With his iconic catchphrase, Ben selected his chosen alien and slammed the Omnitrix dial, replacing his form with another inside the flashing green.

"Gravattack!" Ben shouted with valor.

In Ben's place, Gravattack stood, a rusty red, rock alien floating to Concrete Crusher across the street.

"What kinda name is Concrete Crusher? Got straight Fs in Language Class or something?" Gravattack called to the monster, catching its attention to him.

"Bleh, who said that?"

Concrete Crusher turned his endowed, concrete head towards Ben.

"That would be me," Gravattack ostentatiously declared, prepared for a full-on brawl. However, an outrageous statement spouted from the monster's big jawed mouth.

"Huh?! You may be a fellow monster, but I'll grind you for that insult!"


His assumption stunned Gravattack to silence for a few seconds. Monster? Did it call itself a monster? Not an Alien?

"Dude, seriously? A monster? I'm an alien," Gravattack corrected. Still, a monster?

The term 'monster' was subjective as far as Ben knew.

"Huh?! Ahahahahaha! If you are an 'Alien,' then I am the Martian's Secret Guinea Pig! Now Die, Alien poser!" The monster declared mockingly after hearing Ben's statement, stampeding its quadrupedal body towards Ben in a fit of rage.

'Okay, so not an alien. A native? Mutant?' Ben mused in thought, self-guessing the monster's race.

Before it can reach Ben, Galilean's hand illumined verdant green, lifting the monster into the air via his gyrokinesis.

"O-Oi! I'm flying?! What did you do?!"

Not answering, Gravattack swung down his hand, increasing the gravity around the mutant tenfold which resulted in Concrete Crusher crashing down to the earth like a rock from a high place. Gravattack lifted his arm and repeated his act, slamming the poor mutant into the ground again, and again, and again, forcing a scream every time he crashed the earth.

"Aghhh! Traitor! HERETIC! The others will hunt you down for this!" The monster accused and cursed as cracks infected his body, chunks of stone chipping off him.

Ben's left Galilean eye twitched in irritation.

"I was never 'one of you' in the first place, buddy."

Gravattack lifted him again, ready to disable the stone thing, but before he could, the concrete 'monster' spontaneously exploded into fine-powdered dust, his corpse clouding the scene before Gravattack.

"...did I do that?" Gravattack asked himself, staring at the shifting grey in confusion.

After the powdered grey faded, a bald man stood in Concrete Crusher's place, or what was left of him. His garb was a yellow suit, white cape, and boots and gloves colored red, while his steaming fist smoked as if it once caught fire without the flames.

Ben mused at the baldy's shiny chrome dome, possibly the shiniest lightbulb he'd ever seen from a bald person. Overall, the man screamed 'average,' a regular, but queer individual at first glance.

While Ben took in his appearance, the man's face shifted from deadpan to that of extreme disappointment.

'That's the most ridiculous outfit I've ever seen.' Ben thought upon absorbing the sight of the bald man's outfit. It was much, much worse than even the Galactic Enforcers' uniforms.

"All it took was one punch… DAMN IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" The bald man shouted to the sky.

Stunned, Gravattack beheld the stunning spectacle with a metaphorical sweat trickling his stony hide, wondering why he screamed out of nowhere.

Disregarding his unpredictable actions, after hitting his Omnitrix dial, Ben returned to human form in a lumen flash.

Back to solving Concrete Crusher's death, Ben inspected the baldy. He acted as if he killed the 'monster,' but was unconvinced due to his… average, cheap visage. His only outstanding feature, having no notable features.

Convinced another did the deed, Ben scouted his surroundings in search for the actual killer but found none else except baldy.


Ben's mind still refused to process that the bald man was indeed the one that finished the monster.

"Hey, you! Can you tell me how that monster died?!" Ben yelled at the bald man, his shout snapping him out of his dilemma.

His deadpan mask returned upon facing Ben.

"Hm? I punched it," the bald man deadpanned.

"..." Ben narrowed his eyes, attempting to discern signs of lying.

"Who are you, again?"

"I'm Saitama; I'm the guy who's a hero for fun." The baldy named Saitama answered with his very… bland face.

"For fun? I'm a hero because it's right," Ben mildly disagreed with his choice of words.

Saitama shrugged in response. Sure one can have fun while being a hero, hell, even Ben had too much fun as a hero in his younger years, but Ben hoped that pure amusement wasn't his only drive.

"Really? Well, I do take my job very seriously if that's what you're thinking," the Bald man awkwardly replied.

Ben is not sure how seriously the man meant though.

"Oh, I guess when you put it that way, it makes sense."

Then he remembered Saitama's claims of 'supposedly' defeating the monster… out of nowhere. Now that Ben parsed it over, he could not detect the bald man's presence in his battle.

