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Phantom and Rem come out of the bedroom, the god holds his girlfriend in a bridal style while Rem looks very happy and has an afterglow. Luckily the two of them don't smell like sex.

"Hey guys welcome back. I guess you enjoyed yourselves." Then his friend whisper into his ear,

"Rem has a suggestion about viewing the children of our guests." Raizer looked at Rem, who seemed to be sleeping peacefully in Phantom's arms,

"Hmm…I'll put that into consideration."

Percy then has images flashed into his head. He sees the future that might be warning him of something. He then shakes his head,

"Are you alright, Percy?" Yui said to him,

"Yeah. Just a mild migraine." He said to her, which made her smile.

"You know we have never seen Yui smile before." Tetsutetsu said,

"Strange. It's like she really likes him." Setsuna put it out bluntly, "Could be the same for Pony."

"Well Sir Percy is an English speaker like her. But he is also fluent in Japanese as well. Maybe he can help her with her Japanese." Hearing that made Monoma turn white, possibly the potential of the new guy beating him up for making Pony say things to Class 1-A.

Kinoko plops into the lap of the half Japanese boy, "You know you seemed to be a cool guy since we see your fights as a rider."

Percy blushed hard, "Well those are from other worlds, I couldn't be that good."

"But bro, you look so manly with that dragon style fighting!" Tetsutetsu pointed,

"But it was nothing and beside I am sure many of us could fight like my Build counterpart"

Ochako and Tsuyu thought the same thing, "Like mother, like son."

Meanwhile with the adults, Toshinori goes over to Hero, "I see you trained your son very well."

"Well yeah. I want my son to protect himself. There were reasons why I left Japan. Ryukyu didn't want to leave, so we decided to be separate for the time being and let Percy visit her every other month." He explained, "But now that he got accepted into the Hero Course, I am going to move back to Japan and rekindle our relationship."

The former symbol laughed a bit, "I can see you making the top ten in no time. I remember when you and your brother were always making a name for yourselves."

The hero from the U.K. smiled solemnly, "I wished Dante was here to see his nephew making his dream come true."

The two gods looked over everyone chatting, "You know it's like Class 1-B have their own Izuku." Phantom chuckled,

"You know what I can see that." With the clap of their hands, everyone turned their attention to them,

"Alright, guys since we are at the end of the Rider viewings. I have one question for you all." Everyone wonders what he is going to ask, "What do you guys think of the quirkless? Everyone except Monoma since we already heard his opinion." Most of the students glared at the boy in the body cast, even Percy looked interested in what he said. Everyone either said that they thought they were people they need to protect while some have no opinion on them since they never got close to one. Bakugo voiced his own,

"I thought they were useless. A burden to the strong but after meeting Pendragon and seeing what he can do. And how much he defended me after what I said to Deku. I think they have the potential of being heroes as much as ones with quirks."

Percy is touched by his words, "Awww thanks man."

Some of the adults spoke, "Something that we, pro heroes, neglect to nurture." Vlad King said, "Considering how much Pendragon has been doing, what we witness. We should take in account to teach students how to fight without the need of their quirks."

Then Melissa spoke, "Seeing the Kamen Riders and Percy fight, I never felt with so much hope like I did when I met Izuku. They may be fictional in our world but they became my symbol of hope." She then turns to Percy, "Please work hard for our sake!"

"Wow, I never thought I became that important." The quirkless boy is kind of nervous right now.

"Hey don't sell yourself short kid." Raizer said, "The world would be a better place with heroes like you leading the way."

Then suddenly a couch appeared and a few more familiar faces appeared, the heroes and students' eyes widened while some were confused by their appearance.

"Seriously, what the hell just happened?"

"It's a trap/It's a paradise!"

"Awww my favorite knife is gone."

"What the!? I am alive!"

"La Brava?"


Members of the League of Villains and the Gentle Criminals have arrived in front of them. Twice and Toga noticed that Magne was right in front of them, alive. The two quickly gave her a welcoming hug as the muscular woman does the same.

"I can't believe you're back from the dead/ I believe it!" Twice said,

"Yeah! You went pop!" Toga added, "How are you back?"

"I don't know but I-" Magne was cut off by Dabi,

"As much as I want to enjoy the reunion, we are surrounded by heroes." He points at the now ready to fight heroes and students. But both gods cleared their throat loudly.

[Raizer says no fighting and stating that he brought them here for a reason.] "Now,now, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Firstly I would like to welcome you to my domain. I'm the watcher or 'god' of this place. The names darkraizerGx1 but call me Raizer." He then points to Phantom, "This is my friend and fellow watcher Phantom." "Hello." "I summon you 5 here for a reason. Also I nullified your quirks so don't try to activate them and for safety reasons I took your weapons away as well. I'm looking you Himiko."

"Aww." Himko pouted.

With that said, the two parties sit down while others like Momotaros are confused by these people.

"Now without further ado. Welcome to my world." Phantom then turns on the screen.

~REALxEYEZ by JxTakanori Nishikawa~

Izuku Midoriya watched his childhood bully/friend suffocate to death by the slime villain that did the same thing to him. He wanted to help but he remembered what All Might said to him, he remembered those soul crushing words that make him believe that without a quirk, he can't be a hero. Then he remembers those harsh abusive words that his childhood bully told him everyday of his life, and he finally faces the reality that he is a worthless deku like they all said to him. No one believed that he could be a hero. Maybe he shou-

"Ah jeez…." Kamui Woods, , and Death Arms remember that day, and now feel even bad when they can hear the boy's thoughts. Bakugo feels chills down his spine as he remembers the pain and struggle of dealing with that slimy bastard.

All Might see his first failure and how he almost let Young Bakugo die because of not practicing what he preached.


He looked down and saw a watch looking device, it had a face of someone with a forest green mask, red compound eyes and a 'V' antenna on its head, it was talking to him, "Hey kid! Pick me up!"

