Author's Note: Sorry for the delay here - this story has been more challenging than I thought! I really had fun creating these new future heroes, and I hope you enjoy them too! Thanks for reading :)

"The future is doomed."

Mick scowled at the group of young heroes. "These kids need a babysitter."

He had a point, Sara thought – a few of them looked like they might still be teenagers.

Ray grinned, clapping Mick on the back. "Come on, you're not impressed?"

"That's impressive, Haircut?" Mick grumbled, watching two of the new Legends. They were celebrating with a coordinated victory dance, including fist bumps, hip checks and a high five.

"We are unstoppable," one said. He had a tall, lanky frame, with dark skin and black hair shaped in a high-flying box cut. It was as retro and chock-full of swagger as he was, Sara guessed, if his popped collar and smirk were any indication.

"Untouchable," the other agreed, mumbling around a sucker hanging out of the corner of his mouth. He had a mop of messy, dark hair tucked behind his ears, and wore a pair of round sunglasses that reflected the room in purple hues. The sleeves of his bomber jacket were pushed up, revealing tattoos and bracelets on his tan wrists and fingerless gloves on his hands.

"Raimy," a low voice cut over them as a third pushed forward.

This future Legend was clad from the neck down in a body suit of red, metallic armor, with a glowing, yellow sphere at his chest. He had broad shoulders, a sharp jaw, and black hair, tousled as if he'd just removed the helmet he carried tucked under an arm. But Sara was most struck by the intensity of his dark eyes, trained intently on her supposed-future daughter.

"I thought you were gone," he said, stopping just before her and placing his free hand on her arm. From her place beside them, Sara couldn't miss the way he leaned into her, or how his eyes drank her in, as if needing to convince himself she was real.

Raimy's face fell, her brow furrowing in confusion. "Adam, I'm fine." She leaned into his touch. "What happened?"

He swallowed, as if steeling himself for his next words. "Back on the ship, I started to disappear. I thought I was being erased from the timeline."

Raimy sucked in a breath. Her head jerked up to her siblings, her eyes wide. "The same thing happened to Alexa," she said. Her eyes darted to Sara as she swallowed, then raised her voice so the others could hear. "Our mom is fine, but our dad is gone. Everyone's saying he died. Years ago."

Adam's brow shot up. "That's impossible."

A chorus of shocked denials rose from the newcomers, each of them echoing his sentiment.

"We were there," Mick bellowed, silencing their protests. "He's gone." Mick scowled, deepening every crease in his hard face. Sara saw all the pain there, and felt it, a hundred times over.

"But did you see him?" Adam insisted. "Did you bury him?"

"Well, no," Ray cut in, watching Mick from the corner of his eyes. "He held down a failsafe device to trigger an explosion. The rest of us had to get out of the blast's range."

"Blondie was the last one who saw him," Mick muttered, his eyes glued to the floor. "I was trying to set off the bomb. Snart knocked me out and took my place." His voice faded to a growl as his eyes went distant, lost in the memory.

Raimy rounded on Sara. "You let him?" Her eyes, Leonard's eyes, bore into her, round and hurt. "You just left him to die?"

Sara didn't know what to say, staring back at those eyes with her mouth open. No, she thought, then, Yes.

"It wasn't like that," Ray said, but his words felt sorely inadequate in the silence that followed.

Sunglasses tugged his sucker out of his mouth with a pop, and the ridiculous sound defused the tension. "Shit."

"Guess we fucked up again," Box Cut agreed, dropping his arms to his sides in exasperation.

"Can't we have one win?" Sunglasses sighed. He jabbed his sucker back in his mouth, then gathered his hair back into a high bun, tied with an elastic from his wrist.

"Aw," Ray cooed. "They sound just like us! I like them."

Mick grunted. "I hate kids."

"Where was he last?" Sunglasses asked, rubbing his hands together. "We'll fix this."

"The Vanishing Point," Ray said. "Leonard destroyed the Time Masters, restored free will and generally saved the world."

Box Cut crossed his arms, exchanging a glance with Sunglasses. "Well fuck," he said. "Can you get us there?"

"Duh," Sunglasses said. He pulled his hands a part, and a silvery black sphere appeared before him, spinning and twisting in midair. "You guys ready?"

A blast of cold shot over the sphere, freezing it solid.