"Who are you, again?" Saitama asked, bouncing Ben's question back.

"Oh, right. I'm Ben Tennyson. Wielder of the Omnitrix."

Ben didn't bother asking if the man had heard of him, or bother to explain his watch to him, keeping his foreign immigrant status to himself. Besides, the guy looked like he couldn't remember the events of yesterday even if Armageddon ravaged the Earth.

"Eh? What's an Omnitrix?" Saitama tilted his head in predictable confusion.

"I don't think you'd understand if I explain. So, see the watch here on my wrist?"

Ben pointed at it.

"It allows me to turn into different aliens, so-"

"Wait. You mean, you were the other monster that was fighting what's-his-face?" Saitama asked, surprising Ben with his keen perception, his noticing of Gravattack.

"Yeah, but not a monster. An Alien," Ben corrected.

"Is there a difference?" Saitama asked as if he had never met any aliens in his life.

"Well, depends on perspective, but yes there's a big difference. For one, Aliens don't have terrible names like Concrete Crusher."

Or at least, he hoped that the Aliens here don't have names as bad or worse than that of that guy's.

"Can't tell since I never met an alien — one that does not want to hurt people. I think. Hard to tell."

Saitama simply shrugged in nonchalance. Ben pursed his lips at the overused terminology, 'monster.'

"Do these… 'monsters' always want to hurt people in your world?" Ben asked, his knowledge of monsters here critically nonexistent.

They almost remind him of Dr. Animo's mutated animals in some way.

"Yeah, nobody knows where they're from; only that they want humans dead, break buildings, or something ridiculous like ruling the world."

Ben frowned. The regular attacks from aliens in Bellwood were criminals, but rarely ever sought to kill people and cause mass destruction, only to enhance their wealth or power although the desire to rule the world was an iconic trait they share at least.

His thoughts were reminding him of his dilemma; Ben decided to ask Saitama for a place to stay. Somewhere he can start anew.

"So… I'm not exactly from here so I was wondering if you could help me find a place to stay?"

Saitama cupped his chin in deep thought, his expression still utterly static.

"Well, around my place the apartments are very cheap. It is very secluded though, as I have no neighbors there for some reason." Saitama offered, recalling his cheap apartment.

"How cheap?" Ben asked, surprised that the bald man was living with no neighbors.

"Enough to get by with minimum wage I think."

"Take me there. I think I have a way to pay the rent." Ben asked as he needs a place to live first before determining Saitama's truth in taking down monsters with a punch.

"Ok," Saitama said, motioning Ben to follow him into the 'ghost town' of Z City.


The environment could be best depicted as the apocalyptic aftermath of a nuclear war. Before Ben was cars warped into mangled versions of their pristine state, shattered glass littering their sidewalk along with various broken window, tendrils of cracks infecting the pavement, a few occasional craters, and scorched concrete replacing their untarnished counterpart.

The state of the road was not what Ben expected to see, but now he understood why the rent was cheap. No one in their right minds wished to live in such a neighborhood.

"Wait, y-you live here?" Ben asked in mild disbelief.

"Yeah. Why?" The baldy sounded as if the brutalized state of the neighborhood was inconsequentially normal.

"Really? You're not messing with me?"

"...no?" Saitama raised a brow, confused by Ben's sense of disbelief.

"Why is there... so much destruction here? This place looks like a war zone!" Ben quipped as he pointed around their devastated panorama, ruin and charred stone dominating their view as far as their eyes can see.

"Well, I did fight with monsters here daily around… a year ago? Or is it two? Whatever."

Saitama's vague answer and evident poor memory only instilled growing unease within Ben, displayed by his gawking at Saitama.

"Okay… then the people must've fled. That makes sense… are there still monsters here?"

Ben did not want monsters to assassinate him in his sleep, or worse, eat him in his sleep. He never considered the possibility of assassination back home since his normal life was safe without incident so far.

"Hmmm. Don't think so. They just stopped popping up here for some reason. Anyways, we are here." Saitama said as he pointed at the apartment building that was his home.

The building was unspoiled, unlike the others, mostly intact around the viewed exterior. It was a rectangular cubic apartment, with a column of balconies stacked atop one another floor by floor.

"Follow me." Saitama urged as he headed towards the flight of stairs leading up the second floor.

Ben followed without another word, his eyes still stuck to the building. It was so out of place, sticking out like a sore thumb in contrast with its ruined inanimate kin.

Following Saitama to his humble abode, Ben inspected the interior.

"Wow, I mean, how come this place is still standing compared with the rest?"

White plastered walls and wooden planks adorned the majority of his home's theme, an utterly mundane establishment in design with enough room for around two to three occupants. Even Saitama's furniture and room decorations are simple, a reflection of the baldy's frugal nature.

