Black Bullet: Cursed Saiyan

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Kisara's Office

Kisara Tendo. as the President of the company, She takes her work seriously. Without any distractions she focused all of her attention on paperwork that needs to be finished by the end of the week. As if On Cue, Rentarou Satomi interrupts Kisara Tendo by slamming open the door to her office. Son Gohan enters the room respectfully though.

Kisara- "How dare you slam open the door! Yo-you, who is that kid?"

She stares at the Hybrid Saiyan boy. He has too many muscles for a kid his age.

Rentarou- "This is Gohan, he's the- woah stop it!"

Kisara failed at another attempt to punch Rentarou since he just dodged again.

Kisara- "If that door is broken, so help me I will brake you!"

Gohan- "Excuse me?"

Kisara- "Oh, I'm sorry for not paying attention to you. Gohan, was it? My name is Kisara Tendo. Nice to meet you."

Rentarou- "This kid is strange, even after I lost him, he found out where I live."

Kisara- "Huh? Gohan, how did you do that?"

Gohan- "I can track the energy of living beings. It's nothing special."

Kisara- "Is that an ability the cursed children have?"

Gohan- "I'm sorry, but I don't know what cursed children are. What are they?"

Kisara- "Huh? Well, Cursed children are infected with the Gastrea virus. It's what gives them supernatural abilities. It shouldn't even be possible for cursed children to be born male, so this is my first time seeing a boy as strong as you."

Gohan- "So then, Enju is one of the cursed children?"

Kisara- "Yes, and so are you."

Gohan's thoughts: "Maybe I shouldn't explain my Saiyan history to them, if everyone thinks I'm a cursed child, then I don't need to explain anything at all. It's a good excuse!"

Gohan- "I didn't know about this. All this time I lived in the forest with my Mom."

Kisara- "Did anything happen to your mom?"

Gohan- "She knows how to take care of herself, I'm just worried that she will panic after noticing how long I was gone from home."

Rentarou- "Well, now that you have the kid, I'm going to leave."

Rentarou faced the exit but Kisara stopped him from leaving.

Kisara- "Not so fast! We have a job to do. We're going to the Ministry of defense."

Rentarou- "What about the kid?"

Kisara- "Looks like we'll have to take him with us. Is that okay with you Gohan?"

Gohan- "Sure, I have nothing better to do."

Ministry of Defense

The three of them were being lead to a room by an employee of the ministry.

Rentarou- "Are we here regarding what happened yesterday?"

Kisara- "They didn't give a reason."

The employee stopped in front of a door.

Employee- "Right this way, Tendou Civil Security Agency."

Kisara and Rentarou are first to enter the room. Gohan felt nervous but ultimately entered as well. The room was full of important people sitting at a huge desk. Almost all of the Civil officers of the Tokyo area are there too. All of them are in their respectful positions. It seems something important is going to happen, so everyone is waiting for all seats to be filled.

Rentarou- "Kisara, these guys are..."

Kisara- "Looks like they called in most of the Civil officers in the Tokyo area."

The the trio walk to their positions but a tall strong fighter stands in their way.

Shougen- "What's this? Are kids pretending to be civil officers nowadays? And who's that muscular little brat?"

Rentarou- "Believe it or not, but he is a cursed child!"


"That can't be true."

"There's no way a boy can have the Gastrea Virus!"

"The kid looks unnaturally strong though."

"I thought cursed children were female."

Shougen- "Is that so? Then... can he block this?!"

The tall fighter swings his sword at Gohan, but the Saiyan hybrid destroyed it at stopping the attack.

Shougen- "What?!"



"So its true!"

Gohan- "That wasn't a nice thing to do sir. What did I ever do to you?"

Some of the initiators blush at seeing Gohan's strength.

Shougen- "You little brat! You broke my sword!"

Mr. Mikajima- "Shougen!"

Shougen- "Hm? But sir!"