The green haired boy was hesitant at first but he already picked it up and soon after, time freezes for a moment. Izuku was confused about why everything and everyone stopped, he then looked at the watch, "What is going on?"

"Hey is that a ridewatch?" Ochako said,

"Indeed. That is Midori, Izuku's partner and driver." Phantom said to her.

"Press the button and find out" the watch said, then Izuku did and suddenly gained memories of someone familiar to him or maybe like him. The person's memories were of him and All Might, his secrets, his success, and his downfall. But what set Izuku off was that major secret that All Might had,

"His quirk was passed down?" He asked the device,

"Yes. But right now he overused his limit, now he is in the background, watching Bakugo perish! Are you going to let that man eat his words or are you going to fuck shit up!"

"But how can I? I am worthless….what can I do?"

The ridewatch looks at Midoriya and shocks him a bit, "Kid, listen. Power isn't everything. You may be a limp noodle now but it is your choice to make things happen" the words resonated with Izuku, "Kamen Riders before they were ordinary people but took the chance when no one else does. Take my word and become the soldier of justice, become a KAMEN RIDER!"

"Kamen Rider?" Dabi said, "What is that?"

"Heroes that transformed into soldiers of justice!" Percy answered with a smile,

"Sounds cool? Sounds lame!" Twice responded.

"Hmm, sounds like a very flashy title. I approve it." Gentle said.

Izuku suddenly felt a heart of determination and quickly ran towards the sludge villain, not caring about the heroes yelling at him to get away. Not caring about the danger that lies ahead. Only caring about saving Bakugo so he won't suffer anymore, "I will change fate with my hands!"

The Symbol of Peace grew into shock as he watch the fanboy going into charge into danger, the same fanboy that he had to let down, saying that heroes always risking their lives, but here he is not living up to his words but the quirkless boy is doing what he should have done, 'I gotta save that boy!' he tries to move but starts spewing blood from his mouth, 'Shit! But what can I do? My body is not giving me anymore options! That boy is going to die if I don't help! If only he had a quirk like mine!'

The ridewatch started glowing, it changed into a silver driver with a green ring in the center and a red turbine in the middle. It straps itself into the green haired teen's waist, "Izuku! Say Henshin now!"

"Izu-kun is changing" Toga said with lust, "I wonder if he is going to bleed?"

Most of the audience look at Toga with disgust, "You need help, Kiba-gaki!" Momotaros yelled at her,

"I wonder if you bleed." Toga looks at the oni with crazy lustful eyes,

"I am made out of sand."

Hero and Percy looked at the girl and wondered about her, 'Is she…?'

Soon fire, water, wind and earth have been sucked into his driver's turbine, going overdrive and also took something from a certain hero, turning Izuku Midoriya in….

Doing what the device said, Izuku MIdoriya yelled out, "HENSHIN!" He jumped into the air as he changed forms. Now wearing forest green body armor with a black undersuit with white military style gloves and gun metal black boots with red highlights. His helmet has yellow compound eyes with the upper half being forest green with a silver mouthpiece. The antennas are shaped like rabbit ears.

The Ninth Hero! Deku!

"Don't worry I got you!"

"I don't need your help, Deku!" the blonde denied his help, but he doesn't have a choice and Izuku isn't tolerating his bullshit anymore,

"Would shut up and let me help you!" With the newfound strength, he pulls his bully out of the sludge villain like a tooth and throws him at Death Arms to catch him. The sludge villain isn't too happy that his meat suit has been revoked,

"Why you little!" He slashes his tentacles at the green rider but he quickly dodges,

"Holy shit, how did I become that fast?": he said to himself,

"I'll answer it after we got done with this!"

Izuku quickly grabs one of the tentacles and swings him around then throws him up in the air. The hero's body starts emitting green static electricity and urges himself to jump in the air and make a kick pose. For some reason he has the feeling to yell out this attack, "HURRICANE RIDER KICK!" The powered up kick connected to the sludge villain's body, making it explode upon contact. The impact of his kick was so great, it created rain. The droplets extinguish the fires while Izuku lands on his feet, though he fumbled into the ground but he stood strong. He turned around and looked at the crowd, who were in awe of his debut.

"He kicked that villain so hard, he created rain!"

"Everyone, this is Kamen Rider Deku."

Ochako never felt so in love with her Izuku again and seeing the visiting god's version of his Rider Izuku, reminds her of Ichigo Nex. Melissa couldn't help but blushed seeing her secret crush running into danger similar to how she did for her. Both girls imagine a harem of Izuku's worshipping them both.

All Might smiled very proudly of this version of his successor, seeing how a simple device inspired him to fight the slime villain. The pro heroes who are in that scene couldn't help but feel sorry for scolding the boy, he did what they couldn't despite the lack of a quirk. And they are glad that they didn't discourage the boy from becoming the hero.

"The Deku driver was created from the future in order to prevent a catastrophic future that could end the world." Phantom explained, "MIdori is the driver itself and he trained Izuku into the hero he is now in my world."

"Wow, Midoriya looks so cool in that form." Kaminari said,

"Of course you wou-" Monoma was stopped as he got punched by Percy,

"Oi, don't make me punch your teeth out." Percy said in a cold hard voice while his eyes showed something similar to a demon.

Ibara sees something in the new boy, his demonic scent he gives off makes her want to pray hard but yet it makes her feel so…. hot.

"I think I like this kid." Dabi said.

"I wonder what the secondary rider would look like?" Awase pondered, then the two gods laughed, which made everyone perked up by their laughter.

"There is no secondary rider. But another primary rider." Phantom explained,

"Eri-chan this next rider is someone very special to you. " This made the little bean wonder what he meant by that.

~Papermoon cover by ROMi~

"I get that a lot and child parents are a sad reality. But my little girl is my pride and joy" He grinned so kindly then it turned into a deadly glare, "Now where is she?"

The boss snapped his fingers and his men brought over the little girl, a small white haired little girl with red eyes like Max and a tiny horn on her head. She was wearing a hospital gown with bandages on her arms, which made Max very angry.