"I have to keep the monsters away from here from time to time before. Can't have my apartment wrecked in my first year here, you know?"

Ben tried to picture Saitama defending his home. He failed. He just couldn't find the baldy even capable of protecting his home from such threats.

"Anyways, welcome to my home. I can call the landlord if you want to rent one of the apartments here," Saitama offered.

"Cool. But before that, I need to make some money," Ben said as he activated the Omnitrix. He dialed up his desired alien and slammed his hand onto the dial.

"Diamondhead!" The Petrosapien appeared with his heroic cry.

In Ben's place stood a two-meter tall crystalline being. His bulky, crystal body was pale green, most of his body covered by a bright green jumpsuit as a bonus.

However, despite witnessing Ben's alien transformation for the first time, Saitama showed utterly no interest whatsoever even though someone transformed into another being before his very eyes.

"Why do you shout out the names of your aliens?"

Of all the questions, that was the one Saitama asked, unlike the other first-timers Ben encountered in his world.

"What? That's it? You're not gonna ask about my aliens or something?" Diamond asked, his previous voice replaced by a deep, masculine tone, slightly surprised by his apathy to his alien transformation.



Diamondhead rubbed his neck sheepishly as he returned to Saitama's first question.

"Well, I shout to strike fear into the villains."

"It has become a habit, doesn't it?" Saitama sharply asked, seeing through his bluff.

"...Yes. I just like doing it. Anyways, in case you're wondering, Diamondhead can form diamond-like crystals, which can sell for a very high price. I can pawn them off for rent money for now at least," Diamondhead informed.

With straining concentration, dozens of pale green crystals grew out of his back and clattered to the floor, each sharp and roughly amorphous in appearance and feel.

While Diamondhead continued to cheat more money into existence, Saitama scrutinized Ben's new form with slight curiosity this time.

"So… this is an alien?" Saitama asked.

So the Baldy was finally interested this time, Ben thought.

"Yes, he is. A powerful alien to be exact. His body is one of the toughest in the galaxy," he proudly stated.

Indeed, his race was very durable, proven in his battles against Vilgax and the other villains he faced ever since he was ten.

"Oh?" His claim fed fuel to Saitama's flickering hopes.

Wishing to test Ben's claim, the bald man picked up one of the crystals between his red fingers. Pressing his thumb into the diamond-like gem with a bit of force, to Saitama's disappointment, it snapped in half like a Kit-Kat bar, dowsing the glowing embers of hope in steaming displeasure.

"So much for that," Saitama grumbled as he tossed the shard to Diamondhead's feet.

'Okaaay, so he might be stronger than he looks.'

He does not know Diamondhead's upper-density limits, but Saitama broke that shard with little to no effort, enforcing his previous claim in defeating the Concrete Crusher.

However, Ben was still unconvinced as Saitama's appearance does not match his strength. Thus, he decided to test the baldy's level the only way he knew how.

"Saitama, I want to ask you for a little favor."

"Hm? Favor?"

"Would you, like, hit me a little?" Ben decided to test Saitama's strength using Diamondhead's high-density body to determine his actual power. No matter how many times he tried to picture it, Ben cannot process that Saitama claims of his supposed feats given his appearance and habits. The Caped Baldy's just too average for that level in Ben's eyes.


"Well, I wanna test Diamondhead's limits, you know? You seem like a strong guy."

Ben had no idea what he signed up for.

"Uhh, are you sure you want that?" Saitama asked as if genuinely concerned.

"Yep. Very. Can you do it here now or-"

Without warning, something cut Diamondhead off via indescribable pain spearing through his stomach, knocking all of his metaphorical air from his crystal stomach as he coughed in pain, an agony he had never felt before since… he didn't know.


Attempting to clutch his stomach, Diamondhead looked down to see Saitama's familiar red glove lodged deep into his stomach, dangerously deep. Saitama's arm penetrated through his guy by the elbow, spreading infecting cracks throughout his supposedly indestructible body, and when Saitama tore his arm out, the cracks spread out even further nearly reaching his neck.

The force from Saitama's punch was more than enough to make Diamondhead clutch his stomach with his two hands -and dropped to his knees- before spitting out teydanite shards in place of vomit from his mouth.

Ben can even feel every dangerously audible crack forming from the center of impact, reaching even his shoulders and thighs… this is the most severe damage he ever received as Diamondhead in his life. Not only that, like the metaphorical air in his lungs, his strength escaped his body as well like helium from a deflating balloon.

"So? You good?"

Ben regretted testing Saitama and now wanted to kick his own butt for not believing him from before. Hell, he wished to berate himself for even underestimating someone based on appearance alone, a critical badge of shame for every foolish hero.

