know it's only been a week, but one more day and they might attack me!]

Toffee sighs deeply. "I'm sure you can keep things under control for one more day. Call me if anything changes."

[*Sigh* Alright, I got this. I will keep things under control! I-]


If he didn't end the call, that could've gone for a minute of Rasticore psyching himself up.

He turns around to look at the decayed casket. You were right. At the end, being docile has only led to our kind to die slowly. He shakes his head, thinking how foolish his past self was. Toffee heads to the side of the chamber were an entrance is located. It's time for balance to be restored to this dimension.

His mind is already conjuring ideas on how to convince the other Leaders to join him.

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