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Name Asger-Means God Spear

SONG: MONO INC. WHEN THE RAVEN DIES TONIGHT. Omg this song. Check it out. It fits this story to a T. Official song for this :) . Which I've been trying to find since before I even started. I knew there was a song somewhere out there. This is more a male version of what I feel fits the story. Still looking for a female POV song. If anyone has sudgestions let me know! I love listening to new music. Often getting inspired! Warning lyrics below are not in order. The first part is from the beginning the second is from later but they work together. For those of you who don't like looking up songs.

I knock on the door, I tap on the floor its gloomy in my mind , I scratch on the wall to feeble to bawl all along the line. Im losing faith -im loosing faith-Here in my darkness

Somebody out there. someone to hold me. When the Raven dies tonight. A Rare soul to Believe me. A savior to release me. A guiding light to lead me. Hello? Is there somebody here?

Hermione woke up the next morning. Both groggy and excited. As she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, she smiled wide and giggled. Roling onto her back she gazed up at the stone ceiling. She kicked her legs in a way children did when excited. She was unable to hold still. Hermione had always been excited for the first day of school, wondering what she would be learning that year. Today however was infinitely more exciting and important than any previous year of education. She would be learning magic, how to control the power she held. She would be learning more about the wizarding world she had suddenly ben thrust into. With no complaints from her. She'd be learning how it worked. There had to be more than saying words and waving wands. She knew there was science and practicality to it, if her brief research on potions and herbology.

With a final sigh, Hermione decided to leave the comfort of her warm bed. She shivered as her bare feet touched the chilly stone floor. It served as a further wake up call. Bringing her body back to the land of the living. She glanced over to the window she was lucky enough to get next to her bed. The sky was lightening up. The sun however had not yet risen. It had to be around five in the morning. The birds were singing, and the sky a light purple instead of black. She always got up before the sun. She found it calming. Hermione also quite enjoyed watching the sun rise why enjoying a hot cup of tea or hot cocoa. Why also giving her plenty of time to get ready for the day. She stretched pointing her fingers in the air before freezing. Suddenly realizing the familiar weight on her chest So familiar it hadn't registered tell now. Hermione was so used to the feeing. She was not however used to sleeping with it on, and waking up with it the next day.

Hermione's heart amost dropped. Her blood ran cold as ear coursed through her entire being. Had she damaged it? Did it break? She looked around quickly. Spotting a door opposite the one that lead to the stairs to the common room. A bathroom? Se ran toward it. Opening up and closing it quickly. How she didn't wake up her roommates she'd never know. She hadn't been quiet in her haste. Nor did she care. Upon entering the bathroom. She looked around. There were four shower stalls, a few bathroom stalls. A sink to one side and a few vanities . Some cushions in front of them. At the center of the room where they could talk to each other why getting ready or to wait their turn.

Hermione went to the sinks. So she could look in the mirror. Her eyes immediately went to the Amulet. She was relieved. It was intact. It hadn't broken or chipped. Relief quickly turned to confusion. Instead of seeing the old worn rustic Amulet. She was used to seeing. She saw bright gold snakes, the ivy fully green and vibrant. The silver polished. In other words it looked brand new. Like she had just bought it.

She looked at it in the refection. Her eyes drawn to it like the irst time she had seen it. It was beautiful. She reached up and touched the snakes gently. Feeing the grooves and lines of the scales she was intimately familiar with, she often traced them when thinking or nervous, when taking a test or doing something life changing or important. It was her good luck charm. Hermione was not used to the green glow that started to surround them at her touch. Followed by a tingling over her fingers were they were connected. Hermione could swear she even saw them move.

Hermione reached up intent on taking it off so she could get a closer look, and she did not wish to shower with it on. She frowned she couldn't find the clasp. She ran her fingers all around the chain. Nothing. It had also mysteriously shortened so she could not pull it over her head either. She didn't seem to find herself panicking. She found herself questioning her mine ever curious. Why wasn't she panicking. Wouldn't the normal response to something like this be to panic? Also did this have anything to do with what happened at dinner last night? The image of the man she had seen was etched into her mind. Vivid against blurred surroundings.

Hermione briefly thought of finding a teacher, perhaps they could tell her what was going on. She shook that thought out of her head her hand clasping tighter. No, hat if they tried to remove it and if they succeeded not give it back? It would have to be a secret for now until it was absolutely necessary. She'd find out for herself. She vowed to visit the Library which Hogwarts a History had said was the largest in the country. Yes, she'd research into it. The Professors would be a last resort. It had never caused harm before anyhow.

Hermione her thoughts swirling. Went back into the chamber and to her trunk. Taking her uniform, and toiletries she brought it back in to the bathroom. Setting it down on a small seat next to each stall. Above it a rack with two fluffy towels one smaller than the other. Sliding open the stall door she turned on the shower and messed with the knobs tell it was the perfect temperature. It didn't take long for her to bathe, her hair taking up the longest time it was so thick. The water was repelled around the Amulet. At least she didn't have to worry about it being damaged. Any doubts of it being enchanted washed away with the water.

Once Hermione was done she tied her hair up in the smaller towel and dried off. Quickly changing into her uniform she went to the sink. Drying her hair with the towel she put both in the basket she assumed was for laundry. Hermione quickly brushed and flossed, Oral hygiene wired into her brain. More so than most people with her parents as dentists. She had seen what not taking care of your teeth could do. Once clean she ran a comb through her hair, wincing. Hermione took her wand. She felt like testing the drying spell. She had used it on a few damp carpets. Never her hair. She was confident in her abilities. She was not disappointed after a precise wave of her wand and mutter of a spell her hair instantly dried, still frizzy but far less than if it had air dried.

Leaving the bathrooms she glanced at the window. The sky was turning pink. Almost time to head down to breakfast. She had enough time to get settled in. Tying the curtains around the posts, and making her bed out of habit. She started to make the space hers. Using the bulletin board provided. She pinned her Calendar, a few pictures of her parents, and of her with them, one of her and her grandma and an old picture of her grandmother working on dig in the Arabian desert. Wearing stereotypical kaki pants boots and shirt. It was black and white.

Hermione smiled. Putting her brush on the bed side table, as well as extra parchment, her favorite muggle books. First editions of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy. Using two purple and blue paperweights just heavy enough to keep them upright. The last thing she added was a quill and Ink. Ready if any thoughts or last minute notes needed to be jotted down. She now felt the space was hers.

By the time Hermione had finished making herself at home. The sun had risen high enough that she felt it was time to go to breakfast. Grabbing her bag, making sure she had everything she could possibly need in the day. Extra quills, ink and parchment jut in case, Her books, two of advancements, the other how the Ministry of magic acted with other countries, which one they were closest two and which needed more work on international co-operation it was so far very fascinating.