"Ugh… Yeah, I'm- blegh!" He spat out more Teydanite vomit shards onto the floor, adding more to the clattering pile.

"I'm, uh, good. Oh man. Urgh!"

Diamondhead continued vomiting to his heart's content, which lasted for more than five minutes - after the spasming urge to empty his bowels finally disappeared, a pile of taydenite now laid between their feet.

After that, Diamondhead finally hit the dial on his chest, reverting to human form - although the pain persisted in his gut as if someone blasted a phantom hole in it.

Saitama, on the other hand, picked up one of the vomit shards and inspected it again.

"How much do these things cost again?" Saitama asked

"How much is are diamonds worth in your world?" Ben asked back. Ben was unsure on the exact measurement of its durability compared to that of diamonds', but Taydenite should be many times harder at least. Probably fifty or something.

Saitama cupped his chin in deep thought.

"No idea. Only one way to find out. Want to come with and help me sell these?" Saitama suggested.

"Eh? Sure."

They exited the apartment, Saitama first with Ben behind him.

Since that day, another soul lived resided his neighborhood, keeping the loneliest hero company from then on.

Ben's newest abode was precisely identical to that of Saitama' on the layout.

"It works, I suppose," Ben muttered to himself. Simple furniture that fulfilled his needs, working electricity and plumbing, a bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen adjacent to the living room. He even purchased a television alongside a game console, the most popular ones, two of which he could always tamper with using the abilities of Brainstorm or Grey Matter, or their Ultimate versions to augment his electrical appliances as he pleases.

Tired from his long day, the shapeshifting teen dropped his butt onto his bed, sitting there for several minutes as he attempted to parse over the events that occurred the last several hours.

When he and Saitama sold the teydanite to the local jewelry store, the owner demanded where they found the material, and even asked if he can buy the rights of the discovery from Ben - which he allowed since he had not a single care about money. However, Ben had to question Saitama on the topic of Yen a little, since he was more used to the S-shaped dollar signs than the Y version. He noted that one hundred yen was the rough equivalent of one hundred cents, a good reference for his simple memory.

Thus, Ben acquired more than enough 'yen' to survive for months. Maybe years if he rationed, which might never happen considering he was a teenager that wished to live his life.

"Now how am I gonna make my way here? I could be stuck here for years," Ben murmured to himself as he pondered on the supposed duration of his stay in this world.

'Meh, I can deal with this later.' Ben thought as he decided to turn on his newly bought TV after he set it up by himself.

"[Breaking news, there are reports of destruction in City-]"

Hearing the news of the city-wide destruction already, Ben's gave all his attention to the screen with a sharp focus.

"[The threat appeared in the City is assumed Demon Level. We have a live feed from the location now!]"

Them the scene changed with a construction worker at the scene, describing the stage under the buffeting typhoon before the live feed suddenly cut off. Most likely from hazardous causes.

'No rest for heroes in any world, I suppose.' Ben thought as he clothed himself in his favorite clothes and readied himself for departure.

"It's hero time!"

Once outside the balcony - with one alien set in mind - Ben slammed the Omnitrix.

"Astrodactyl!" The pterodactyl-like alien took flight, his wings slicing through the air; heading off to the devastated landscape as swiftly as his abilities allowed.

After a few hours of high-speed flight through the sky, the entire, untainted blue spoiled by shrouding plumes of morbid grey in complement of the ruin city's setting, the metropolis in question entered the alien's view. was in ruins, and bodies of men lied upon the rubble, though the one he glossed over wore strange costumes. Astrodactyl marked them off as cosplayers, unfortunate ones caught in the splash zone.

"Sheesh, what could've caused this," Astrodactyl muttered.

His eyes focused on a purple humanoid shape in the distance. When he got closer, it was a muscular, purple-skinned being with two antennas on its head. And it was walking towards a crying little girl, stretching its arm towards the girl in a friendly handshake in Ben's eyes. Only to be proven wrong when the hand expanded to demonic proportions, ready to crush the girl in its grasp.

"Oh no!" He shouted worriedly. He flew as fast as he could, diving like a hawk to his prey, and managed to swipe the little girl away from the monster just before his hand crushed her in his grip.

"Wahhhhhhh! Why are you doing this to me?!"

However, instead of the usual praise Ben usually received back home, girl sobbed, mired in further terror, mistaking her savior for a monster like the purple man.

"I'm saving you!"

"Wahhh... eh?"

Astrodactly set the little girl down several blocks away while she was still stunned by his answer.

"Run, hide kid; it's not safe here." The little girl paused, unsure how to respond, until she saw the purple monster levitating towards her. Nodding in fear, she sprinted away, looking back once as the pteradon monster gazing upwards at the levitating purple man. The purple monster landed in front of Ben, fracturing the street, and responded Ben's gaze with one of condescendence.

