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Name: Fist Bump

User: darkraizerGx1 (DRGx1)

Power: B

Range: C (Time frame) B (12meters)

Durability: C

Precision: B

Vitality: A

Development potential: C

Ability: Able to create constructs of past action that the user or stand has done within a time range of 9 hours, this is not limited to firing a handgun, swing a sword, bat or any kind of weapon, kick and etc. However, things like tossing a grenade can't be replicated as the constructs can only be made of actions that are still connect to the user or Stands physical body, however arrows and bullets will still be replicated as there were still physically in contact with the user or Stand's body.

Name: I'm Okay Your Okay

User: Eri

Power: ?

Range: D(1-1.7meters)

Durability: ?

Precision: A

Vitality: A

Development: ?

Ability: Each arm holds a different ability. Their abilities are currently unknown. More research is required. Only known ability is that when all 6 arms hold a person they can be heal. Extent of healing is unknown.

Sly: *whistle* a pretty hand Stand, makes me wish I had something similar.

Momonga: Indeed. I also notice that very little is known about Eri's Stand. Why is that?

Raizer: Well it no Star Platinum Level Stand but at least it powerful in its own right. And to answer your question Momonga. Well let's say that this Stand will be making a comeback in the future.

Momonga: Don't sell yourself so short my friend.

Judai: He's right, your Stand is cool don't let others discourage you like that.

Izuku: Yeah.

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Everyone were confused by Raizer's choice of words. Why would Mineta be jealous of Izuku. The short boy in question had his right hand on his chin, thinking on what could Izuku do make him jealous. He knows Izuku's quirk is better than his, that he doesn't mind, Izuku generally nice to him even if sometime he isn't sometime back. Therefore, that leaves only one possible idea, this made his jaws drop and his eyes grow to the size of dinner plates.

"YOU MEAN IZUKU HAS A HAREM!?" the short boy screamed. This shocked his fellow classmates, teachers and Pro-heroes in the room.

"Mineta, don't say such things like that!" Iida scolded the smaller teen, "Midoriya would never try such devious thing like that."

"Yeah." Ochako said in agreement, as she secretly she hope that she was part of that harem, it's not that big of a secret that she likes Izuku. She noticed that some other girls liked Deku, she just hoped that she was with him even if she has to share him with others.

"Besides Izuku isn't that good of a smooth talker." Denki said.

"Plus Izuku isn't the type of guy going off looking for women." Sero added.

"Actually, Minate isn't wrong." Raizer said. A record scratch was heard, as everyone minds just stopped and stared at their host. Their eyes widening in shock.

"WHAT!?" was their response.

"Young Midoriya with multiple relationships!?" All Might clearly surprise by this.

"Man the kid a player." Present Mic mused.

"Well this is a surprise," Principle Nezu, his voice shoed his amusement, "I never thought that would be willing to go into multiple relationships."


"Not to sound rude, but I don't honestly believe you Raizer-san." Jiro said, her arms crossed over her chest, "I mean Midoriya stutters in just having a regular conversation but with the company he had before hand, I guess I can understand why but still." She took a quick glance at Bakugo before returning her attention to Raizer.

"Well it not as far fetch as you think." Raizer said, "In fact many versions of Izuku have harem's mostly due to the reason of girls falling in love with him, not him actively chasing women." He then turned to Minate, "He also respects women highly as he would not try to grope them or eye them like some kind of prize. Plus, they think he is very cute or very handsome also helps." He glared at the short boy, "Don't think I didn't notice that you were eyeing Kiyuku earlier. We don't want to have problem now do we?" [Fist Bump] appeared beside him.

"N-no sir!" Minate said as he saluted in fear.

"Raizer, would you be interested to be part of U.A's security force?" Principle Nezu, the mouse-dog-bear-thing asked.

"Sorry but I've got to take a pass on that," Raizer replied, "Don't get me wrong, sounds like a nice job and all but I've got my hands full taking care of my dimension and the residents here." At that moment, a solider wearing futuristic orange armour burst through the wall.

"Grif, what the F$ k!" He exclaimed. The soldier now identified as Grif stood up.

"Oh hey Raizer, look sorry man Caboose threw me in anger at that vampire loli for taking his cookie."

A faint 'Tucker did it' was heard.

Raizer stared at the orange soldier for a few seconds before sighing; he created a magic circle and stuck his arm into it until he pulled a cell phone out from the circle. "Grif, Leave. Give me a sec," he said as he types in a number and held the phone close to his ear, Grif left the room through the same hole he made, Kiyuki used her magic to fix it.

"Momonga? Yeah it me. Look, I need you to control your subordinates. Yes I know but dude I can't have them causing fights all over the place, it's a b%#7h to fix the aftermath hence why I created Kiyuki in the first place, now I think I need to create another helper. Hmm, Ughuh, okay, just tell them that you and the others want to see them in the briefing room. What was that? Oh third floor third room to the left, it has a sign that says 'briefing' on it. Yeah Okay, thanks."