"Is that….Eri?" Ochako said, "When did this take place?"

"The same very night where Deku debuted." Phantom answered,

"But who is that man?" Tsuyu asked,

"You betrayed my deal. It's off now, so give me back my Eri!" He roared in a demanding voice, but Overhaul is not budging,

"Oh? Then you don't mind if I kill her then" He was going to place his hand on Eri, which freaked her out,

"DADDY!" She cried, which finally triggered Max to use his quirk,

"THE WORLD!" He stopped time and walked over and grabbed his daughter. Upon touching his daughter he can see her memories, the times that she was abused mentally and physically. What's worse is that he sees what Overhaul did to her to make his drug, "Daddy is sorry for not saving you sooner…." He walked back to the safe side and time started again.

What shocked the audience was that there is another one that can stop time and the next is that man is Eri's father. Quite surprising even though they look so similar with the white hair and red eyes and also seeing horns coming out his forehead. The little girl herself, couldn't help but looked at her counterpart's father like he was her own.

Overhaul noticed that the girl is no longer by his side and see Max bleeding from the mouth, "What did you do!?" he angrily yelled,

"I played nice. I give in to your demands! I did every and carry the very thing that you wanted and YOU DID THIS HORRIBLE THINGS TO MY LITTLE GIRL! YOU ARE GOING TO PAY!" He straps on the driver to his waist and activated his key


"Henshin" He scan his device and inserted it into his driver



A ghoulish looking knight with a scythe floats around the young CEO and turns him into a rider with a black undersuit with aged knight armor with red compound eyes under the knight visor, also wearing a tattered red cloak.

REAPING THE SOUL! CHRONO REAPER! Time strikes midnight as your soul expired

The yakuza boss stands back in terror, "Who the hell are you!?"

"I am Kamen Rider Reaper. And you have sealed your fate!"

He growled and ordered his top men to get him, "Kill him and grab the money and girl!" The Eight Precepts of Death have charge against the reaper, but he pulls out a large mechanical buster sword and used his quirk on them,

"The World!" Time freezes, his sword extended and slashes at their necks with one quick swift, "Time Resumes…." Now he is covered in the blood of his enemies. He quickly dodges the next attack from a man who was using an hour and minute hand as a weapon, "You think you handle someone like me!?"

The gods and Kiyuki (Rem is still asleep) keep using a blind spell on the two kids, to prevent them from seeing so much blood and gore.

Toga looked like a little kid on Christmas as she watched the Kamen Rider get covered by that red fluid.
"Such arrogance…."

"It's not arrogance if I can back up my claim!" In an instant, he punches the yakuza member and head lock him, "You should never fuck with me" he said it in a low threatening voice before snapping his neck. Then he is surrounded by a army of thugs under the command of some midget,

"Don't let him live! He will pay for defying us!" They gather around Max, but he activates another gear system in his sword, turning it into a scythe. He swings his blade at them, hittin them deep and critical. Like mowing the lawn, he made a quick and messy work out of them, his clean blde now covered in sticky red blood. He walked towards the small member of the yakuza and stomped on his little body like an insect. He turned his attention to Overhaul, his scythe turned back into a sword,

"They don't call me the reaper for no reason…." He jumped to the side to avoid the touch that could kill him and slammed the hilt of his sword against his face. Then kicks his side, "You wonder if I have this much power, why do I let myself be played by your hands?" He quickly dodges and slams his foot against his gut, "Well there's a thing that assassins do, they make their prey have a false sense of hope. Once they take the bait, the predator finishes them off with no problem."

"He has a point." Both Aizawa and Dabi said at the same time, then looked at each other before looking away.

"Assassins have this ability to hide in the public and often make their targets feel safe until they lose their guard." Nezu put in his two cents.

"You're a monster!" the mafia boss yelled in pain, then Max gave off a threatening aura towards him,

"Says the bastard that used my daughter as a plaything!" He slashes his sword on one of his hands, cutting it off completely. The man screamed in pain, "The way you harvest my little angel's blood. The way you and your sick group did to her! AND YOU DARE CALL ME A MONSTER!" The reaper rider stepped on Overhaul's remaining hand and looked at him dead in the eyes, "The League would have raised my ranking higher when they found out that I killed you. Too bad I left." With the thrust of his arms, the sword pierced through the now dead Overhaul's head, the sword rose out of his head, splattering brain chunks on the ground.

Max changed back to his civilian form and entered back to his limo, where Izu is comforting his daughter. The teenage father quickly hugged his daughter tight and sobbed a little, "I am so sorry, Eri. I am so sorry that I couldn't save you fast enough!"

Some of the students decided to throw a bit into the buckets that the GM passed around as they saw too much of a blood fight. The teachers and pro heroes felt a queasy for seeing that fight and how brutal that this Kamen Rider can be. Though some of the girls find the end sweet as they witness the man holding his daughter.

"This is Max Tetsuya. Assassin turned CEO of the biggest tech company, Tetsuya Intelligence. He uses the Tetsuya Driver, a driver that uses Progrise Keys. The Tetsuya Driver is specifically made for him and him alone as it is DNA locked. Progrise Keys are devices that contain abilities of what subject it is combined with like Rising Hopper have a jump ability of a grasshopper..." Phantom answered, "And before you ask, yes. Max is a teen dad with a child."

"It should also be mention that this one if not the only world in the whole multiverse that shows Eri biological parents." This interest everyone, considering that there are many different realities and possible paths. Yet ones with Eri being happy with her biological family is near non-existent.

"I never saw a CEO taking matters into his hands." Gentle said, "Normally they often corrupt and often do things to protect their reputation."

"Max is rather a different type. He often uses his power and wealth to help the city. Like what he did with the Hosu and Kamino incident."

"I would like to thank him for indirectly avenging me." Magne said.