Swinging her bag over her shoulder. She made her way out of Gryffindor tower and down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Using her memory from the night before, with the staircases changing . She had to politely ask a few helpful portraits for directions. Hermione nearly bounced to the Gryffindor table. Ready to take whatever the day decided to throw at her.

It seemed life times to Loki as he waited for the sun to rise. He had changed from his cloths the day before into darker black clothing, his armor and coat, green silk interwoven barely noticeable within the fabric. Loki wasted no time upon seeing the first rays appear over the sea. He grabbed his daggers putting them in reaching distance in his coat, a sharp blade in his belt and another knife he slid into his boot. He may of ascertained there was no immediate threat or danger to his witch at the current moment. He did sense something from the forest, and within the castle whatever it was it made him uneasy. Besides Loki was going to take no chances in Midgard.

Loki left the room, the guards no where in sight. They had stayed at the ends of the halls. Good. He didn't speak as he past a pair , didn't even give them a glance. His practiced feet lead him to the quickest way to the stables. He glanced around as he decended the steps. Trying to look like he was just going on a morning ride. He had just finished saddling his brown horse Asger and was putting on his riding gloves, when he heard feet approaching. Loki turned his green gaze up and over to the new comer. Tugging at the reigns he gently petted Asger soothing him as he whinnied impatiently. He always had been able to sooth animals. He got along better with them than his brothers friends.

Loki cursed his luck but kept his face impassive as Sif's dark head came into view. She was stunning in warriors garb, tall and curvy, she wore black leggings beneath the shield maiden skirt . There had been a time he had liked her, but that was a long time ago. What he had seen in her he would never know. Maybe it was due to her not so hidden affections for his brother. Or that she was unlike anyone he had met before. or there was a very high chance he had just been bored of the women around the palace and close by village. Even if he hadn't really felt feelings for her like he thought, he still did not take rejection well having cursed her once golden hair into dark locks almost as dark as a Vanir's. Which she usually kept in a high ponytail. Sif was a fierce warrior, who's skill was only beaten really by the warriors three and Thor. Though she was quite equal with them. They just had more battle experience. Sif was the youngest of them.

Personally he thought she looked better with dark hair. It matched her personality and the warriors started to take her more seriously after that. Sif however never forgave him.

"Loki? What are you doing here this early?" Sif asked her dark eyes looking at him with suspicion.

"Is it suddenly a crime for a Prince of Asgard to go for a morning ride?" He glanced at her. Again stroking Asger and muttering to him softly to sooth him.

"We will be on our way soon." Loki assured him.

"No, but your never out this early. Where are you headed?"

Loki thought the question through before answering. It was not any of her business, but Sif was the prying sort. He had to give her something. Or she would just follow him. He was not inclined to have the woman warrior get in his way today.

"That is none of your business . If you must know. My family has made it clear that I have been spending to much time in the library. A trip might clear my head."

"Can this not wait tell later Loki? We're all suppose to be practicing new tactics this day. We are all, including you, expected to train some of the new recruits today whilst the officers tend to affairs your father needs them to do."

"No this can not. The five of you should be more than adequate to take on those responsibilities by yourselves. Unless you really think you can't handle a few young bloods."

He smirked as her eyes flared.

"We can handle it without you just fine Loki" she hissed. Her eyes flashing and Loki had to hold the reigns to keep from laughing out loud. She was just to easy to rile up.

"You may inform Thor that I shall be gone for at least a week."

"A week? Where are you going to be for a week? I thought you were just getting fresh air. Loki! what is going on? If something's wrong you should tell Thor. You better not be up to any of your tricks Lie-smith" Sif put her hands on her hips.

"It is no concern of yours Sif. Thor doesn't need to be apart of everything. Despite what you seem to believe. I'll be back in a week." Loki clenched his jaw, always Thor. The sun didn't revolve around him. As some would think.

Ignoring Sifs disbelieving stare as he brushed her off. He lead Asger out of the stalls and mounted him with ease. Pressing his heel in he clicked his tongue and they were off. He let a laugh escape him feeling the wind go through his hair. Asger seemed to be enjoying the exercise as well. He had grown a bond with Asger over the years. He didn't even have to pull his reigns. Only doing so if they needed to go a certain direction instead of the usual route. He just told him where to go.

It did not take long for them to reach and start their rainbow bridge crossing. He urged Asger faster. The wind smelling of sea salt, stung his cheeks. They made it to Heimdall in record time. He jumped off before Asger even stopped landing gracefully. He grabbed an apple out of his space and walked over to him holding it out so he could eat it. Loki stroked his mane thanking him. Loki steeled himself. Heimdall was a hard person to read. Even harder to get to co-operate but maybe, in this he would be on his side.

Loki had many ways off this realm into others, including Midgard. All of them would of been faster than coming all the way down to the gates. He had been tempted to use these. So very tempted. He knew better than that, as tempting as that was. He could even shield himself from Heimdalls sight as easy as breathing. In the long term that was not a god idea Thor would come looking, and even he wasn't so dim witted to not figure out where he had gone. Particularly if mother had decided to tell him what had happened the night previous. He'd then ask Heimdall where he had gone, and when he was unable to be found it would raise a lot of questions. That could hinder his ability to watch over the Witch.

Loki wished he had not enchanted the amulet to shield the wearer from prying eyes. Something he was both glad for and regretted. He couldn't have Heimdall pinpoint the girl, he couldn't see her. It would of saved him three years of research and waiting. That was something he would have to fix. Just enough so Heimdall was the only one that could see her if looking. It wouldn't hurt to have extra eyes on her. He did after all have duties expected of him, sometimes even having to go long periods of time to other realms. Loki could only feel her emotions, he would only know she was in danger if she felt intense fear. Or if she were hurt he'd feel it himself. Heimdall had ways of contacting the Royal family when the need was great. That could come in handy. All that combined lead him there.

Loki made his way closer to the golden gatekeeper, dark skinned with golden armor glowing golden eyes that looked like they had their own galaxies and always seemed a bit sad. It must be a curse, to see and hear everything. Both good and Bad. He stood ridgedley. Heimdall didn't move his head.

"I was beginning to wonder when you would come my Prince."

Loki looked at him, but didn't say anything. He was irritated enough that he had to let Heimdall in on this. Then again he knew .The only one outside the Royal family that was privy. Of course he had seen everything when it had happened. He needed Heimdall as an ally.

"You have found your witch then?"

"Would I be here had I not?"