Raizer then turned his head towards Nezu, "See what I mean? It's not easy taking care of everyone here but it's rewarding."

"Also could the adults stand up for a moment and move away from your seats please." Raizer said, this confused the older but did as they were told. Once they moved out of the way a swirling portal of purple and red appeared over their seats. This shock everyone but that's not all as they could hear something coming from the portal.

"aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" screamed a voice as several figures drop down from the portal.


"Gah, my back."

"Get off."

"We're are we?" this voice made it hard to tell whether it was male or female.

"You younglings can't take a fall; then how can you even call yourselves heroes." This one was an elderly man's voice. This made Toshinori freeze up and shake in slight fear.

"Oh hush Grand Torino, you were like this back then." An elderly woman's voice spoke.

The figure was soon reveal to be the Pro-Heroes Kamui Woods, Deathgoro, Mt. Lady, Snipe, Thirteen, Grand Torino and Recovery Girl and alongside them is Inko Midoriya, the mother of Izuku Midoriya.

"Aunty Inko!" Katsuki exclaimed surprise to see the women he considers an Aunt.

"Katsuki-kun? Is that you? Where are we, the las thing I remember was going out to buy some groceries." Inko said

"Sensei!" All might shriek in slight fear.

"Huh? Toshi? Is that you? What did you do this time you brat!?" Grand Torino said in slight anger.

"Actually I was the one who brought you here." Raizer said, grabbing the attention of the new guests. He then started to explain the reason why he brought them here and about Kiyuki's {Absolute Cancelled} spell, to which Mt Lady tried to growing into a giant, which didn't work, and Kamui Woods despite still having a wooden body could not grow out his limbs like he normally would. They all agreed to watch the Au's along with the current guest.

"I remember that Kid, when I first saw I never expected him to make it to U.A but he proved me wrong and now look at him. He took down a high ranking Yakuza." Kamui Wood said.

"You and I both did." Deathgoro said in agreement.

"All right now Kiyuki, roll the footage!" Raizer said.

"Aye-aye sir!" she said as she pressed the play button on the remote that she tucked away in her breast earlier, she pulled it out along with a can drink.

Mt Lady lean over to Midnight "Hey old hag, did she just pulled a remote and soda can out from between her breast?" she whispered.

"Yes she did." Was Midnight's reply.

"Oh good, I thought it was just me."

"Well you're not the only one." Midnight directed her hand towards the male students with slight some blood coming out from their nose's.

"Aerosmith!" a young man yelled as he summoned a strange miniature airplane that seemed to materialize and take off from his right arm. The plane was comparable in size to the young man's head and had what appeared to be a tiny pilot with an orange bandana. The plane resembled a fighter plane with one propeller in a tractor configuration. The plane had a number of vents on the front that resembled a large frown, two eyes and the bolt of the propeller resembled a large nose to overall give the plane an unhappy visage. It had its wheels tucked under its fuselage and had two wing-mounted machine guns and a bomb on its underside as weapons. It had rust damage on the left side and wing.

"Huh, a plane as a Stand? Didn't expect that." Sero said. The newer guest were told what Stands were and were given an example when Raizer summoned [Fist Bump] and showed them his ability.

"Oh I wish I could analyse it," Mei said, "Maybe I can make my own 'baby' version of it."

"So that's how Stand is called out?" Snipe said, "Seems simple enough. I wonder if they come in the form of a gun."

"Actually yes," Kiyuki said, "There is a Stand user named Hol Horse, his Stand [The Emperor] was a tool type Stand that took shape of a futuristic revolver. It had unlimited ammunition can fire at rapid speed. However, it has terrible precision but Hol Horse could mentally correct his bullets path on the fly to hit his targets."

Snipe whistle, "Sounds a lot like my quirk, minus the unlimited ammo."

"Man that sound so cool, I wonder what kind of hero he was." Denki said, this made Raizer chuckle.

"Actually Hol Horse was no hero, he is a coward that prefers to be in odds that will ensure his victory and prefers to work with a partner. In fact, in the Universe that Stand originated from he has tried to kill a group of Stand users that were on their way to Egypt to defeat a vampire…yes vampires are real and are nothing like those in Twilight. God I hate that book."

Everyone agreed on that last statement, hell even Bakugo as he screamed that he would destroy every single copy of that series if he could.

The man of fifteen was himself also of note. He stood at 5 foot 8. He had green hair that was so dark as to appear black, slicked back in a series of spikes with four large spiked bangs covering his forehead (an: younger Pannacotta Fugo's haircut) covered by a small blue and purple mechanical propeller hat. His eyes were a dark green and his narrow face had freckles. He wore an odd and improper outfit consisting of black bell bottom pants with the right hip missing, his bare right hip with a kiss mark tattoo on the front, exposed. They were held up by a white belt with a silver buckle consisting of a circle with two wings and containing an 'A' with a star as the hole, and a pure black suit jacket with the right sleeve ending just after his shoulder and the left sleeve normal length with a flared end. Finally he wore a black fingerless glove on his right hand and odd red sneakers modified with studded metal plates over the toes. The jacket was open revealing a muscled chest and stomach littered with various light scars that gave the impression of someone who fought often. The largest scar he had was a large ugly red burn scar that covered his left shoulder and pectoral.