The scene shows Max ordering construction Humagears to repair damaged buildings while ordering some to restock shops that lost their assets. Then it changes to Kamino now, being rebuilt like it was never devastated by All for One.

Everyone is surprised to see someone spending resources to fix what was destroyed and noticed the Humagears and their features.

"What are they?" Kendo asked,

"Humagears. They are humanoid AI that are made to help humanity, but often in this world, they are made to fill in the job market since most of the population want to be heroes." Phantom explained, "Max made them specific ones for specific jobs such as actors for the UA Entrance Exams or caretakers who are made for orphan children."

Everyone is impressed by the use of Humagears and how Max uses them other than business.

The Kamen Rider felt more pain than he thought he could feel today. Feeling his chest is going into the cave then pierce his lungs and killing him. He doesn't want to die, no one does. He had so much to do and people waiting for him at the end of the day. Thinking back, his mind thought about his parents, his friends, and the future he hoped for. But he feared it might not happen because on that day, the pain slowly became numb to him as he felt like dying over and over again. His mind thought of Yui, he thought about that night he told her and her dreams. He thought about how sad she will be once he dies. Thinking about her smile, her soft voice, and her kindness. Part of him cries for her to save him but he doesn't want her to deal with this bastard. He thought back and realized that it is not over! Not by a long shot!

Yui couldn't help but blush and feel embarrassed as her fellow Class 1-B friends are giving her thumbs up for her success. Percy couldn't help but chuckle, "I guess you're my girlfriend in that world."

Her natural straight face was broken, "I mean do you want to go out?"

"Sure. I bet it would be fun." He smiled at her. Yui held his hand. Some of the girls glared at their friend.

Percy's parents silently cheered for this as the god's high-five each other.

~Bury the Light by Casey Edwards and Victor Borba~

The broken blade he carries, still in his hand, nothing left but the hilt, guard and bottom part of the sword itself. He let go and had his hand grab the sharp part of the sword and use what strength he had left and stab into Delta's right eye. He screamed in pain while struggling to pull it out of his eye. Percy turned back to his civilian form, now holding the remaining parts of his sword and the Heroic Knight Progrise Key, "I refuse to die here! And I refuse to be killed by the likes of you!"


"What is that?" Bakugo asked,

"A Forceriser, a smaller version of the Tetsuya Driver. Basically, let's you use Progrise Keys without authorization." Phantom answered.

"In other words it hacks the Progrise key for usage." Raizer said.

The broken weapon and driver combined into one. In Percy's eyes, he sees that he finally leveled up, finally he can get a power-up. The driver looked like the Tetsuya Driver, but the base is red and the cover looks like a shield with his sword sticking out of the driver, hiding the main slot to enter his Progrise Key. This is the Saber Driver. Now strapped to his waist, Percy activated his key.


He scans the key over his sword.


He inserted the key into the driver. He wanted to say 'Henshin' but he knows this is not the right time.


Kaminari, Kirishima, Tetsutetsu, and Sero chanted along with the jingle.


He pulls the sword out of the driver, the blade comes out brand new. The hilt was royal blue with a white bottom tip. The white guard was collapsible but expanded when pulled out of the driver. And the blade was long and broad with blue outlines, looking like something out of a fantasy book.



The journey of the knight continues….

Still wearing the same black undersuit, he now bears white armor pieces. The upper torso is covered with a red jewel in the center while the lower where the stomach is has kevlar inbedding in the undersuit. Big white shoulder pads on each arm with armored gauntlets and light blue outlines throughout the piece. And his boots covered all the way over the knee. His masked helmet is black with a crown-like white mask with red compound eyes and a red horn shaped like a sword. His form shines like a spark in the darkness.

"He looks so…." Ibara fainted

"Whoa the new guy knocked out our holy girl." Shishida said while he and Setsuna helped their fallen classmate.

"A knight theme rider. Quite fitting for your namesake." Yaomomo said,

"What do you mean, Yaomomo?" MIna asked her friend,

"His last name is Pendragon. The last name of the King of Knights, Arthur Pendragon though he also holds the name of Percival, the knight of the round table." the high-class student answered,

"Indeed, you are right." Hero said to her, "We come from a long line of knights that hailed from the fallen Camelot."

Phantom started to speak, "In this world, Percy and Yui are in Class 1-A while Shinso and Mineta are in Class 1-B." The girls in 1-A cheered while the girls in 1-B dread over the fact that the class perv is in their class, "Don't worry, he didn't last long." That cheered them up a bit.

Monoma decided to trash talk, "Well I can't believe these two would be traitors especially the-"He suddenly stopped when he feels a cold aura,.

"You should pick your fight wisely." Percy glared at him, "Instead of picking fights with others, we should unite together. We are the Hero Course, not the A and B team. Either you grow up and accept others or shut your mouth before I make you shut up."

Kirishima and Tetsutetsu quietly said, "So manly."

Kendo finally let out her thoughts, "He's right Monoma. I don't understand what is your problem and why you are egging on our sister class over because they fought villains. We are lucky that Pendragon managed to build that bridge we need. We are going to end working with them on the job. Besides Bakugo, they are not arrogant nor full of themselves. That is you, over this class rivalry that we never wanted. A rivalry that is something we should have avoided, like seriously. We have villains now trying to kill us and you think making enemies with other heroes is a good idea!"

The two gods share a bucket of popcorn as they wait for this moment for so long, "Say watching this reminds me. What did happen to the Monoma of your world anyway?"

"Percy got him arrested. He found out what he did to Pony and he got mad." Phantom replied.

Kendo keeps chewing him out, "And don't get me started on what you did to Pony!" This made Percy look at him very angrily, "Making her insult Class 1-A and keeping her from us to correct her Japanese. We were glad that she didn't get an angry mob on her tail!"

Then Percy then spoke in perfect Japanese, "あなたの骨がほこりに変わるまで私はあなたを壊すつもりです" Which made the blonde copycat scared for his life now.

"You know I don't understand why some of you guys think Class 1-A would be full of themselves after USJ." Phantom then played the next clip.