"Now what do we have here? Did my eyes deceive me when you saved the child? Without killing it?" Hearing this, Ben fired a green beam of energy from his beak, staggering the monster a few paces with his surprise attack.

"What kind of freak do you take me for? So what are you and why are you trashing the city?" Astrodactyl demanded.

"Hm? Oh… Ahahahaha! A monster playing hero?! Marvelous! I am Vaccine Man, Mother Earth's Apostle. I am here to exterminate the human race by the will of the planet herself."

"What?" Ben could not parse the last sentence, or his ridiculous moniker at that. What kind of person named himself Vaccine Man?

"I see you're uneducated or was born under a rock. Allow me to enlighten you. Humans are polluting the Earth to the brink of complete ecosystem collapse, poisoning nature in their desire for blind, callous progress. Thus, like the infestation they are, I shall exterminate them like the vermin they are."

"So your answer is to kill them off? Totally not cool, dude."

Of all the villain speeches, this one was by far the most crazy and ludicrous. Even Aminos speech was more sane than his.

"Ignorant creature, I was specifically born from the pollution caused by the humans!"

"So what? You are no better than them if you kill them off," Astrodactyl rebuked.

"You don't get it, do you? I was MADE to kill them. Eradicating humans is my purpose given to me from Mother Earth herself. Saying that I am no different than them is a heretical insult to the planet you are standing on, worm!" Vaccine man finalized as he conjured energy spheres around him.

"And you! You are protecting these vermin! Thus, making you no different than the humans I am destined to eradicate!"

And then he fired the spheres at Ben before he can react.


"Ooof! Ow ow ow!" He mumbled while being blasted through multiple buildings, the latter of which lost their foundations and collapsed onto him in concrete and dust. Buried, but alive, the alien dug himself out of the rubble with minor difficulty, rubbing his feathered head to console his pain.

"Ughhh, definitely not the alien for the job," Astrodactyl mumbled, managing to gather the strength to hit the Omnitrix dial.

"Humungousaur!" The Vaxasaurian shouted.

Vaccine man seemed mildly surprised upon seeing another being emerge from the wreckage, but upon seeing the green hourglass dial on the creature's chest…

"Hm? My, how unexpected. You can alter forms?" Vaccine Man realized that it was the same person he just blasted away.

Humungousaur, however, charged toward Vaccine Man in response. In reception, Vaccine Man conjured even more energy spheres and fired them in illuminating swarms without care. Each blast moderately scorched the vaxasaurian's hide, blackening his orange skin to the point of charcoal.

'Ugh, this one's tough…' Humungousaur grimly thought as he raised his arms to guard against Vaccine Man's spheres. Compared to the enemies Ben fought in his world, the ones here seem to be much more dangerous and severe as he tried to slam his Omnitrix Dial again.

"Ultimate Humungousaur!" Now he was 20 meters tall; his skin shifted to dark green, his leather skin bedecked with had numerous armored plates.

"Let's see how you like me now, tiny!" Ben quipped as he morphed his hands into two quadric barrels.

"Tiny? Ahahahahahahahahaha!"

To prove his foe wrong, he begun his own transformation in return, morphing in a more monstrous being with legs morphed to that of a T-Rex's, hands transformed to claws capable of shredding metals, eyes distorted into monstrous sanguine, and teeth converted into long, atrocious fangs as his size almost rivals that of Ultimate Humongosaur's.

In summary, Vaccine Man morphed into a nightmarish version of a T-Rex, with a face that screamed 'eat all humans.'

"Oh...You're still smaller though." Ultimate Humungousaur soon regretted his words, as an even larger sphere of energy formed between each row of white, sharp fangs outlining Vaccine Man's gums before launching it at Ben.


The blast alone seared his chest greatly to near char black as he flew crashing into the rubble again, leaving him groaning in pain, a lot of pain.

"Owwww…" Ultimate Humungousaur groaned. He gritted his teeth as he struggled to rise back to his own two feed, preparing an attack of his own as he aimed his arsenal at Vaccine Man's monstrous form. He fired dozens upon dozens of missiles from his hands — all of them striking Vaccine Man solely in the face. When the dust cleared, the monster had multiple broken teeth and was bleeding from the nose.

"I felt that… a little." Vaccine mocked in a monstrous voice.

"There's more where that came from!" Ultimate Humungousaur fired another swarm of missiles as he charged forward. He spun around, whacking Vaccine man into a partially collapsed skyscraper with his tail. The purple monster emerged from the rubble, flying towards Ben. He tackled Ben to the ground and started to rapidly swiped his face with his monstrous claws, cleaving semi-deep into his flesh. Ultimate Humungousaur responded with a headbutt, stunning the monster for a few seconds. Vaccine Man staggered back, clutching a wound on his chest.