"OH My GOD!" Ochaku yelled, her face blushing madly, "What is Deku-kun wearing!?" she wasn't the only one blushing as two or three others also blush at this Izuku's choice of clothing.

"Huh, never thought Izuku would ever wear those kind of clothes." Mina said.

"Why those clothes are so fabulous." Aoyama said as sparkles appeared around his face, "They are so trending and base on the quality of those fabrics, I would have to say that those were made from top quality fabric. And that design, probably an Italian line out clothing, so GUCCHI probably." Everyone, even Raizer and Kiyuki turned to Aoyama.

"How do you know this?" Shoji asked.

"Well for your information monsieur, I happen to keep up to date to the latest fashion trends; I need cloths that compliments my sparkles and make them shine out more."

"Okay, let's just ask about Aoyama's knowledge of fashion later, agreed?" Raizer said, still a little surprise on how knowledgeable the blonde is in fashion but taking into account on how he always seems to want to stand out it made some sense.

The others nodded.

Kamui narrowed his eyes as he examined the scars, "Hmm, a brawl? No something else." He mutters. This caught the other Heroes attention.

"Is there something wrong Woods?" Pixie-bob asked.

"Those scars on his body, I thought most of them were from brawls but looking at it a little closer some of them look like they were from battles to the death." He said, "I've been a pro long enough to catch these things hence why I'm now the 7th ranked hero."

"Wow, that amazing senpai." Mount Lady said, this caused Kamui Woods to blush but luckily, he had his helmet on.

Aizawa glared at the screen, scanning his student's other-self and what Kamui Woods said was true, as his eyes grew wide in slight shock.

His face was set in angry annoyance as he sent the plane to fire at his opponent. His attacker, a green blob creature enclosing a blond haired teen, wielding a powerful explosion quirk, laughed. "Is that really your quirk? Some little toy you can summon? How pathetic! My new disguise will blow you to bi-" was all the slime creature got out before he learned an important fact about Aerosmith; its propeller was just as sharp and strong as a real plane. The slime villain screamed in agony as the spinning blade pureed his eye, which was one of the few solid pieces of his body.

Bakugo stiffen at the sight of the blob villain that nearly killed him before he entered U.A, how he nearly suffocated. Had it not been for Izuku buying him precious seconds of air he would have died. Everyone was shocked to see this version of Bakugo being used like a puppet. Kamui Woods, Deathgoro, M.T Lady and All Might remembered that incident very well. Soon they all gasp at the brutal retaliation this Izuku did, Kota and Eri had their eyes and ears covered by Mirio, Mandalay, Ragdoll and Ochaku.

"Damn," Kirishima said, "Didn't think Izuku would be so brutal."

"Ouch that has to hurt." Sero said.

"Yeah." Seto said.

"The brat did the smart thing." Gran Torino said, this made the students and some of the heroes turned their attention towards the elderly hero, "He's going for a vital weak point of that blob's quirk. Thought it may be brutal it's effective and get the job done."

"Hang on a minute," Sato spoke, "I thought only Stand Users can see Stands. Why can that sludge guy can see Izuku's Stand?"

This took a bit to register before everyone noticed this as well.

"Hey he's right."

"Dang can't believe we missed that."

"Looking at it now, I guess it should have been obvious, kero."

"Does that mean that sludge guy is a Stand User?"

Raizer shook his head, "Nope remember when I said that some universe ignores that rule?" he asked to which they nodded, well the ones first group did, "This is one of those world."

In horrible agony the slime villain let go of his hostage, allowing Aerosmith to circle back around in a turn to sharp for a real plane of any size and shot the resulting puddle with a volley of superheated tracer bullets. The villain screamed in agony, unable to even lurch reflexively in any direction out of the bullets' path as they were hitting him at all parts of his body due to their spread. As Aerosmith continued to loop around and shoot the sludge man, Izuku dragged its victim away and checked his vitals.

"Good idea to get the victim away from danger." Deathgoro commented.

"Agreed, Izuku had the right idea." Tiger said.

Seeing that the teen was not breathing, Izuku immediately began to perform CPR. He tilted the blonde's head back and placed their lips together, blowing fresh air into the boy's lungs. He began chest compressions and did not look up when he heard sirens approaching.

"Good job," Thirteen commented, "That dear student's is how CPR is done, this skill is very useful for victims that could be drowning after rescuing them, regardless of their age and/or gender for this help keep people alive until proper aid can be done."

"Hai, Thirteen-sensei." 1-A said. Though for some of them they could not help but blush at the scene in front of them, it looked like something out of a daujojin that they secretly read as lewd ideas filled their minds luckily no one said anything.