"I will open the bi-frost on one condition, be careful. If Odin find's out what you're doing before he's told. I do not envy your punishment. Do you have the coordinates ? The magical Midgardians are very good at hiding. I am honor bound to answer to the all-father if he should ask where you went. I will tell him. However. In just this one thing. I shall stretch the truth just a bit. That you got curious and are on Midgard for studies"

Loki was taken aback. Heimdall who told his father everything; was willing to omit the full details? He was suddenly very grateful the last thing he wanted was a lecture from his father about how no prince of Asgard should be a Midgardian's lap dog. Though he knew his mother would be on his side in this. Hel even Thor would stand up. He still didn't want to hear it. He looked at him with a bit more respect. Seriously did she touch the hearts of everyone she met? Even ridged Heimdall was bending rules. Who had never even met her in person. He wasn't doing this for him. Loki wasn't that daft. For her family.

"She's in a school for her kind. It is shrouded by a rather powerful enchantment, to keep it from being easily found unless you know where it is. I did find in my search; there is a town near it called Hogsmead. It is full of magical Midgardians but it is small. There are a few warning enchantments but nothing to shroud it. At least nothing strong enough to block your gaze. It is in what I believe they call Scotland?" Loki looked over at the Gatekeeper. Whos golden gaze seemed to move as if shifting through something. There was an uncomfortable pause.

"I see it. It is a quaint but strange village. I will open the bi-frost to a clearing just north of it. It will still draw their attention. It's far enough away that it will give you some time to go unnoticed." Heimdall put the sword in its place and turned it. Opening a swirling blue light that would take him to Midgard.

"You have my gratitude this day Heimdall." He stepped through the Bifrost. He felt the all to familiar rush at the fast travel. When Loki hit the earth he landed with ease in a kneeling position one fist on his chest his other hand out flat on the ground. Much like one would bow before the all father. Minimizing impact but creating a small shock wave. Loki eased himself up slowly and dusted himself off. Landing in Midgard was always rough, the way back was easier he could stand on both feet.

Loki looked around at the scorched earth with a runic design now burned into it. The grass around it singed. His eyes traveled upward into the sky figuring out which direction was south. Once found he quickly became invisible so those around him could not see him. Not a moment to soon either. There was a sound of at least a half dozen "pops", as adults of her kind appeared to investigate. Peculiar sticks raised in their hands. The Bifrost had indeed gathered their attention.

A woman wearing a deep blue dress, the neck line plunging to reveal an awful lot of cleavage that would fluster most on Asgard. Not enough though to be considered normal on Alfheim. Long curly golden blond hair going down to her mid back. Her blue eyes scanned the Runic mark. With a flick of her stick and a mutter in another language that he didn't understand. In what Loki could tell was some form of spell.

"Expecto Patronum" She called out, and a bright blue misted light that had a happy energy about it shot out at the tip of the stick. That was very clearly a conductor for their magic. Odd, than again Midgardians were odd. Their magical society appeared to be more so.

Loki lingered a bit. Hands behind his back curious as the blue light slowly solidified into a translucent horse. The silvery horse galloped around her for a moment before standing in front of her.

"Headmaster Dumbledore, there has been a disturbance near Hogsmead. A bright light and now there are scortched runes on the ground. This could be a threat to our students, tell the teachers to be on guard. With another wave of her hand the horse sped off. So it was a communication spell of some kind. Fascinating. He really had to study more of their magic. He wasn't sure if his magic could do anything like theirs, but it was worth noting.

Feeling like he lingered to long. Loki disappeared traveling through space, stopping just outside the castle. He relaxed his shoulders. At least they seemed to take protecting their children very seriously. Not that it would help them to much in this case. Lucky for them he wasn't here to harm anyone. That isn't to say he would promise he wouldn't stir up a bit of trouble though. He smirked.

Loki took the time to look up at the castle, getting his first good look at it in the day where he could see more. it was primitive but rather Impressive regardless. Tall towering spires and torrents. Hundreds of windows. Everything appeared to be made of stone. Though it was still in the early hours of the morning there were signs of activity. The castle was waking up.

Loki looked around, the lake he had seen the night previously was bigger than he thought. It had to go for miles at least, a giant squid was floating on top lazily moving its tentacles, not the strangest thing he had ever seen but surprising nonetheless he hadn't expected something like that to be hidden in Midgard. There was more than they previously thought about Midgard. Loki found himself pondering what else was hidden here. The scholar in him immensely curious. He walked further, finding stone steps leading up. He took his time getting the feel of the place. Near the forest was a rather large hut. A giant of a man, well half giant at least he wasn't nearly big enough to be a a full giant unless he was a runt. He was big with shaggy black hair and beard. Going about his daily routine ferrets on strings around his neck A large hound at his feet following him lazily. It's tail wagging back and forth.

Loki caught movement out of the corner of his eye. His attention was drawn to a willow tree standing strong and proud it's branches and whole trunk moving. Hitting birds or anything that got to close. The birds becoming a poof of feathers.

Someone apparently didn't like company. He laughed, finding the willow rather amusing. It shook itself, a few green leaves falling and became still once more.

He paused at the archway leading into a courtyard. He turned around to look over the forest. It was even bigger than the lake. The trees close together, he got a very dark feeling from it. There were ancient things hidden within. Things best left alone he expected. Loki's eyes were suddenly drawn away again this time to the sky, as a creature broke through the canopy. A winged horse it turned out. Loki cast a spell on his eyes so he could see the creature more closely. He was now able to take in its skeletal appearance, large leathery wings and reptilian face with white glowing eyes.

They looked like something off of Nifleheim. " I wonder what you are called?" he thought as he watched it fly close to the hut and touched down. The giant man threw it a ferret which it happily ate. The creature had a sort of gentleness about it. If one got past its appearance.

After watching for a bit more , Loki turned back and headed through the courtyard. Focused once again and remembering his way from his exploration the night before. He was headed toward the tower where he had last seen her. When he stopped. Feeling the pull of the amulet moving and a pulse of her magic not far from him. He changed direction going down another hall. Loki saw various students making their way to the feasting hall. All ranging from around his witches age to late Midgardian teens. Ah, breakfast that made sense. She wasn't going to be in the tower all day. Just surprised him since it was so early. Children liked to sleep if he remembered correctly. Loki had always been so eager to learn that he got up earlier than others and he'd be forced to wait.

There were not many in the feasting hall yet. Loki noticed as he followed a group of teenagers into the hall. Plates of food lined the four tables. So it was easy to find his witch. Not that it would of been hard for him even if it was packed. Having familiarized himself with her magic, and being able to sense the amulet. Had he not had those things. Loki would still be able to find her. Her bushy brown hair made her stand out quite a bit. Loki walked closer, time to figure out what she was like. He felt oddly nervous. He had never been a guardian before. The odd protection detail didn't count. His older brother had a few times. No one had ever trusted Loki enough. Further proof in his mind; That his friend had been very addled in the brain.

