Blood is thicker than tears

Chapter 1: Make a wish

It was a starry night. Already, during the day the sky had been cloudless. And the nightsky was so clear that the beauty of the moon and stars were in full measure observable.

Hinata loved those nights. Whenever she watched the stars, she had the feeling as if she could forget everything around her. As if she was free of the chains, which kept her prison.

Whenever she watched the nightsky and counted the stars, she felt as if she could be normal girl like anyone else. When she stood on the balcony and felt the soft summer air, with the beautiful dark sky and the stars sparkle above her, she could dream again. Dream about a different life, but she knew it would never come true.

They say, if you would make a wish while spotting a shooting star, your wish comes true. Sometimes, she just stood there and waited, only with the hope to get the possibility to make a wish. Of course she was too old for that and shouldn´t believe in something like that anymore. In a matter of fact, she had watched stooting stars countless times and none of her wishes came ever true. But somehow she couldn´t give up and tried it over and over again.

Hinata embraced her hands tightly around the railing. She didn´t dare to turn her eyes away from the sky, inwardly praying that a shooting star would fall and she could make a wish. Today she needed that wish more desperately than ever before.

Today would be the worst day of her life. Her mother had prepared her for days for tonights dinner. She had lectured her for hours, how she had to behave and the soft pink kimono she wore, was made out of the most splendid silk her mother could find.

She looked like a princess. Not only her dress but her make-up and hairdo too. Her mother had extra sent for a stylist, so that she would look marvelous for the big day.

Although, she was used that her parents expected from her to represent their family always and everywhere, she hadn´t expected the news, she received in the morning.

Todays event wasn´t just an usual representation duty, tonight was all about her. Because her parents had engaged her without her knowledge and now she was supposed to celebrate her engagement with a complete stranger. But she knew the family, although she had never interacted directly with them, she was aware that her father and the Uchiha´s patriarch were working close together.

The Uchihas were a very old and prestigious political family. Fugaku Uchiha, the patriarch was the current minister of justice in japan. He was a well known man. It was clear that her parents were viewing this as a especial excellent match for their oldest daughter.

But Hinata wasn´t even eighteen yet, why couldn´t they at least wait until she was old enough to think about marriage?

Like the Uchiha, the Hyuuga were an old and prestigious political family. Since generations, the male members of her family held important posts in japan´s government. Her father, Hiashi Hyuuga was the current head of their family and additionally he was tokio´s current mayor. But she knew that he wanted more and was aiming for an even more important post. By marry her with an Uchiha, he would gain even more political influence.

Her mother, Hanako Hyuuga was a strict and ambitious woman. She had always suffered that she hadn´t managed to bear her husband a male heir and so it was her goal to marry her daughters into important familys. Hanako had terrible longed for a son, probably even more as her father but after her younger sister was born, she had a miscarriage and after that she wasn´t able to conceive more children. Although, she could be an extremly loving mother, Hinata knew that she´d sacrifice anything for the sake of their family´s prestigious.

And her parents did it with her now. She wouldn´t rebel or argue. She´d bow in her destiny. It was her obligation towards her family and she´d never have the will to oppose her parent´s wishes. Nevertheless, the whole engagement made her sick.

Love grows with time... Her mother told her. She´d learn to love him as soon as their would be married. Hinata doubted it and still she hoped that it wouldn´t be so bad as she feared now.

She still watched the sky. What for an beautiful night. Too bad she couldn´t be happy about it now.


She winced, before she turned around. Hanabi, her younger sister had entered the balcony.

Her sister was five years younger than her, but she acted and looked older. Like herself she wore, fitting for tonights event, a kimono. But hers wasn´t that expensive like Hinata´s. Also Hanabi´s dress was mint green and it was a big contrast to her soft pink one.

"Really? What are you doing here?" The girl asked blankly.

"I... I was just thinking..."

Hanabi smirked wisely. "Let me guess, you´re thinking about your future husband? Than I can tell you he´s already here."