"Hmm~ Mama likes." Midnight said as she licked her lips. Almost everyone. "If only it was in a more 'exotic' setting."

"Midnight, please." Snipe groaned, he shook his head at his co-worker and fellow teacher.


"Bajugo! No wearing in front of children.: Inko scolded. This made Bakugo swaet a little in fear.

"Y-yes Aunty."

Midnight waved her hand off at Bakugo in a showing motion "But it's not you right so it's fine." She turned to Raizer, "Right?"

"…I don't want to answer that." Was his reply.

The police and an ambulance someone had called when the slime villain first started attacking his host before breaking through the crowd came across a strange sight. A Toy plane was making multiple passes to shoot a hail of glowing hot bullets into the screaming suspect who had committed assault and kidnapping and the victim was being kissed by a teen who was basically half naked. As the teen broke away and began pressing on the boy's chest they realized he was performing CPR and the paramedics rushed over to take over.

"At least there wasn't property damage this time." Mt Lady said. Kamui Woods and Deathgoro nodded their head at this as they remembered the damage that was done by this villain when he was using Bakugo as a puppet.

"…Deku." Bakugo grumble under his breath, glaring at the screen. He will never forget that moment of humiliation of his pride when Deku saved him, don't get him wrong he is grateful for it but his pride won't accept it even though it has been months since that day.

The boy who was used as a puppet by the villain was quickly loaded onto an ambulance once he began breathing again. The villain was loaded into a waterproof container to be taken to the police station.

Izuku was questioned by the police on his involvement, but soon cleared. One or two officers questioned whether he should be charged with vigilantism, but it was pointed out that Izuku was attacked first and while the retaliation was brutal, the villain's quirk rendered him immune to most attacks. Taking out his eye was the only way Izuku could come out unscathed.

"Luckily Mr. Midoriya wasn't charge," Principle Nezu spoke, "If he was registered in the system I may had to reconsider his application."

"What you mean you would have rejected Deku even if he passes the entry exam?" Ochaku asked.

"Sad as it may sound but yes," Nezu then had a serious aura around him, this caused the students to stiffen, "My top priority is the safety of my students and staff, if a person I considered a flight risk, and they shall be dealt with accordingly."

"Seems legit," Raizer said, "Better safe than sorry. But that also comes with great risk."

Izuku had some choice words for the pro heroes who showed up after losing the villain in the first place.

"How did you idiots actually lose this guy? He was running around making a complete spectacle of himself and literally attacked me the first chance he got," Izuku admonished them with a flat look on his face. He honestly could not believe that guys like this got paid to do what they did. "You guys get paychecks to run around in funny costumes and get into public dick-measuring contests and you can't do the one job expected of you."

Everyone beside Raizer and Kiyuki were surprise by Izuku's words, especially the two heroes that were the target of his rant. This was obviously not their Izuku as theirs would be fan-boying out at meeting two popular Heroes, not this one as he was tearing a new one into them.

"Dude, Savage much." Kimanari said.

"I never expect Izuku to say such things to heroes," Iida said, his arms moving in a robotic manner, "Since he has so much admiration to all kinds of Heroes."

"This is totally different from how Deku-kun would normally act." Ochako said.

"…I'm just shock by this." Shoji said.

"I-i-I know what you mean." Koda spoke up.

"Young Midorya, I never expected such words from you of all people." Tohsinori said in slight shock.

"Man I know the kid enough to know that he would never say that to a Pro hero." Snipe said.

"Indeed," Principle Nezu said, "This those contradicts our Izuku personality profile so that would mean this Izuku had a bad experience with heroes? Since that would be the safe assumption."

"Wow, never expect the green cute have such a mouth." Pixie-bob said giggling a bit, "I wonder how that mouth would good for other things~?" she then got smack in the back of the head by Mandalay.

"No Pixie! That's is just morally wrong." Mandalay said, 'Beside if anyone is going after Izuku it's me.' She thought to herself.

"Besides even if he would date you he's still in school." Ragdoll piped in.

"Ugh, sometime I wish we had some male member in our team." Tiger groan out. DeathGoro gave him a pat on the back.

"Okay first of all, you're one to talk in that outfit; what are you even wearing?" "The clothes I've picked up dates in." The heroes disregarded that comment. "Second, who are you to talk to us like that?!"

"Huh looks like this Izuku has a sense of fashion even though it is quite bizarre." Jiro said.

"Indeed it truly is," Aoyama said, "IT makes him stand out so much that it may even rival my sparkles."

"But why does he wear that to begin with?" Tooru asked curiously. Raizer shrugged his shoulders.