She sat in the in the middle of the table by herself. Only five others scattered around it. A large book propped up on the table. Her eyes darting around the page like she was starving. She ate some eggs without once removing her eyes from the pages, or getting any on it. He watched her curiously, besides her doe like eyes and features that would no doubt become more regal as she got older. The only thing she had in common with Elinor was how her smile went to one side as if she was holding some big secret. There was something about this girl that was unique. He couldn't put a finger on it. She really couldn't be compared to anyone else she was simply her. It was in her aura and he got that same impression at his first brush of her magic against his. Soothing like water washing away the blood after battle. As he got closer again a the taste of velvet sweet wine brushed over his tongue. He was glad he was only attuning himself to her. With all the magic around him he was sure to get a headache. He opened himself just to simple sensation he would be able to tell if a Midgardian or magic was negative or positive.

Loki held still his hands in front of him like he often did during his fathers lectures. Studying her. He wanted to know about her. He didn't want to keep comparing her to an ancestor she probably didn't even know a thing about. What made this girl her. The biggest question, and priority was finding out what in the nine realms her name was.

Loki had to back up suddenly to avoid being bumped into by a curly red headed boy about five years older, tall with glasses that kept falling down his nose, as he half ran to her a big stack of parchment in his arms.

"Hermione." he pushed his glasses back up.

So your name is Hermione he thought. A small smirk forming. First question solved.

There was no answer, just the sound of a page being turned.

"Hermione" The boy said again.

Still no answer.

"Hermione!" The boy finally raised his voice a bit higher, and gently touched her shoulder.

It didn't look like threat to Loki, but his whole body tensed. He knew Midgardians were not the same Asgardians , being more freer with their affections, In Asgard there was an etiquette one had to follow. Different kinds of touching meaning different things. A language all it's own. The royal family was held in an even higher standard. One had to be carful one misunderstood touch could lead to a major headache. Particularly one in public.-He himself had a bit of an embarrassing incident in his teen years with a Vanir named Sigyn that took months to fix. It was an accident he swore.- He really didn't' like just how casual the boy was. Until he decided he was safe or not; Loki was not going to allow him to touch her. He wouldn't interfere with their culture, but until he knew her relationships with others. He wasn't going to allow even casual touching. Once he established who she was closest too he'd allow it, depending on what the touch was, and who it was. In the meantime... With a flick of his wrist He sent a shock of electricity at where they were connected. It would feel a bit stronger than static not putting to much power into it to avoid it being suspicious. He was rewarded when the boy immediately removed his hand.

"Hermione." He said again. Shaking his hand a bit to shake off the shock. That undoubtedly was feeling a bit numb.

Hermione finally jumped, and let out a startled sound.

"Oh! Percy you scared me" Hermione put a hand over her heart.

"Sorry Hermione. I had been trying to get your attention for the past three minutes. That book must be rather interesting." Percy pushed his glasses back up.

Hermione's cheeks went crimson.

"Yes, I picked it up at Flourish and Blotts for a bit of light reading. What is it you need?"

Light? Loki smirked. The tome was huge and it looked rather heavy. It had to be a third her weight. Her idea of a light read was apparently the same as his.

"What is it called?." Percy rifled through the papers tell he apparently found what he was looking for

"Your class schedule"

"Oh, Thank you." She took the paper and started to look over it.

"It's called Magical advancements in the seventieth century. It's fascinating at all the potion advancements during this time."

Tired of standing Loki took a seat across from them one elbow on the table his finger tracing his lips as he thought. This was going to be difficult. Even if he made himself invisible like right now, others could still bump into him and his cover would be blown. From what he remembered from his earliest studies. Classrooms were small and they all crowded together.

Loki listened to Hermione as she rattled off important advancements, hardly pausing for breath which he found rather impressive, like her lungs couldn't move fast enough to keep pace with her thoughts. She was fiercely intelligent. Giving the older boy a run for his money as they debated if a blood replenishing potion was more important of advancement, or the development of a diagnostic spell that allowed one to see if any damage was done internally. Both were good points. Loki was inclined to side with Hermione on this. Replenishing one's life blood seemed far more important. As long as blood flow was stopped and replenished it wouldn't be to hard to find out what was wrong and go about fixing it. Though Loki was a bit Biased in this. The soul forge was a far better at highlighting ones physiology and pin pointing an illness or injury. Also he had seen almost more death by blood loss as death by fatal blows. They however were on the right track. Though monumental as their advancements sounded individually. Used together they would be far more effective.

He tapped his fingers silently looking around memorizing the feast hall. It wasn't nearly as impressive as it had been the night before with the very stars outside reflecting on the ceiling. That was serious magic. He had always loved the night sky. Ever since his mother first started teaching him their solar systems and the stories behind the constellations. There was just so many possibilities it was infinite. He noted the older magical Midgardians ate their breakfasts. Along the back table over looking the other four. They must be the head scholars. The vantage point was a good one on keeping an eye on so many children.

As the morning grew later, and more students flowed in. He started to notice there was a sort of order. He sat up straighter to pay more attention.-Why still keeping a rather vigilant eye on Hermione. Who was once again immersed in her book.- Each table students had different crests and colored ties he thought they were called. Loki wasn't exactly up to date on Midgardian customs let alone clothing. The table where he sat across from Hermione. The ties were red and gold. The crest a red and gold Lion. -This was going to forever grate on his nerves.- The table behind Hermione. Was a bit more tolerable though he got an odd feeling about the group. Their colors a silver and green, with a silver snake. He liked the snake part , it was his favorite creature. Though a strong negative magic coming from a particular group at the center of the table, who seemed to revolve around a blond. Not evil, but Negative.

The table directly Behind Loki he observed a canary yellow and black combination. It reminded him of a bee, he smirked at that, remembering when his brother got stung by messing around with one. Even though their mother told him not to tease it. He kept poking it until it finally stung. Their crest a badger at least that's what he thought it was. A sociable animal living in large dens. He also remembered they were rather vicious when threatened. Loki was rather surprised he remembered that. He had only read briefly through the Midgardian wildlife in the archives.

The last table who's students wore blue and bronze an eagle on their crests. Had their schedules out and were discussing excitedly about lessons. He observed a few, like Percy wore badges on their robes. Below each one he read. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff-What in the Norns is a hufflepuff?-, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. House names? what did they mean? Loki was very confused. Apart from the fact that students appeared to be sorted into groups. He had no idea what the groups meant.

Loki at least recognized house colors and crests when he saw them. After all every clan in Asgard had their own. The Royals and nobility had individual ones. Picked very carefully on their hundredth year. His own were Green and Gold. Green the color of his Magic, that and he had always been drawn to the color. His mother had so Kindly pointed out that it was the color of growth. Teasing him endlessly about it. Loki had chosen to ignore that. It really had been because Green was the color of his Magic.

