(A/N: This is another story idea that came to me while I was at work. While I work my body goes on auto-pilot so to speak and as it does it gives me ample time to think of things as I work. This is a Naruto crossover with Fist of the North Star because that series is awesome and I saw the Death Battle between Jojo from Jojo's Bizarre adventure and Kenshiro. It was amazing and if you haven't seen it than go and see it since it was an epic fight. Not sure whether to make this a Harem fic or not, so I will let my readers decide. But if it is a Harem I will be the one to decide the women in it and will not take requests this time around, sorry!)

Naruto walked down the road with nothing on him but the clothes on his back and a wallet in his pocket that had very little funds in it since he was nearly broke when he began his journey with no set destination. Naruto had been banished from his former village, and while the higher ups from the village had expected him to break down from such news into a state of depression as well as tears, Naruto didn't. He didn't see this as a problem at all, but instead he saw it as an opportunity to start anew in a different place.

Those who were in the village had always seen him a as the Kyuubi reborn since his father had sealed the Kyuubi within him as a baby. That was right, he knew exactly who his father was, since you had to be an idiot not to see it since besides the whisker on his face, he was a miniature version of the man himself. Plus he conversed with the Biju himself when he was younger and he cemented that fact. So why was the son of the most infamous Shinobi of his time treated like shit throughout his life? Why it was because the higher ups wanted what was his from the get go and since it was sealed up they couldn't get to it without his consent. So they tried to beat the resistance out of him to make him a weak mindless weapon and would give up his inheritance without a struggle of any sort. He had looked into it in his spare time to see just how far up the chain did the corruption go, and it was unfortunate for him that it went all the way up to the Fire Daimyo himself who wanted the fortunes of his parents for himself since he was a greedy man. And he like the rest of the village had thought that he was the weakling that they wanted him to be, but that view of him had changed when he had gone along with the squad assigned the mission to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha…


Naruto's influence on Sasuke in the aftermath of the Chunin Exams, though profound, was powerless to prevent Sasuke from leaving his village and friends to receive training from Orochimaru since he had become tempted when he saw how powerful he was during the Chunin Exams and plus he was given the Curse Mark. Sasuke's decision to leave was the result of a chain of events that rekindled his hatred for his brother and desire to avenge his clan. To do so, he must claim a great amount of power, which became the center of his entire life. Humiliated by Itachi's earlier declaration that he was disappointingly weak, and aware of the fact that Naruto might be his superior, Sasuke challenged Naruto to a fight after Naruto returned to Konoha from his mission to bring back Tsunade to become Hokage since the previous one had died during the Chunin Exam invasion.

The two of them engaged in a heated duel on the rooftop of the hospital, where Naruto told Sasuke that he had never considered himself inferior to Sasuke. Kakashi Hatake leapt in to stop the fight just when Naruto and Sasuke were about to use their Rasengan and Chidori, their signature jutsu, on each other, deflecting both their attacks into adjacent water towers. While Sasuke's Chidori made a larger dent on the front of the tower than Naruto's Rasengan, Sasuke was shocked to find that the back of Naruto's water tank had been completely blown out by the power of his Rasengan. Sasuke realized he might have lost the fight and received major injuries if Kakashi hadn't stopped the fight. This only made Sasuke even angrier that Naruto was getting stronger by the day, and could actually be able to defeat him in battle.

Ever since the Chunin Exams and the fight against Gaara of the Sand, Sasuke had felt that Naruto had been improving immensely. Naruto only wanted recognition from Sasuke, recognition that he really had got stronger and was no longer a burden to the squad. However, Sasuke would never recognize Naruto, because, by doing so, he would also have to admit that he was weaker than him. Despite a lecture from Kakashi about the pointlessness of revenge, which made him hypocritical since he hated Naruto since he blamed him for the death of his sensei, the appearance of Orochimaru's Sound Four, with an offer of greater powers, and yet another humiliating pummeling, tipped Sasuke over the edge. Sasuke went to leave the village that night, but was disrupted by Sakura, who then tried to convince him to not leave Konoha.