Mr. Mikajima- "If you're not going to listen to me, then leave."

Shougen- "sigh, whatever."

The tall fighter returned to his position.

Kisara is quick to take her seat next to the rest of the officials. Rentarou and Gohan stand by her as attendants would do.

Kisara- "The man who attacked Gohan, that's Ikuma Shougen of the Mikajima Royal Guard. His IP ranking is 1,584."

Rentarou- "He's in the thousands?"

Kisara- "He's said to be in the top 1% of the more than 700,000 civil officer pairs in the world. Just so you know, you and Enju are ranked at about 120,000. It's sad, considering how great of an initiator he has."

Rentarou's thoughts: "So the top civil officer pairs from the Tokyo area are gathered here?"

Gohan's thoughts: "So everyone here protects the Tokyo area from the Gastrea monsters? And these girls are their initiators? So then the adults are their Promoters. I hope I don't ever become an initiator. These people don't treat their partners kindly at all."

It would seem the boss entered the scene. He stopped at seeing that someone is still missing.

Boss- "Hm? We are missing someone. If anyone wishes to turn down this job, then it'd be better for you to leave now. You cannot turn it down once you've been briefed."

The room is silent. The boss scanned the room for a brief moment. Seeing that there are no quitters, he began.

Boss- "Let the Briefing begin."

He bowed respectfully toward the huge flat screen TV as it powered on. On the TV, Lady Seitenshi is seen, next to her is Tendou Kikunojou. Everyone is surprised at seeing the leader of Tokyo area on the TV. Everyone seated is quick to stand up from their seats to pay respect.

Seitenshi- "Greetings, everyone."

Rentarou's thoughts: "Seitenshi, the ruler of the Tokyo area... and her advisor, Tendou Kikunojou... the man who adopted me and took me in after my parents died. And Kisara's grandfather..."

Gohan's thoughts: "This is the Lady from the TV. Everyone is nervous around her. Is she really that important?"

Seitenshi- "There are two missions. Your primary mission is to exterminate the Gastrea that infected the Tokyo area civilian yesterday. Secondly, I want you to return the case inside the Gastrea unharmed. That's all."

People are baffled at seeing how great of a reward the second mission will grant. Kisara is quick to raise her hand.

Kisara- "May I ask what's inside the case?"

Seitenshi- "Who are you?"

Kisara- "I'm Tendou Kisara of the Tendou Civil Security Agency."

Seitenshi- "Ah, I heard about you, President Tendou. However, due to the confidentiality of its contents, I cannot disclose that to you."

Kisara- "The source of the infection was just a Model Spider. If that's all we're up against, then any promoter could take it down themselves. So why are you asking for the help of these top class civil officers? Are all its contents so dangerous that it warrants such an extraordinary reward?"

Seitenshi- "... that's something you don't need to know."

a disembodied voice is heard


all members of the meeting are unable to find the source of the voice.

Gohan- "He's right there."

Everyone looks at where the Saiyan boy points his finger. The mystery man is seated comfortably. How did people not notice him? His outfit would stand out in a crowd.

Seitenshi- "Who is that?"

Hiruko- "Fascinating, that boy has keen eyes."

Rentarou- "You..."

The masked man decided that it's time to introduce himself in the most attention grabbing way. To stand on the table. He lifted off his hat in respect despite disrespecting the important briefing.

Hiruko- "I'm Hiruko. Hiruko Kagetane. I believe this is the first time we've met, (bows to Seitenshi) My lady, the incompetent head of state."

Rentarou aimed his gun at the masked man.

Hiruko- "How have you been, Satomi?"

Gohan- "You know this guy?"

Rentarou- "How the hell did you get in here?!"

Hiruko- "Through the front door, of course. Though I did have to kill a few pesky flies that were in my way. Allow me to introduce you. Come, Kohina."

"Yes, papa."

A little girl ran to the masked man, she climbed on to the table as well.

