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Inspired by Wicked Game cover done by Ursine Vulpine ft Annaa

The world was on fire, and no one could save me but you. Strange what desire will make foolish people do. I never dreamed I would meet somebody like you.

*Present 1996 Ministry of Magic, Department of Mysteries *

Hermione hissed in pain, struggling to remain conscious she couldn't move a fire erupting in her chest from where Dolohov's purple flame struck her. In retaliation to her striking him. She didn't regret attacking him. She knew the consequences. Luckily he did it nonverbally or this spell would of killed her instantly. At least now she had a fighting chance. A slim one but a fighting chance. She took stock of her injuries her ribs hurt, probably had compressions at least, fractures at worst. Possible internal bleeding. Her arm hurt from where she landed she'd have bruising however her cheif her concern was her ribs. She opened honey brown eyes watching Dolohovs boots coming closer. Oh and there was that.

Pain laced through her as she reached for her wand. Hermione gave a cry from that action. Peering up at Dolohov through her brown hair she braced herself as he lifted his wand. Before he could do anything however there was a flash of black and green. Dolohov was knocked off his feet and hit a wall.

"You really shouldn't attack what doesn't belong to you.." A low familiar tenor spoke from somewhere beyond her vision. Hermione couldn't see what was going on, but she did hear a thud and a moment later a new pair of boots entered her line of sight. She looked up her vision blurred. A tall man with slicked black hair, pale skin, angular features, and piercing green eyes that always drew her attention, a darker more intense green than her best friends. He wore leather and armor with a green overcoat. He crouched down in front of her so she got a better look at his expression, one of brief concern worry even before hiding it with an exasperated look that clearly said without words.-Complete with sarcasm.-

"Hermione Granger what in the nine realms you get yourself into this time? " The man brushed her hair out of her face. His touch felt cool against her heated skin.

She felt the darkness closing in over her eyes, it had scared her before but now she knew she was safe, he would never let anything happen to her. She could let go, before it took her completely a small smile graced her lips and she breathed his name before falling into oblivion.



Hermione was shaking nervously. Even though she had read all the books she could possibly get her hands on about Hogwarts, and how they arrived there. The train at nine and three quarters seemed to be larger than life. All around her despite being rather early were students with various animals. -Cats and owls mostly- Saying goodbye to their families. She herself had given her own parents hugs and kisses before stepping through the wall. She stood staring at the train, all her doubts seemed to chase circles around her brain. What if she didn't get into any of the houses, she wasn't sure what kind of test it would be, she had studied some spells among other things to prepare just in case. Would it be enough? Would she make any friends?

This last one was her greatest fear. She never had been very good at making friends, she had none in the muggle world. She was always different, preferring a good book over social interaction. It wasn't just her bookworm tendencies there were many kids who read. No, strange things happened around her The kids seemed to notice this and gave her a wide berth. Or it might of been her bossy tendencies she couldn't help. She still hoped though that maybe, just maybe she'll finally make a connection. However the doubt remained. what if she was alone even in this world?

Hermione's hand went to the necklace hidden beneath her shirt. The metal pendant cold against her skin. It was always cold. No matter how hot it got or how long it was in the sun. It had been her comfort for the past three years. A family Heirloom She gave a smile thinking back on the day she had gotten it.

It was her eighth birthday. She sat on her Grandmothers floral couch. The scent of Apples and Lilac hung heavily in the air. Hermione always loved being with her Grandma Helen. She was a bit odd but still her favorite person. She found herself looking around the lightly painted yellow walls. She and her mother were the reasons she loved to read. Reading to her as a child and teaching her before she even started school.

Her Grandmother left the kitchen with a tray, on it were a couple pieces of cake, a tea pot, two teacups, cream and sugar. She set it down on the table and poured Hermione cup. Hermione grinned. Jasmine tea her favorite. she only added a little sugar before taking it to her lips blowing on it before sipping.

Her Grandmother was old world, she held Celtic and heathen beliefs, mostly Norse. Many on her mom's side had those beliefs until her mother broke that mold. She could only assume they picked it up sometime when the Vikings had come to England. She herself wasn't that into it preferring fact. Her grandmother wore a black stone with a red sowilo rune pendant around her neck. Hermione had asked what it meant years ago. She was told it meant sun. Her grandmother also had on a long flowing white skirt, and a purple blouse. Her long white hair kept down and warm honey brown eyes, which Hermione inherited.

They sat drinking their tea and enjoying the slices of angel food cake with strawberries. Discussing Hermione's latest book, and catching her up on everything she was learning in school. Another thing she loved about her Grandmother. She never talked to her like a child. Instead choosing to listen and ask questions any adult would to another adult. Encouraging her to ask questions and find answers.

After the last bit of tea was drunk, and cake was eaten. Her Grandmother took the tray to the kitchen. Coming back with a smile.

"Well, since today is my little Bluebird's eighth birthday. I think it's time I give you your gift."

"You don't have to Mimi, the books you got me earlier are more than enough."