During this conversation, a crying and desperate Sakura confessed her love to Sasuke, and begged him not to leave the village, but he rejected her. Once she realized that he was going to leave the village either way, she offered to go with him to help him enact his revenge, which he refused. As a last resort, Sakura threatened to scream and alert the village guards if Sasuke left, and finally, having hit a nerve, Sasuke moved from several feet in front of Sakura to directly behind her in a flash of speed. He sincerely thanked her for everything she had done for him thus far, before knocking her unconscious and laying her on a nearby bench, and then leaving the village.

A five-man squad was gathered by Shikamaru under the orders of Tsunade herself, including himself, Kiba, Naruto, Choji, and Neji. Naruto also recommended Shino, however Shino was on a special mission with his father at the time so he was unavailable for use in the mission. Sakura arrived just before they were leaving and explained to them while crying that she failed to stop Sasuke, and asked Naruto, who she believes to be the only one capable of doing so, to do it as a once in a lifetime request. Naruto made her a lifetime promise to her to bring Sasuke back to the village. They easily caught up to the Sound Four who were escorting Sasuke to Orochimaru in no time. Strategies were not used to defeat the Sound Four. Rather, the team split up instead. The same happened on the part of the Sound Four: they dropped people one by one, and Choji ended up fighting Jirōbō by himself. Using two of the secret pills of the Akimichi clan, Choji was able to increase his chakra enough to keep from being defeated. In the end, he had to consume the red pepper pill, which increased his chakra a hundredfold but left him in an extremely critical condition, usually resulting in death. Taking the pill slimmed down his body, as the excess calories were converted into butterfly wings of chakra. After getting his revenge on Jirōbō for eating his last chip and for calling him fat, Choji put all his chakra and power into his fist, and killed Jirōbō for insulting his best friend, Shikamaru.

Next, Neji ended up fighting Kidōmaru. Kidōmaru had trouble at short-range, since Neji's Byakugan and Gentle Fist were too powerful to penetrate through. Kidōmaru ended up fighting from long-range, but the battle was locked in a stalemate, until Kidōmaru discovered a weakness of the Byakugan: it has a blind spot behind Neji's first thoracic vertebrae. Knowing that he would be hit in this area, Neji intentionally allowed Kidōmaru hit him with a powerful arrow, to which Kidōmaru had affixed a chakra string to ensure accuracy. However, Neji used the chakra string to use his Gentle Fist to damage Kidōmaru's internal organs. Neji then caught up with Kidōmaru, and used his 8 Trigrams to close Kidōmaru's chakra points. Kidōmaru died shortly afterwards, but Neji was left in a critical state after the fight.

Shikamaru was matched up with Tatuya, while Kiba and Akamaru were with Sakon and Ukon. Kiba and Akamaru did an amazing tag team on Sakon, but Sakon split with Ukon right before Kiba and Akamaru could land a devastating blow. Sakon and Ukon activated their Cursed Seal to Level Two, which made them far too powerful for Kiba and Akamaru to cope with. Meanwhile, Shikamaru, despite his entire prowess at forming strategies, simply couldn't kill Tatuya because of her sheer force. He managed to use his Shadow Imitation Technique on her three summons, but she quickly dispelled them both. Then he caught her in his Shadow Imitation Technique, then his Shadow–Neck Binding Technique, while, at the same time, Akamaru had got injured, with Kiba refusing to leave him. Without Akamaru to do their combination attacks, however, Kiba and Akamaru were forced to retreat, and Shikamaru, for the first time, couldn't come up with any ideas to defeat Tatuya, and was forced to keep his Shadow–Neck Binding Technique on her. Finally, Shikamaru and Kiba were ready to accept their deaths. However, before the finishing strikes could be executed, the Sand ninja arrived to help.