Izuku's face turned contemplative at that. Then he began to calmly list the reasons, like one reads off a shopping list; "One, this villain got away from you, he just ran away right past you using his explosions to get you to cower like children. Two, you did nothing to actually fight him you waited for 'a better suited hero' to show up. You might have kept civilians away but policemen could easily do the same and do so at a fraction of a fraction of your salary. Did you two even think of how you could have taken care of this yourself, it took me all of Two. Seconds. to realize all I had to do was attack his eye to incapacitate him and force him to release his hostage. You, Kamui woods, could have just sent out a branch and stabbed the villain's eye, while Deathgoro here ran in and grabbed the hostage. Is it the best plan? No, certainly not, but it's better than standing by doing nothing. You're supposed to be trained professionals that the 'system' has trained to think on their feet to come up with plans to defeat villains in the field.

If this situation was 'too dangerous' for you, what does that say about heroes, hm? That all it takes is some jackass flailing about with a particularly dangerous quirk to make the heroes too hesitant to do their job. One facet of being a real hero, not just some guy with a fancy license, is being brave. That means prioritizing saving people even if the you're not sure you can win. Especially if you're not sure you can win, because that means the people need your help all the more. Hero academies are supposed to teach their students to handle enemies that have quirks that counter their own? Yet the scarecrow is too afraid of fire to approach the witch and the big guy who looks like he can bench-press a truck is a paper tiger. You two just stood there and watched as a minor was slowly drowned to death by a dangerous criminal."

The three pro heroes that were there that day, especially Kamui Wood and Deathgoro were shock at what Izuku just said and could not help but feel embarrassed and a shame at how cowardly they were, they were pro heroes for god sake. They knew the job was dangerous to begin with yet they were too scared to act. It took a formerly quirkless kid to save a hostage and distract the villain long enough for All Might to stop him. Both due to their cowardice and hesitation nearly cost the life of Bakugo and Midoriya.

"Man he chewed you guys out a new one didn't he?" Present Mic remark, he was hit in the back of the head by Aizawa.

"Really Mic?" Midnight said with a disapproval head shack.

"I guess we did deserve that." Kamui Woods admitted. Deathgoro nodded his head.

Both heroes, especially Deathgoro, looked outraged, but knew they could not say anything. Their reputations would take a hard hit from the villain escaping, and getting into an argument with the boy who captured the villain with no effort would be pointless. When the only argument you can make is the other guy was a jerkass about it, you have still lost the argument. He had raised valid points, ones that detractors from the media would make as well considering some civilians had been hurt when the slime villain fled by using the boy's explosions to launch himself like a rocket.

Suddenly, a large number of news vans pulled up, and all three realized with dread that the media had finally caught up.

This caused nearly all of the heroes to groan and shook their heads sympathetically at the three; they knew how annoying the media can be. Grand Torino and Aizawa mentally smirk as they were both glad that they rarely have this problem as being underground heroes has their benefits.

"That's why I never do hero work in public back in my day." Gran Torino said.

"Underground heroes have this win over show off every time." Aizawa mumble as he grins. Midnight and Present Mic noticed this and grumble a bit about being unfair.

"I'm leaving before they break out the camera's," Izuku said as he turned around and tried to quickly walk away. This reaction left the heroes genuinely perplexed.

"Where are you going? Don't you have anything you want to say to them?" Kamui Woods asked, confused as to why he would leave. While he seemed to disdain heroes, or at least the ones he saw as incompetent, he was passionate. Kamui was certain he would share his beliefs on this incident with the media.

"I wonder what kind of heroes Midoriya has seen to make him feel this way towards heroes?" Sato asked.

This same question ran though Class 1-A minds, as they too wondered this. It was so unlike Izuku to dislike heroes since theirs is a complete fan boy of them. For Mandalay, this Izuku reminded her of how Kota saw heroes as before he had a change of heart.

Izuku turned his head to address him and announced the absolute bluntest, "No." either hero had ever heard before walking off and leaving the heroes to be swarmed by the media.

"Man it feels weird to see Izuku act like this." Sero said.

"Indeed, I can see his soul shrouded in darkness." Tokayami said.

"Maybe he had was raised differently," Toru said, this made the others look turn towards the invisible girl, "I mean he obviously has a different childhood with just the way he acts so."

"That could be the case." Momo said.

"Well if I've got anything to say, at least he doesn't act like Bakugo or Monoma." Denki said, to which many nodded their heads in agreement except Bakugo who glare at the electric quirk user.

Izuku continued on his way after the confrontation with the cops. He did not want to be on t.v. so the media had some story to blow out of proportion. That was always the case; whenever someone with a strong quirk did something noteworthy, the media and society as a whole acted like they had moved the sun and earth. His biggest peeve was how if you had a strong quirk, you already had it made.

Toshinori frown at this, society did indeed act like that, hence why Stain did what he did. While he does not agree with his actions but he did agree that society did need to change the outlooks of heroes.

And if you were thought quirkless: you were screwed over.

"Which in some case lead to suicide. I did some research about your world and I'm very shock to see the number of quirkless people being treated like second-class citizens that even lead them to commit suicide just to break free from the treatment they were given like bullying." Raizer said, this cause the students to gulp. "It has been know that many version of Izuku were seen quirkless until their quirks finally manifested before they entered UA. So can you imagine how it's like to be ridicule for nearly your whole life?"