"I want to, besides this isn't an ordinary gift. I think your responsible enough to have this now. I was going to wait tell you were eleven. You however shown me many a times your more than ready for a bit of responsibility."

Hermione watched curious as her Grandmother went to the mantle above the fireplace, where a chest with etched runes made its home as far back as Hermione could remember. Her grandmother opened the lid and brought out a velvet pouch. She then brought it over to Hermione taking a seat next to her she gently put the pouch in her hands.

"This was given to me by my mother, and hers before that, and hers before that. I wanted to give it to your mother but she told me when she had a daughter I could give it to her. We do not know how long it's been in our family. Centuries at least. Only worn by the women. Legend has it that its a protection charm. It probably is just a charm that keeps us all close though we are no longer there. Every woman who's held it has held a piece of their family. "

Hermione with care turned the pouch upside down into her opposite hand, cool piece of metal landing on her palm. it was almost the size of her small palm. The piece of metal proved to be a charm. Square with the design of two intertwined snakes and vine connecting them. It almost looked like a figure eight. One facing up the other down each others tails wrapped around their necks. , even without her grandmother saying she could tell it was old. Time had given it black tarnishes beneath the deep indents in the pendant and the detailing of it. The vines were a faded green and there were traces of gold along the scales long faded. Even old and faded from its original glory. It was still one of the prettiest things Hermione had ever seen.

The symbol was vaguely familiar, she couldn't quite place it. She went back to the stories she read on her grandmothers couch. She remembered Thor's hammer, Odin's triple horn, and Frigga's weave. She however could not place this one.

"Who's symbol is it Mimi? Or is it simply a pendant?" Hermione asked though she had a feeling that this, this represented someone.

"Loki' God of mischief and Lies" She smiled.

"Odd choice to pick up." Hermione commented. Wondering why someone would pick it up. Though holding it in her hand she could begin to understand. It had a pull.

"Do you know why Loki's Symbol is a snake?" Her grandmother asked kindly.

Hermione shook her head, she really needed to read some mythology books. Her eyes never left the pendant. Trying to imagine what it must of been through in the years. It had probably seen births, marriages, war, famine, passing of life into the next, all sorts of change and experiences, time where historical events had been current, and everything else her ancestors went through. Passing from one person to the other tell it reached her. She now had a piece of that history. She felt her heart warm. Though secretly wished she could unlock all the history it had been through. She tried to imagine it and it gave her a wide smile. .

"He's known as the god of mischief and lies , a shapeshifter and trickster he can wiggle his way out of trouble like a snake." She wiggled her fingers tickling her causing Hermione to burst out in a fit of giggles.

" The Norse believed that snakes in shedding their skin were both wise and powerful. Wisdom itself is power. Knowledge is the strongest weapon anyone can have, remember that. Never loose that love you have for knowledge it will serve you well in your life, my little Bluebird."

"I wont I promise! Mimi? I know you and others kept it safe and hidden. She gestured to the box that had been its home for who knows how long. But can I get a chain so I can wear it around my neck so I have it with me always?"

Her Grandmother looked unsure for a moment, it was an old heirloom but Hermione felt like she couldn't bare being apart from it. Something must of showed on her face for she smiled and took her hand.

"I think we can find something in my jewelry box."

Hermione had never taken it off since except when she bathed or slept. But even then it was close and usually in reaching distance. She lost her Grandmother a year and a half later to cancer. It was just her parents now as her only family. The necklace now became her link to her Grandmother, there was a part of her on her person at all times. It comforted her, gave her strength and confidence. She wasn't alone, not really.

With a renewed confidence she moved over to the train and tugged her trunk up onto it, with some difficulty, as it was heavy. She found an empty compartment easily. A perk of always arriving early to places. She always was able to get the best seats. Once one was found she opened her trunk to remove her robes and uniform and her charms book. Setting them aside and closing the trunk. She took deep breath bracing herself as she tried to put it in the overhead compartment.

It was about to fall on top of her head. However a dark hand reached out and grabbed it before it hit her, she looked up to see who her savior was. She was rescued by a dark skinned boy with dreadlocks and warm dark eyes. He was at least two years older and was passing her compartment, he must of seen the danger and caught the end of it before it collided with her, with surprisingly fast reflexes.

"Careful, don't want you to get smashed and sent to the hospital wing before we even arrive!" He had a carefree playful tone as he joked. That caused her to giggle despite herself.

"Thank you.." Hermione trailed off. Realizing she didn't know his name. He seemed to realize this at the same time she did. His dark eyes lit up and he held out his hand.

"Lee Jordan third year, Gryffindor."

Hermione smiled and took his hand shaking it.

"Hermione Granger, First year."

"Pleasure to meet you Hermione. I hope to see you in Gryffindor. Regardless of house, though ours is the best in my opinion. Your going to love Hogwarts."

"I already do and I have not even arrived. I read all about it in Hogwarts a History."

"A bookworm I see, you may be in Ravenclaw." He gave her a wink. "Second Best house."