Right before Shikamaru and Kiba were about to die, they were aided by Temari and Kankurō respectively, who had been ordered to help the Konoha ninja. Kankuro's puppets were unaffected by Sakon and Ukon's ability to fuse with cells. When Sakon arrived, he attempted to do the same thing he had almost done with Kiba, but Kankurō turned out to be his new puppet, Kuroari, to injure Sakon, forcing them to fuse back and Ukon to take over. Kankurō then trapped Sakon and Ukon inside his puppet Kuroari. Kankurō then used Karasu to stab them through holes in Kuroari, and used Karasu and Kuroari to do a devastating and deadly combo, Black Secret Technique Machine One Shot, thus killing the brothers. Meanwhile, since Tatuya used sound to attack, Temari's wind was a natural enemy. Temari used her Sickle Weasel Technique, which blew away Tatuya and cut her flute in half. Shikamaru used this time to tell Temari about Taiyuan's strategies. After a while, Tatuya fixed her flute, and was ready to kill Shikamaru and Temari, but Temari used her Summoning Technique and used the Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance, which was able to kill Tatuya by destroying an entire tract of the forest, in which the sliced debris crushed the latter.

Last, Kimimaro, who was stronger than all of the Sound Four combined, came to aid the escort mission. At first, he was faced with Naruto, but even Naruto's massive amounts of shadow clones proved to be no match for Kimimaro, whose Taijutsu skills were more than a match for Naruto's superior numbers. Naruto even used the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra, but was still losing. During the fight, Sasuke emerged from the coffin that he had been placed into to be escorted to Orochimaru, which caused Naruto to return to normal and begin wondering why Sasuke was with the Sound Four. Naruto began urging Sasuke to return home with him, stating how everyone was worried about Sasuke. Unfortunately, Sasuke, who had fallen deeper into darkness, responded by cackling madly before fleeing with Naruto calling Sasuke's name. Kimimaro attempted to kill Naruto, but was stopped by Rock Lee, allowing Naruto to chase after Sasuke while Lee fought Kimimaro.

Both Lee and Kimimaro were Taijutsu experts, but, since Lee had only recently recovered from his surgery, he was not in top shape. Lee drank some sake that he thought was medicine and became intoxicated, and began fighting with the Drunken Fist style. With this added unpredictability, Lee gained an upper hand against Kimimaro. However, he clearly had no idea what he was doing, who he was fighting, and why he felt so drunk. After a while, Kimimaro was forced to do his Dance of the Camellia, but Rock Lee then appeared to be virtually invincible, and laid a devastating blow to Kimimaro. Seeing that there was no chance of him defeating Lee in his present state, Kimimaro used his Cursed Seal Level One and overpowered Lee, manifesting his horrific ability to manipulate his bones at will. Not only this, but Lee began to sober up. Lee would have been killed if Gaara had not arrived in time and used his sand to protect Lee.

For obvious reasons, Kimimaro was at a disadvantage, since Gaara was capable of blocking all physical attacks, and Kimimaro could only use physical attacks. However, like the Sound Four, Kimimaro was able to get past Gaara's defense and offence by sheer force. Kimimaro's bones were so tough that they simply forced their way through Gaara's sand. Even Sand Funeral and other crushing forces couldn't bring down Kimimaro, as he created a film of bone beneath his skin to protect himself. Kimimaro would have defeated and killed Gaara with his last attack, but, just before Kimimaro could finish Gaara, his terminal illness ended his life.

Naruto caught up with Sasuke and they began battling. Sasuke's Cursed Seal of Heaven, which had been powered up by a pill given to him by the Sound Four (this was why he was in the coffin in the first place), gave Sasuke inhuman strength, which he used to reduce Naruto to almost rag-doll levels. Meanwhile, Sasuke recalled his experiences with Itachi and his parents up to the point of the Uchiha Clan Downfall. It was in these memories that the Mangekyo Sharingan, and how Itachi obtained it (by killing his best friend, Shisui Uchiha) was revealed; it was also revealed that Itachi had encouraged Sasuke to gain the Mangekyo Sharingan, which he claimed to be the only way he could exact revenge on Itachi, by any means necessary, and this became Sasuke's motivation for killing Naruto, who he claimed to be his best friend.