"You're remarkably strong for a worm. But this ends here vermin, I w-*SPLAT*"A massive smack and an explosion of Vaccine Man's purple flesh cut him off as blood erupted from his body. Confused by the spontaneous event, when the shower of guts and gore ended, sunlight illuminated upon the person revealing it to be Saitama, standing there with his fist smoking. The man's blank face twisted into that of anger as he stared at his fist for a moment.

"One punch... It ended in one punch again… God damn it!" The bald man fell on his hands and knees as he screamed to the sky.

Ben remained speechless from the scene before him, dumbfounded by how casually the bald man effortlessly ended the fight as if it was a daily routine.

'Again... He did it again…' Ben thought as he stood there in his Ultimate form dazed at Saitama screaming to the sky about his troubles…and that he just ended the monster that destroyed half the city in one punch.

'...He was definitely serious when he said he takes his job seriously…' Ben thought as he shuddered a little remembering the time he asked Saitama to punch him.

"Okay so….. Now, since that's over with, what do we do now?" Ultimate Humungousaur asked. Saitama roused from his 'crisis,' turned up to look at what seems to be a makeshift dark green skinned human-dinosaur hybrid.

"Is that you Ben? You sure grew up fast," Saitama asked sizing Ben's alien form.

"Ahaha, that is one way to say it. This guy's one of my stronger alien forms. I call him Humungousaur," Ben answered.

"Oh, ok," Saitama deadpanned, his interest flushed away like the water in the toilet the next second as he rose back up to his boots.

"I'm gonna go now. Need to catch a bargain sale today, or they'll sell out. See ya." Saitama said as he walked away the next second later, casually leaving Ultimate Humungousaur alone in the ruined city.

Before Ben can react to his personality and…unique behavior, a sudden scream of terror grated the air.

"Eeeeek! MONSTER!" A woman, one of the surviving civilians, yelled pointing at the stout, bipedal dinosaur closely described as the child of a Brachiosaurus and a giant turtle standing on two legs.

'Oh, crap.'

Ben forgot. Saitama said aliens never landed here, only terrorizing monsters. Thus, if anyone caught sight of Ben, in one of his alien forms, what would happen - a mistake that could end in disaster.

He then ran to a safe area as he shrunk himself, and hid amongst the ruined skyscrapers in a deserted city. After making sure no one is around him, Ben then hit the Omnitrix dial, returning to his human form in a flash of emerald green.

"How am I gonna do my job if people think I'm a monster?" Ben muttered to himself. He emerged from the ruined skyscraper as he cupped his chin to think of his next move.

"I should take a look around the city."


Saitama stood in line for the sale he was so eager to participate. He had enough coupons to get him enough food for the next week or so. That was, of course, assuming he was on his own. It was finally his turn to check out. The others in the supermarket gave funny looks upon seeing his outfit. As Saitama fumbled around in his wallet, he failed to notice that the lights were flickering, and the building was shaking.

'I hope I brought all I need this time.' He mumbled as he lazily fiddled around with his money. As the store kept shaking, the people inside started to panic and fled.

"I have 92 yen," Saitama said. When he looked up, everyone was gone. He looked around, to see if anyone else was in the store. Finally, there was a loud crash as something crushed the front end of the store. Saitama slowly turned around, frowning a little when he realized that it was once again another monster attack. He dropped his groceries and stepped outside. There was an enormous footprint that destroyed a sizeable portion of the city's perimeter. Looking over City D, Saitama saw a massively muscled man covered in armored plates.

"I am the strongest man. I am the strongest man." The giant's voice boomed over a long distance. Saitama barely took notice to a small red creature following behind it in the sky, ignoring it's actively firing green beams of energy at the giant.

On Ben's Side…

'Holy crap, this guy's huge!' Ben thought while following the mega giant in the form of Jetray.

The giant is enormous, even way bigger than Way Big. The guy seemed even bigger than the warp gate the Highbreed used to transport their fleet to Earth when they were still hostile. He might be able to crush Way Big with his bulky fists, and possibly tank Way Big's super laser as well.

But his hopes were shattered a little when the giant swung his hand, creating a wind pressure strong enough to destroy a suitable plot of City D.

"Oh ho ho ho ho ho! Amazing, brother! Thousands have perished! Now march into the city and slaughter the rest of them!"

Ben then heard a voice from the giant's right shoulder. Looking at the owner of the sound, Ben sees a skinny pale white-robed scientist with wrinkles over his face holding an almost empty test tube full of drops of musky rainbow liquid.