1-A could even think to imagine how their lives would be like quirkless and Izuku has been through it for 14 years of his life. Their respect for the green hair grew much more. The only one that had a different mind-set was the ever so angry Bakugo, he was fuming up a storm, glaring intently at the screen in front of them.

"Oh by the way some of those Izuku's commited suicide as well." Raizer continued, this shocked everyone.


"No way!"


"That can't be!"

"That's just impossible!"

"I'm not joking, let this be a lesson to each and every one of you whether you're an adult or not, treat people with equal respect regardless if they have quirks or not."

He was broken out of musings when he walked by an electronics store and heard the news playing across a large flat-screen.

"Oh. MY. GOD." Izuku ground out when he saw the headlining story: Young Teen Succeeds Where Pro-Heroes Fail.

"Wow this Izuku doesn't like the lime light as it seems." Ojiro said.

"Nope and I don't blame him," Kamui Woods admitted, "Take it from me, I've only been a hero for quite some time now and I still feel uneasy with the paparazzi hounding me with questions."

"Oh don't whine you baby." MT Lady said. Deathgoro shock his head.

"That's why you are still a rookie."

On the screen, which was quickly attracting many people, was a clip from a squad car camera of Izuku resuscitating Katsuki and Aerosmith shooting the slime villain. The clip cut back to Deathgoro, who had swallowed his pride and revealed what happened.

"And that takes a lot to do." Deathgoro admitted. Kamui woods chuckle at his friend.

"Don't worry, it happen to all of us at one point." Thirteen said.

"Kid was disrespectful as hell, but he managed to stop the villain when it attacked him and he saved the hostage. I don't know why he didn't stay to take credit for it though. He just walked away when the vans sh-" Izuku had heard enough and walked away and took to a speed walk when some near by civilians recognized his odd outfit. He took off down the street and stopped when he was sure no one was following him.

Izuku continued on his way, thinking about what he was gonna say when he got to his destination. It had been years since he had seen her face to face and he was just going to show up on her doorstep? Shaking his head at the thought, he made a detour to a convenience store to at least pick up a small gift.

"Looks like Izuku going to meet someone." Jiro said.

"And it seems that it is a 'she' based on his thoughts." Shoto added.

"Maybe he's going to visit a girlfriend?" Denki said with a shrug. Ochako did not show it but she was actually jealous and slightly worried that whomever Deku of this universe will meet might be in their universe and steal Deku away from her and she has enough rivals as it is.

It wouldn't be much, but it would be better than showing up empty handed.

Izuku picked out small box of chocolates, thinking to use it as an icebreaker as he shared it with her. He went to the counter to pay when he noticed that the cashier was a rather cute young lady. She was wearing a black t-shirt with red, slightly baggy pants. Her skin was a deep tan and her hair was a dark purple ponytail that looked natural, rather than dyed. Her most noticeable feature was her ears. They were large and pointed, like an elf, and each one had a gold hoop earring.

"Oh my god! She's so hot! This is so great!" Minate screamed in pure joy, he was then smack in the back of the head by [Fist Bump] with Raizer shaking his head.

"Annoying pervert." Raizer muttered.

"Okay I'll admit she is pretty cute." Kirishima admitted, to which many of the males nodded in agreement. Even Todoroki and Aizawa nodded and that is a surprise on its own.

"Even cuter then me, Kiri?" Mina as she pouted a bit. Kirishima was stunned and was in a corner.

"Ugh," he turned to the other guys for help but didn't get any as Denki was being confront by Jiro, Shoto with Momo and Ojiro with Toru. The others were signalling him that he was on his own. Raizer couldn't help but laugh at their situations.

"Man this is so funny, especially Aizawa didn't think he would get caught up with this."

"But didn't you nodded as well Raizer-san." Shoji said, "Then why isn't Kiyuki doing the same like the others."

"I'll tell you soon."

Izuku gave a small smile and approached her. She turned when she noticed a customer approach and was going to greet him when she noticed his outfit. She blushed a deep red when she saw his exposed abs and chest, but tried to address him normally.

"I wouldn't mind switching places with her." Pixiebob said with a slight purr.

"Pixie! No!" Mandalay yelled at her. Ragdoll and Tiger nodded at this.

"Beside I'm a better choice." Ragdoll said with a big smile.

'Oh Hell no!' Ochako mentally yelled, glaring holes into the two heroines, now she has older rivals for Deku's attention.

"H-hello sir!" tried being the operative word.

"Smooth." Midnight said sarcastically.

"Like you could do better." Mount Lady said.

Izuku for his part, chuckled and gave her a warm smile. "I'm sorry about my fashion sense, but exposed skin is a requirement of my quirk. I can summon weaponry from my skin. Anyway, I would like to purchase this box of chocolate, please."

"Huh? I thought it was a Stand." Sero pointed out. Raizer shrugged his shoulders.