Back in Konoha, Kakashi Hatake, brought up to speed on the situation, and summoned his ninken, including Pakkun, to track down Naruto and Sasuke. Meanwhile, Naruto and Sasuke unleashed the Rasengan and Chidori respectively, causing each other to fly backwards. Activating his Cursed Seal, Sasuke used his enhanced speed and strength to overcome Naruto and strike him with a Chidori. Naruto managed to block the attack, but Sasuke, still intent on killing Naruto, tried to strangle Naruto, only to have himself thrown aside by a Nine-Tails-powered opponent.

With his enhanced abilities, Naruto was able to easily overwhelm Sasuke all the while trying to reason with him, only to have Sasuke ultimately reject his efforts. Despite this, Sasuke finally admitted they were fighting as equals. In this moment, Sasuke's Sharingan finally matured, enabling him to predict Naruto's movements and once again turn the tables. Upset by Naruto's persistence, Sasuke knocked him unconscious with Peregrine Falcon Drop. The Nine-Tails, probably to save itself, gave Naruto even more of its chakra, creating, for the first time, Naruto's one-tailed transformation, complete with the demon fox cloak that surrounded him. With one arm of the cloak, Naruto unleashed powerful short and long-range attacks, which Sasuke, even with his Sharingan, was unable to keep up with.

Feeling he had no choice, Sasuke increased his Cursed Seal of Heaven to Level Two, once again evening the playing field. Both Sasuke and Naruto realized the cost of their respective abilities at that point, but both decided that they had no other choice. Sasuke revealed that the location of their fight was the Valley of the End, and, determined to end the battle, forced the use of a third Chidori. Naruto created, using one hand, and the demon fox cloak's chakra as a shell, the Demon Fox Rasengan. Sasuke's Chidori, after a moment, warped into the Flapping Chidori. The two ninja collided their attacks; Sasuke, planning to punch Naruto in the heart, deliberately missed, and targeted the gut instead, while Naruto, referring to one of Sasuke's insults, scratched his forehead protector. A black dome of energy formed around them, which eventually dissipated, revealing the two ninja as their current forms, and then as their younger selves, who held hands and smiled at each other. When the dust settled, Naruto was revealed to be victorious. It had been a close fight, but what Sasuke had no idea of was the fact that Naruto had been secretly trained by the Kyuubi through the years. Yet he didn't win unscathed since he wasn't invincible in any way, so he took the unconscious body of Sasuke and began the walk back to Konoha…

Once he arrived, he expected some sort of recognition for his accomplishment since he had brought back Sasuke, but instead all he got was more hatred from the people for the damage done to him. Sasuke was admitted to the hospital while Naruto was violently kicked out when he tried to receive medical treatment for the hole in his chest from Sasuke's Chidori. Since he wasn't going to get any sort of treatment from any form of medical staff, he headed to his rundown apartment and fetched the First Aid kit he stole a week ago since the store owner charged him a price that was far beyond hat a simple med kit should cost. He took a needle and thread and sowed the wound up and allowed Kyuubi to heal it back up from there, and as soon as he was finished there was a knock on his door. He opened it and the shinobi that stood there violently shoved a scroll into his chest before he vanished. Naruto read the note and saw that the council wanted to see him immediately. On the way to the Hokage Tower for the meeting he met Sakura.

"Hey there Sakura." Naruto said to his pink hair teammate as she walked up to him.

Slam! Sakura fist contacted with Naruto's skull causing the wounded blond to fall to the ground.

"I should have known better than to trust you to bring Sasuke-kun back in one piece! You're the reason why he left and also the reason why he is in such a state of pain. I wish you had died; you don't deserve to live after what you have done to him. I hope the Councils order you to be executed for being what you are, a monster!" said Sakura before she stormed off in a huff.

Things got worse when Naruto entered the council chambers. Naruto did not like the councilors. They were mostly civilians who were fat and spent most of their time and money making his life miserable in one way or another. Worst of all was that they were in the Villager Shinobi Elder's pocket.