'Who is that guy? Wait…' Ben then saw a familiar white caped bald man with a ridiculously shiny head on the left shoulder.

'Saitama?! When did he get there?! How!?' Ben thought surprised to see him there as he flew over to him.

"Saitama, what are you doing here?!" Jetray landed next to Saitama, seeing him sitting casually on the monster's shoulder.

"Oh, Ben? I saw this big guy walking over the city. But he also ruined the supermarket…. So yeah." Saitama gave his two cents to his situation, causing Ben to sweat drop on Saitama's choice of words.

"Anyways, I'll try to stop him. This guy can't be stronger than Way Big." Ben as Jetray hit the Omnitrix dial.

"Echo Echo!" The Sonorosian looked at himself in disappointment.

"Uhh, that guy doesn't look Way Big to me," Saitama commented seeing Ben now smaller than before.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny. I could still work with this." He hit the Omnitrix dial again.

"Ultimate Echo Echo!" After changing into a more humanoid form, the Hyper evolved Sonorosian took flight. He hovered in front of the giant man.

"Little brother, there's some robot on your left should! Smash him into a bloody paste with your might!"

Hearing the other man's statement, Ben detached multiple sonic disks from his body as they duplicated to form a neat row of discs in front of the monster.

"Sonic Cascade!" He along with his disks emitted powerful sound waves that caused the giant to stagger back in pain. He clenched at his ears as he attempted to block out the sound.

"Big brother! What is happening?"

"Focus, little bro! He's just a little hunk of metal, crush him!" The monster snapped out of his pain and clapped as hard as he could. The massive surge of air smacked Ultimate Echo Echo from the sky and to the ground, digging a long trench from the force as he skidded along the ground.

"Oh and kill that guy on your shoulder too." The scientist said. However, the giant man ironically smacked his right shoulder, where his big brother was. The giant looked at his hand, only to widen his eyes upon seeing the remains of his brother in his giant hand.

"BROTHEEEERRRRRRRRR! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! I ONLY WANTED TO BE THE STRONGEST MAN ALIVE!" The monster roared as he clutched his hand from emotional pain. He then turned to his other shoulder, seeing Saitama grinning stupidly at his tragedy as if mocking him (though unintentionally). Angered by his face, he grabbed ahold of Saitama from his shoulder as Ben watched the whole scene unfold.

"I don't know who you are, but it's your fault my brother is dead!" The monster threw Saitama through an intact Skyscraper, collapsing it in the process. Then the giant leaped high into the air, landing on top of Saitama. The force of the impact uprooted buildings many kilometers away. He then punched the crater Saitama was in as fast and hard as he could.

"Behold my brotherly power!" The giant's fists formed after images from their speed as he rapidly punched the area where he threw Saitama. Ultimate Echo Echo watched from a safe distance as the giant, while not as strong as Way Big, is undoubtedly much more mobile and faster. Ultimate Echo Echo helplessly watched as buildings flew up high into the air until the giant stopped pounding the floor as he slowly rose up from the rubble, and levitated to the sky to see what happened...only to see a giant hole in place of the one pristine city.

'Oh... no…'

The sight of the artificial chasm defeated all of Ben's hope for the baldy's survival, drowned by discouragement by the size and girth of the cratering pit. Not a single sound came from Ultimate Echo Echo, leaving only the giant's echoing respiration to fill the deathly silence.

"I… Am the strongest."

And he might be. The guy was bigger and more agile than Way Big, so much in fact that Ben wondered if Ultimate Way Big could even stand up to this guy. However, he had no choice. It was either that or the rest of the cities endure similar fates, crushed without a single vestige of resistence.

"So what if I am the strongest...it feels so empty."

"I know, right?"

Ultimate Echo Echo's ears caught the indifferent words of a bored, bald man from the hole, as something jumped out from the seemingly bottomless pit shrouded in dust. When the dust dispersed, Saitama was revealed rising towards the giant, and then…


Punched the giant's left cheek, leaving a bleeding crater in its face as blood and teeth fell from its mouth.

"Having overwhelming power… is pretty boring actually."

Ben heard Saitama said after defeating the giant in one punch… again. Ben froze, taking in the sight of the bald man ending even a threat of this magnitude in one punch once more.

"Oh," Saitama said later as what soon came after was…


Hearing the loud sound, Ben then turned to see… the titan landing on another nearby city, crushed out of existence.

"...Oh. Crap." Ben is not sure what to make of this… besides letting it be someone else's problem for now. 'Time to go home I guess.' Ben thought.

When he returned home, he watched the news regarding the destruction of B and D City by the giant, and how the Hero Association was trying to spearhead the construction effort promising to rebuild the city better than before.

