Sorry for the wait, here's the second chapter!:)

Birds started chirping, singing their praise for the sun, awakening creatures of all sizes from their slumber. The sun's soft and early rays gently filtered through the treetops' thick coverage. More animals joined the birds in their song: frogs, crickets, and so on.

Dew clung to every surface, the petal of a flower, a blade of grass, a leaf hanging from a log. As the air slowly warmed up, and the amount of noise and light increased in the thick forest, a pair of lids began to flutter open.

Emeralds blinked away sleep, as the figure slowly rose from his resting spot. He yawned, stretched his enormous limbs, and sighed.

Another morning, another day.

He started strolling through the forest, mulling over the past, dreaming about the future.

He was pulled out of his musing, when he reached the lake.

Same as any other summer day, refreshingly cool. And wasn't that a funny sensation, for a titan who's blood is so hot that it vaporizes if taken out of it's container.

The behemoth sat down by the edge, cupped his hands in the water and brought them to his mouth. He trilled as the cool liquid slid down his tongue, tickling his throat. Though he had no need for nutrition or hydration, he found it funny to drink the cool water.

For it quickly turned to steam (it didn't take any effort using water, compared to when he had to make from his own body, plus water was fun), and then he blow it, try and imitate one of the humans he had seen smoking.

That was a long time ago. He frowned. Maybe he should move again, go south? Maybe north, who knows? He sure doesn't. Maybe he should try and see how they're doing?

As he thought of this, an odd smell hit him. He sniffed. He recognized that smell. It'd been so long since he last had smelt it, that he'd almost forgotten it. His heart filled with dread as he realized what the smell was.

Human blood.

He sprang to his feet, frantically tracking the smell.

What was a human doing outside it's precious walls?! Was there more than one? How many titans had found it? Found THEM?! Would he be to late to help?!

He stopped running as he was met by a massacre. Limbs and intestines thrown all over the place. Blood painted the trees, and stained the grass. Dead eyes starting every which way, left by picky titans.

Rage, grief, and disgust, all but boiled in him.

He would find the monsters who did this, he would get revenge, he would-

Human. Titan. he smelled them. As he sprinted towards the source of the smell, a guttural roar left his lipless jaws.

Rescue. Protect. Revenge!

It took him only seconds to reach the sources of the smells.

The little human jumped around, expertly evading the titan hands and feet, though it was evident that it was beginning to tire. It wouldn't be able to keep this up much longer.

Just as he was about to pound the beasts, one of them managed to grab the human, making him freeze in place.

With fire burning in his eyes and heart, a roar ripped itself from his throat. He ripped the gigantic hand holding the human off of the titans arm. Quickly and gently he placed the evaporating hand, containing the now unconscious human, in the higher branches that the other shorter titans wouldn't be able to reach.

Confident that the human would be safe for now, he turned back to the bloodthirsty monsters. Another growl made its way out his throat.

He would make them pay.