"Uzumaki Naruto, do you know we have summoned you?" Elder Utatane Koharu asked.

"No." Naruto answered truthfully. But if he was being honest he had an idea as to what it was about in the first place.

"We are concerned about the display of using the monster's chakra, better known as the Kyubi's chakra against one Uchiha Sasuke." Elder Mitokada Homura said.

"I had no choice in the matter! Sasuke was using Orochimaru's curse seal and it made him look inhuman. Not to mention I got hit by the Chidori twice." Naruto said in protest. He should have foreseen this. He knew that they hated him just for being a Jinchuriki. The Village Council must have given the Elder's a lot of money to set this all up. It was the perfect excuse to be rid of him after all this time.

"While that is understandable, Uzumaki Naruto… we have our concerns and quite frankly, we are worried. Or more specifically, your use of that foul monster's chakra is what worries us. You even mentioned in your report you felt like you were losing control of yourself and summiting to Kyubi's chakra which holds nothing but malice, hate and anger. How do we know that the Kyūbi is not influencing you?" Koharu said.

"I control my own actions. It's true I feel those things when I use the Kyubi's chakra but I control my actions." Naruto said in protest. He knew however, it had fallen on death ears.

"This isn't the first time you've lost control is it?" Homaru asked.

"No." Naruto admitted sadly.

"Yes, against the terrorist Momochi Zabuza, you lost control against his apprentice, Haku I believe and you admitted you could have mauled Uchiha Sasuke then."

"But I didn't!" Naruto shouted.

"Hold on, is this about Naruto using the Kyubi's chakra. Because I've seen the reports on the Chunin Exams and Naruto demonstrated the ability to control the Kyubi's chakra to some degree. That's why he's under apprenticeship with Jiraiya. So Jiraiya can keep an eye on Naruto and have Naruto grow strong enough to control the Kyubi's chakra." Tsunade said in an angry tone of voice. Naruto smiled since he knew that at least there was one person who he could count on in this village at least. Or at least so it appeared from a third party perspective.

"Can he Tsunade?" Shimura Danzo said for the first time. "There's nothing special about him. He doesn't even have any real talent. He's also proving to be a problem more than a liability. It's true he can draw out the beast's chakra, but he cannot control it effectively. As Hokage you must think what's best for the village and not your own selfish desires. The question I have is what happens if he loses control in the middle of the village?"

"Didn't you hear a word I said?" Tsunade said.

"Of course, but can you and Jiraiya truly keep the boy in check. The Fire Daimyo doesn't think so and agrees with us that the boy is unstable." Danzo said in a mono tone voice.

Naruto knew at once where this was going. He didn't like it but it was true.

"Danzo you bastard…" Tsunade growled.

"Danzo is not wrong Tsunade. There is also the matter of Akatsuki. According to Jiraiya, they are made up of ten S-Class criminals. And Orochimaru use to be one of them and he killed the Sandaime Hokage. Uchiha Itachi is one of them and he nearly got his hands on the Kyūbi. We cannot face Orochimaru and Akatsuki. Kumogakure and Iwagakure are mobilizing their shinobi. Things are very tense right now in the world and the possibility of another war is blooming on the horizon. Konoha must take actions to secure its citizens." Koharu said.

"You only made this meeting to make it official. You've already made up your minds."

"We have, and the boy has not convinced us he can keep the Kyūbi in check." Homaru said. The civilian's council members were all smiling as he said that.

"Uzumaki Naruto, you are no longer a Konoha Shinobi. You are banished from our village along with its allies. You will have your chakra sealed and will be expected to leave Konoha within twenty four hours or you will be executed." Danzo said with a sly smile.

"You can't do that, I'm the Hokage and I decide who is banished and who stays." Tsunade barked.

"I'm afraid the Daimyo of Fire Country has given us executive orders to handle the matter as we see fit and what we believe is in the best interest of Konoha. Uzumaki Naruto is an unstable Jinchuriki who can no longer serve as a Konoha shinobi. Perhaps if he survives Akatsuki, he can become a farmer." Danzo said with a smile.

