Author's Note: Okay, one more chapter after this (and maybe an epilogue)! I hope you are still enjoying this story, if so please let me know! The feedback and encouragement is so helpful.

Leonard opened his eyes with a start. His face was pressed to the ground, the smell of grass sharp in his nose.

"Nugh…" He groaned, prying his tongue off the roof of his mouth. He shifted forward, raising his head slightly. His body was stiff and sore. He ached, like he'd spent the night drinking with Mick and picked a fight with him too. What the—

"Sara." Leonard gasped, awareness coming back in a rush. He turned his head to the side, his neck protesting at the sudden movement. There—a set of feet. "Quentin?" He lifted onto his knees, planting his palms against the ground.

Quentin was sprawled on his back, arms thrown over his head in the late afternoon sun. Leonard narrowed his eyes, watching the boy's chest until he was sure he saw it rise and fall. He took a deep breath himself, steeling to look where Sara had been.

Me and you. That's what Sara had said in his time-vision. He'd been so close to reaching her, to joining the alternate timelines, but it all happened so fast. Did he dare to hope…?

He turned. Sara's prone form lay still beside him. Her eyes were closed. A splotch of blood stained her side.

Leonard squeezed his eyes shut. He exhaled against the sharp ache of grief in his chest.

It didn't work.

He dropped his head into his hands, shuddering at the memory of Sara's dying words. You were the love of my life, crook. And he failed her. An avalanche of pain crashed through him.

He'd died and been resurrected, met his future children, and manipulated time itself to get back to her. All of it had been for nothing.

He growled until his throat was raw, his voice tearing across the quiet field. They should've left him at the Oculus. Maybe Sara would still be alive…


He could still hear her voice so clearly.


His hands fell to his side. He was so exhausted. He forced himself to look at Sara, her still form blurred by unshed tears. He had to be imagining—

"Leonard." Sara coughed, and her eyes blinked open. She sat up, looking around until she saw him. "What…" She paused, pinning him with her brilliant blue eyes. They shone gold in the sunset. "Did I…die?" She frowned, an indignant dimple forming in her chin. "Again?"

"Sara." He stumbled forward, wrapping her into his arms. "You did," he half-laughed, half-cried, clinging her to his chest. "But I couldn't let you go." He breathed in the spicy scent of her hair, holding her closer. "You're bleeding," he remembered, still dazed with shock and relief.

"It looks worse than it is." She pulled back enough to look down at her torso. "It's just a graze. Right?"

Leonard pulled her shirt away from her skin, fingers brushing the wound at her side.

"Just a graze," he agreed. All the air rushed back to his lungs. "You'll be fine." He dropped his forehead to hers, trying not to laugh. "What do you remember?"

She hummed. "That solider was going to shoot you. I jumped in the way. Raimy…Alexa. They disappeared…" She paused, swallowing. "And you…You wanted me to stay, and I…" She closed her eyes. "It's all fuzzy, like a bad dream. A nightmare."

"It'll fade." Quentin's voice cut in. Leonard turned to see him sitting up, rubbing the back of his head. His blonde hair—so like Sara's—was tousled, sticking up in all directions. "We changed the timeline, so you won't really remember the old one, where the bullet hit you straight on." He winced, rubbing his neck. Clearly, he and Leonard would both live with the memory. "From what I could tell, in this version, the sun got in the soldier's eyes. He just nicked you."

"Why did they leave then?" Leonard looked around, noting a distinct lack of an enemy time ship or any enemy troopers.

"It looked worse than it was, and Raimy still started to disappear," Quentin explained. "They didn't wait to make sure. Thank god they're so dumb."

Leonard shook his head in disbelief. It'd been so close. One chance in a million. No wonder they'd sifted through so many timelines to find it. "How'd you see all that?"

"I had a broader view than you did. You were right in the middle of it all." He grimaced, watching Leonard. "How do you feel?"

"About the same as you look," Leonard sighed. He tightened his hold on Sara. "But better every second."

Quentin flashed him a smile, but it faded as he surveyed the field around them. "Where's—"


Leonard just caught a flash of dark hair as Alexa crashed into her brother, toppling them both over.

"You did it!" She laughed, hugging him from the ground. "You saved us."

He laughed with her, holding her close. "I'm so glad to see you, little monkey."

"You can't get rid of me that easy," she teased.

All around, Leonard heard the others waking up too, as if they'd all been part of some collective dream.

"What happened?" Ray wondered. "Was there an earthquake?"

