First Draft


I keep getting bored of Black Bullet for some reason meaning I probably won't be the one to finish the story.

Maybe I just realized my story is terrible.

First draft of an unfinished chapter

Black Bullet: Cursed Saiyan


Tina stood worried at the top of the skyscraper looking down onto the city as the city lights pierced into the night sky.

The winds were blowing in a depressed manner...

Police Sirens buzzed in the bright city as more people became aware of the situation with lady Seitenshi.

That last phone call left her worried. What is left for her to do? Her master seemed calm and composed yet she knew his true thoughts.

Maybe she should end herself?


She isn't at fault. The time and place of the attack were perfect. Yet one man robbed her of the perfect opportunity.

"I'll need to leave before anyone finds me." She thought out loud.

She packed her things and was ready to depart but-

"Tina." Gohan's voice echoed behind her loud enough to hear.

She swiftly turned around with her rifle aimed at the potential threat only to see nobody was present.

"Show you're self!" She demanded. Aiming her rifle in all directions in hopes of finding the witness.

Gohan's voice echoed once more. "Why are you doing this?" He asked.

Tina turned around again to see Gohan stood upside down in the ceiling, his head casting a shadow upon her.

Without a second thought, she opened fire onto Gohan.

Instantaneously Gohan vanished from sight, startling the girl in the process.

"What are you?!" She shouted, searching for Gohan in all directions.

"Why would you try to hurt Lady Seitenshi?" Gohan asked from the shadows.

Tina opened fire at the shadows but didn't manage to hit her target.

"Tina, you don't have to do this." He warned.

Tina was discovered. She knew what she had to do if she was ever caught. She had to kill herself.

She dropped her rifle and pulled out an M1911 pistol and aimed at the back of her head.

"NO!" Gohan shouted.


After several seconds, Tina opened her eyes to realize she remained unharmed. She turned around to see Gohan grabbed her arm to tamper with her aim.

Feeling she had lost the strength to stand, she fell on her knees yet didn't lose sight of Gohan's eyes. "What have you done?!" She cried. "I was given orders to die!"


"Why did you save me?" She asked.

"Because I wouldn't forgive myself, knowing I could have stopped you."