The red Amazon tried to slashed Deku with his claws but was countered by the Gaia form. Deku uses his hellfire form to burn him but he quickly dodges it, "Now this is a fight!" He pounces on the rider and scratches his helmet then his neck, "Let's see how you can survive this!"

With quick thinking, Deku conjured up his hellfire blade and drove it into Alpha's shoulder. He quickly pulls it out when the villain gets off from him. He changes back into his basic form and punches the villain very fast, giving him no time to react. Midori the device took notice that sparks were discharging off of his partner, 'Could it be?'

Alpha growled and his compound eyes glows very red hot and screams like a demented predator.


"Oi what is that!?" Kaminari yelled,

"That is one of the villains of the series, An Amazon Rider." Phantom explained, "In my world they are experiments that went wrong and now they possess predatory instinct and crave flesh. Killing them would be the only go to option because most of them are mindless as a Nomu.

He ran towards Deku and savagely beat him down with his own claws. The Kamen Rider tried to use his arms to block his rampage but then he felt teeth going into his skin. He screamed in agonizing pain, feeling like his arm was going to rip off. Deku punches the beast in the head many times to get him off but the rage is possibly making him immune to his physical attacks. Gritting his teeth, he tries to find new ways to save himself from losing a limb. He prayed that someone would come to his aid.

"METEOR STRIKE!" Giant pieces of nuts and bolts hit Alpha from above, "Uraraka! Now!" Yui handed her classmate a ball. The gravity user made it weightless and threw it towards the Amazon, but not before Yui made one last touch to make it big as a boulder.

The two girls high fived each other of their teamwork.

"The kid knows how to handle it on their own." Death Arms commented,

"Indeed. Though it must be painful to have jagged teeth in your arm." Tiger added,

The villain looks ahead and sees that ball coming towards him. He made a quick getaway and headed towards his boss very stealthy. Deku changed back into Izuku, he breathed heavily and held his now bleeding arm. The two girls helped him up and ripped a piece of his shirt and wrapped it around his arm while putting pressure on it. He thanked the both of them and joined the rest of their classmates at the entrance, but suddenly he saw something going on. Yui looks over and goes into shock, "Percy!"

Yui's face turned pale when her other self freaked out about her Percy.

Saber got in between Reaper and Shiragaki, but his left arm is decaying quickly. Reaper was stunned out of his rage to see the son of his friend doing this to himself, "Percy! What the fuck!?"

"Can't let you die when Eri needs you the most!" the fingers crumbled into dust, "Your emotions will be your undoing, but thats why I am here for you!" the palm and thumb were gone, "But don't worry about me, I have my ways!" using his free arm.

Yui and Pony held on to Percy's arm very tightly. Hero and Ryukyu hold each other seeing this version of their son, slowly turning into dust. The rest of the students couldn't help but not look away as most of them never saw the decaying villain use his quirk. Aizawa cringed at the sight as he remembered what he had to go through.

The League of Villain members cringed a little at the sight, despite working with Shigaraki for quite sometime now, they still find his quirk a scary sight to see, espeically when he uses it on a living person.

He cuts off his arm from the elbow down, before it spreads to his body. With this much pain going through his body, he changed back to Percy. The villain looked in confusion and shock,

"What the hell are you!?"


"This kid." Dabi couldn't help but feel impressed to make sacrifices.

"So bloody~" Toga smiled so happily which made Momotaros use a spray bottle on her.

"Bad Kiba-gaki, Bad!"

"This boy seemed to be a true hero in the making." Magne complimented.

"Wow. I didn't know villains calling me a true hero would cost me an arm and a leg." Percy joked. But Yui grabs him by the collar of his shirt,

"How can you be so calm about this?" Her tears welled up in her eyes, "Do you have any idea how the other me feels?" Their classmates watch this, "Seeing you get grabbed by that man, made my heart stop. I thought you were going to die."

Percy rested his hands on her shoulders, "I'm sorry if I made you feel that way." He softly smiled, "I say that you and I could be a great couple actually if the other us have each other's backs." Yui then quickly pressed her lips against his. Percy returned that kiss. Some of the classmates cheered and the kids' eyes were blocked by Momotaros while muttering, 'teenagers' under his breath.

David gave a smug look at Aizawa, "The kid sure showed more things than skill."

The underground hero sighed, "Maybe he has what it takes and I gotta admit. He reminds me of my problem child."

Muriko goes to her friend, "Is this why you always wanted Percy not to take your path?"

Ryukyu got out of the trance of seeing her child getting a girlfriend, "Yeah…. He always wanted to be the hero that Hero and I showed. What Dante showed. What Nemuri showed. But it always worried me that one day I might see him in a cold room." She started to sob slightly, but then her husband laid his hand on her shoulders,

"That is what he fears everyday about us. He always tells me how often he was scared that one day a mission goes wrong and-" He stopped for a minute, "You get the idea. But as parents, we need to support our child and make sure that he won't make the same mistake."

Gentle spoked up for the first time in a while, "Why did you bring us here?" and his partner joined in,

"Yeah. Not that we don't appreciate you busting us out of jail. But what was the reason you brought us villains here?"

Raizer cleared his throat, "That's because Phantom's world focus on the rise of the losers of their world. The quirkless, the former villains, and the ones who were discriminated based on their quirks."This brought their attention and even Shinso perked his attention on what he was about to see.

"Then why are they here!?" Class 1-A sans Bakugo, Yui, and Jirou yelled.

Class 1-A cringed on their counterparts' behavior.

"Percy!" Yui yelled, trying to run after them,

"Kodai! We must leave the area if we want to survive!" Iida yelled while doing his expressive hand motion,

"What about Percy!?"

"Pendragon is not worth the effort to sacrifice your life for!" Yui eyes widened hearing him say that, a brother of Ingenium just disregard Percy's life, "He should have learned his place in the world and stayed where he belongs!"

She gritted her teeth and tears flowing out of her eyes, "You bastard!"