Hinata´s heartbeat stopped for a moment.

"And know what, he looks gorgerous." Her sister smiled brightly, her eyes shining with excitement. Almost as if she was celebrating her own engagement.

"Mother said you´ve to come in. The Uchihas have arrived."

She took a deep breath, before she managed to follow Hanabi inside. A headache was forming and she wondered whether the emotional stress or the too tight hair knot were responsible for it. The poor girl was so nervous when she entered the huge room, which her parents rent inside of a five star hotel for the event.

"There you´re." Her mother rushed towards her and ushered her forward immediately. A second later they stood in front of the dinning table, where the Uchihas had already taken their seats. Seeing Hinata and her mother in front of them, they stood up in order to greet her.

"Now then. This is our daughter Hinata." Hanako announced proudly.

"It´s a pleasure to finally meet you. Your parents told us a lot about you." Mrs Uchiha said and stepped near. She smiled fondly at Hinata before pulling her into a firm embrace.

"It´s a plea... pleasure for me to meet you too..." She barely managed not to stutter. A habit which both her parents detested.

Mrs Uchiha was a beautiful woman, even if she must be already in her forties. She was dressed in a stylish dark red kimono and her hair was pulled back in a light updo, where a red flower embellish her hairdo. But she seemed to be very kind.

Unlike his wife, Mr Uchiha seemed to be the same sort of man like her own father was. His greeting was stiff and formal but there was no kindness. Maybe these politician were all the same.

The next, she was introduced to were Itachi Uchiha, the oldest son of the family, and his wife Izumi Uchiha. Both greeted her politely but distant. Izumi pulled her into a half-hearted embrace but it was more out of courtesy. She was a very young woman, hardly older than in her early twenties. Although, Izumi was pretty too, she wore too much make-up for Hinata´s taste and her flashy gold kimono was far too overdressed.

And suddenly she stood before him. Him, the boy she was supposed to marry in few years. Him, who was now her fiance. Her eyes looked up to him and she observed him with mixed feelings. Sasuke Uchiha.

He was taller than her, although his height was probably just average. But Hinata had always been small and so most boys were taller than her anyway. And he was handsome, really very handsome. His features were strangely evenly and soft for a male and she noticed that he looked a lot like his mother. But his features were also sharp which took away the feminin touch. His hair was deep black and matched perfectly to the likewise dark eyes. He was dressed in a lilac shirt and over it a black jacket.

"It´s nice to finally meet you." He said and she was shocked how horrible empty and forced his words sounded.

For the first time she looked him into the eyes and it was when she realized that he didn´t want this engagement and was probably also forced into this. Maybe he could mask his emotions well but his eyes reflected all his dislike outward.

From this first moment onwards it was clear, that she didn´t want him and he didn´t want her. They didn´t even need to get to know eachother better. The mutual dislike was already present.

Before she got the chance to react to him, her mother interrupted the scene.

"Oh, the photographer is already here. Come everyone, let´s take the pictures." Hanako beamed at the present people and ushered them into the middle of the room, where the photographer prepared everything he´d need.

Accidental, she meet Sasuke´s eyes shortly before he followed after his family and the glare she meet let her froze. It wasn´t just dislike, she saw it, it was more. Almost like hate, as if he would hold her responsible for the engagement.

She grabbed the fabric of her kimono tightly tried to keep her composure. Instinctive, she knew that he hated her and that it would be impossible for them to become closer. And Hinata couldn´t help but felt scared.

Her mother called her again and she went over with shaky legs.

"Sis, I´m jealous of you." Hanabi whispered into her ear. "You´ll marry such a handsome man. He looks so cool."

Hanako, who stood tight next to her daughters, laughed quietly. "There is no better match than this. I hope you realize how lucky you´re."

"Yes Mother." She said, while tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Are you nervous?" Mrs Uchiha asked and stepped towards the three Hyuuga females.

"A... a... li... little bit..." She stuttered nervously and tried to ignore her mother´s glare when she muddled. Hanako hated it when she did that.