Hermione smiled, he must of sensed her nervousness and apprehension, that or he was a natural at making people feel at ease and comfortable.

"Lee!" Two Identical voices called from the other end of the car they were in.

"That's my que, I do hope to see you in my house though. You do kind of look like a lion." He gave her a wave as he left the compartment.

Hermione's hand went to her bushy brown hair that was impossible to tame, she was used to people making fun of her hair and teeth. However from his tone of voice, he meant it as a compliment not an insult. Feeling lighter she shut and locked the compartment door in order to change into her uniform and robes, she wasn't quite sure when they'd be arriving. So best to get ready now. Once changed she unlocked and opened the door.

As the departure time neared, the noise level increased as more students came on board. The platform outside more crowded with families saying their goodbyes. Her excitement grew to the point where she couldn't concentrate on her charms book. That she was attempting to read and practice simple spells from. Happy though that each spell she did worked. Repairing a gash in the seat, creating a light from the tip of her wand, locking and unlocking the door. Beaming with each success. She couldn't wait to learn more.

At exactly Eleven o clock the train departed from the station. Hermione set her book aside in favor of looking out the window, watching as the city turned into green plains and hills, with water in the distance, to tall tree's blocking everything around them from view. She cracked the window open, letting the warm breeze wash over her face. Carrying with it the smells of nature. She closed her eyes, getting lost in the sensations, Her fingers playing with her necklace. She was startled however by a nervous boys voice.

"Excuse me, I really hate to bother you. You haven't happened to see a toad? His names Trevor. I lost him and now I can't find him." A round face boy with hazel eyes asked, his robes were a bit of a mess, part of it hanging off his ear.

"I haven't. I can help you look though."

"Really?" He looked at her hopefully.

"Yes. " She smiled getting up. before leaving the compartment reaching up as she passed to tug his cloak off his ear.

"There you go." She turned and started to check compartments and bathrooms. Asking others if they had seen a toad.

Hermione made her way down the train looking into the compartments, and getting increasingly annoyed when no one had seen a toad. It shouldn't be this hard. No one else seemed to have a toad! By the time she got to the last car. She was exasperated her fuse getting shorter by the minute. So far she had been taunted, laughed at, paper thrown at her, and one compartment occupied by a blond with grey-blue eyes; and hair so blond it was white and slicked back. He shared it with two other boys who were burly and looked like half-trolls. She had squeaked as the blond shot red-sparks at her telling her to bugger off. Rude.

Toads were apparently very unpopular. She of course didn't mind clearly it meant a lot to Neville and who cares what his pet was? She'd help him get his friend back if it killed her. She had passed Neville once on her way down why he went up, he looked out of breath and had burn holes in his cloak. She clenched her jaw in anger at that, Hermione hated bullying she usually had a "ignore them" policy but when it was others she immediately wanted to stand up for them regardless of her well being. She calmed down though when he explained he got them from getting in the way of a game of exploding snap. Which she knew was some kind of card game. Though she didn't know the rules or how to play yet.

Taking a breath she opened the door to the last compartment on the train. Inside were two boys surrounded by candy and wrappings. The one closest to her a red head with freckles dusted along his face, a dirt smudge mark on his nose his blue eyes crinkled in concentration his wand raised. A rat in his lap. The second boy was someone you'd glance over at if you passed on the street. Unassuming, small and skinny wearing cloths that had to be three times his size making him seem smaller. Untidy jet black hair and glasses. The only thing at first glance that was remarkable were striking green eyes that seemed to shine with kindness. She knew that you could never judge a book by its cover. He was probably more than what he appeared to be.

She clicked her tongue and made an annoyed sound seeing no signs of a toad.

"You haven't seen a toad have you? Neville is looking."

"We already told him we haven't seen it." The red head said annoyed. She ignored the tone. Noticing instead the wand in his hand. He was the first she had seen that was her age that appeared to be doing magic. She hadn't seen anyone their age performing any yet, minus the red sparks from the blond. She wanted to see more.

"Oh? are you doing magic? Lets see then!"

He cleared his throat.

"Sunshine daisies butter mellow turn this stupid fat rat yellow." He waved his wand there was a spark the rat who had been eating some berty botts beans squeaked and pulled itself out.

Hermione tilted her head.

"Are you positive that is a real spell? Well its not a very good one is it? I've tried a few simple ones just for practice and it's all worked or me. No one in my family is magic. So it was such a surprise I got a letter!" She gushed. Desperately wanting to prove herself.

"I heard Hogwarts is the best school in the world. I've memorized all our course books by heart already. I hope it will be enough. Do you know what houses you'll be in? I've been asking around and Gryffindor sounds by far the best! Dumbledore himself was in it, though Ravenclaw wouldn't be the end of the world." She was rambling she knew she was, she was nervous and as always when nervous she hid it by talking as confidently as possible. Even if she didn't feel it.

"If you can do it better prove it." The red head said grumpily. She just grinned with all the grace she could muster she entered the compartment sitting in front of the black haired boy.