Loki's choice in gold however was a bit more complicated it was more than a royal color more than wealth , power and status. Though that was a factor. It could also mean illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. Ultimately he chose it because his elder brother had chosen Gold. They had been closer back then. It meant different things to each of them however. Loki was rather passionate always seeking more knowledge that was what the gold represented for him. Thor was another mater. Royalty, wealth, status ,and power-The source of that power was again different.- were the only similarities. Thor was courageous compassionate freer with affection, always willing to befriend. Loki wasn't at all social preferring the library practicing his magic and playing tricks on everyone.

Thor's main color Red. Intense emotions, interaction, passion, desire, danger ,wrath and courage-Foolishly so I you asked him. His brother never knew the difference between recklessness and bravery.- and raw physical power. In general, the color red is connected to all things physical and emotional. The very embodiment of Thor.

Loki's colors combined, He was quite proud to admit. Magic, wisdom , power not much in the physical sense though he could hold his own. His power lied elsewhere., Desire. -He desired a lot of things.-and calculation. Everything he was.

Both their choices were so very different yet similar. They balanced each other out. Much like how they were. Loki came up with plans though often ignored. Sought political ways out of a problem first. Or just lying his way out. Where his brother would just rather beat the problem into submission, a method that did occasionally have merit. A trait Loki often used to his advantage. Thor was more hands on where as Loki, though good in physical combat much preferred using tricks, magic and his silver tongue to get out of situations. Gold may be shared between them, but it meant something different to each brother. So the same but not the same. Equal.

Their crests were completely different matter. Loki smiled remembering. Thor had barely spent a week on his, his weapon Mjolnir became his crest . Loki had commented that it was lazy. His brother really had not put any thought or effort into it. Thor had just laughed it off saying he rather be training than designing.

When Loki became of age to create his own. He took damn near a year researching. In the end he chose two intertwined snakes. Knowledge, power, duality of good and evil. Mistchevious ,cunning, his favorite creature. Even his own Familiars Agmundr and Jórunnr are snakes. Snakes who serve him well; and who now made their home on his main amulet the one he was now watching the witch play with idly. He could feel their happy vibes. They were rather fond of her enjoying her subconscious attention. Which was funny since they had gone into hibernation the moment he put it in her ancestors hand. They had not bonded at all to the girl. Just like Elinor had foreseen her birth. They to seemed to have been waiting patiently for the same girl. Hermione to be born. The Norns worked in mysterious ways. Agmundr in particular seemed to think she was well worth the long sleep. He chose them intertwining in the sign of infinity. Never having a start or stop. In the end the crest was obvious. Even so he didn't rush into it he researched but always came back to the end result. After all it would be permanent. Best be absolutely sure.

Loki drummed his fingers on the wooden table which was filling rapidly now and he still hadn't come up with a solution for his problem. Hermione had finally put her book down in order to eat her breakfast more than a couple bites here and there. His eyes were drawn to a round faced boy who dropped the schedule Percy handed him almost immediately after taking it.

"Good morning Neville!" Hermione chirped giving a genuine smile.

"Good morning to you to Hermione." Neville took a spot next to her. He sounded rather out of breath like he ran there.

"I barely made my way here. I woke up late, and then I got lost, why do the staircases have to change? I thought for sure I'd miss breakfast Then I realized I don't know the schedule. So I wouldn't even know where I should be trying to go. I was in such a hurry as well what if I forgot something?"

Loki watched with mild amusement as Hermione took Neville's bag and started taking out items. Checking them, checking their schedules to make sure he had everything for today at least.

"You don't have any Parchment, Quills or Ink." She commented as she put everything in his bag. Taking out her own rather heavy one. How many books could one person carry around? It had to weigh more than she did.

Loki watched as she took out a dozen quills, four bottles of jet black ink and extra rolls of parchment paper. Hermione passed the boy an extra ink bottle,four quills, and two rolls of parchment.

"You're a life saver Hermione!" Neville looked relieved and Hermione was giving a genuine smile. Her eyes lighting up as if helping him with something so simple was worthy of being proud of. Loki could think of a few things more worthy of being proud of. Yet the pure joy it gave her was hard to ignore making him smile.

A faint smell of wet grass and earth after a heavy storm and a feel like lighting, suddenly hit him hard. His head whipped toward the entrance of the feast hall eyes searching. He almost thought Thor had followed him. Then remembered Thor was not going to be looking for a while. For magic to completely take over his senses like that it alarmed him in a way. He rarely felt power like that. His parents were one of them and a few Vanir and Elves he had met but all four of them were ancient. Hermione had potential once she was trained and grown into her own, and he removed the cage, which he wouldn't do tell she was fifteen or so. The sheer amount he felt would overwhelm her at the moment. His eyes landed on a boy Hermione's age. With untidy hair and green eyes behind, What did Midgardians call them? Glasses. There had been a strong negative energy that appeared briefly before over run by a strange powerful positive energy.

Loki got up and circled the table tell he was behind Hermione. Creating green sparks on his finger tips just in case, his body tense. There was something more to the boy something that made him uncomfortable. There had been a brief dark aura coming from his scar. Then disappeared. The boy himself looked normal enough. Stil Loki couldn't shake that feeling. He kept close to Hermione. The feeling was gone. He would keep an eye on the boy though. He wasn't going to lower his guard so easily.

The boy chose a spot in front of Hermione. He filled his plate still half asleep. A red head equally as sleepy and similar to Percy, both in magic and appearance it was obvious they were brothers. Sat next to him.

"Good Morning Harry! Ron!" Hermione smiled. She seemed perfectly awake. Though Loki never understood how someone could be so chipper upon waking up. He got up early himself. He had training and a lot of responsibilities. That didn't mean he tolerated company before late morning.

"Morning" The dark haired one Loki thought was Harry, since Hermione's eyes had gone to him when saying his name.

"I'm excited for our first lesson! Our first class is charms. It's all terribly exciting." She gushed her eyes alight with excitement.

"Bloody hell Hermione, are you always this chipper in the morning?" Ron groaned crossing his arms on the table and burying his head there.

Hermione waved him off.

"I am a bit nervous" Harry Admitted.

"What if I don't do so well?"

"You'll do fine. Besides this is why we are here; to learn. Every great witch and wizard started just like us. No clue. You'll see we will be just fine."

Ron grunted into his arms, but Harry gave her a small smile. His nerves having been eased just like the Neville boy. Loki wondered if it was some form of magic her family possessed. Or if they were just natural with people.

There was suddenly loud screeching and hoots causing Loki to look up as hundreds of owls of varying breeds and sizes swooped in from the high windows. Some dropping parcels in kids laps or hands. He recognized some as letters. Loki watched interestedly at this strange phenomenon. Was this how they received their messages? By Owl? It certainly appeared so.