The ANBU took Naruto away and place him in a sealing chamber where they put a chakra suppressing seal on him and something else that he was unsure of what it was. All he knew about it was that it cut off the mental link he had with the Kyuubi so they could no longer talk. What was sad about this whole thing was that it was Jiraiya who did the sealing of his person, and he didn't have one shred of guilt on his face as he did it either, nor did he have any when he had Naruto's name removed from the Toad Summoning scroll. Naruto was then forced to go to his apartment to gather what little belongings he had, but before he did, he used the last bit of chakra he could muster to make only a single Shadow clone to go see Tsunade to wish her goodbye.

While he was gathering what little he had, the village celebrated his banishment as that meant that the Third's law about him was nullified in its entirety. All of the friend he used to have turned their backs on him as he walked towards the front gate, with the majority of them throwing junk as well as insults his way. While it hurt Naruto inside but not as much as you would think since he had mentally prepared for this sort of thing happening at some point in his life. As he walked towards the gate, he was stopped by a slap to the face, and the slap came from none other than Hinata herself, who had a look of rage on her face.

"How dare you," she growled out in malice, "to think that at one point of my life I thought that I could love a monster such as you. Just die and do the world a service."

"I have known about your feelings for me for quite some time," said Naruto as he began to slowly walk past her like she hadn't just slapped him in the face, "and I believed that we could have had a future together myself. But now I can only pity any man you may end up with since you will most likely turn on him just as easily as you did to me." Naruto didn't even look back to see her shocked face, but instead walked out of the village, all the while with a smirk on his face.

His shadow clone had dispersed and it was because of that that he was smirking since he knew the truth on why they did this. Jiraiya as well as Tsunade used the seal on his body which was linked to another one that was placed on all of the seals that only he could open. It was designed to activate upon his death so as to open up everything that was rightfully his so that they could rob him blind as well as smear his name into the ground as they did it. Tsunade had laughed about it since she had some gambling debts she needed to pay off and the Senju clan had run dry since she had gambled it all away over the years away from the village, and it was mainly that hidden fact that she came back to the village in the first place since she knew that as Hokage she could lay claim to the fortune of a dead clan with the permission of the Daimyo, who obviously was on board with the whole thing since he wanted a portion of that money as well. Now they just had to wat a few days for the seals to dig in deep enough to break free once the trigger happened.

What not a single one of them was aware of was that Naruto had known about his inheritance for quite some time. He had used the night that he had stolen the Forbidden Scroll as a diversion since he knew that it wasn't a make-up test, and sent a clone to take his place in the forest as he went to clear out both accounts as well as the scrolls within his rightful home. He placed them in a pile of small scrolls that he had hidden away for the longest of times, but he moved it away from the village and placed it somewhere safe, Wave Country. He had given it to Tazuna's family to hold onto without the knowledge of the rest of his squad. He had excused himself to take a quick piss, but in reality he had gathered his scrolls up and brought them along. Once their mission there was over he had given the scrolls to them for safe keeping. Now while he may not be able to use jutsu due to the seal on his body, he had denied those who sought to rob him blind of their prize. So now we have caught up to current events in Naruto's life, and it was then that he wondered on where to go since he couldn't go to any allied village without them hunting him down to kill him.

It was then that Naruto made a decision that would lead him down the path of greatness the likes the world had never seen. He decided to go to Wave just long enough to gather his stashed away scrolls and once there he sat down for dinner and explained why he was there in the first place. He told them everything about his life leading up to that point, which made them upset about the whole situation, to which they offered him a place to stay, but Naruto knew that Konoha would send Nin to kill him as well as anyone who got in their way if he stayed. While he himself wasn't a seal master of any sort although the art of which ran through his genetics, he did know a tracking seal when he saw one so he planned to go to his ancestral home in the ruins of Whirlpool to see if he could learn enough about seals to remove what Jiraiya had put on him. So Tazuna gave him a boat as well as provisions to last him a while, and then Naruto set out on his way towards his destiny…