"Alright, Oculus Reparo" She waved her wand remembering how she repaired the seat earlier. The tape swung off his glasses and they were as good as new. The boy looked amazed and she felt a small bubble of pleasure enter her chest.

"That's amazing, thank you." He gave a small smile. The red head let out a huff.

"Oh! Goodness you must think me so terribly rude. I'm Hermione, Hermione Granger. Who are you?" She put her hand in front of her mouth. She couldn't believe she forgot her manners!

The black haired boy was grinning. He apparently wasn't bothered at all by her awkwardness though she just seemed to annoy his friend. His friend spoke first his mouth full causing her to wrinkle her nose in displeasure.

"Ron Weasley" He didn't even look at her.

"Harry Potter." Harry smiled holding out his hand which she shook.

"Oh! Your Harry potter? I read all about you. You were in several books I got for light reading. Your famous."

"Am I?" Harry Asked curiously.

"You didn't know? I would of learned all I could if it were me!" She stood up. As much as she would of liked to stay and talk with the boys more, she had to continue to help Neville.

"I must be going, you two better get changed. I think we'll be arriving soon." Before she left she turned.

"By the way you got dirt on your nose. Just here. " She rubbed the spot on her own nose. Turning on her heel she went back up and down the corridors. The sun was setting as she went to find Neville, they ended up meeting in their compartment. Neither had any luck.

Hermione sat in the compartment with Neville and shared a cauldron cake with him to tide them over tell dinner. Trying to cheer him up as he seemed despondent but her company seemed to make him feel a bit better.

When the train rolled to a stop, the conductor spoke through speakers.

"First years leave your belongings on the train they will be brought up to the castle. Shortly."

Neville gave a tiny squeak, he looked as nervous as she felt. She muttered spells she knew wondering which she'd need. Squaring her shoulders she stood up. Neville followed and held the sleeve of her cloak. She didn't mind. For some reason someone leaning on her for assurance made her braver.

Stepping off the train, she looked around it was dark and wooded with several paths leading in different directions. She turned toward one as a giant of a man's voice boomed over the chatter.

"First years this way. Bunch up now. Come along. Is this all of you?"

"Hagrid!" Harry called out from not far from her.

"Good to see ya Harry." The man whos name was apparently Hagrid smiled. Then did a head count.

"Alright follow me! Stay close!" He lifted his arm up and held his lantern high and lead them on a dirt bath to shallow water that held at least a dozen or so boats.

"No more than four to a boat! Carful now don't tip them over."

Hermione wondered how this was going to work, there were no oars. It was logical to assume it would move by some magical means. Hermione turned her head around surveying them. Seeing Harry and Ron in one, she tugged Neville over to it. Hermione got in gently wobbling the boat. Thankful that Neville held out his hand which she gladly took to help steady her as she sat down. She gave a sigh of relief that she didn't fall into the dark water, who knew what lay just beneath the surface.

Hagrid had a boat to himself. After everyone got into the boats he gave a grin.

"Forward!" No sooner had that word been said the boats started to move on their own accord gently. Hermione gave a giggle of happiness. She watched the water ripple as they moved. She wondered what kind of spells were used to get them to move on their own. She was distracted from that line of thinking as the trees began to thin and disperse. When they finally cleared they were on a large lake that reflected the stars and moon perfectly, that wasn't what got her attention though. Her heart leaped into her throat and her lips parted in a gasp as the castle of Hogwarts came into view.

It was even better than she imagined, huge and towering with a long bridge from it to another road. It had tall towers more than she could count at the moment. It's grey brick shadowed by the night, the windows glowed with what had to be candle light, she knew no other form of light that glowed quite like that. It had an old historic feeling. In one word. Enchanting. She found herself in awe of Hogwarts. This would be her home for the next seven years? It was almost to good to be true.

Hermione looked around trying to get a look at how vast the lake was or more of the grounds. Even with a sky full of bright stars and a bright full moon. The light was not enough for her to see more than vague outlines and shadows. She looked forward to exploring in her free time. Absorbing it like she absorbed a good book.

Almost all to soon they reached the shore and the boats glided to a stop. Hermione waited for the boys to leave first so as not to get in their way and accidently knock everyone out of the boat. Once Neville reached the shore. Hermione stood up slowly. Gingerly walking the length of it tell she got to a spot she could get off. She occasionally went fishing with her father, and she always had the worst time getting out. Hermione stepped down out of the boat, however do to the rocking motion she caused on dismount, and it being so dark she couldn't see the ground. Hermione got a bad case of vertigo and stumbled. She braced herself for the inevitable impact to the ground not able to compose herself in time. Hermione braced herself for the fall but it never came.

Harry had very quick reflexes Hermione found. Before she could stumble to much forward he had caught her around her middle and helped steady her. She was glad it was dark her cheeks were flaming, how embarrassing! Not her most graceful moment.

"Thank you, Harry."

"No problem. Are you alright Hermione?"