All heads turned to another young man, standing with a hand outstretched. For a moment, Sara thought she saw his eyes glow silver blue, but when she blinked, it was gone. He had light brown hair, swept back off his face with soft curls brushing his jawline.

"What d'you think you're doing, twip?" Box Cut stood behind Sunglasses, glaring in solidarity. Suddenly, his eyes lit up yellow, and his head burst into flames.

The other man frowned, and his hands balled into fists. "You need to chill." His eyes frosted over, glowing blue, and his hair brightened, whitening from root to tip.

"Guys, enough!"

A girl jumped between them, holding her hands out, unfazed by their radiating ice and fire.

"And cool it with the ice puns," she added.

"He's rubbing off on you," Sunglasses called, watching from a safe distance.

The girl groaned. "Ugh, that's what I'm saying!"

"We need to think this through," Ice Boy said, ignoring her. Ice crystals crawled over his hands, and his breath came out in a cloud.

"We need to move fast," Box Cut argued. He put his hands up, flames licking his fingers.

"I said enough!" The girl screamed. This time, her voice echoed sharply and painfully through the room, its force so loud it pushed her teammates off their feet. Ice Boy and Box Cut both faded back to normal, groaning from the floor.

"Wow, the future Legends really do take after us," Ray said, grinning at Mick and Sara. "Remember when we used to fight like that?"

Mick shrugged. "What, like yesterday when you ate my lunch?"

Ray didn't hear him, already helping Box Cut to his feet. "You know, your powers look a lot like Firestorm's," he said.

"They are, exactly," Box Cut agreed. "I'm Jason, aka Firestorm." He winked. "Yes, by myself. It's a long story."

"It's not that long of a story," Sunglasses said. "He just doesn't like to talk about it."

"And that sounded like a Canary cry if I ever heard one," Ray said, nodding at the girl.

She had long, straight brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, a black choker wrapped around her neck, and an outfit made entirely of black leather. She frowned, watching Ray with her eyes narrowed.

"What's it to you?" she snarked.

"Just curious," Ray demurred, meandering around the room, pointing at the newcomers in turn.

"That looks a lot like the A.T.O.M. suit," he said, his brows raised at Adam. The younger man just shrugged, his face revealing nothing. Ray's brows furrowed, but he moved on.

"And you, Queenie," Ray mused, turning to the blonde girl, who was still standing off to the side with Quentin. "If you're not the spitting image of Felicity Smoak."

"I know you dated her," she sighed, "let's not make it weird."

"Seriously," Sunglasses agreed, "this is definitely weird enough as it is."

"That vortex you created," Ray added, shifting to him, "looked just like the portals Cisco makes. This might be a long shot, but… Are you his son?"

"I have a son?"

At that moment, Cisco himself entered the Cortex, staring at Sunglasses with wide-eyed disbelief.

"Shit." The boy choked on his sucker, then his jaw dropped, and it fell straight out of his mouth.

"I have a son!" Cisco ran across the Cortex, grabbing Sunglasses by his arms. "Tell me everything! Am I married? Who is your mother? Wait, no, don't tell me. We can't hurt the timeline." He stared at Sunglasses, then shook him. "BUT I NEED TO KNOW! What's your name?"

"Uh," Sunglasses sputtered. "Call me Paco."

Cisco sucked in a breath. "Francisco. You're named after me?"

Paco grimaced. "Guys. Help?"

"What're you all doing here?" Barry asked, drawing attention back up to him. Iris, Caitlin and Ralph had all entered behind Cisco. They watched the scene unfold with mixed expressions of shock and amusement.

"What?" Ralph asked, shrugging. "Did you really think Iris was gonna sit quietly at a baby shower while you ran off with her daughter?"

"Why are you wearing sunglasses unironically inside?" Cisco continued, ignoring the others.

"They're power enhancing," Paco said. "Like your visor, but more shway."

"I don't know what that means, but it's awesome," Cisco said. "What about your ridiculous man bun? Is that power-enhancing too? Otherwise, take it out."

Paco laughed so hard, he doubled over. "This look is working for me," he said, catching his breath. "And, it'd look good on you too. You should try it."

"Maybe we should get back to the crisis at hand," said Adam, and the yellow light in his armor seemed to glow brighter for a moment, catching their attention. He frowned at his teammates, his expression dark. "If Leonard Snart is dead, then Raimy, Alexa and Quentin could cease to exist at any moment."

