Takes place after The Pirate Season and the Departed Special.

Chapter 1

The Ninja were in a battle against the mechanic. A menace that builds machines and gadgets to his own benefit but from others people's things and a certain nindroid's parts.

He was supposed to be serving a jail sentence at this moment in time but he escaped by collecting metal spoons and paper clips. The mechanic made a machine and it sat in the streets of Ninjago while he laughed hysterically. The ninja tried to shut it down but the mechanic kept fighting back.

"Zane! What is that thing?!" Cole shouted over to the ninja who was scanning the piece of junk.

"I am not certain. It is made up of simple at home objects and I can not find out what it's purpose is." Zane answered puzzled.

"Why don't we smack it till it stops working?!" Kai suggested and readied his blade for a hit.

"Kai! Be reasonable! What if it is explosive?!" Lloyd yelled out with clenched teeth. He was in the middle of holding back the mechanic so his team could stop the machine from fulfilling its duties.

Jay was fiddling with a control panel and trying to turn it off. "Well there is a count down on this thing and I don't know what to do!" Jay panicked and stopped what he was doing to hold his head.

"Foolish ninja! You will not stop The Mechanic! MuHaHAHAHA!" The mechanic shouted and caught up in his moment. Lloyd punched him in the face and knocked him to the ground.

"Wow he was getting annoying anyway." Lloyd said with a sigh. He pinned the mechanic down with his foot and pointed his sword at him to show he wasn't meant to move.

Cole walked to Jay and patted his shoulder. "It's alright Jay. I know you can figure out this hunk of junk."

"But that's the thing Cole! It's so simple I can't figure it out! If I knew what this was I would know what to do!" Jay started to panic again he covered his head with his hands.

"This is Gayle Gossip and we are live at the sight of the intense fight with the ninja and the mechanic! Who will win?! And what is that machine?! Fire ninja what do you have to say about this scene?!"

Kai spun around to see a microphone be shoved in his face. He saw the news reporter and cameraman staring at him. He gently moved the microphone away from his face.

"You are too close to the 'scene'. This could be an explosive for all we know. Also there is no more fight." He stepped aside so the camera could pick up the sight of Lloyd pointing his sword at the mechanic and his foot firmly on his chest. "If I were you I would go somewhere safer and interview any witnesses."

Gayle's face turned red under her glasses and she turned the cameraman. "Keep filming." She whispered and stood out of the camera's frame so the camera could catch the scene.

Kai watched over Jay as he kept getting frustrated with the machine. Jay pulled off his mask and it was clear that he was soaked in sweat not just from the situation but from the heat the machine produced.

Suddenly a small explosion went off from the control panel right in Jay's face. His face was black with smoke and he coughed while he laid on the ground from being knocked down.

"Are you okay?!" Cole asked in worry as Zane and him helped Jay sit back up.

"I'm just peachy! I have one idea left and if it doesn't work we are so hooped!" Jay yelled and moved to his feet. "You might want to stand back."

Cole and Zane stepped back and Lloyd glanced over to see what was happening. The mechanic couldn't help but smirk.

Jay shot lightning at the control panel and the machine began to spark and jump off the ground. The ground shook and a metal rod at the top of the machine began to glow.

"Jay! What are you doing?!" Lloyd shouted distracted from the change of events.

"I'm trying to make it short circuit!" Jay shouted back and held his stance and continued to electrify the machine.

Kai was the only one to notice the metal rod at the top glowing and he sprang into attack. The ground shook worse, almost like an earthquake, and Kai stumbled to Gayle and the cameraman.

"Run! It's too dangerous!" Kai screamed over the sounds of the machine's roaring. Kai instinctively covered his hooded head when he hear the machine pop and hiss.

Kai turned to aid the ninja as the machine started to fall apart. Gayle faced the cameraman who was about to flee.

"Keep filming or you're fired." Gayle threatened quietly so it wouldn't pick up on the microphone. She ran off for cover while the shaking cameraman stayed to film.

All at once the mechanic laughed and lunged for Lloyd. The machine exploded and blew Jay back. The metal rob at the top of the machine blasted beams of light aimlessly. Kai ran to the cameraman who dropped the camera in fright. As Kai was jumping to push him out of the way, the beams hit the two.

After they were hit, the machine stopped shooting beams everywhere, the ground stopped shaking and smoke came out of the cracks and crevices of the machine. Kai screamed in pain from feeling as if his insides were melting and coming out of his skin. He hear another scream of agony next to him as he was falling unconscious.