A snowy owl, bearing no packages landed infront of Harry. Harry smiled and stroked her feathers. Breaking off some toast into bite sized pieces for her. Loki could tell it was a female. She was bigger her wing span longer. Snowy owl females were bigger than males. Loki only knew this from his previous time in Midgard. He had found the birds interesting. And intelligent.

This particular owl. As she nibbled on crisp bread and drank a bit from the goblet. Was looking right at him. Animals were always able to sense him, the aware ones at lesat. She did not look at him with distrust, but with a knowing gentleness she was not alarmed. Her beautiful feathers ruffled proudly as if she knew he was admiring her. Loki smirked, she was proud. He could admire that.

After a gentle nip to Harry's finger. Loki had relaxed a bit now about the boy. He'd continue to watch him for now. Loki had the strangest feeling that if the owl trusted the boy. He could. He just wouldn't easily. He couldn't explain the feeling he got from her. She gave several hoots and flew off with the rest of the owls. Her soft wings grazing Loki's cheek.

At the small brush, and watching her and the other birds go. He suddenly got an idea, he smirked, eyes glinting with mischievousness. Had his Brother or the others been there. They would be shifting uneasily. He had found the answer to his problem.

Albus Dumbledore stood in front of the scorched earth. Peering behind half moon spectacles as he read the intricate words and designs. He was not even the tiniest bit surprised. Though the reasons were still unclear. The god of Mischief and Lies was in their midst. He circled the rune. He had been expecting this since the previous night.

-Last Night-

Dumbledore watched the sorting, clapping as first years were sorted into the house they would be in for the rest of their school carreer. Nothing to out of the ordinary. Other than Harry Potter. The boy would have a very trying life ahead of him. He wished he did not have to bear such a heavy burden. That was until Hermione Granger's name was called.

Dumbledore noticed a pendant around her neck, more so he sensed dormant magic in it. He moved forward in his chair a bit more to get a closer look. He was quite surprised to see a Norse God's amulet around her neck. Loki's if he remembered correctly from his studies. It wasn't the normal kind of pendant one would pick up because they liked it, or they worshiped them. No this was a real protection amulet, and a very powerful one if he wasn't mistaken. Even amongst wizards real protection amulets were not easy to find, or to create. There for were really rare.

He non verbally cast a charm that allowed him to see magic signatures, it wouldn't last long. Just long enough for him to see that it was feeding off the condensed magic in the air, it was dormant but waking up if the squirming of the snakes were anything to go by. Miss Granger just became rather interesting. He best prepare for a rather special guest. Loki would be around before long.

He had not thought it would be so soon. He did not believe any of the students were in any danger unless they posed a direct threat to Miss Granger. Very small odds of that. Loki was there for one reason, and one reason only. Though he couldn't fathom why.

"Well Albus?" Madam Rosmerta chewed her lip worriedly.

"The students are in no immediate danger madam. Hogwarts has found itself host to a rather unexpected guest. Harm is not the intention. Do not fear Rosmerta." He was purposefully vague.

"Alright" She looked worried and not thoroughly convinced but she trusted him.

Dumbledore turned on his heel, Aparating back to his office, lost in thought. He would very much like to speak to Loki. How did one get an audience with someone that did not want his presence known?

He started to pace his office, Thinking.

Hermione had the feeling of being watched since breakfast that morning. It hadn't gone away at all. It was odd that she didn't feel threatened by it. It just was an annoying feeling. Like an itch you couldn't scratch. She blew some of her hair out of her face. Her second class that day History of magic taught by the only ghost teacher Professor Binns. He gave her quite a fright when he floated into class through the blackboard. Was at least going smoother than her first of Charms. He was a rather boring speaker but his knowledge was enough to keep her attention. She let her quill go across the paper making meticulous notes so she wouldn't forget anything. Whenever she glanced around she realized she was the only one not dozing.

Her first Class, taught by a small man named Professor Flitwick. Who had to stand on a pile of books just to be seen. Had not gone smoothly at all. Charms started normal enough. The Professor introducing himself, starting a loose outline of what they'd be learning that semester. She was most excited to learn how to make objects fly. Though a bit disappointed they'd have to wait tell next month. He was just about to get into the second half of the term when the window had blown open. Simple enough so Flitwick had gone over and closed it.

He had started again, when it blew open again. Flitwick shut it with his wand this time. It immediately opened back up. He tried a locking spell, that didn't work it opened again. By this time Flitwick was getting annoyed so he put a broom through the handles. That hadn't worked either it went skyrocketing and the door flew open.

Flitwick had thrown up his hands in defeat , muttering about enchanted castles and needing to inspect the window later. Hermione was quite glad to go back to making notes on what their first lesson would be. When class was interrupted again. This time by a very large raven with oddly green eyes. Swooping in over their heads. Making them all duck to avoid getting hit. Flitwick had then spent the next ten minutes trying to shoo, and maneuver the raven back out the window.

The raven wasn't having it. It clipped Flitwick on top of the head with its wings whenever it passed over head. When it finally landed on a beam above them. Flitwick tried scaring it out flicking his wand sending spells at him. The raven just hopped along the beam avoiding the spells. It's green eyes watching Flitwick like he was part of a particularly fun game. When Flitwick finally gave up. The raven chose a beam above Hermione, Harry, Ron, Neville, and Seamus's row. Settling down directly above her, it started to preen its feathers.

After that the rest of the class went smoothly. The raven was rather quiet. It almost looked asleep. When she had gathered her things. The raven swooped out the window and it shut on its own.

Hermione had just finished her notes on the first goblin rebellion when she heard a tapping at the window to her left. She tried to ignore it, but the tapping continued incessantly. She sighed and glared at the window. She was met by green eyes looking at her, realizing it was the same raven pecking at the window and flapping it's wings trying to be let in. She made a small shh noise and a shooing motion.

"Go away! Some of us are trying to learn!" Well she was, everyone else was almost asleep. Seamus Finnegan was even drooling.

The raven paused a moment. It seemed to be laughing at her, and it started to peck again. Annoyed she leaned over and unlatched the window and pushed it open a bit.

"Please be quiet." Hermione hissed going back to listening to Binns.

The Raven hopped up on her desk and climbed up to her arm and around her shoulders so it was on her right. It settled itself there. Did she have a sign on her that screamed. "Perch here!" on her? The bird seemed determined to follow her. He chose the area above her head to sit. Now this, it made her suspicious.

"Is that the Raven from charms?" Harry, who had startled himself awake asked curiously.

"Must be mate. How many Ravens with green eyes have you met?" Ron turned back to staring out the other window he wasn't even trying to pay attention.