"I'm fine you caught me in time." She straightened her robes still embarrassed she was not making a very dignified impression.

Hermione was saved as attention went from her to Hagrid who had been checking all the boats.

"Who's toad is this?"

"Trevor!" Neville darted over to take his toad relief washing over his face. Even Hermione gave a relieved sigh, she hadn't realized just how worried she was for the small creature tell just then. She gave Neville a smile as he bounded over to her his own face grinning. Hermione reached over to the croaking toad in Neville's hand and ran a finger along its back.

"Nice to meet you Trevor."

"Best keep a better eye on your pets." Hagrid shook his head and took the lead again. Hermione gave Neville a small pat on the shoulder as she followed Hagrid up to the castle with the rest of her classmates. She was getting nervous again, anxious to get it all over with. Hermione rubbed her eyes, she was also getting tired, having gotten up early and not having to much sleep do to excitement; she was starting to feel it.

Hagrid lead them through a path leading up, taking a side door he opened it and ushered the group inside. It was huge entirely of stone with high arches and a long stair case. They made their way up to it and they were told to wait at the top. Hermione held onto her necklace fidgeting nervously. Hagrid raised a giant fist and knocked on the door.

Hermione watched the oak doors, that were almost as tall as the ceiling. Open with a creak. Reveling a striked looking woman with dark greying hair which was up in a tight un. Her robes were of emerald green and she wore a matching witches hat. She held herself with poise and had a look that said quite plainly that she was not someone you would want to cross. At the same time though she had a warmth in her eyes. Hermione knew she would like this Professor. She wondered what class she taught.

"First years, Professor McGonagall"

"Thank you Hagrid. Please follow me" McGonagall pushed the doors open wider, herding them through.

Hermione was getting more excited y the minute as they were lead int a large entrance hall, With high arched ceiling and marble staircases on either side. It was even better that she had envisioned it from the descriptions in Hogwarts a History. All previous feelings of nervousness lay forgotten s she soaked in every last detail she could. Turning in circles to make sure she didn't miss a single detail revealed by flames within stone sconces.

To her right Hermione could hear voices. Loud and carrying. -Probably the rest of the school.- McGonagall however lead them into another chamber entirely. Once they were all inside she turned to address them.

"Welcome to Hogwarts." A very , very small smile graced her lips. Barely a twitch to the corners you'd miss it if you were not looking.

"The sorting ceremony will begin soon. Why you are here your house will be something like your family. The houses are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Why you are here any achievements will earn your house points. Any rule breaking and you will lose them."

Hermione listened intently. She was not a rule breaker so that shouldn't be a problem.

"At the end of the year the house with the most points wins the house cup. I suggest your smarten yourselves up and wait quietly. I will be back when we are ready for you." Professor McGonagall left through another door.

Once she was gone Hermione Straitened and smoothed out her uniform and cloak. Brushing her fingers through her bushy hair. There wasn't much she could do for it at least I wasn't tangled. That was as good as that was going to get

Upon seeing Neville once again disheveled beside her. She moved to stand in front of him. Starting to straighten him up. Starting with his robes which were fastened beside his ear. She turned it to its proper place. She then straightened his tight. Helping him was doing wonders to calm her nerves. Gave her something to do and keep her hands busy Neville looked at him thankfully. mutter a meek.

"Thank you."

"You are very welcome Neville. This is our first night here. Best to try to make a good first impression. That's what my mum always says."

Hermione's nerves came back in full force when she heard Harry ask Ron what the ceremony was. He replied that he thought that it was some kind of test, at least that is what his brother had told him. She bit the inside of her cheek.

"A test? What kind?" She thought. Spells maybe? Hermione started to mumble. Listing off spells she knew out loud, cataloging each one she said into most to least likely to be useful. Wondering which she could possibly need; or maybe it wasn't that kind of test. They were going to be sorted after all, perhaps it was a personality test. A series of questions they would have to answer. To match their personalities best to each house.

Either option made her feel very sick to her stomach, She would have to preform in front of the entire school. Hermione had never been particularly good speaking in front of one class. Let alone an entire school.

Hermione was suddenly startled out of her disquieting train of thought by the doors re-opening to reveal McGonagall once again.

"Quickly we are ready for you now."

Hermione's mood did a one eighty once again excited. She eagerly followed the professor. As they entered the Great Hall Hermione looked around as they were lead down the center pathway. There were four long tables filled with students. The one the farthest left had blue banners with a large eagle crest on it. Hanging from above. Still on their left, the one they were next to. Had large yellow banners with a badger. Directly to their right were crimson banners adorned with lions and the last one on the right near the wall sported banners of green with silver snakes. Hermione's eyes lingered on this last one.

Hermione only gave these a quick glance. No her attention was at the enchanted ceiling. It was more beautiful than she imagined. It looked exactly like the night sky. Galaxyies, the moon, the stars both regular and an occasional shooting. If it wasn't so high up she'd feel like she'd be able to touch it.