Iida felt fury and rage from the size manipulating girl, but also the seething hatred from Pony, Ibara, and Kinoko. He quickly apologized to Percy about what he said but he brushed it off saying that is not you.

The Amazon Rider that fought Izuku spoke to him about his pain, "I was discriminated against for being born with something that I had no control over. Kids picked on me. Teachers treated me no lower than a cockroach. Parents abuse me till blood is on their hands. And no hero would bother to save me. All because I couldn't grow an extra limp or stretch my eyes out of my sockets."

The League of Villains members cringed at what he said and knew his pain of being discriminated against, while Dabi growled as he was reminded of the childhood he once had.

"You shouldn't be here." Yaomomo glared at Deku while trying to hit him with a pole.

"Without your gear, you wouldn't last." Todoroki tries to freeze Saber in place.

The two looked at each other and looked in disgust at what their counterparts said to their classmate and friend.

"Well if it isn't the nephew of the Devil." Monoma smugly said, "Can't believe they let a villain's relative here in this school, let alone a quirkless freak."

The UA staff and Pro-Heroes are holding the Pendragon parents back, keeping them from trying to kill the body cast boy. And Kendo and Tetsutetsu hold the four girls from killing him as well.

"Seriously does that mouth of yours ever come with a mute button." Raizer said as he shock his head, "I've seen many versions of Monoma getting killed since he was all bark no bite at all."

"I wish things were the same, brother." A man wearing black armor with a skull painted on the chest under a red trench coat. He takes his mask off to reveal his long black hair, his face has dark circles around his yellow eyes, "But this world cannot accept me for who I am."

Toga eyes widened as he took a look at the man, "U-Uncle…"

A woman with silver white hair with horns sticking out, she is wearing a dark grey business suit with a red tie. She looked out in the window while holding a glass of wine, "I truly wish for a world of true peace. Not like the one All Might made, but the one you could make, Max." She took a sip and sighed, "As you are my symbol of peace."

Raizer stopped the viewing, "[He tells the villains that you have a chance at redemption because they are affected because of how society treats them. He then stops the heroes who tried to protest and tells them the very evils that the public worships.] You guys may be villains but you were force or pushed to become ones by others. But I think you can have a chance at being better."

"WHAT!?" The Heroes, Teachers and some of the students scream.

"Quite and let me finish!" Raizer said with a glare, [Fist Bump] appeared behind him with its own glare. "Anyway, as I was saying, you guys just needs is proper help, I would gladly offer that help if you let me." Raizer said with a soft smile.

Hero spoke, "He's right. That was another reason why I wanted to leave Japan. My brother, Dante was given a quirk that turns his blood into a weapon. But the side effect is that he craves drinking blood and his own blood turned black." Toga listened carefully to what Hero said, "My father took him out of that abusive household that he once lived. He changed his name from Akuno Toga to Dante Pendragon. After we went pro, a lot of people did not like how he uses his quirk and often criticized him for it. There were heroes that got his back but he….. Disappeared. Some say he committed suicide but I know my brother. What broke me is how people talked about how they were glad that he was gone.' His body shook, "After the bullying that my son had to deal with…. I couldn't bear it any longer." He felt his wife embrace around his chest, his sister holding his arm and his son holding his other arm. He felt calm and let the stress go away.

Toga walked up to Hero, "Excuse me, sir?" Some of the pro heroes were on the defense to hold her down if she were to attack,


"You know my uncle?"

"Yes. He was like a brother to me. A kind man that loves his family." Hero smiled, "What is your name, dear?"

"Himiko Toga." She started to cry, "My asshole father always talked bad about him and how he cursed me. My grandma always told me how a kind man he was before your father took him away. My parents always tell me how they hate seeing me use my quirk but I couldn't help it. They keep punishing me and put so much stress into me to make me 'normal'."

"I am sorry but your grandfather was a jackass that abused your uncle because of his quirk. He worshiped your father because he had an 'ideal' quirk." Hero responded then rubbed his hand on her messy hair, "You know if he found out about you, he would take you away and probably leave the raising to me!" He laughed, "And I would agree." He wipes her tears off, "Would you like a home to go to?"

"What?" Toga and pretty much everyone sans Phantom, Raizer, Kiyuki, Percy, Midnight, and Ryukyu said,

"Well?" He asked,

"But I am a villain! Why are you helping me?"

"Well, I happened to be the kind that likes to give people second chances. I mean you did horrible things but I think instead of locking you away and making you worse. I would give you a family that will accept you. I mean my name is Hero, I lived by the name." he chuckled.

Before Toga could answer, Phantom interrupted, "As much as I want to see this soap opera. But there is still more to see." He resumes the clips, "And you know the power of riders did change things for the better."

"I saw the news for your debut. How you were quirkless yet you saved someone. Then I see more and more of your heroic works. It makes me smile" The Amazon Rider said to Deku,

"Smile? Deku asked, "Why?"

"To see that you are taking one for the team. Being a hero that gives hope to all that deserves a shot."

Now everyone that knew their favorite cinnamon roll wondered what it would be like if Izuku came into UA without a quirk.

"Oi Uraraka!"

She turned her attention to Percy, "Oh Pendragon…." he offered her a few onigiris and a can of soda to her, "Huh?" She was surprise by the sight of food,

"Wanna eat?" He asked. Soon the two are sitting next to each other at the bench. The gravity girl explained why she wanted to be a hero. Percy responded, "So you want to be a hero for money?"

After finishing the first onigiri, she responded, "Y-Yeah. I just want my parents to live without any trouble" she looked down in shame, "Sorry about the other day….I am sure you have a better reason for your choice of being a hero. While mine is scummy…."

"There is nothing wrong with providing for your family." Both Iida and Percy said at the same time, which made them look at each other surprised.

"…Awkward." GM-141 said.