Mick's familiar grunt sounded in the distance. "Who fucked with time now?"

His voice was followed by Barry's plaintive, "It wasn't me!"

"Are you sure, Allen?" Harry groused.

"Sorry, Bare, but it really feels like it," said Iris.

"It was us, stop picking on Uncle Barry!" Alexa shouted. "He's not the only one who can mess up time, okay?"

"That's right," Marty Wells smirked. "It's the only thing we're good at."

"Hey now," Quentin said, "we're great at it. Let's not sell ourselves short."

"Q," Mia sighed, stumbling over to sit by him on the grass. "On a scale of one to ten, how often am I gonna have to worry about you accidentally blinking yourself out of existence, now that you know how to manipulate time?"

Quentin shrugged. "Define the scale."

"One is constantly. Ten is oh my god it will happen any moment."

"Well," Quentin smirked, "if you'd just leave Star City and come keep an eye on me on the Waverider, you'd never have to worry, now would you?"

She stilled, staring at him. "Are you actually asking me to join the Waverider?"

"Queenie," he sighed, "I have asked you to come a hundred times."

She dropped her mouth, indignant. "You've never asked me! Not even once!"

"I've hinted. At least a hundred times."

"Do not play with me, Q, you snarky little ass. Because I will come." She softened. "You know I will."

Quentin grinned. "I didn't know, Queenie. I'm glad you finally offered, though."

"Oh my god," Alexa groaned, clapping her hands to her cheeks. "Will you two please finally kiss and get it over with already?"


Leonard chuckled, tuning them all out. He rubbed a thumb across Sara's cheek. He couldn't stop staring at her. "I can't believe we did it," he murmured. "You were gone."

"So were you, as of this morning." She exhaled, studying him. "You changed the timeline. How?"

"I have time powers, it seems." He gave her a wry smile. "Our son knows more about it than I do. He showed me what to do."

"That's amazing," Sara breathed. "Thank god he remembered…" She did a double take then, looking at him with wide eyes. "Our son." She wrinkled her forehead. "You know?"

He inclined his head. "I do."

She tensed, staring at him. "How?"

He waved a hand at Alexa and Quentin, arching a brow. "Have you seen them?"

"They're a really great mix of both of you!" Ray agreed, wandering over to them with his trademark grin.

"Plus, Raymond told me," Leonard added, smirking as Ray stuttered.

"He already knew!"

"You and Alexa look just alike." Leonard grazed a hand down Sara's back, reveling in her warmth. "Ray and Raimy confirmed it," he amended. "And Raimy looks just like a Snart. How could I not know she's my daughter?"

"She's named after your two best friends, Ray and Mick, after all," Ray added, grin back in place. Leonard decided not to think too hard about how possible that could be.

He shrugged, smiling at Sara, but she averted her eyes. "Where is Raimy, anyway?"

"I can't find her." Adam dropped down from the sky just then, landing next to them with a gust of air. His eyes were dark and worried. "She didn't come back with everyone else."

Leonard's stomach dropped. "What do you mean? I saw her in the time vision."

"I'm here." A faint voice materialized from the space beside Adam. Suddenly, the outline of Raimy shimmered in the fading light. "But I can't hold on much longer."

Adam gasped, grabbing the air where her hand flashed in and out of sight. Her form solidified, and she gave him a sad smile. "Will you stay with me?" She asked. "It's hard to stay…present. I don't know how long I have."

"She's still being erased." Leonard's pulse jumped. "Why…?"

And then it hit him.

Soon I won't even be a genetic possibility.

That's what Raimy had said. She was supposed to be conceived today. He'd promised her they would make it.

"Sara." He grabbed her shoulder. "How much time do we have?"

Sara stared at him, her expression blank. "What?"

"How much time, Sara? For Raimy?"

She inhaled, understanding washing over her. She looked down at her wrist, checking a little digital clock on her bracelet.

She lifted her gaze back to him, meeting his eyes with trepidation. "Twenty-one minutes."

"Oh, that's plenty of time!" Ralph called, even as Quentin, Alexa, Adam and the others groaned in dismay.

"Dibny, will you shut up?" Wells snapped.

"I'm reassuring them," Ralph protested. "Let's stay positive, people!"

"Lance." Leonard frowned, studying her. She bit her lip, a deep crease worrying her forehead. But there was something more there than just fear for Raimy.