"He seems to like you." Neville commented. As the raven tugged at a strand of her frizzy hair.

She gave a long suffering sigh and tried to get through the rest of the class. The raven moved; jumping with small bat of its wings from her shoulder to the desk. Then walked over to her stack of books. Hoping up onto the stack with another beat of its wings. Giving her room to write. She curiously ran the back of her pointer finger over its downy feathers between it's shoulder blades. It was soft and sleek. The wings strong and flexed under her touch. He or She allowing her touch.

As she took notes and petted the Raven she became calm, finding herself wondering what the rest of the day would be like.

Her first day went very well. Even though the Raven had followed her everywhere. Except to the girls bathroom. Instead it waited for her outside. Perched on an unlit torch. He spent the day annoying some of the teachers, others found him amusing. The bird was so stubborn even Professor McGonagall gave up after a while. He was very fast. Whenever a teacher tried and failed to capture or lure him away it would give a caw that sounded like laughter.

"What on earth is wrong with this bird. I've never seen anything so stubborn!" Hermione thought. Annoyed by the bird but also amused. Though she didn't understand the attachment it had to her. The teachers didn't either. Professor McGonagall was the first of them to realize the Raven wasn't going anywhere. So she pointed to a golden perch used for birds to rest on during more advanced transfiguration. Professor McGonagall looked at Hermione then the green eyed bird. twirling her wand between her fingers looking thoughtful. With one last glance to the raven she continued on with her class like normal. Hermione taking vigilant and detailed notes for later use.

By the time the first day was over. She was tired, and she hadn't had the time to check out the library. So before dinner she found herself in the library. She found herself stunned as she stepped through the library archway for the very first time. After a few moments, forgetting the bird that now was on her shoulder. She was certain her mouth was open. The library was vast. Books floating in the air. A few older students taking a few down for work. It was almost a maze. Once out of her awe induced shock. Hermione made her way through the shelves. -Nearly running in her excitement- Her eyes roaming the books getting the feel of the different sections. She was amazed just how complex magic really was. It wasn't just waving wands and saying words. There was a science to it. Not the same kind as Muggles but a science still. Well studied and understood, more possibilities being discovered everyday. It didn't take Hermione very long to find the section she was looking for. The section appeared unused compared to other isles. The books covered in dust except a few here and there that had been used recently.

At once she started to take down any books about protection spells and amulets. Amulets in general, with a heavy emphasis of magical. She soon had a nice stack. Finding an empty table and taking a seat. She set the pile onto the table. With a flap of his wings the Raven perched itself on the top of the chair across from her.

Hermione took the first slightly dusty tome, with uneven pages that were yellowed with age. A tingle went down her back and she felt herself smiling. Opening it and releasing a cloud of dust. She coughed waving her hand over the book to settle the dust.

"Well, This hasn't been used in a while." She addressed the raven. Who had flown up onto a higher shelf, shaking its feathers of the dust that had settled over him.

"Sorry." She apologized.

Hermione ran her finger over the index. Finding a promising chapter she flipped to it. Blowing over the page, since she couldn't see the words very well. She started to read out loud to the Raven.

"Enchanted protection amulets, first started to appear in the twelfth century as a way for wizards to protect other wizards and witches from the muggles who wished them harm if they were accidentally revealed. They enchanted the Amulets with their powers and threw runes etched on the back for the meaning of the protection. They would pour their magic into it over time. Storing their energy. When most threatened the magic of the amulet would release and protect the wearer. The amulets also allowed the one they are connected with to sense where they were. If they were in danger so they could rush to them."

"Because of how much skill and magic one must pour into an amulet. Most protection amulets only last a few months to a few years. Depending on the magical prowess of the witch or wizard that cast the spell. See page four hundred for details on how one is created."

The raven flew onto her shoulder kneading its claws gently looking at the page as she read. She was getting used to him, though his presence was sometimes distracting or down right annoying.

"Since they are so difficult and rare to make a true lasting one. It is easy to spot a real one. Amulets of protection are sealed onto the person, there would not be a clasp or tie to remove unless the creator wishes, runes on the back or around the front will emit the energy put into it. A warning pulse. The third and final way to tell if it is a true powerful amulet that can survive the ages. Are the symbols that are chosen. The chosen that are often times of beasts or crests. Such as Phoneix's , Serpents, owl , or cat. Crests are of the cretors house or the house of the mythological gods that once roamed our land or were thought to roam. Popular ones include, Hectate, Zeus, Ra, Hades, Ares. The rarer being that of the Aesir . It is widley believed that they were just powerful witches and wizards. Evidence supports both claims. It may never be truly known."

"Possibly the rarest and most powerful that is known and recorded. Is that of the god Loki. The rarest chosen symbol. Only a handful made. only one real was ever been seen or felt worn by a muggle. Given most likely by a witch or wizard that became fond of the muggle and wished to protect from their enemies. The amulet was only seen once. It's existence entirely questioned. That of two golden snakes intertwined with green leaves. The amulet disappeared before it could ever truly be studied, The ministry recorded it, as one of the large signatures during the attack on the Holy Island as muggles referred it as, Lindisfarne by the Vikings in the year seven-hundred ninety-three. Which leaves many to believe that one of their own turned to protect the settlement. Once the struggle ended the powerful signatures disappeared and was never felt again. The girl and the Amulet disappearing along with them"

"If found amulets should be approached with caution. Many go dormant. If re-awaked and the magic of the wearer not recognized . It can cause a curse. Others will burn painfully if tried to be picked up. If they find the wearers' intentions are pure the amulets are known to re-assume their purpose."

Hermione paused to let that sink in. Her hand going to the Amulet resting just above her chest. Squeezing lightly. There was no doubt in her mind that this was one of the true protection Amulets. Was her ancestor the one thought to have been the wearer that was only seen once? How could she be sure that this was the same one. It would require more research, although in her heart of hearts. There was no doubt. After all how many could truly last so long. If it was true. It had been in her family for quite a lot longer than a few centuries. How was that possible? Surely it didn't stay with them that entire time. Wouldn't it have been lost to History. Unless. As it was suggested. It was enchanted to the one given. Wouldn't it make sense that it would extend to the family? Do to it being so old. It must of been one of the dormant ones. She also couldn't dismiss what had happened at the feast. Did the Amulet do that? Had it taken her to the creator? Was Loki actually real? There was a lot of evidence suggesting that this was so. She would have to do more study.

"What made it wake up all of a sudden?" She wondered out loud.

Hermione remembered the feeling she often got when she was to far from it. Perhaps her family to a lesser degree felt the same disquiet so just kept it. At some point they had stopped wearing it and just stored it for safe keeping. Hermione found herself longing to know more about how this had come to her. What she wouldn't give to go back in time to see the events first hand.