Days later…

Bearded worker stared at the holographic screen in mild shock. Days ago, A dragon level threat and a demon level threat were both defeated by what appeared to be another monster. On the screen were three monsters — one that looked like an ancient avian creature while another bore the semblance of a brown bipedal dinosaur. And another that was a blue robot. All with the same symbol on their bodies...

"Any other reports of a monster on monster battles?" The bearded worker asked one of the staff members.

"Not that we know of. One thing for sure is that they seem to be on our side, helping the citizens.'

"Monsters helping humanity huh? That is something this world kind of needs. Too many monsters were trying to kill us nowadays." Another commented.

"Sheesh, those look like strong monsters." Someone said. Bearded worker froze when he realized who it was.

"Tatsumaki? Where did you come from?" The Bearded Worker asked in a nervous sweat.

"That doesn't matter. Now show me what these monsters are all about." She demanded as Bearded Worker quickly got out of the way, in fear of the esper. Tatsumaki narrowed her eyes when she looked at the footage.

'They all have that same symbol on their bodies. A coincidence? I don't think so.' She thought. Tatsumaki turned away from the screen. She gave Bearded Worker the evil eye as she floated away.

"I'm going to find these monsters, as they're connected. If they're really on our side, I'll try to recruit them, and if not I'll handle them myself." Bearded Worker exhaled in relief that the terrifying little woman was gone, and did not damage anything here in the process.


Ben walked around the City Z ghost town. He was exploring his surroundings to try and get a better idea of how this new world functions. Over the past few days, Ben grew acquainted with Saitama, though he saw a hole in front of his house along with a white flag sticking in front of his house, along with a corpse of a four-armed alien-looking monster with blood staining its head. Ben asked why was there a hole in front of his house, He even played video games with the man. When Saitama wasn't fighting monsters, the caped baldy was watching TV or reading manga. However, during his stroll, the sound of breaking of glass whipped the air followed by the clattering of fracturing shards in front of him. Turning his attention to the disturbance, a thug-like man came out with a large sack of what seemed like actual loot. He was a burglar trying his luck and seemed to be successful in his endeavor. Without wasting a second, Ben ducked into an alleyway before he was spotted.

"Heh, with everybody gone. It's easy pickings around these parts," The man said, his face a cocksure grin radiating confidence.

'A burglar, huh?'

Compared with the two apocalyptic-level disasters Ben faced before, a robber seemed so... small.

But, while Ben muddled how to handle the thug, a massive black, swarming mass, a buzzing whoosh, zipped past the thug in question so fast, it could be mistaken as the wind. Blinking, Ben rubbed his eyes in confusion. Did he just see a mosquito in that black mass?

"Huh? Must be the wind…" The man wearing a sweat cap said sensing the same thing as Ben. However, the black mass returned, soon covering the man. When the man looked at himself, he then saw…

"Huh? Ah, ah, Ahhhhhhh!" The man soon screamed in terror realizing that a swarm of mosquitoes engulfed his body as they rapidly sucked his blood dry, leaving him nothing but a sag of skin and bones. Ben's mouth was agape seeing a swarm of mosquitoes that killed a man for the first time in his life. Even if Ben could do something, he does not know which Alien can even save the man, and once he does find one, it would be too late.

Looking around for more mosquitoes, Ben accidentally noticed a flying humanoid being. It was female, as she had a human face, but for the rest of her body, she possesses a mosquito tail, claws, and her skin is a white and black color scheme. Not only that, he saw a swarm of mosquitoes congregating towards the woman; doing something to her.

"Come on guys! That wasn't nearly enough blood. Go out and give me more." The mosquito lady complained to the black swarm. Ben, on the other hand, realized the mosquitoes were feeding her the blood of the man they drained dry.

"Hey, you! W-what are you!?" Ben said, still in shock from that man's death. The bug lady looked down upon Ben and chuckled.

"It seems that our next meal is here. Go drain him dry!" She commanded as the mosquitoes flew towards Ben. The latter immediately slammed his hand onto the Omnitrix blindly, not having enough time to select a specific alien.

"Water Hazard!" The mollusk-like alien covered in scarlet armor fired jets of water from his hands. They collided with the swarm; mosquitoes dropped to the ground, their capacity for flight disrupted by the H2O. Seeing this, the Mosquito girl readied a much more massive swarm for her attack. But before she knew it, she was hit in the side by a bright lance of fire, incinerating many of the mosquitoes. Surprised, Water Hazard turned towards the source to see a blond haired man. He had yellow eyes, metal arms, and wore a T-shirt including dull grey jeans.

"Who are you?" Ben asked, surprised by the company.

"Hm? Two monsters? My name is Genos, and what are you?" Genos warned pointing his incinerators towards Water Hazard with caution.