"If you think about it in a world where everyone has powers, you would immediately categorize your own power as the same right.

"Yeah I guess that makes sense." Sero nodded in agreement.

The girl was still blushing, but put on a friendly smile, "Okay sir-" "Please call me Izuku," He gave a friendly grin.

"Wow Midoriya knows how to smooth talk a lady." Pixiebob said.

"And he's already letting her to call him by his first name." Midnight said.

She giggled, "Okay, Izuku, that will be ¥2180. Sooo... is this chocolate for anyone in particular?"

"Yes I wonder who it could be." Iida said.

Izuku handed over the money and put the box under his arm, but decided that the cashier had been receptive enough for some mild flirting. He was anxious for the reunion he had planned, and felt this would help calm his nerves.

"I'm actually off to see my mother. I haven't seen her in a while since I started going to school abroad in Italy. I haven't seen her in a while and I'm actually popping in to surprise her and I'm pretty nervous. I would love to stay and chat with you, but I should probably get going." He told her earnestly.

"Oh so it his mother that he's going to see." Ochako said, internally sighing in relief.

"This doesn't make sense." Bakugo spoke. This directed attention to him.

"What do you mean Bakubro?" Kirishima asked.

"What it means shitty hair is that why would Deku even study abroad in Italy to begin with. His mom gets worried of him a lot when we were younger in. This doesn't seem like something Aunt Inko would do."

"Dude Raizer-san did say this is a different universe so maybe she had her reasons." Sero said.

"You know, now that I think about it that could be reason why he's more confident compared to our Izuku since he didn't have to deal with Bakugo while growing up."


"But maybe," Izuku chanced, "you could give me your number so we could talk later."

"Oh my so bold." Momo said, with a faint blush on her face, she never expected to see something like this in real life, sure she has read things like these in romance novel but to see it first hand was entirely different.

Shoto could not help but sent a death glare at this Izuku not liking that he caught Momo's attention.

"Wow, never thought I ever see Midoriya pull that so soon." Mina said, with a big goofy smile on her face. She then turns to Kirishima, "Maybe you need to take some notes Kiri-kun."

"Hey, I can smooth talk girls just fine." Kirishima pouted.

This brought a large blush across the girl's face. "Th-that's awfully f-forward isn't it?"

"Well~ I've learned that if you want to be truly happy, you can't be hesitant to go for your desires. Whether it be a job, a new friend, or a lovely young woman," Izuku than took it a step further by gently taking her hand and placing a kiss on the back of it.

"Man Midoriya is really laying down the charm. I think I'm jealous." Denki admitted, sure he would love to have the great skill to woe women like this Izuku but he would rather use them on a certain someone that really caught his eye.

"I know! Why can't we be like that!?" Minate cried out, he then got smack again by [Fist Bump].

"Shut it." Raizer said plainly.

She was practically sweating and red in the face, but the warbled smile on her face told him that his actions were not unwelcome.

"I-I-I-I-I th-thought that the wh-whole hand k-ki-ki-kissing thing was French?" She stuttered out, flustered to near speechlessness. Izuku just grinned and tilted his head, commenting; "Yes, but I find that girls still find this charming."

"Damn the kid is a real player." Present Mic said.

"I have to agree, the kid a natural at wowing the ladies." Snipe added.

"I wish he would wow me though." Pixie said.

"Pixie no." Mandalay said.

"But he could be a potential husband." Pixie said. The other adults stared at her. Pixie adopted a confused look, "What?"

"Hey Nezu,"

"Yes Eraserhead."

"Add Pixie-bob to the potential sexual harassment list."

"I'll make a memo of that."

"Dang it Pixie." Tiger mutter under his breath.

He then decided to go for it and placed a soft kiss on the woman's cheek.

Ochako blush at the sight, she was jealous of this girl, however she quickly put that jealousy away and started to imagine Deku doing that to her. She was blissfully unaware that the same idea was going through several other females as well

Her face practically caught aflame. She placed her fingers to the spot where he had pecked her. She tried to say something, but nothing but a few noises and whimpers came out. Moving with such a speed that Izuku wondered if she had a speed quirk; she grabbed a sticky note from next to the register and jotted down a cellphone number which she proceeded to shove into Izuku's hand and usher him out the door.


"In case you didn't get that she said 'I'm Shantae please call me have a good day.'" Raizer said he then chuckle.

"Is something you found humorous about his?" Aizawa asked.

"It's just that Shantea is actually a counterpart of a heroine of another universe." This surprised everyone.

"No way, she's a hero."

"No, he said that she is a counterpart of a hero, kero."

"So is her name the same as this one or different?" My Lady asked.

"No, her name is the same. The original is known as Shantea the half Genie hero. She is a Genie well half of one as she is also part human." He said, he then pointed his thumb at Kiyuki, "In fact, I created Kiyuki with some of Shantea's DNA. In fact, here is a picture of her." He said as a smaller screen appeared showing 1-A, the Heroes, Kota, Mirio and Eri what Shantea looked like and off course Minate was all over the image as she looked exactly like this version of her with the only difference was that the original Shantea didn't wear a shirt as she wore a red bra over her breast and that was it.