Naruto arrived at the ruins of his fallen clan and knelt down as he said a silent prayer for them. After he had done so, he sat down for a quick meal and set out to rummage through the ruins for something of use. But alas, no matter how much he looked, there was nothing that was able to help him since all texts were burnt and the scrolls he did find were messages and not jutsu or seals. It was in that moment that Naruto sat down in a huff as he watched the sun go down. Yet what surprised him was at it went down, he saw a campfire in the distance, which shocked him since there shouldn't be anyone here at all in these ruins other than him. As he made his way towards the fire, he started to make out a lone figure sitting there on ground with his legs crossed. It was an old man with bulging muscles that looked out of place on an old man such as him. He had a beard that was long and gray along with the rest of the hair on his body. He wore pants as well as an open jacket that allowed Naruto to see scars on his chest that if looked at as a whole made the image of the Big Dipper.

"Hello there young man," said the man as he motioned for the boy to sit by the fire with him, "please, have a seat by the fire. It has been quite some time since I have had the pleasure of company."

"Who are you," asked Naruto as he sat down by the fire to get warm.

"The manners of youngsters these days," grumbled the man as he took out a metal spike and skewered meat on it to roast over the fire, "it is common curtesy for the young to introduce themselves to the old before the old introduce themselves to the young."

"Oh," said Naruto as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly," sorry about that. My name is Naruto Uzumaki."

"An Uzumaki," said the man as he slowly rotated the meat that was cooking over the fire, "so what brings an Uzumaki like you to the ruins of such a place? I understand the connection to ones' ancestral home as much as the next man, but there is nothing here for you young man."

"Then why are you here old man," said Naruto as he was slightly pissed that this man had basically said that his quest was pointless.

"I am here since I am looking for someone to pass on my skills to. To take on my martial arts style s that it will not die out alongside me. I have searched for quite some time, but I have found no one who can truly unleash the power that I can, so I am afraid that I will never find a student. Yet somewhere in my very soul itself I felt like there was a higher being that was telling me to wait here and my prayers would be answered. So my boy, what is your story?" said the man as he handed Naruto some of the meat offered to him and began to eat and talk.

Naruto told him his life story leading up to this point of his life as he had explained to Tazuna's family not too long ago, and he spared no details to paint the horrid picture that his life had become ever since he could remember it.

"Well that is a sad story," said the man as he stood up and wiped the flecks of meat that had fallen on him from eating off of him, "and while I wish to tell you my own story, I am afraid that it must wait for a bit."

"Why is that," asked Naruto in confusion as the man threw a sand-like powder into the fire, causing the light from it to burn brighter and reveled that they were surrounded by Konoha Hunter Nin sent by the Leaf to kill him on the orders of the Hokage.

"I do believe that the answer to that question is a clear as the light of day," said the man as he got into a defensive stance and motioned for Naruto to stay behind him, "and judging from the killing intent they are leaking, talking in not a solution to this particular problem." The man then got into a strange combat stance that left Naruto mesmerized for reasons that he was unsure of. The shinobi attacked the old man, yet he never faltered and instead attacked them in retaliation. What shocked Naruto was the fact that the old man only had to touch his opponent with a single finger before they would begin to bulge in grotesque ways and then explodes into a bloody mess. The Leaf Shinobi were unsettled by this after they had seen it done the first few times since he had got about a fourth of them from the start. Yet they quickly attacked again from a distance this time with shuriken as well as kunai. One even had the proper mind set to throw an exploding kunai at the old man, but he just shrugged it off as he walked towards them with determination in his eyes. The shinobi at this point were stunned from the display of raw power that came from this man and made to retreat, but there would be none of that since the man made clones of himself, each charging energy to their hands, and in a split second, the shinobi that had come to kill the boy were themselves dead.

Naruto looked at this man with nothing but admiration in his eyes.

"Who are you," asked Naruto for the second time.

"My name is Kenshiro," said the old man with a smirk on his face, "and I have chosen you to be my student…"