"There's nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your family" he said, then handed her a few bills of money, "My dad would love to hire you in his agency. Your quirk is great for rescue and support." Her eyes widen and her throat choking a bit in sadness when she looks at the money that her classmate gave her. 50,000 Yen! Enough to keep her fed for an entire month! She wanted to return it to him because it feels wrong to be begging or mooching off of someone that she insulted.

"He got a point." Hero said, "Your quirk can do many things in terms of rescue. And Ryu-chan did mention about you and your friend. Maybe you should pick up an internship at my agency once I move back to Japan."

"I-I can't accept it" she handed the money back to him, but he refused,

"My dad told me about his times at the Reservation and how often money became tight. I remember an old friend of his always gathering unwanted food and taking it home with him. He told me that generosity is one of the four directions of life" he smiled at her, "Besides I am from a rich family anyway! So don't be afraid to ask, okay!" he felt a strong hug from Uraraka and tears soaking into his shirt. Life can be full of unfortunate events, but sometimes a new path is made when the right people make it.

Everyone couldn't help but feel wholesome about that scene.

"You shall no longer be shackled by your family! Live the path that you wanted!" Deku yelled while punching Momo out of the ring,

"...Thank you….Midoriya…." Momo said to him before blacking out.

"It's your quirk and yours alone, you bloody moron!" Percy screamed as he kicked Todoroki in the face.

The scene changed to both Percy and Todoroki alone after the end of the Sports Festival, "I wanted to say thank you. You helped me realize something that I forgot in a long time."

"No problem." Percy grinned, "And next time, we fight with all our might!"

Todoroki smiled slowly, "Yeah, I would like that."

The two students are happy to see that their counterparts changed for the better, but Momo wonders what happened to hers to become like that.

"Looks like Percy talked me into using my fire side instead of Midoriya." Shoto commented.

"Looks like it." Mina said.

"I am a hero first…." Dante said while putting on a red mask over his eyes, "Even if the world hates me, I will still make the world have a better tomorrow!"

~Bury the Light~

I am the storm that is approaching!

Dante slashes down a group of Nomus while the bystanders watch.


"It's Devilman!" One of the said,

"He's back!"

Black clouds in isolation!

Dante smirked while approaching an army of amazons.

I am the reclaimer of my name!

They try to attack him but he dodges their pouncing jumps.

Born in flames! I have been blessed!

He pulls the sword out of his scabbard then slashes both swords at incredible speed.

My family crest is a DEMON OF DEATH!

He puts his sword away and the amazons fall down in defeat.

Forsaken! I am awakened!

The crowd cheered for him as he walked away towards the burning city with a smile on his face.

A phoenix's ash in dark divine. Descending misery, destiny chasing time!

Inasa fists pumps with Momotaros, "Now that is a warrior/hero!"

"I can't help but feel inspired." Jiro said, then suddenly gets a CD on her lap, "Devil May Cry V soundtrack." She read it out loud.

"You're welcome." Phantom said.

The Pendragon family smiled in seeing their lost family member still fighting as a hero despite what the world thinks.

Max stands in front of heroes and police, guarding a group of people who have demon-like appearances and holding weapons. He had his blade out and looked at them very angrily, "I will not let you touch my family! I will not let you harm Luci!"

"Max…" The woman in the dark grey business suit said,

"I will not let your harm Melina!"

A woman in a red blouse with a small horn out of her light grey hair smiled, "Thank kami that I am not drunk now."

"I will let you touch Millie and Moxxie!"

A couple of red skinned people with black horns smiled at their friend, "I think we have a name for our baby, Mox"

"Yeah." He said with a smile.

"I won't let you take away Shion!"

A blue haired woman smiled while aiming her sniper rifle at the opposing heroes and police.

"And I won't let you hurt Cody!"

A boy with brown hair smiled, "Thanks buddy. But you know we can fight ourselves. But then again it is pretty sweet that you got out back!"

"Eri always looked at you guys as her family. I see you guys as my family." Max said, "And you don't deserve to be put away because of the choices they put you through!"

"Put you through?" Ibara asked,

"You see this is The League of Assassins, a group of people that kills for money. They choose this gig because of how society treats them" Phantom answered, "Max was one of them before taking over the company. They were like a family that had each other."

"How did they choose that life?" The girl asked again,

"Lucifer became one because of the sexism and the treatment she got because of her quirk. Melina was told that she would be a horrible hero because alcohol makes her stronger due to her quirk. Millie and Moxxie were experimented to the point of having demonic appearance, no one wanted them. Shion killed a man as a young girl in self-defense, people call her a murderer. Cody was a late bloomer and was abandoned by his parents." Phantom looked at the assassins solemnly, "Life can be horrible, but that is why we brought you guys here. To see things in another view."

Rem wakes up and kisses her boyfriend's cheek, "A little too bleak for the taste, honey. Maybe we should change the topic."

He smiled, "Of course."

~Here comes a thought (cover) by Natewantstobattle~

"Kyoka! It's going to be alright." Izuku said to her, "I am not going anywhere." He wipes her tears off,

"You really sure?" She asked, then she was kissed by her friend and she returned it back to him.

Jirou looked embarrassed while Kaminari felt jealous over this version of his friend. But he calms down knowing that there are worlds that they don't end up together.

~Cover Girl by Big Time Rush~

Izuku and Melissa looked at each, both of them covered in smudge and sweat. They laughed and suddenly kissed each other.

The quirkless girl blushed and smiled thinking about telling her Izuku about her feelings. Ochako shot her a glare but it quickly subsided as she remembered what Raizer and Phantom said beforehand about different deku's.

But the moment ended when Max and Jirou clapped and cheered them one. Both of them stopped and blushed heavily.

"I am so proud of you." Max said while chuckling.

The audience laughed at the moment while Melissa felt embarrassed.

~I'm a Believer by The Monkees~

"I like you, Mido- Izuku!" Momo confessed, "You brought the best out of me and my heart can't help but skip a beat when I see you."

"Momo, I-" He was cut off by Momo holding him close while her lips played with his.