Rentarou- "When did she get behind me?"

The girl bows respectfully.

Kohina- "I'm Hiruko Kohina, ten years old."

Hiruko- "She is my initiator, and my daughter."

The girl then looks at Rentarou

Kohina- "Papa, that guy's pointing a gun at us. Can I slice him up?"

Hiruko- "No, no. Not yet, dear. Be patient."

The girl is disappointed at hearing this.

Kohina- "Boo. C'mon papa..."

Rentarou- "What the hell do you want?"

Hiruko- "I wanted to announce that I'm entering this race as well. And that we'll be taking the inheritance of the Seven Stars."

Rentarou- "The inheritance of the Seven Stars?"

Hiruko- "Yes. That's what's inside the case you're looking for."

Rentarou's thoughts: "So that's why he was in that room?" (The masked man was in a room, and killed two officers, he seemed to be chasing something)

Rentarou's flashback is interrupted by The Masked Man's dialogue.

Hiruko- "How about we go over the rules? Let's see if you lot can claim the inheritance of the Seven Stars before me. How about we wager your lives?"

Shougen- "Shut the hell up already! I'd cut you in half if it weren't for that brat breaking my sword in half!"

The tall fighter points at Gohan.

Hiruko- "Hm? That boy? So he's a cursed child as well? How fascinating! That boy looks pretty strong for someone his age. What a freak of nature he is."


All men aim their guns at Hiruko Kagetane.

Gohan- "Wait! Don't shoot him!"

Rentarou- "Huh? Why not?"

Gohan- "Your bullets won't hurt him. He has a repulsion barrier around him."

Hiruko- "Hm? How did you know?"

"Nonsense! Fire!"

Gunshot after gunshot, none of them managed to hit the masked man. Some type of invisible barrier is protecting him. The bullets are frozen in place. All guns stop firing at running out of ammunition.

Rentarou- "He wasn't lying?"

Hiruko- "It's just like the boy said. A repulsion Shield. I call it the Imaginary Gimmick."

Rentarou- "Are you even human?"

Hiruko- "Of course I am. However, in order to generate this, I had to replace most of my internal organs with Varanium instruments. Let me introduce myself properly, Satomi. I'm formerly of the Ground self-defense Force's Eastern Force, 787th mechanization special unit."

Rentarou- "Mechanization?"

Gohan- "I'm Hiruko Kagetane of the New Humanity Creation Plan."

RandomPerson- "787th of the Anti-Gastrea special unit? There's no way that's real..."

Hiruko- "You're free to decide what to believe after I return your property."

Rentarou- "Everyone get down!"

Hiruko- "hahahahaha!"

The Masked man Returns the bullets to those who shot him. Somehow nobody is hurt.

"What happened?"

"Is anyone hurt?"

"Where are the bullets?"

Hiruko- "What a fascinating boy you are. You managed to catch every single bullet before any damage could happen, Impressive."

Gohan- "That's right."

The Saiyan boy drops all the bullets on to the table.

"He stopped every bullet!"

"That's insane!"

"Is he stronger than the females?"

Hiruko- "What's your name boy?"

Gohan- "I'm Son Gohan. And if you're going to hurt anyone, you'll have to deal with me."

The Saiyan boy flies up to Hiruko's level of height and stares at him with his trademark serious face.

"He can fly?!"

"And he's fast too!"

"What else can he do?"

Hiruko- "Don't worry Gohan my boy. I'm saving the fun for later. Make sure you give this present to Satomi."

The masked man hands Gohan a present box. Before the masked man and his daughter jump out a window, he says a few more things.

Hiruko- "Despair, the lot of you. The day of Extinction is nigh."

Gohan descends back to the ground, but people keep staring at him.

Kisara- "Satomi, where did you meet the masked man?"

Rentarou- "Well..."

An employee slams open a door to the room.

Employee2- "H-Help! The... The President's..."

