Chapter 11

Vinny shrank on the spot after hearing there was an emergency. "T-Trouble?"

"He is NOT going! He's going to mess up my body! He probably can't even hurt a fly!" Kai pointed to the terrified man.

"It's true. I got kicked out of my karate class when I was six because they said I didn't have a fighting spirit." Vinny said with sadness in his voice.

Jay looked up from his puke bin to give Vinny a confused look. "You can get kicked out of karate? That's just not right."

Cole stood from crouching next to Jay. "Vinny is not going and neither is Jay. And Kai, don't even think it's an option to go."

Kai sighed, "I know.."

Suddenly Dareth appeared in the doorway looking frazzled yet excited. "Since you guys are two ninja down-"

All at once the ninja interrupted, "NO!"

"You guys might want to come look at this." Nya reminded them of the situation.

Cole pointed to Dareth then pointed to Jay. "You are back on babysitting duty. And don't fall asleep this time."

Dareth saluted, "You can count on me."

Jay squeezed, "Did you say babysitting! I can handle my-" Jay slapped his hand over his mouth to prevent himself from throwing up.

Dareth sat behind Jay and started to rub his back. "Do not worry! I can nurse you back to health with the power of the snake!" He started to wiggle his hands and arms around like a snake.

Jay arched his back. "I'm about to use the power of lightning on you."

Cole chuckled as he led the group to the bridge where Nya and Lloyd were already waiting. Kai was about to follow but turned back to see Vinny hanging back.

"Hey.. as much as I hate to say it, you are part of the team too. Come on." Kai gestured to follow. Vinny frowned and sped up to the group.

Up on the bridge, Nya was typing on her keyboard and she pulled up photos from Kryptarium Prison. "In the middle of the night, someone broke into the prison."

Cole interrupted out of confusion, "Sorry did you say someone broke INTO the prison? Huh, normally it's the other way around."

Nya looked disappointed, "Unfortunately I don't have good news… The only person that seems to be missing from the prison is the Mechanic."

Kai's jaw dropped, "Who would break him out?!"

After a few clicks of the keyboard a still image from a security camera popped up. Kai's stomach dropped, he felt sick to his stomach. At first he started to doubt himself, maybe he wasn't seeing it right. But of course Nya enhanced the image and zoomed in on the face. All eyes landed on Kai.

Kai gulped, "It was that creepy doctor that wanted to run tests on me…"

Zane stepped forward, "Dr. M, I read his name tag."

"Apparently he is always a pain to work with. An EMT told me that." Kai placed a hand on his head feeling overwhelmed. "Why do you think he would bust out a criminal? Sure he has bad vibes, but to actually do bad? It's a little concerning to see a doctor breaking the law."

Cole rubbed his temples and kept his eyes closed. "Seems like we have more questions than answers. We have to get to the bottom of this." He opened his eyes and glared at the screen.

Kai felt sicker and weaker with every breath he took. "I'm going to have to borrow Jay's puke bucket." Kai said to himself and gripped onto the table for stability.

Lloyd quickly went to Kai's side. "Are you ok? You don't look so good."

Vinny cleared his throat and slightly raised his hand. "Coffee normally helps me with mornings."

Kai grimaced at the mention of coffee. "Ew I hate coffee."

"But I love it. I can't survive a morning without it. I always get pounding headaches." Vinny stated and crossed his arms.

Lloyd placed a comforting hand on Kai's shoulder. "You are obviously not feeling well. Vinny knows what can help his body so I suggest we give it a try. I'll take you to the kitchen."

Vinny cut in. "No it's alright. You have a mission to take care of. Not to mention, I know how I like my coffee." Vinny walked up to his body with Kai in it and locked their arms together. "Besides, we have to get to know each other a bit more to make this process a lot smoother."

Kai gave the team a thumbs up. "I'll be ok. Good luck guys. Hopefully the Mechanic didn't get too far."

Zane, Lloyd, Cole and Nya guided the Bounty to hover over Kryptarium Prison and shortly after, they left the floating ship. Vinny and Kai were awkwardly sitting at the dining room table each with a cup of coffee. Vinny was staring into his cup internally wishing that the reflection he was seeing was just from the tiredness he was feeling. But with a sigh, his breath made the coffee start to ripple and tear him from his trance.

He moved his eyes to his new friend that had residence to his body. "How is the coffee?" His voice was quiet but definitely heard. Kai tilted his cup to show Vinny that it was empty. He rubbed his eyes and groaned.

Vinny raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong? Does it taste bad? Sorry I don't like too much creamer I should have-"

"No- no.. it's ok. I'm just upset that it actually tasted good. My headache is gone now. I have never been able to finish a cup of coffee before." Kai said while keeping his eyes to the table hoping that he could somehow manifest another cup of coffee. To his surprise, his wish came true.

Vinny slid his cup to Kai and felt his gag reflex taunting him. "Well you were right. I can't stomach this."

Kai frowned and turned his head to Vinny. "Another thing that was left behind with our bodies. Food preferences…"

Vinny dropped his head and kept his eyes on the table. "I think that is the least of our problems… What am I supposed to do with your power? I don't know how to control it and I'm scared that I might hurt someone. Not to mention, it puts you ninja at risk, being one more ninja down."

Kai couldn't help but chuckle. Vinny raised his eyebrow. How could Kai be laughing at a time like this? "It seems like you don't know our origin, but we started with four ninja and we can handle the Mechanic."

It was Vinny's turn to give a quick laugh. "Right, and you guys handled him so well last time."

Kai slammed the coffee cup down and stood up. The mood shifted. "Maybe this wouldn't have happened if you just listened to me."

Vinny slowly stood up, realizing he upset Kai. "I'm sorry but I couldn't lose my job."

"That's not a good enough excuse. You could have died!" Kai started to walk out of the dining room and to the deck.

Now Vinny was upset and he chased after Kai. "You'll never understand what I have to go through! I have to work to survive! I don't get spoon fed success or an elemental power! You were born for greatness and I am a nobody!"

Kai's eye twitched and he crossed his arms. "So was this a stupid stunt to not be a nobody?"

"NO!" Vinny closed his eyes and clenched his fists. He felt an anger spread throughout his body and a warming sensation engulfed him.

After a moment of silence, Vinny opened his eyes and saw Kai looking at him with fear and disguise. Vinny followed his stared down to his hands that were surrounded in flames. In fear, he started to flap his arms around and the fire disappeared.

Vinny stopped flailing his arms around and the two made eye contact. Vinny was fearful of what just happened and Kai was angry.

"Great." Kai said suddenly like a bullet. "You can control my element now. Or should I say YOUR element." Kai turned away and started walking to the edge of Destiny's Bounty. "The switch might be permanent so what's the point.."

Kai looked over the railing and saw that the boat was still floating but with the anchor down. Vinny was suddenly afraid that Kai was thinking of doing something he would regret.

"Kai don't jump! We can fix this! I don't know how I did that! I swear!" Vinny pleaded and watched as Kai observed the chain of the anchor. Vinny started to run to him but it was already too late.

Kai was now overboard.