"It's enchanted to look like the night sky. I read about it in Howarts a History ." Hermione informed her classmates eagerly. Had she not been so nervous she would of found the enchantment soothing. Tonight however the butterflies in her stomach kept her from truly enjoying the magic for now. She hoped she could learn what kind of spells were used to create such a stunning visual. Itching to know how to create it. She could spend hours studying it and not get bored.

They stopped when they reached the end of the path. In front of them was a very old and tattered hat upon a stool; it looked like it had a face of sorts. Behind it was another long table lined with teachers.

McGonagall pulled a scroll out of her robes.

"When I call your name. I will put the hat on your head and you'll be sorted into your houses."

That didn't sound to bad. Hermione took deep breaths. In and out slowly. Remembering what her grandmother would tell her every time she was nervous about a test.

"Take deep breaths, find your center. Trust in your mind. If you feel like your uncertain. Trust your heart. your instincts relax believe in yourself ad you will do great my little bluebird." Warmth spread through her at the memory. No longer afraid, braver, eager again.

As Hermione stood waiting her turn. She watched as students were called one by one . The sorting hat would open its mouth like a seem and call out the house name. Some were quick why others took minutes. So far it had called out a Hufflepuff, Two Ravenclaws, a Gryffindor and a Slytherin. It got to the point she was only half listening. Keeping alert for her name , but only paying enough attention to hear the houses being called out.

Her eyes kept drifting over to the Slytherin table, more specifically their house banners. Her eyes kept being drawn over to it since she first entered the hall. Hermione found she adored the color green it was also a great shade of it. Despite the houses horrible reputation she was drawn to it. Though she prayed that she would not be put in that house. She could admire parts of it but she couldn't see herself being part of it.

Hermione however didn't like the silver snake. Not the snake itself, she loved them. They were beautiful, adaptable, and rather fascinating. She had done a school paper on them after they had a field trip to a zoo one time. No it was that the snake was a silver color. It made it feel cold and gave it an unwelcoming look. Hermione's fingers traced the patterns of the faded gold snakes on her pendant. She found herself thinking dreamily. That Green and Gold would make a far better combination, more regal, almost intimidating but not in the cold way; but in the way one is intimidated by something more powerful or higher of rank. Yes Green and Gold would be far better in her humble opinion.

"Hermione Granger!" Professor McGonagall called out her name. Causing her to jump out of the hazed feeling she had been in. Sound and light hit her all at once. She felt embarrassed; that her attention had shifted and become focused on a singular item that had nothing to do with what was going on at that point in time.

Hermione rushed eagerly to the stool sitting down on it. No sooner than the Professor putting the hat on her head, when she heard a voice whispering in her ear, obviously the hat.

"Ah, Clever of mind with a hunger for knowledge I've not seen the likes of for a very long time. Strong heart as well brave and loyal with a dislike of seeing others hurting. Putting others before yourself. Unyielding and stubborn you value tradition and your friends. Difficult very difficult. I see. better be..

"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat shouted the last part out. Hermione's heart gave a leap. The house that sounded the best to her was the one she was put in. Standing up once the hat was removed. She saw the Gryffindor table clapping loudly. She had noticed they were the loudest and most welcoming of new students. Lee Jordan had even stood up grinning ear from ear clapping as she joined them. Taking a spot between him and a tall red-head boy that lokedd similar to Ron. A brother maybe? He had a badge on his chest labeled "Prefect"

"I told you! I knew you were a Gryffindor I could just tell. Welcome to our house Hermione!" Lee whispered to her as the table settled down awaiting the rest of the sorting.

As she continued to watch the sorting, Hermione's head suddenly started to throb and she put her fingers to her temples massaging them. She felt a tug almost to the core of her being and she screwed up her face. Not noticing how the snakes of the pendant briefly moved. She shut her eyes and as quickly as it began it ended. She opened her eyes in relief but it was short lived.

She wasn't in the great hall, she was in a hallway though. Large marble pillars with golden sconces full of bright fire. She couldn't make much out it was like she was in a haze. Hermione unsure of what to do walked forward down the hall, Stopping when a figure emerged from a room to her left. He was tall that much she could easily see. His head was down his finger going back and forth over the top of his lip; as if he were thinking and he was muttering words she didn't understand. Dark hair kept back the ends curling at the base of his neck. He was very pale until he moved in front of one of the fires, it bathed him in a light and gave his skin a warmed look.

Hermione didn't know why but she suddenly took a step forward curiously she should be running but she felt safe it was the only way to describe this feeling. Like if she was near him nothing could harm her. Irrational she knew. As she got closer she was able to get a closer look at his cloths. He wore strange leather and dark and gold armor. His coat of a dark green. He was heading across the hall to a door on the right. Opposite the one he just left.

Green and Gold she thought idly.

"Hello?" She cautiously spoke up. It sounded distant to her ears. Like she was talking under water.

His head snapped up like he had been struck. His head turned toward her spot on his right where she was standing. Hermione got a look at surprised green eyes. A green that reminded her of a forest. They were not as bright as Harrys whos was a light green. This mans was a solid dark green. That flashed briefly with power as he turned and took a couple steps toward her.