Kisara- "That's the president of Oose Corporation's secretary, the one who was absent."

Employee2- "Th-The President was killed in his house! A-and his h-head is missing!"

Gohan drops the present box onto the floor. It breaks open to show a disembodied head.

Gohan- "That Bastard! Why did I let him get away?!"

The eyes of the Saiyan boy glow with a blinding green light as he almost turned Super Saiyan at seeing a disembodied head. His hair flickered from gold to black several times, accompanied with the crackling of electricity.

Rentarou- "His eyes... they turn green instead of red, and his hair changed too. What is he?"

"His eyes turn green?"

"Why'd his hair change?"

"Is he even a cursed child?"

Seitenshi- "I'm adding another requirement for this mission. Recover the case before that man does. If in the wrong hands, its contents could destroy the monolith barrier, and terminate the entire population of those in the Tokyo area. The contents are meant to be sealed away."

The TV shuts down. People are still staring at Gohan even though the Saiyan stopped changing colors already. The boss of the briefing approached Gohan.

Boss- "Listen kid, do you already have a promoter?"

Gohan- "No, I prefer to avoid being an initiator."

Boss- "Very well, there are some things we want to ask you, and we would like to test your abilities. Is that okay with you?"

Gohan- "Sure."

Training room

Gohan passed every test with a score higher than 100%. The strength test score was undefined because Gohan broke the punching machine. The speed test was also undefined, the Saiyan would just pop out of existence from point A to point B. It was now time for Gohan to fight two different Initiators.

Girl 1- "Don't cry when I brake your bones, boy."

Girl 2- "Can I be your girl friend, Gohan?!"

Gohan- "What?!"

A promoter smacked Girl 2 on the head.

Promoter 2- "Quit wasting time!"

Boss- "Begin the sparring session!"

Both girls move fast for the attack, Gohan leaves many afterimages of him self surrounding the two girls.

Girl 1- "He can clone himself?"

Girl 2- "He's so cool!"

Gohan- "Can you find out which one of me is real?"

The girls attack random afterimages of Gohan but fail to find the real one."

Boss- "Hm... So the boy moves so fast that he can make copies of himself. I suppose a promoter would slow him down."

All the after images disappear, only one Gohan is visible.

Girl 1- "There he is!"

Both girls attack faster than the eye can see, but Gohan just dodges each fatal blow with out moving from his spot.

Spectator 1- "He looks like he's being hit, but I don't see blood."

Spectator 2- "That's because he's moving so fast that it looks as if he isn't moving at all."

He lightly moves out of the way as if he has Ultra Instinct (obviously no). He looks like he isn't even trying, he lightly moves out of the way escaping every attack without a care in the world.

Girl 1- "He's not even trying! Are you even helping me attack him?

Girl 2- "He's dreamy."

Girl 1-"Oh my god, she is hopeless."

Gohan- "I guess I should fight back now."

The Saiyan pops out of existence and re-appears behind Girl 1 and taps the back of her neck softly, this managed to knock her unconscious. Girl 2 just falls asleep at looking at Gohan's muscles.

Promoter 1- "That boy! He didn't even try fighting, it's like those two girls were wasting his time."

Promoter 2- "Damn it, my initiator has a weakness for boys now?"

Boss- "I have decided, that Gohan will work on his own, he doesn't need a promoter."

The spectators are all disappointed at hearing this. It seems they wanted Gohan as an initiator.

"What?! No fair!"

"That's too bad. I was looking forward to working with him."

"The boss has made his point, stop complaining!"

Tokyo city Area (Market place)

Gohan, Rentarou, and Enju are going about their day at the supermarket (It's probably called something else in Japanese.) Earlier that day, Gohan was being questioned in the ministry of defense. He was being asked many questions. The Saiyan boy didn't know how to answer them but managed to come up with what to say. Surprisingly, it was all believable to the interrogation team.