She grabbed the next book. Going through them, getting much of the same information. Reading up on a few famous known ones. One of which had belonged to Helga Hufflepuff herself and was kept safe in the Ministry department of ancient artifacts. Occasionally put out during historical event fundraisers.

Hermione continued to read, until her stomach growled loudly and cramped uncomfortably with hunger. She sighed looking around the sun had completely gone down, the library almost empty. She hadn't even realized. She was in a world of her own. Picking up remaining books and putting others back. She made her way past the shelves-unsurprisingly followed by the raven.- to a stern looking woman. Who's name plaque said "Madam Pince" . Madam pince looked over her glasses at Hermione.

"Excuse me Ma'am. I would like to check out these books." Hermione set the books down on the desk.

At first the Librarian said nothing, looking her over. Then she got a sign out parchment . Dipped he quill in jet black ink. Wiritng down the titles.

"Sign here, and I expect them to come back in the same condition as they left here. "

"Yes ma'am." Hermione signed her name in elegant tiny handwriting. Taking the books she put them in her bag. Promising to bring them back soon as she was done with them.

Hermione ate in silence at the Dinner table. Ignoring the chatter around her as she read one of the books. She had set aside a small plate for the Raven and poured him some water in the goblet. She knew ravens were completely capable of finding food for themselves. She still felt like she should watch out for him like he was apparently watching over her. Something was itching at the back of her mind most the day when it became apparent he wasn't going to leave him alone. She couldn't grasp whatever information was alluding her. Like she should know something.

Hermione made a bit of small talk with the Irish Seamus and Neville about their first lessons. Once she had finished eating she stood up and headed back to the common room. Her tiredness increasing and her brain full of information from everything she had learned that day. Her first day had been quite informative.

Now tired and full again. She changed into her nightclothes . The raven turning its back to her. Which she didn't notice. Once comfy in a worn white t-shirt with a faded peace symbol, that had once been her grandmothers, she got on a trip to the America's before Hermione was born. It was big on her but she loved it, and loose black bottoms. Sitting cross-legged on the bed now. She leaned over dipping the quill into the ink next to her bed she leaned over to scratch out another day on the calendar the nineteenth circled.

The raven flapped its wings sitting on the edge of the table tilting its head the cute way birds did when confused.

"It's a calendar. Tells us the days. Today is the second of September and this day." She pointed to the nineteenth

"Is my twelfth birthday." She smiled.

"It will be the first away from my parents though. I'm a bit nervous. Everything is different now isn't it? It's not a bad different just needs some adjusting too." She spoke more to herself than the raven.

Taking the brush she kept on the beside table, glad she made herself at home that morning. She started to brush her bushy brown hair. wincing once or twice when it snagged.

"You know." She paused looking at the raven. Wondering when had she started talking to it?

"I used to spend it with my grandmother. I would spend the morning with my parents and the day with her. We'd have dinner afterword. My parents would tell stories of work that day. Their dentists, meaning they work with peoples teeth. One year my dad even got bitten! He still has the faint scars. My favorite part were the stories she'd used to tell." Hermione's eyes got a bit misty from the memories. It felt good to talk to someone. There were some things a girl couldn't talk about to her parents. She ignored the fact that the only person she could talk to was a bird, who could not talk back.

"Meme was always a bit eccentric , she loved ancient histories and myths. In fact she was an archaeologist and historian when she was young with a PhD in Mythology on top of that. She'd tell stories of war and love. Stories of men and women who refused to back down. Even dying for what they believed in. A lot of it real events, others legend's and myths.. She'd tell me tales of the Greeks and Egyptians, all the way to the Samurai and the armies of china. Stories and history from all over the world. We'd talk for hours. I could never tire of her lessons. Begging to stay up past my bed time just to hear a bit more. Two years ago before she moved on. She told me of the Norse, of the Aesir and of Asgard, of the great tree Yggdrasill. Of Odin his wife and sons. Of the mighty Thor. God of Thunder. Hermione giggled as the Raven gave an indignant squawk.

"But none so clever." She set her brush down to rub a thumb over the pendant. She also slid under the covers. Blowing out the candle. The moonlight gave her plenty to see since she hand closed all but that side of the four poster. She could faintly hear the other girls talking and giggling.

"As Prince Loki of Asgard. with his keen intellect, magic, and silvertongue able to think and talk his way out of some of the harshest of situations. He was always our favorite. Brute strength is good and all, but what good does it do in situations outside of battle? " She stretched out getting comfy she let out a happy sigh. Missing the proud ruffling of the Raven's feathers.

"Maybe its no coincidence the pendant that has been in our family is his symbol? Even now with it changing as it has been. It makes me wonder if there's a piece of the puzzle I'm missing. Meme told me its been in our family for at least three centuries. What if it's older than that? A lot older. If this is the real thing like the book said does that mean that the myths hold some truth? That Loki is real? If he is. Why our family? How did it come to be passed down? Who was the first? What were they like to earn such protection? So many questions. Questions I may never know the answer to " Hermione wrinkled her nose she did not like nor accepted that the questions had no uncoverable answers. She'd find a way some how.

Last night, I was taken somewhere. Not physically. I can't describe it. There was a man, with green eyes and dark as night hair, regal looking. Was that Loki? Did the Amulet do that. Or was it something else entirely?

She rolled over, one hand under the pillow. The other on top of it her head resting on that one. She looked up at the sky. Away from mass population there was no smog or buildings impeding the view. She smiled. Hermione always thought that there must be more out there somewhere in the vast universe. Maybe not in their own galaxy but somewhere. The universe was to big for humans to be the only ones out there. A theory given more solidarity when she discovered she was a witch. This whole other world opened up to her. If that was possible than other things she thought were improbable may be probable.

The Raven flew over her to perch on the sill. Looking at the stars like she was.

Hermione gave a yawn as she started to drift off.

"I wish I could see them. The other worlds that must be out there." Her voice faded as darkness came up to claim her. Before it took her completely she could of sworn she heard a mans voice. soft and accented.

"You will Hermione Granger. You will.."

Hermione was dead to the world. In the morning she would think what she heard was her tired subconscious falling into dreams. For now. She slept unknowingly watched and guarded.

Authors note 2: Ugh I re-wrote the colors and crests portion seven times and it still doesn't sound right. The flow seems to be so choppy to me . I just couldn't fix it. I just hope it didn't destroy the chapter to bad.I just couldn't for the life of me Find words to describe what I was going for. Not proud of that part. I hope it was at least coherent. I'm not sure I explained how the gold color is the same but their symbolism was different for them. I feel like I failed. However the rest of it I really enjoyed writing and I hope ya'll enjoyed reading.