Lloyd easily took out the mechanic. His laughter started to turn to screams of anger.

"You ruined my chance! My chance! I wanted a new life! You fools!" The mechanic shrieked and Lloyd refrained him in his hysteria.

Cole went to help Zane with Jay but he heard the piercing screams of pain and turned in time to see Kai and the cameraman collapse unconscious.

"You get Jay and I get Kai and the citizen." Cole mainly explained to himself and raced to Kai's side. "Kai? Kai?!" He shook his friend gently but he didn't wake up like he hoped. He moved to the cameraman's side and tapped his arm. "Sir?" Still nothing.

The police arrived shortly after the destruction of the machine and took the mechanic away. Police officers came to Cole seeing that there was a citizen involved.

"Officers we need an ambulance for the citizen." Cole explained and stood to his feet.

"No worries ninja, we have it from here. Do you ninja need medical attention?" The officer asked as he scanned the scene.

"No need for that. We have our own personal medical team." Cole answered and glance to Zane cradling Jay. Jay's face was black and his ninja gi was tore and black in some spots. His hair stood on ends and he was unconscious as well as Kai.

The sky turned dark and Cole looked up to see the Destiny's Bounty hovering overhead. "That's our que ninja!" Cole looked to Zane who was standing now with Jay in his arms. Lloyd was struggling to gather Kai in his arms. Cole raced over and picked up Kai bridle style. "You go up

ahead shrimp and tell Nya and Sensei to set up two beds in the medical bay."

Lloyd nodded and used Airjitzu to get on the deck of the ship. "Uncle! Nya! We have injured!" He called out he jogged down to the medical bay. Nya trailed after him in worry. She was practically on his heels.

"Who?!" Nya's eyes glistened and she stood terrified in the doorway. Lloyd couldn't find his voice and shook his head. He honestly didn't know what to say if he could speak. Nya covered her mouth and tried to control her emotions. She didn't know who was injured but it didn't matter, someone was hurt.

Lloyd swallowed the lump in his throat and walked to Nya's side. "Hey I don't think its as bad as it looks. Everything is going to be okay. Now we need to get two beds ready."

"T-two?" Nya looked to Lloyd in shock. "It's just the mechanic. I thought that he never did anything big and dangerous." Nya thought out loud as Lloyd grabbed some medical supplies from a cabinet.

Sensei Wu stepped into the room with his bamboo staff. "The ninja were injured? What happened?"

Nya and Lloyd started to cover two mattresses with sheets. "The machine the mechanic built went haywire. We tried to stop it before it did whatever it was designed to do."

Sensei Wu was going to ask more questions but there were heavy foot steps coming their way that distracted the group. Zane came in with Jay in his arms and hurried to rest him on a bed. Nya gasped and she teared up again.

Jay's face was peacefully despite the black on his face and body. There was holes and tears in his ninja gi and there was hints of blood in his hair.

Zane sighed, "He will be okay. He has a mild concussion that caused him to go unconscious. He looks worse than he is."

More heavy foot steps came their way and Nya was tense. It was either Kai or Cole that was injured and she had a bad feeling in her gut.

Cole came in carrying Kai and set him down on the bed to Jay's right. Nya came to his bed side and she was afraid to touch his body incase he was in pain.

"What happened to him?" Nya asked looking over his body.

Kai's body surprisedly didn't have any indication of a fight. No cuts or bruises. His ninja gi at his torso was a little ripped up but his skin underneath was fine.

Cole looked up to the other ninja to see if they knew. They all shook their heads. "We don't know. We were all doing other things and suddenly he screamed in pain and fell."

Zane grabbed a towel and a bucket of water. He pulled up a chair next to Jay's bed and started to clean the black off his face. Everyone stood around waiting for something to happen. It has been months since one of the ninja was hurt and the last time it wasn't even a mission. Jay tripped over a peddle and sprained his ankle.

Lloyd sighed, "Alright everyone. Lets give Zane some room to work. It's almost lunch time and we can all make something together." Lloyd tried to keep the other distracted with cooking while Zane patched up Jay. Kai didn't need to get cleaned up at all, he just looked like he was sleeping.

By the time the food was all made Zane was done and joined them at the table. They made salad, grilled chicken and pasta. The meal was quiet because everyone was in their own thoughts. They all had questions for Zane even though they knew Jay and Kai were going to be okay.

"You can all visit them now that Jay is cleaned up. He looks much better now." Zane offered with a smile and the tension lessened.