The popular show "Tenchu Girls" can be heard in the distance. Rentarou seems to dislike the Tenchu girls bracelet on his right arm. He carries a grocery bag with his left hand.

Rentarou- "What the hell is this this bracelet?"

Enju- "That's a Tenchu Girls bracelet. It's what's popular right now. If you deceive your friends or tell a lie, it'll crack and break."

Rentarou- "So why am I wearing this?"

Gohan- "And why do I have one too?"

Enju is also wearing a Tenchu girls bracelet.

Enju- "So that we match. Now you can't deceive me. Even if Rentarou were enchanted by Kisara's breasts, the bracelet will break."

Rentarou decides to play along with her little game with his sarcastic sense of humor. But Gohan wants to stay out of it, so he was silent most of the time.

Rentarou- "I, Satomi Rentarou, am in love with Aihara Enju."

He checks the Tenchu girls bracelet to see if it brakes.

Rentarou- "It's not breaking."

Enju is happy to hear this.

Enju- "Because it's true!"

Rentarou- "Is that what you think?"

Rentarou's thoughts: "It's like yesterday's fight never happened."

Shop employee- "Someone grab that girl!"

Two men chase a girl. Her red eyes indicate that she is a cursed child. It seems that she has stolen some food and won't pay for it. The girl stops in front of Rentarou and Gohan. She doesn't know if she should run past them or take another route to escape.

Rentarou's thoughts: "A Cursed Child from the outer District..."

Gohan- "What's going on?"

Enju seems traumatized, she knows what's about to happen but she can't do anything about it. The shop employee and the manager catch up to the girl and grab her. They make sure that she won't escape again.

Shop employee- "You thief!"

cursed child- "Let go!"

Manager- "You're the trash of the Tokyo area!"

Rentarou- "Hey, why are you chasing her?"

Shop employee- "She robbed us, then tried to kill the security guard we called in."

The thief reaches out to Enju for help, but helping would it be a bad idea.

Gohan- "Let her go!"

All attention goes to the hybrid Saiyan boy.

Rentarou- "No Gohan!"

Manager- "Don't tell me you feel bad for this trash?! You make me sick!"

Gohan- "I said, let her GO"

The ground shook violently for 5 seconds straight after Gohan's last word. This made everyone in a 10 mile radius lose their balance and fall down. Two police guards arrived quickly and aimed their pistols at Gohan.

Gohan- "What's it going to be?"

Guard 1- "What are you?! You're no cursed child! That has been made obvious!"

Rentarou- "Is this really Gohan?"

The thief had many chances to run away but was too frightened to move an inch. Anyone would shit their pants at seeing a boy cause an earthquake by using his voice.

Gohan- "Do you really want to know what I am?"

The police shoot their guns at Gohan, people look away because they don't want to witness any deaths. But the Saiyan boy is unharmed. Enju had her eyes shut too. But a familiar voice catches her attention.

Gohan- "Sorry for my bad anger management. I'm not going to hurt anybody."

The Saiyan drops each bullet he caught onto the floor.

Guard2- "How?!"

Gohan- "If you would please allow me to pay for what the thief has stolen, then we can turn this day back to normal."

Rentarou- "How are you going to pay?"

Gohan- "The Ministry of Defense gave me a cash reward, they thanked me for not letting anyone get hurt."

Shop employee- "Ministry of Defense?"

Gohan indeed had money on him. He shows the cash to the Shop employee.

Shop employee- "I can see the Goodwill you have towards this kid. But nothing changes the fact that she attacked a security guard and robbed us."

Rentarou- "Gohan! I was trying to tell you not to interfere!"

Gohan- "Sorry. I just couldn't tolerate seeing her suffer."

The cursed child blushed a little but hid her face away.

Guard 1- "Listen boy, you should just let us do our job. We can't let trash run around the streets."

The cursed child attempts to run away again but is caught by the two guards.

Rentarou pats Gohan's shoulder.