"I'm unsure that her choice of clothing is suitable for a hero." Iida said his face slightly blushing as he moved his arms in a robotic manner.

"Well to be fair she does live near a desert area." Raizer pointed out.

"Oh My God! Look at her, she my new favourite Hero." Minate scream in joy. He was then smack not only by [Fist Bump] but also Tsuyu, Jiro and Kiyuki.

"That's one of my DNA mothers you pervert slime!" Kiyuki yelled.

"Yeah and beside, Shantea may not even like dudes." Raizer added, some of the males turn towards him, "Hey, it has never been confirmed that Shanntea is straight, lesbian or bi. Besides she would never date a pervert like shorty."

Kamui woods then turned to Mt Lady.

"Why did you let him intern with you again?"

"Oh I just need an extra hand at my office, beside perverts like him would do anything to try and get a feel on these bad girls." Mt Lady whispered, she shook her chest to point out her 'girls' which made Kamui Woods blush under his helmet.

Tiger and Deathgoro stared at the two before they turned their heads towards each other.

"Those two need to hook up already." Death goro said, "They've been dancing around each other for a while and are too shy to make the first move."

"Have you tried locking them in a room that Mt Lady can't break out off yet?" Tiger asked. Deathgoro then had a thought full look; he nodded to his fellow hero.

"I can help you with that." Raizer voice whisper behind them, both heroes turn to see [Fist Bump]'s head that was so transparent that anyone would easily not notice it unless they were very close to it.

"You can talk?" Tiger asked, slightly surprise. The stand shook his head.

"No I'm just speaking through [Fist Bump] as Stand users can do this, well ones with humanoid or humanoid looking Stands can as far as I know."

"Oh okay then and thanks for the assistance." Deathgoro whispered. [Fist Bump] nodded before fading away.

Izuku gave a warm chuckle and pocketed the number. He proceeded to walk out, but not before saying one last thing to the now named Shantae; "I'm sorry for being overly forward Ms. Shantae , but I just can't help myself when I meet such a pretty young woman. I promise to show you a nice time when I can.

"Man I'm so jealous of Midoriya right now." Minata cried. Sero and Denki nodded their heads in agreement.

'He has yet to see what Izuku can really do with the girls.' Raizer thought to himself as he thought of the many versions of Izuku with Harems.

Oh, and I would make sure to have your entire day clear. I simply have to do a very thorough job whenever I'm with pleasant company." He winked at her over his shoulder, causing steam to shoot from her ears as the door closed.

As this entire exchange occurred, a very short teen with purple balls for hair watched in awe.

"Wait a second," Sero said as he blinked his eyes.

"Isn't," Sato continued.

"That," Shoji continued on

"Me!?" Minate finished the notion.

"Th-T-That man...

is a god."

"Only you would say something like that." Shoto said.

"True." Koji finally spoke.

"Minate we need to work on your perverseness." Aizawa said bluntly.

"H-hey! I may be a pervert but I know when to be serious when I need to be." Minate protested.

"We'll see. Midnight you can deal with him when we get back." Aizawa said, to which Midnight grin sadistically causing Minate to gulp in fear.

Izuku walked down the street, thinking about the nice girl he had just met. 'I hope those ears of hers are sensitive; the gasps a girl makes when her ears are nibbled is one of the greatest sounds a man can hear.'

Ocahako blushed at the thought of Izuku nibbling her ear if they make out, her heart was pumping rapidly as her face turned bright red.

"Ocahako are you alright, kero?" Tsuyu asked.

"W-what, oh y-yes I'm f-fine." She stuttered as she quickly got her blushing under control. "It's nothing at all." Tsuyu stared blankly at her friend before turning back to the screen.

Izuku was cut off from his musings when he realized he had finally reached his destination.

"Okay, here we go"

He walked up to the apartment door and rang the doorbell.

There was some noise from inside and a voice called out, "Just a minute!"

"You know now that I think about it everyone beside Bakugo have never meet Midoriya's mom have we." Sero said.

"Yeah now that you mention it."

The door opened and a woman stepped out. She had green hair much lighter than Izuku's and a very round face. She was taller than Izuku and was slightly plump, like she had gained some weight with age. She wore a pink long-sleeved shirt and a blue skirt. She looked at Izuku confused and a little flustered at his outfit, but then she noticed his features like his green hair and freckles. Her eyes widened in recognition.

"Huh so that were Midorya get's his green hair from."Sero said.

"So does Miss Midoriya really looks like that in our universe?" Sato asked.

"Yeah/Indeed young Rikido." Bakugo and Toshinori said.

"I-... Izuku?"

"...Hi mom"

Inko shot forward and wrapped her arms around her son.

"Aw what a happy reunion of Mother and son." Mandalay said with a soft smile.