"How?" He spoke so softly Hermione had to strain her ears.

Hermione was about to reply that she didn't know what he was even talking about and ask some of her own questions. When everyting dissolved around her and she blinked becoming aware of someone shaking her shoulder gently.

"Hermione? Hermione? Are you alright?" Lee Jordan had a concerned look on his face.

Hermione blinked owlishly looking around. She noticed the sorting ceremony had finished. Ron and Harry were in her house as well as some other people she didn't know the names of. What had happened? What was that? Who was that? She had so many questions and no idea how to begin to find answers. Her attention shifted to their headmaster Dumbledore. She would think on this later. Hermione sat up straighter as he cleared his throat.

"Before we enjoy our feast. There are a few things I want to say. The Dark Forest is strictly forbidden to all students. May I remind you also that the third floor corridor to the right is out of bounds, unless you wish to die a painful death. Now let us begin!"

No sooner had Dumbledore gave his, rather grizzly warnings. He clapped his hands twice.

"Dig in."

Hermione gasped a hand going to her mouth to stifle the childish giggles born from sheer glee that threatened to escape her throat and mouth. As tables became filled with plates of food and pitchers of drinks. She leaned back to try to get a look under the table, in order to try to ascertain how it was done. Of course she didn't see anything. Not even a clue. Not that she had expected other wise. She knew it had to be by magic from the kitchens. Possibly a summoning or transportation spell?

Hermione jumped as twenty or so ghosts suddenly appeared through walls. Some of them going through tables. Would her surprises know no end tonight? She was both fascinated and a bit uneasy. She had never seen a ghost before but had read all about them. They were transparent and floated through solid objects.

Hermione gave a smile as the ghost that went through their table turned to greet them. He was wearing renaissance style clothing.

"Welcome. Sir Nickolas did you have a nice summer?" The red head asked as he plated food.

"Abysmal once again my request to join the headless hunt was denied."

"Why?" Harry asked taking a bite out of some ham he had gotten.

"Apparently my head is to attached. Just because my executioner didn't sharpen his axe. Nearly headless and all"

"Nearly headless? How can you be nearly headless?" Hermione asked unable to stop herself from asking.

"Like this miss." Sir Nickolas pulled at his head, it came removed except for a few inches being held on by skin. She could see some ghost of the organ. She closed her eyes trying not to gag. As he floated off. She cursed her endless curiosity and need to know everything. Once she got over that interaction. She would have to apologize later.

Finally settling herself in, she took a look over the food debating with herself on what he wanted. Hermione ended up with a plate of roasted chicken, Roasted potatoes and a good portion of mixed vegetables. As well as a glass of Pumpkin Juice which Neville had suggested she try. It was wonderful. She ate her food politely despite wanting to gobble it down, she was starving she had only a cauldron cake she shared with Neville that day.

"So Hermione was it? I'm Percy Weasley. I'm the Gryffindor prefect. Welcome to Gryffindor. Are you looking forward to any classes in Particular?"

Hermione's face lit up at the question. Swallowing a mouth full of potatoes before answering.

"All of it! There is so much to learn. I hope the Professors start right away. I do suppose I'm most looking forward to Transfiguration the most, learning to turn one object into something else. It's very fascinating, though I heard it is by far one of the most difficult of magics. You need to be so precise."

"It is difficult. you'll be starting small. Like turning straw into a needle and other things like that, working your way up to harder and bigger transfigurations."

"Well of course, that makes logical sense. We all got to start somewhere and I can not wait to get started."

As Hermione finished her dinner, continuing her pleasant conversation about her classes with Percy. Learning about each of the teachers and a bit what their teaching methods were. When everyone seemed to be done with dinner. The tables and plates cleaned themselves and deserts replaced it. Plates of assorted pastries, cakes, Pies, custard, and ice cream. Hermione chose a piece of Apple pie, with a generous dollop of whip cream, and she treated herself to a bit of vanilla ice cream on the side. For she could not decide between the two desserts.

Hermione just pulled her first bite of pie off her fork with her teeth when the subject around the table changed to families. A boy named Seamus Finnegan, who had such a thick Irish brogue it was almost hard to understand him.

"I'm Half and Half. My dad Is a muggle, my moms a witch. It was quite a nasty shock when he found out."

Neville went pink.

"My whole family is magic. I didn't show any signs for so long they thought I wasn't magic at all. My uncle used to try to scare it out of me. one day he had me by the ankles out a window, when my aunt distracted him and he accidently dropped me, and I Bounced! all the way down the street. My Gran was so proud." -Hermione's heart gave a pang at this she missed hers.-

"My Uncle was so happy he bought me my toad." Neville's smile was wide and it lit up his face and eyes. No wonder finding Trevor was so important to him, besides the fact he cared a great deal for him. It was a show of acceptance a family happy.

"What about you Hermione?" Neville asked.