"And you," Alexa murmured, but Raimy cut her off with a glare.

"I still can't believe Sara and Leonard have three kids in the future!" Ray gushed, grinning at Sara. "Mick, did you see this coming?"

Mick rolled his eyes. "No. Mainly 'cause he died."

"Is it true, Sara?" Barry asked, breaking the sad hush that followed. "You and Snart…" He paused, a crinkle forming in his forehead. "You fell in love on the Waverider? I'm so sorry, I never knew."

Sara nearly choked on the question. In that moment, everyone in the room disappeared. In that moment, she saw Leonard again, as she pulled away from their kiss, his face lit by the blue glow of the bomb that would kill him.

You just left him to die?


Sara blinked back against the weight of their stares. She turned away, not wanting to see the looks on her would-be children's faces.

"No…?" Barry asked, confused.

"No, we didn't fall in love," Sara clarified, her voice hard. "I'm sorry to disappoint you." She shook her head, willing them to look away. "You all must've come from an alternate timeline or something."

Quentin sighed. "That's not possible. We have safeguards from Gideon."

Sara crossed her arms, steadying in her resolve. "Well, then they failed."

"Let me ask you this," Raimy said. "Didn't you spend all your free time together?"

"No," Sara said, at the same time Mick and Ray said, "yes."

"It was sweet," Ray added. "They were always playing cards."

"You mean 'playing cards,'" Mick said, inserting heavy air quotes.

"And didn't he give you his jacket that time when you were freezing to death?" Alexa asked, "to keep you alive just a little longer, even if it hurt him?"

"Well, yes," Sara admitted, "but –"

"Didn't he choose you," Quentin added, "over his best friend, when Mick almost killed you?"

"Yes," Mick said, answering for her.

"I think we all knew how strongly he felt about you then," Ray agreed.

"Look, that doesn't mean we were 'in love,'" Sara said, sarcasm dripping from the words. "Who even told you all that?"

"Uncle Mick and Uncle Ray, of course," Quentin said, smirking.

"Have you at least considered that you might have landed in an alternate timeline?" Sara asked, growing irritated.

Nora shifted uncomfortably, but Raimy was resolute. "We are not in an alternate timeline," she said, her voice low and intense. "Our enemies chased you here to destroy us. They're probably responsible for what happened to Dad."

"Dad!" Sara huffed, her voice suddenly rising. "You don't have a dad." She could feel the hysteria bubbling up, and she took a deep breath, trying to control herself. "Look, I'm sorry, but you've got it all wrong."

"I do have a father." Raimy closed the distance between them, using her height to tower over Sara. "He's the love of your life. And I'm going to get him back. With or without your help."

The women stared each other down, blue eyes meeting blue. For a moment, Sara truly thought she would punch her.

Then Barry coughed, breaking the tension. "I think maybe the grown ups should go talk," he said, gesturing to the hall.

Sara nodded once, her muscles still tense and coiled as she forced herself to walk away.

Paco snorted. "While they go off to handle their midlife crises," he said, rolling his eyes, "let's figure out a plan."

Cisco's mouth dropped. "Watch your mouth, young man!"

"C'mon, Ramon Senior," Ralph teased, dragging him along. "Team Classic?" He added, glancing back to be sure they were all following.

Adam's voice trailed them out of the Cortex. "They didn't bury him," he said, his voice growing distant. "And we're all still here. That means he's out there, and we can fix this."

Sara ignored him, letting her feet carry her down the corridor.

"Those are not my children," she said, when they were out of earshot.

"Well, they look an awful lot like you," Ray said.

Mick grunted. "They look like Snart."

"A really great mix of both of you!" Ray amended. "I mean, you're both attractive on your own, but your kids…"

"Not. My. Kids." She tossed her hands in the air, and her legs began pacing back and forth. "It's impossible."

"Sara," Iris said, placing a hand to her arm to stop her pacing. "Barry and I just found out we're going to be parents too. I know how crazy this all sounds, but we have to hear them out."

"Uh, hello?" Cisco pouted. "Did I not also just find out I'm going to be a dad? Where's my sympathy?"

"Do you need sympathy?" Barry asked, and his mouth curved up in a smile. "You seemed pretty excited about it."

Cisco groaned. "But I have no idea who his mother could be! Do you know how stressful that is?"

