Hey, Talons here and I'm back to post what happened at another Meeting! Here you go, and enjoy the ride!

A/N: I don't own Hetalia or Minecraft, or any other franchise/whatever in the story. All usernames and video names are made up by me, so don't go searching for them. If anyone needs a more detailed explanation of Minecraft, PM me and I'll tell you as much as I can, in terms of the basics.

Also, this version of Minecraft is up to date to 1.13, in case anyone is reading this from living under a rock despite being a 'Crafter or reading this after future updates (probably the latter). I am also writing about Java Edition (PC Edition for pre-1.13 users), even though I play on Bedrock (Pocket) Edition, so sorry if I got anything off.

Anyways, on with the story!

Then there was this World Meeting when everyone played Minecraft. Seriously.

Alright, at first, South Korea tried to claim that "Minecraft was invented in Korea, da-ze!" Don't worry, Sweden made him faint, so he didn't get to play.

At that point, not that many Nations themselves knew how to play the game. The ones that did, however, included Sweden (obviously), America (because Microsoft bought it), Japan (gamer, right?), Hong Kong, all the other Nordics, Prussia (because it's awesome, duh) and surprisingly, England.

Or, not that surprising, because I know of several famous Minecraft YouTubers who are British. Famous, as in has-at-least-one-YouTube-play-button famous. (I mean, 3/5 of the YouTubers that appeared in Season 1 Episode 6 of Minecraft: Story Mode are Brits, so that has to say something, right?)

Anyways, back to what happened.

They actually ended up creating an SMP (Survival Multiplayer) server for Nations only. This is kind of what happened during the first night…because the 'Crafter Pros didn't bother giving everyone else instructions on how to survive…but they were taught the controls. They're not that mean.

MakePastaNotWar blew up.

"Ve~ the green thing looked so sad and I was trying to hug it! Why~"

NotANazi was impaled by drowned.

"Vhat the –"

LlamasInTheAndes was slain by zombie.

TheAwesomeMe was killed by magic.

"No fair! This is an un-awesome way to die!"

MongnanLord fell from a high place.

TeaAndScones drowned.

Even though he's a pro. Yeah. Because why the hell not.

4EverNeutral suffocated in a wall.

SorryFor911 was shot by skeleton.

Karma's a b***h, isn't it?

LoTRKiwi was pricked to death.

Unfortunately, there is, so far, no such thing as a man-eating sheep in Minecraft, or it would be amazingly ironic. A hostile rabbit (the Killer Rabbit), however, does exist.

WTFNoTomatoes was slain by spider.

NorthernConqueror: experienced kinetic energy.

LandOfIceAndFire: wth it's just night 1

LandOfIceAndFire: u can't hv gone 2 the end yet

FjordsAndDippers: wait

LandOfIceAndFire: wait

NorthernConqueror was shot by FjordsAndDippers

JustWantsSunflowers was slain by Bcome1wMeBro.

BauhiniaOfBusiness: wow

After that, JustWantsSunflowers respawned and hid in the nearest house/shack…which belonged to, obviously, someone else. Luckily, DontStealMyYaoi didn't find out…until…

NeighborhoodFriendlyHero wt r u doing here commie

JustWantsSunflowers ended up hiding in the corner farthest from the door. DontStealMyYaoi was grinning like crazy while hiding at the top of a wooden birdhouse/treehouse nearby.

Some days (in Minecraft time) later, JustWantsSunflowers found a home in a nearby sunflower plains biome, the Bad Touch Trio and Awesome Trio (five Nations altogether) started the trolling (don't worry, nothing too bad), DontStealMyYaoi was still shipping whatever she could and everyone else was dealing with some other business, like building a town. MakePastaNotWar never did get to make his pasta though – there is no pasta in vanilla Minecraft.

And by the time the Meeting was supposed to end, nothing got done, because that's the way it is.

Oh, and BauhiniaOfBusiness posted the footage on YouTube, with the title Inter-national Minecraft SMP: Noobs, Stalkers and Trolls. That got millions of views.

1-Mongnan, according to Wikipedia, is Korean for magnolia. It is North Korea's national flower.

2-The leader of Iraq offered his sympathy for the victims killed in the 9/11 attacks…a few months after the attacks. He justified them at first, saying, to my disgust and horror, "the American cowboys are reaping the fruit of their crimes against humanity." His words, not mine. It makes me feel revolted to even copy and paste this quote onto the document, because I couldn't bear to type such unsympathetic words. (Then I kept pressing Enter until it disappeared into a page that I couldn't read when I was typing the rest of the story.)

3-The (white-throated) dipper is the national bird of Norway.

4-(FOR MINECRAFT NOOBS, MORE EXPERIENCED PLAYERS MAY SKIP) Vanilla Minecraft means Minecraft without mods – modifications. Mods can be used to add items and features to the game, make it easier/harder to play, etc. For example, OptiFine is for better graphics, Just Enough Items (JEI) – formerly Not Enough Items (NEI) – tells the player the crafting recipes, Biomes O'Plenty adds new biomes (natural environments, e.g. different types of oceans, plains, forests, etc.) to the game, and that's just three of the most well-known ones.

Random Fact: The Sovereign's motto of the UK (specifically, England) is in French. Take from that what you will. ;-)

PS As I might have said before, Microsoft Word is an annoying little b***h.

The main contents of this chapter (all except for A/Ns and footnotes) contain exactly 500 words.

And there you have it, Chapter 2 of This One Meeting. (And they still play on the server from time to time.) Still accepting ideas, and remember the usual: review nicely, please. Flames will be used to kill mobs in the form of lava in a grinder.

Thanks for reading, and I'll post my next entries as soon as possible (read: as soon as I want to)! Haha~