He inhaled. "If you have any doubts…" He trailed off, swallowing. "If you don't want this…"

Her eyebrows jumped. "Leonard." She stopped him. "I want this. I'm sure," she added, at his sound of protest. "But…are you?" She took a breath. "I know this is a lot, and you just came back too… If you want to leave, I understand."

That's what she was afraid of. "I'm not going anywhere." He closed his eyes, unable to stop a smile from tugging his lips. "And I've never been more sure of anything. I want our future." If he could tell her in a time-vision, she deserved to know here and now. "You're the love of my life, Lance."

She softened, and a smile bloomed across her face. Her eyes were blue as the morning at sunrise, full of hope and all that promise. "You're the love of my life, crook."

"I know." He dipped his face close to hers, nudging her nose with his. "Me and you," he murmured.

"Save it for the Waverider!" Ralph cried, and they sprang apart. His words were met with a chorus of cheers and agreement from the others.

"Come on, Boss," Mick grunted, suddenly at his side. "Let's get you laid for once. Thought you idiots would never figure it out, for fuck's sake."

Strong hands lifted him to his feet, and he pulled Sara up with him.

"Agh," she winced, hissing in pain. "It stings," she gestured at her side.

"Here." Adam stepped forward, popping a syringe out of the panel on his arm. "This might hurt a bit…" He warned, jabbing her in the arm.

"Shit," Sara swore. "What the hell?"

"Healing nanites," Leonard explained, holding her up. "Hang on."

Her forehead smoothed, and she leaned into his side. "Wow," she breathed. "Do you need any?"

"I'm fine." Leonard wasn't keen on getting those again unless necessary. Anyway, the surge of adrenaline from having—he glanced at Sara's wrist—eighteen minutes left to conceive his future daughter was plenty. "Can you walk?"

"Yeah," she breathed, "just, take it slow."

"It'll take a few minutes to fully kick in," Adam added.

"We don't have that kind of time," Leonard groaned. "Lance, I'm carrying you."

It was all the warning he gave before he literally swept her off her feet, holding her bridal style over his arms. Her weight was solid and reassuring, reminding him of all he'd gained—and everything he didn't want to lose.

Sara wrapped her arms around his neck. "Keep up the romance, and you might just get lucky, crook," she whispered, her breath hot in his ear. Leonard grinned, a shiver of anticipation cutting through the nerves.

Then the others all rushed before them, running toward the Waverider's open hatch and urging them forward.

"Come on, Len, get your girl!" Barry cheered. "You've got this!"

"Yeah Captain Cold," Cisco chimed in, "turn up the heat!"

"Get it, Sara!" Caitlin yelled. "Remember, it's all about lubrication."

"And love, Snow," Harry grinned.

"It's just like playing cards!" Ray added, helpfully, "But you know, with less clothes."

"Uncle Ray!" Alexa groaned.

"We'll just pretend you're having a 'grown up talk,'" Quentin added.

"I'd be mortified, but they are weirdly encouraging," Leonard said, softly enough for only Sara to hear.

She laughed. "Par for the course. Ralph's tips aren't half bad, either."

Leonard tuned in to Ralph's steady stream of shouted advice. "…It's a classic position, really can't go wrong. Just keep it simple, pal! Don't get caught up showing off or you'll wind up pulling a muscle, and trust me, you don't want that…"

"Don't forget the foreplay," Mick winked, shooting Leonard a lecherous grin.

"I think we can manage," Leonard rolled his eyes, pausing at the base of the ramp. He scanned the crowd until he found Raimy, fading in and out of view at Adam's side. "Hold on, kid. You'll be born, I promise."

"And she'll get all the best therapy Gideon can offer," Marty sighed.

"We all will," Quentin agreed.

"Don't worry about me," Raimy called, her voice faint in the dying light. "Just focus on having me!"

All around them, the team began to cheer again.

"Be a damn hero and save the timeline, Snart!" Barry grinned.

"We'll just wait out here until you're done!" Ray added. "You can have all the privacy you need."

Ralph nodded emphatically. "To bone on the bridge like you always wanted!"

Sara frowned. "I never said I always wanted that!"

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much," Ralph winked, and damn if he didn't have a point. "Just live your fantasies, Sara!"

"For the next fifteen minutes," Mick scoffed.

"Plenty of time," Ralph insisted.

"This is not helping," Leonard muttered. "Come on, Lance." He jogged up the ramp to the ship, Sara safe and warm in his arms. They left their cheering team behind. "Let's make that future ours."