Rentarou- "You didn't have to drag this out, this was ultimately going to happen either way."

Gohan didn't like hearing this, so he gave the two cops an angry stare. Somehow this frightened the two police officers. But they continued with their job and took the girl away to their car.

Enju- "Rentarou... why didn't you help Gohan save her?"

Enju's eyes glow red.

Rentarou- "What are you doing, you idiot?! If they find out who you are, then..."

Enju- "Gohan tried to save her, and you didn't let him! So why..."

Rentarou- "Did you know her?"

Enju- "I saw her a long time ago, back in District 39. I never talked to her. But she still remembered me... Rentarou, you're supposed to be like a superhero. There's nothing that you can't do!"

Enju is crying

Rentarou- "Enju... both of you, go home."

Enju and Gohan- "Hm?"

Rentarou gives Enju the grocery bag. He ran after the police car. At noticing how far away the police went, he steals a motorcycle of some background character.

After boring car chase scene.

Rentarou found the police care. The car is parked near an abandoned building.

Rentarou- "Why'd they Park here?"

Gunshots are heard

Rentarou- "Huh?"

He wasted no time to run to the scene. He had to hide behind a pillar to make sure he won't be spotted. The two police officers talk trash about the cursed child and shoot at her a few more times.

Guard 1- "She's still alive."

Another gunshot is heard.

Guard 2- "I can't believe she put us through all that."

The two men return to their car and are expected to leave the area. Now that the two officers are gone, Rentarou investigates the body of the cursed child.

Rentarou- "Damn... why? They're the ones protecting the city and everyone in it... and I can't..."

The cursed child breathed in and coughed several times. It's obvious that she's alive.

Gohan- "So she's alive then..."

Rentarou is surprised to see Gohan.

Rentarou- "Let me guess, you tracked down my energy?"

Gohan- "Stand aside."

Gohan gives her some of his Ki. Most of her injuries are healed, although a Senzu bean would do better.

Rentarou- "Just how many more strange abilities do you have?"

The cursed child looks at Gohan. She remembers him and how he tried to help her. Gohan brought her some fast food. At noticing this, she quickly began to eat. The girl finished eating as fast as a Saiyan would. She gives him a hug and won't let go. The Saiyan boy had to tap her neck to knock her out. She just wouldn't let go of him.

Rentarou- "What did you do to her?"

Gohan- "She's fine, please take her to a hospital. I'll be on my way back to the house, Enju is already there."

Rentarou- "How did... Gohan?"

Gohan disappeared.


Doctor- "She somehow managed to survive. she's got quite the vitality."

Rentarou- "Thank you. I'll pay for everything, so please take care of her."

Doctor- "You will? You sure about that?"

Rentarou- "Who else will?"

Outside closed market place (night time)

Rentarou Satomi seems to be lost in thought while walking home. Most of his thoughts are said out loud.

Rentarou- "Living expenses are going to be tight..."

A familiar voice is heard in the shadows.

Hiruko- "You seem tired, Satomi..."

Satomi was quick to draw his weapon at Hiruko, while Hiruko did the same to Satomi.

Hiruko- "Could you put your gun down?"

Rentarou- "I refuse!"

Hiruko- "Kohina, cut off his right arm."

Kohina- "Yes papa."

Rentarou dodged her attack.

Kohina- "If you move, I might cut off your head."

The girl moves for the attack once more, Shots are fired from Rentarou's gun, no shots could hit the fast girl, Kohina then stops at hearing someone nearby. Enju arrives at the scene. With her blades Kohina blocks an attack from Enju. Tons of wind and dust is blown around.

Kohina- "I couldn't cut her"

Enju- "I couldn't kick her"

Rentarou- "Where is Gohan?"

Enju- "He is fast asleep."

Hiruko- "Gohan? Isn't it unfair to have two initiators?"

Rentarou- "Gohan isn't anyone's initiator."