Todoroki glared at Phantom while Mineta mutter 'lucky bastard' and was slapped by Tsu.

Then their moment was interrupted by Max, Jirou, and Melissa clapping and cheering them on,

"I hate you guys sometimes." Izuku said to them while they laugh.

"What is this, a sitcom?" Kamikiri asked,

"But you gotta admit, that was funny." Awase said,

~Make Magic by Jealkb~

Percy and Yui kissed under the setting sun, "I love you, Yui."

"I love you too, Percy." Her hands on his cheeks, "Promise me that you won't lose another limb for me."

"I promise, though my new left arm is pretty sweet." Both of them laughed

The two looked at each other and smiled, "I guess you're right that we're a couple" Perc said to her.

~Oh Love by Green Day~

"I can't believe that you got suspended for me." Pony said to him in full english,

"That bastard had it coming. Taking advantage of an innocent foregin girl like you." Percy said to her,

Pony smiled and pecked his cheek, "Thank you, Percy."

Pony does the same and pecks his cheek, "You're a sweet boy."

~She's a Rebel by Green Day~

"You got a fiery spirit, Saber." Burnin said to the intern, "I like that about you."

"Burnin!?" Bakugo and Todoroki said together,

"Same about you. It was fun interning under you, Burnin" Percy said to her, then gets pulled towards her for a kiss.

"Man, I must be really popular with older girls in that world." Percy said.

~Speaking by Mrs. Green Apple~

"You seemed so strong but yet you act so gentle." Mawata Fuwa of Class 2-A said to Percy,

"Oh boy. Your problem child caught the attention of my former class." Aizawa said to Vlad,

"I am quite jealous of the boy now. We never had that much attention when we were in school."

"My dad always says, "Be strong enough to be gentle."

"Did Percy just quote a line from Optimus 'the freaking' Prime?" Raizer asked. His friend nodded. "Cool, can't beat any line that guy says."

Mawata kisses his cheek, "Maybe when the school is not under constant threat, we should go out."

"Sounds like fun." He smiled.

Eri and Kota keep gagging at the look of couples, but that changes soon as Max is shown on screen.

~Rhapsody of the Blue Sky by fhana~

"Izu, I created you so you could be the mother Eri deserves." Max said to a female humagear,

"Yes, Max-sama." Izu said to him, "I love Eri with all my heart and wished to grow up with her as she were my daughter."

Max chuckled, "You know things have changed between us. We become more than partners when you gain singularity." He pulls out a box, "And I believe you deserve more happiness." He kneels down to her and presents her a diamond ring, "Izu…. Will you marry me?"

Izu's eyes started to leak fluid and cover her mouth with both hands, "Max…." She hugged him with her robotic strength, "Yes! A thousand times yes!"

Izuku, Percy, Bakugo, Jirou, Yui, Momo, Todoroki, Pony, Melissa, and many of the friends and family of Max clapped and cheered for the marriage of the two.

Everyone clapped at the rider's marriage.

"Phantom, why can't we get married?' Rem said with a cute pout,

"Well that is simple, I think we already are." Phantom said to her, which responded with a smile from his girlfriend.

"Say I noticed that you didn't show the full harem of Izuku and Percy. Any reason why?"He whispered,

"Well, I don't want to show any more spoilers, besides I think I really pissed off some of those kids." Phantom whispered back. Raizer took a quick glance and noticed the angry silent glares that Denki, Shoto and a few others are sending at his friends.

Nibun no Ichi by Back On~

Percy arrived as he opened the tall doors of a church, stopping a captured Yui and an evil Monoma. He stepped towards them as he pulled out a small booklet. He activated it,


He inserted it into the Seiken SworDriver as it announces it,

There was once a knight born from light and darkness, he holds the blade that unites both sides.

"Henshin!" He pulls the sword out of his driver and transforms into a knight rider with large twilighting shoulder pads, breastplate, gauntlets, and boots. HIs helmet is also the same color with red compound eyes and a fiery mane coming out of the head. He wields a bright yet dark sword and claims, "I will change the fate of my princess!

"Wow, he really takes the knight thing very closely." Nirengeki said,

"Yeah. But man, I really wanted to see the fight between him and Monoma." Kosei said, "I really want him to kick his ass!"

Max puts on a new device module onto his driver, then activates his key.


He inserted it into the driver and screamed, "Henshin!"


Man now wears a shiny white silver armor with a white cape over his shoulders as his compound eyes behind the knight visor are light blue.


"I, Max Tetsuya, have a dream! The dream of true peace!" He charges at Nighteye.

"What is going on with that world?" MIrio asked, "What happened to Sir?"

Phantom sighed sadly, "Sorry Lemillion, but sometimes different worlds have different histories and outcomes. But I will tell you this, be glad that it is not your Nighteye. But I am very sorry for you to see this."

All for One stands before Izuku, he taunts him, "You lost everything that makes you special and destroyed One for All. I wish to thank you, boy. But alas, I might end your misery." He charged up his attack but suddenly he felt something was taking his power, "What the?" He then sees Izuku holding the riderwatch that Midori once resided in, "What are you doing!?"

"Finishing what Midori left off!" Soon the power turned into a golden version of his driver, "I will finish what All Might started!" He straps the belt to his waist, "Henshin!"


His old rider form changed as it is golden with pointed shoulder pads and a cape drapes down to the back of his knees. He raised his fist against All for One, "Deku is no longer there, I am Kamen Rider Kyu-Oh!" He jumps and punches the villain.

"The kid really changed in that world." Gran Torino said, "And saying that All for One was destroyed could really change the world."

"Indeed." All Might said, "But if he is like our Izuku then I know that he can manage without it." BOth of the retired heroes smiled.

Then suddenly a crate appeared in front of Phantom, "Thank you Max and Sento." Which made the audience confused about what they just saw.

"What on earth are they?" Aizawa said,

"The reveal." Phantom answered as he opened the crate, revealing different drivers.