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Deciding that they'd been sitting around long enough, he placed his left hand on the ground to push off of. Slowly standing, while still cere fully holding the human in his right hand, he began to stretch. He groaned at the feeling of aching muscles, but that's what you get when sleep sitting up.

He took a moment to orientate himself before looking down at the human. He hummed at it while pointing at it, and then his head.

"What?" it blurted out, confusion clear on it's face. He rolled his eyes. He pointed once again at the human, thereafter made a show of squatting, and then pointed at the top of his own scalp once again. "Oh! Are you offering me a ride on your head?!" it asked him in eagerness, shaking its little fists up and down.

He let out a huff and nodded. He believed it to be the best current option, since it gave him two free hands, while the human also didn't to stand on it's hurt leg.

The human squealed in excitement, and he rolled his eyes again. He was surprisingly quickly getting used to the human's quirks and habits. He gently deposited it on his head, making sure that had hold of his hair before he began to move. He slowly began lumbering forward, thinking that finding water would be his current priority. Couldn't have his new companion dehydrate.

Trying to remember if he had seen any ponds or lake nearby, he didn't pay attention the so called 'titans' he passed. The human, however, did.

Hangee unintentionally tensed. She might love titans, and she might have 'smell-blocking-titan-saliva' all over her, and she might sit on top of the God of All Titans (who also protected her), but she still felt unsafe. When in the presence titans, she had always been able to protect herself. She had always had the option to turn her horse, use her gear to escape, or use her blades to cut down foes. But she didn't now. Her gear was busted, not to mention her leg was broken (she wouldn't have been able to use her gear properly even if it was intact).

She had never experienced an encounter with a 'normal' titan, where she hadn't able to defend herself in some way, and never not even be able to make the call to do so. It was very unsettling. But as they passed by more and more titans unbothered, she slowly began to relax, and her muscles unwind. A smile made it's way to her lips: the view from the top of a titan was amazing. She could see everything! And she didn't have to worry about survival. She had never felt so free. She had never felt so... Alive.

Laughter bubbled up, and rang out clear as bells. The Handsom Guy made a grunting, as if to ask her why she was making such a noise. She grinned so her hard that her cheeks hurt. "This is amazing" Hangee whispered. Crawling her way from the top of his scalp to his forehead, making sure she had a proper hold on his hair, she looked down to make eyecontact with him. "You have no idea how much you did, by saving me." Dhe gave him a soft smile. "You didn't just give the opportunity to survive another day, you gave me the opportunity to live."

He seemed to have notice the waver in her voice, and tears springing forward in her eyes, for he raised a simple digit and gently petted her head. It made Zoe laugh once more, and when it seemed that Drop Dead Gorgeous was about to pull away his finger, she clutched it tight in a hug. "Thank you" she whispered, tears streaming down her cheeks.

He hummed, the sound almost resembling a cat's purr, and let it 'keep' his finger. It definitely looked ridiculous, but no one was there to judge them, and seemed to make the human happy, so he didn't mind. Spotting a river, he came to a stop. He gently wiggled his finger out of the humans grip, so he could gently pick it off of his head and place her on the ground.

It looked surprised, before it smiled up at him once again: "Thank you! How considerate, trying your best to keep me alive" It chuckled as it wiped it's tear streaked cheeks. "My my, what a gentleman-" it closed it's eyes layed down with it's arms spread out, and gave a sigh: "-unlike my other friends..." It frowned. "Especially Levi, the angry midget, he's a dick, always calling me a brat and gross." It's eyes lighted up in mirth, "Ha! If only he could see me now! Bet he would have a heartattack if he found out where my current body lotion comes from!"

He couldn't help but snort. The human had a funny way of phrasing things. He smiled down at it, gazing fondly at the blabbering mamal. They hadn't even been together a whole day, and yet he found that he didn't want their companionship to come to an end anytime soon. He sat down beside the human, letting his fingers glide through the water, raising his nonexisting eyebrow at it.

"Oh, right, water!" it seemed like it had all but forgotten about the life giving liquid right in front of them. It grunted as it sat up, "Right." It looked around for something, what it was he did not know. "Well, poop." He frowned at it. What a weird choice of words. "There's a small problem, Handsome Hunk, and that is that it would seem that I don't have a cup or bowl for the water" It seemed conflicted, which quite honestly perplexed him. He cupped his hand in the water, brought it into the air, before turning his wrist and dropping the water back into the river. He looked expectantly at the human, but frowned when it shook it's head. "I wish it was that easy big guy, but natural water sources can contain all sorts of germs, decieces and parasites who are harmful to humans. If I don't want to get sick, I have to boil the water before I drink it, but I don't have the tools for that. "

Realisation dawned upon him. Of course, how could he have forgotten!? It really had been too long time since he spend time with a human. Making he series of grunting noises, he stood up and made his way over to a nearby small tree. After checking that it didn't have any current inhabitants, he pulled it out of the ground. He made his way back the human and sat down. He carefully began to break off branches, sticks and logs and throw them in a neat pile. Well, it was neat considering the size differences between him and the wood...

He looked to the human, and made motions imitating that of striking a match. The human seemed very confused. He grunted, and made the motion again a bit more urgently, frustrated that the human didn't get what he was asking it. "... You want make a spear?" the human seemed rightfully unsure of it's answer, for how was making a spear going to help with their water problem? Would they stab at the river until it was dead, so it could no longer kill the human?

He rolled his eyes, made the motion again, pointed at the assembly of pieces of wood, and finally at the sun high in the sky. "Hit... Sticks... Sun..." He could almost hear the gears turn in the human's little head. "Sun... Light... Oh!" it snapped it's head up. "You're asking me if I have anything to light a fire with!" He nodded eagerly at the little human. Cheering over it's own success, it starting rummaging around in it's pocket before holding out a piece of flint and a piece of steel.

He smiled at it. Good, now he could continue.

He motioned for it to light a fire with pile between them. It did so, but seemed confused as to why, since they didn't have anything to use it for yet. As the fire grew bigger and bigger, he grabbed the trunk of the stripped tree. After breaking off a good chunk, he begab searching amongst the river's bank. Finding a stone he deemed suitable in both size and sharpness, he carefully began carving out the trunk piece. When it had been hollowed out decently, he handed over the now pot to the human.

It's eyes lighted up "This is perfect! I just have to burn the surface so, and then it can be used to boil the water! Never mind being used to make food, look at the size of it!" it seemed astatic. The pot was a bit big, wider than the human and as tall as it's torso, but had he tried making it smaller, it would probably just have broken apart in his ginormous hands. He grunted in satisfaction, and held out his hand to reclaim the wooden pot. The human smiled at him, "Right! Here you go!", it said and plopped the pot into his awaiting hand. He turned to the river, and lowered the pot into the stream. After filling it tk the brim, he brought back to the fire. He halted once he realised that the pot more burn than boil water in it's current state. Frowning, he turned back to the riverbank.

He put down the pot and searched for some big, flat rocks. Finding a handful, he turned back to the fire once again. Quickly digging out a hole in the middle, as to not burn himself too badly, he placed the stones and rocks on the ashen ground. Deeming it sufficient, he placed the pot on the stones, and thereafter sat down with a sigh. He smiled down at the human, thinking that the troublesome life of his new friend was much more interesting than his lumbering in the woods.

The changes the human brought were very welcome indeed.