Kohina looks straight at Enju.

Kohina- "Hey pipsqueak, What's your name?"

Enju- "How rude, you're just as small as me! I'm Aihara Enju, a Model Rabbit initiator!"

Kohina- "Enju. I'll remember that name. Im Hiruko Kohina, a Model Manthis. I'm unrivaled in close quarters combat."

She looks at her dad as if asking for permission to do something.

Kohina- "Can I kill the bunny rabbit?"

Hiruko- "How many times do I have to tell you, my foolish daughter? No, you cannot."

Kohina- "I hate you papa."

Hiruko- "Now, Satomi, let me cut to the chase. I want us to join forces."

Rentarou- "What?"

Hiruko- "I have no idea why, but I've taken a liking to you. Don't you think the way things are in Tokyo Area is wrong?"

Annoying flashback of cursed child being shot.

A crate of money (Yen, probably a lot) is presented to Rentarou.

Hiruko- "This is just a small gift. I've heard you are sending Enju to School and are having her act like a normal girl. Why on earth would you do that? They're the generation that have surpassed Homo Sapiens. Only those with power like us, You, me, Gohan, and the cursed children will survive the great extinction. Join me, Satomi Rentaro."

Rentarou shoots the money.

Rentarou- "I should have killed you when we first met."

Hiruko- "Your hard work will only lead to betrayal."

Police sirens are heard.

Hiruko- "Let's call it a day, Satomi. Go visit Enju at school tomorrow and see what it's really like."

The masked man and his daughter leave the scene. Police sirens intensify.

Enju- "His initiator is strong, Rentarou."

Rentarou- "Can you or Gohan beat her?"

Enju- "I don't know."

Rentarou- "I see."


Rentarou rode his bike to Enju's school. Something must have happened.

Rentarou- "What?'

Principal- "There's a rumor about Aihara being a Cursed child."

Rentarou- "And Enju didn't say anything?"

Principal- "Satomi, you hid the fact that Aihara was a cursed child, didn't you?"

Rentarou- "If I had told you, then you wouldn't have let her in the school."

Principal- "At any rate, Aihara didn't seem to take it well, so we sent her home early."

Rentarou's house

Rentarou- "Enju!"

Satomi checks everywhere in his house, Gohan is in the living room doing push ups.

Rentarou- "Gohan! Where's Enju?"

Gohan- "I don't know, what happened?"

The saiyan is finished with push ups, he doesn't know what to do next.

Rentarou goes to the bathroom, Enju is seen in the bath tub, she turns around with a smile.

Enju- "Welcome home, Rentarou! Would you like to join me?"

The image of Enju disappears, Enju wasn't in the bathroom.

Rentarou- "Enju... This is your home."

Rentarou goes to Gohan.

Rentarou- "You said you can track down people, so tell me, where is Enju."

Gohan- "Fine. But she doesn't want to be disturbed."

Tokyo City Area (Night time)

The voice of Lady Seitenshi is heard on huge public television on the side of a building.

Seitenshi- "The new Gastrea Law will give the Cursed children the rights they deserve. I'm sure that after the war, this will serve as a foundation for a brand new age. Since taking this position from my predecessor, it's been my mission with this new land to end all confrontation, and to help cultivate a society where all humans can live together in harmony."

Outside Tokyo Area (Night time, rainy weather)

Gohan has lead Rentarou to where he felt Enju's energy. A desolate depressing place. There's nothing there but a covered manhole.

Gohan- "There are multiple energies in there. They are passive."

Rentarou- "I know, I've been here before."

A girl opens the manhole.

"Who is it?"

Rentarou- "I'm a civil sec officer, have you seen this girl?"

Shows her a picture of Enju.

"Nope, haven't seen her."

Rentarou- "Then I would like to ask other people."

"Okay, we have an elder here, come."

Inside the manhole

The girl calls for the Elder

Rentarou and Gohan follow the girl, she lead them to an old man.