Ralph grinned. "Well. Who do you want it to be? Gypsy? That pretty bartender?"

"What about Kendra?" Barry asked helpfully. "You two really got along."

"You know, I was engaged to her," Ray said. "You could show some tact."

Barry's eyebrows raised. "I didn't know," he said. "What happened?"

"Please don't get us started on Bird Girl," Mick groaned. "He'll never stop."

"Did you see that one boy with the ice powers?" Caitlin asked, cutting in. "Do you think he –"

"Looked a lot like me?" Ralph asked. "Yeah, I was just thinking that! Could he be my son?"

Caitlin's eyebrows shot up. She pursed her lips, then frowned. "That's not what I was going to say."

"Well," Ralph chuckled, "if I'm not his father, who could it possibly be?"

"What, I'm gone for a day and you replace me with twenty new heroes?"

They all turned at the sound of a voice and footsteps as a newcomer approached from down the hall.

"Harry?" Caitlin asked.

He smirked. "I knew you'd miss me, but if I'd known you'd need that much help, I never would've left."

"It's been like, three or four months," Barry said, fairly, "and there's not even ten of them."

"Not the point, Bare," Iris whispered.

"Harry," Caitlin repeated, then rushed down the hall, throwing her arms around his neck. "What're you doing here?" She pulled back, a huge smile on her face even as Harry looked down on her in bemusement.

"It's been awhile," he said, softly. "And I've been feeling more myself lately. Thought I'd come say hello while Jesse is out of town with friends." He paused, a small smile forming on his lips as he watched Caitlin. "Who's the welcoming committee?"

"Oh hey, Uncle Harry," Quentin said, strolling into the hall with a casual wave. He was followed by his sisters, Nora and Adam.

"Allen," Harry growled, rounding on Barry. "Why is this grown man calling me uncle? What've you done to the timeline this time?"

Barry threw his hands up. "This has nothing to do with me this time, I swear."

"Uncle Harry!" Nora gushed, giving the stunned man a quick hug of her own. "Did you come to help my parents and the team save Uncle Leonard?"

"Uncle Leonard?" Sara muttered. "This gets less and less possible by the second."

"Your parents?" Harry wondered, turning a smirk on Barry. "Let me guess. Your last name is some combination of West and Allen."

"Duh," Nora said, giggling at him.

Harry rolled his eyes. "You were saying, Allen?"

"It might have a little to do with me," Barry grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. "But it's mostly about them," he added, gesturing to Quentin, Alexa and Raimy.

"We're working on a plan," Raimy said, taking that as her cue. "Mom – " she stopped herself, shaking her head. "I mean, Sara," she blinked, fixing her expression. "Will you come with me to the Waverider? We'd like to have Gideon check you to be sure we're not in an alternate timeline."

Sara crossed her arms over her chest. "And prove to me that you're my kids?"

Alexa shrugged. "You said it."

"Will you come?" Raimy insisted.

Sara sighed, dropping her arms. "Fine."

"Great," Raimy said, though she didn't sound happy. "Quentin and Alexa will stay here with the others to work on our rescue plan."

"Operation Dad," they said simultaneously, high-fiving without even looking at each other.

"I'm coming with you," Adam said, his gaze fixed on Raimy and his tone final. "You're going to want back up in case you're attacked on the way to the ship," he added, as she started to protest.

Raimy sighed, her expression resigned. "Fine. Let's go."

"Ooh, I'll go too!" Ray said, springing into step beside them. "Two A.T.O.M.s are better than one, I always say."

Sara glanced between Adam and Ray, and suddenly his mental math added up. They were about the same height and build, with the same dark hair, brow and set to their jaws. While his demeanor was a great deal more serious, Adam could be a younger Ray.

Or his son.

"My name is Adam," he said, raising a stoic eyebrow at Ray. "You're the A.T.O.M."

Ray shrugged, grinning. "If you say so. How different is your Gideon from ours?" He added, easily changing the subject. "I can't wait to meet her."

Raimy shook her head, exasperated, but made no move to stop him as he followed down the hall. "Let us know if you need help," she said, glancing over her shoulder at her brother and sister.

"Will do," Alexa replied, saluting.

"I guess I'm on babysitting duty," Mick sighed. Then he turned to Barry and Iris. "I'm going to need time and a half for this many kids."