"My parents are Muggles. They were so happy and proud. Though I think my grandmother would of been the proudest. I wish she got to see all this. There's so much I'd love to tell her.

Hermione started to eat her Ice cream. Listening to Ron talk about his brothers. -The Twins Fred and George she learned, and Percy putting input on this on occasion. Or correcting him. Sometimes squabbling.- She enjoyed watching the banter, they clearly had strong familial relations..

Harry she saw was reluctant to say much. Just that he grew up with his muggle Aunt, Uncle, and Their son Dudley. As the hours grew late the conversations had turned from families, to hobbies and sports. Quidditch sounded dangerous to Hermione. Playing on broom. She wasn't all that fond of heights but also sounded fun to watch still even if one was not inclined to participate in the actual playing. Her eyes were growing heavy, the conversation fading into white noise. Her thoughts one again going to that hallway, the dark man she had seen. She should be scared she knew but she wasn't. All's she felt was a calm and eager curiosity.

Hermione was dozing, her head in her hand it nearly slipped and she almost hit the table when Dumbledore taped his glass to gather everyone's attention.

"Now that we have all be fed and Watered I think it's high time we start to head to bed. Prefects please escort your first years to the dormitories. A good nights rest before the first day of lessons is best." He sat back down.

Very full, her brain hurting from all that's happened, and sleepy from waking up early, travel and good food. She followed Percy as he lead her and the other first year Gryffindors. Up stair case after stair case. She found herself smiling as she watched the pictures on the walls talking and moving, going from one frame to another. Some of them greeting and welcoming them. She watched as the staircases themselves changed. If she was less tired she'd look more closely. The very air she breathed buzzed with magic. Could feel it against her skin she had only been there for a few hours and she already felt the feeling of being home.

Percy had informed the group they were halfway there. Something she was thankful for, her feet were hurting from not being used to climbing so many steps. When they were stopped. A man with dark beady eyes and wide mouth and rather ridiculous clothing of orange and purple. Blocked their path holding many brooms and started to hurl them at them. She squeaked and ducked narrowly dodging it.

"Oh Ickle firsties what great fun! "

"Peeves A poltergeist" Percy informed them.

"Peeves go away or I will get the Baron!"

Peeves blew him a raspberry. Dropping the rest onto Neville he disappeared with a pop.

"Careful with him. The bloody barons the only one who can control him. Wont even listen to us prefects" With that he continued leading them up to their dorms. Hermione hoped it was soon.

When finally made it to the top of the tallest tower. Hermione and the rest of her classmates let out a breath of relief. Percy held out his hand as they approached a portrait of a fat lady, in a silken dress and robes of pink. Her brown hair pinned up in curls.

"Password?" She asked.

"Caput Draconis"

The portrait swung forward revealing a doorway. They all filed into it. Hermione looked around everything was red and gold. there were plus red chairs and couch in front of a roaring fire. There was a board with parchment and other notices pinned to it There were other chairs here and there and desks to do work on. She gave a small smile. She knew she'd become very familiar with those desks. She couldn't wait.

"This is our house common room. Your bedrooms are located upstairs. Boys to the right, Girls to the left. You'll find all your things have already been brought up and waiting for you. You'll be given your class schedule at breakfast tomorrow. Until then rest up and get ready to learn a lot." He nodded his head and left through the portrait hole once again.

Hermione and the other girls, Lavender Brown a blond with curly hair and blue eyes-Who kept squealing in Hermione's ear whenever they had seen something interesting on the way up.-. Parvarti Patil, an Indian with mocha skin and chocolate eyes that held a kindness to them. Fay Dunbar. A plain looking girl, lanky with long brown hair and blue eyes. Who chatted with their other roommate, a red head who's hair was in twin braids and hazel eyes. Hermione thought her name was Grace Williams but she couldn't be sure. Headed up the stairs, and went right why the boys went left. They continued until they found a door labeled "First years." Their trunks had indeed been brought up, and there were now Gryffindor crests on their robes. Hermione went to hers and brought out one of her nightgowns which she quickly changed into.

She was so tired, she didn't bother to look around the room, she'd do so in the morning. She also forgot to remove her necklace as she crawled onto the bed. She got under the covers and fell asleep within minutes of her head hitting the pillow. Almost as soon as she was out cold. The pendant was covered in a green light. When it faded the pendant was as good as the day it had entered her family. The scales gold and shimmering, the vines a vivid green even the metal itself had a freshly polished look. A liquid silver in color. Causing the green and gold to stand out.

A Dark figure unknown to them appeared in the room, though not truly there the image flickered. Just like an illusion, green eyes glowing in the dark with magic.


Authors note two: I don't often do this one at the beginning and one at the end but I didn't want to spoil the first chapter with this question. Not all the chapters are going to be exactly cannon like this but there are key events through the years I want to include my question is. Did I make this too cannon I really like how this turned out but I still want to hear your thoughts so I can think about how to go about certain events. Did I take to much from the books? to detailed? I've never written such a long chapter. To close to the book?