Rentarou- "Are you the Elder?"

Matsuzaki- "That's just my nickname. Just call me Matsuzaki. I take care of these children.'

The place has many of cursed children, all of them obviously being female. The elder noticed Gohan. What is a boy doing here?

Matsuzaki- "May I ask, who is that boy?"

Rentarou- "You wont believe me but he's a cursed child too. I didn't believe it either. He is very different to the girls, his eyes turn green and his hair becomes golden."

Matsuzaki- "I never thought a cursed child could be male."

The elder walks closer to the Saiyan.

Matsuzaki- "What's your name young man? You're too muscular for a kid your age."

Gohan- "I'm Gohan, nice to meet you, Matsuzaki."

Matsuzaki- "Can you make your eyes glow green for me? I want to see for my self."

Gohan- "Well..."

Rentarou- "It's okay Gohan. Show him."

Gohan- "Okay then."

Gohan Turns Super Saiyan. He kept his power level low enough to prevent an earthquake, however the ground shook a little bit. Everyone stares at the Saiyan's golden aura and completely forgot about his now green eyes. The dark room was lit up brightly by the light of Super Saiyan. The Elder and Rentarou had to take a few steps back because of the heat of the Golden flaming aura. The girls were too scared to look at the Saiyan so they hid from sight.

Matsuzaki- "You didn't tell me the ground would shake! This boy is completely different to the Cursed children. There has to be something else we can call him."

Gohan- "What you just saw me do was turn into a Super Saiyan."

Rentarou- "Super Saiyan?"

Gohan- "I'd prefer you call me a Saiyan. I don't like the sound of Cursed Child."

Gohan reverts to base form.

Rentarou- "Saiyan? Did you make up that word? It's too weird, I don't like it."

Gohan- "Oh well, it was worth a shot."

Rentarou- "Wait a minute, I almost forgot why we came here. I'm looking for Enju."

Rentarou shows the Elder a picture of Enju.

Matsuzaki- "Hm... She's not here. Sorry."

Gohan- "Yes she is. I can track the energy of living beings. She is hiding with the other girls.'

Matsuzaki- "Don't be ridiculous. The girl you are looking for isn't here."

Rentarou grabs the elder by the shirt.

Rentarou- "Gohan isn't lying. He brought me here because he knows where Enju is."

Gohan- "Rentarou stop! Look around you."

The cursed children have Rentarou surrounded, they seem ready to defend the Elder. Rentarou then released the shirt of Matsuzaki.

Rentarou- "Lets get out of here Gohan."

Before the two of them could leave, the Elder says something that caught Rentarou's attention.

Matsuzaki- "By the looks of it, you're a promoter whose partner ran away from you. Couldn't you just find another one?"

Rentarou- "What?"

Matsuzaki- "It's not unusual to see a civil officer pair not getting along. Many promoters just see their initiator as a tool used to fight."

Rentarou- "Just a tool?"

Matsuzaki- "You could always contact the IISO and form a contract with a new initiator."

Rentarou- "You're a good person but... I DON'T THINK OF ENJU AS A TOOL USED FOR FIGHTING!"

(Insert Flashback) At first, Enju didn't trust Rentarou. As time passed by she learned to trust him.

Rentarou- "I met Enju a year ago. We were introduced to each other at the IISO. We spent everyday trying to become a little more human. And for the entire year, we'd been together, through thick and thin. You don't know anything about us, so don't act like you do!"

Awkward silence.

Rentarou- "Sorry, I didn't mean to yell. I'm leaving. Goodbye."

Both Gohan and Rentarou leave the place.

Matsuzaki- "What a nice man, he only showed anger because he cares for you. Enju... Are you sure you want him to leave?"

Enju is hidden in another room crying.

Black Bullet: Cursed Saiyan

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It was longer than what I normally write, and it was still too short. FUUUUUUCK