After the meal, Zane and the others went to the medical bay to watch over the two unconscious ninja. Sensei Wu left to meditate and calm his nerves.

Zane was right. Jay looked way better now that the black smoke was cleaned from his face and body. His clothes were changed to a blue t-shirt and his pajama pants. His hair was cleaned and was unnaturally combed back like Dracula. His bandages rested a little bit above his forehead and over his hair line.

Kai was changed into his red tank top and black sweat pants. "Kai doesn't not seem to be injured but I thought he might as well be comfortable." Zane said and smiled to Nya. She smiled back for a 'thanks' and went to sit next to Kai's bed. She went to grab his hand but pulled back when she was shocked.

"Ow.. he just shocked me. Was he electrocuted?" Nya asked and everyone seemed unsure.

"Well Jay was using his lightning to try and short out the machine. Maybe that's connected?" Lloyd suggested with a shrug.

At that moment Jay started to shifted and groan in his sleep. His breathing picked up and Zane walked quickly to his bedside.

"Jay is waking up." Zane said and gently put his hand on Jay's forehead. Jay sprang up in his bed panting. He looked around the room frantically.

"W-wah?" Jay was confused and saw the worried faces of his friends. His hand went to his head but he flinched from the pain and grimace. "W-what happened?"

Jay moved his gaze to Zane who was the closest to him. "You don't remember? Maybe you hurt your head worse than I anticipated." Zane thought to himself and Jay looked more confused.

Jay moved backwards on the bed so his back was on the backboard of the bed. "Were we on a mission? Did we win?"

"I don't know if I would count this as a win." Lloyd said and gestured to Jay and Kai's bed. That was the first moment Jay noticed the bed next to him.

"What happened to Kai?" Jay asked but everyone looked at each other.

"We don't know. We have to wait till he wakes up. He doesn't have any injuries." Cole answered and Zane grabbed Jay's chin to turn his head to face him.

Zane flashed a light in Jay's eyes, "I glad that you recognized Kai and that you know we go on missions. That gets rid of danger factor of the concussion. Can you tell me your name? Do you know what day it is? Do you know where you are? Confusion is common with a concussion so it's alright if you don't know."

Jay was clearly overwhelmed at the moment. "Jay.. Jay Walker. I don't know what day it is and we're on the Destiny Bounty. I have a concussion?"

"Yes, during a mission you were hurt. Do you remember the mission? Do you remember who we were fighting?" Zane asked more questions and turned off the small flashlight.

"I don't remember the mission but I can remember the emotions I was feeling. I think I was stressed out by what ever was happening." Jay explained while slurring his words and carefully resting his head on the wall and his back on the bed's back board.

"Jay? Are you feeling alright? You're eyes weren't dilated which is a good sign. But are you experiencing dizziness or nausea?" Zane asked and turned to the others and signaled to turn off the room lights. When the lights turned off Jay sighed in relief.

"Both.." Jay groaned and closed his eyes to block out the spinning room. Zane moved to put his hand on Jay's shoulder and gently helped him sit up more. "I wasn't dizzy when I first woke up but now the room won't stop spinning."

"I advise you to get more rest, Jay." Zane said and helped Jay lay down.

"I'm not even tired." Jay complained but laid down anyway. His eyes stayed shut and eventually he started to fall asleep.

"I recommend we let him sleep." Zane whispered and the group filed out of the room. Nya grabbed Kai's hand one last time and was not shocked. She gave it a squeeze and left with the others.

When they were in the hallway and the door was closed for the medical room, Zane could sense all of the questions from the others.

Zane turned to the ninja and smiled in reassurance. "Everything is alright. Confusion, dizziness and nausea is normal for a concussion that knocks you unconscious. Jay will be fine but I think it would be best if Jay remembers everything on his own. He knows he was in a stressful position and he was correct." Zane looked over to Nya who wasn't on the mission with them. "Jay was panicking most of the mission because he didn't understand the technology of the machine or its purpose. We are still unsure what the machine was made for but hopefully Kai will know when he wakes up."

Zane continued to walk down the hallway. "One thing that worries me though was that Jay was slurring his speech. That is one of the danger signs for a severe concussion. We must keep an eye on him. I do not suggest letting Jay walk for the first few hours of being awake because of his dizziness. If you notice his symptoms getting worse it is important to let me know. It would be another sign of a severe concussion."

Cole goes to walk passed Zane and pats him on the shoulder. "I'm glad to have a nindroid onboard. If Zane says Jay is going to be okay, then he will be okay. Let's hope that Kai is okay too."

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