"That´s normal. After all, today is a big day for you." The Uchiha matriarch said. "I know my Sasuke seems to be a bit distant but as soon as you know eachother better, you´ll see, he´ll open up to you."

"There is still enough time for them to get used to eachother. They must finish the school before they can marry anyway." Hanako said.

This were good news. She had still two years before she would finish school. But they´d probably only marry when they would turn twenty anyway.

"True. But we want to arrange a official celebration with many guests. Today is just the announcement inside our familys."

"But until then is a lot to arrange. I guess, the celebration won´t occur before autumn. However, let´s take some nice pictures now." Her mother said happily.

It was obvious that the two mothers were more excited than the both teenagers. Both women gave the photograph orders about what they wanted and so they agreed to make the family pictures first. After both familys posed together for the photograph it were hers and Sasuke´s turn

Of course they wanted to have a lot of pictures from the young couple. Too bad that the both main figures weren´t as happy as their familys.

Hinata stood without resistance right next to Sasuke, who just looked somewhere with a passive expression. Even a blind person could tell that they both weren´t fitting for eachother. There was nothing to say between them. Everyone just saw all the wealth and these two prestigious familys, that they seemed like a perfect match. But the truth was, that she felt like she lived in a golden cage.

She hooked her arm into Sasuke´s and her whole body went stiff. He placed his arm loosely around her shoulders and tried so much not to touch her, that she felt almost offended when she noticed his disgusted expression. She forced herself to smile but it was just a stupid attempt to mask her tears and keep up with the facade.

When the photograph ordered them to exchange the rings, she wasn´t even bothering to keep the charade up. She blinked the tears away and bit her lip when the Uchiha shoved the ring roughly on her finger, so that she almost shrieked from the pain.

Her hands trembled when it was her turn, that she needed several tries until she managed to shove the ring on his finger. They must´ve depict an pathetic sight; He with his angry expression and she almost on the verge of breaking into tears. What for a nice couple...

The demands of the photograph weren´t helping either. None of them was even trying to look happy. And at least they were finally finished.

With teary eyes she looked at the ring on her finger. It was crested with small diamonds. Mrs Uchiha chose the rings personally. A classmate once told her that the vein in the left hand run directly towards the heart. She didn´t know if it was true but in that moment she thought about it.

She had never imagined her engagement like that. It was the saddest day in her life, when it was supposed to be one of the happiest days. It was clear that her parents would´ve someday arranged a marriage for her but...

But she knew that it was impossible for her to love Sasuke. Impossible.

She had trouble to keep her composure but she couldn´t allow herself to embarrass her family and so she stayed strong.

The photo shooting was over and the two familys returned to the table. All possible menus were served. Of course only the most delicate dish.

She sat there like a puppet, staring down at her plate and not even looking up when her father stood up for a speech. She didn´t even bother to listen. Hiashi lied when he said that the luck of his daughter means anything to him. But he was a politician and he was skilled in lying, even if Hinata loved him nevertheless.

After they clink glasses, Sasuke stood suddenly up and stormed to the balcony and slammed the door shut. Everyone was looking after him perplexed, only Hinata kept her eyes lowered.

"Hinata my dear." Hanako suddenly said. "Why don´t you go and keep your betrothed company?"

"W... What...?" Her eyes widened with fear.

"Excellent idea, so you´ll have the chance to spend time alone together." Mrs Uchiha agreed and smiled brightly in her direction.

"But..." The girl tried desperately to argue. Go out to Sasuke was the last thing she wanted right now!

"No buts. Go to him. You need to get used to eachother." Hanako´s firm voice let no room for protest and since everyone looked at her expectant, she hadn´t the gut to discuss further.

She went to the balcony with heavy legs and she made a face as if she´d await the hangman there instead of her future husband.

After she entered the balcony, her eyes searched for the Uchiha. Since the balcony was long and wide, she hadn´t seen him at first. Sasuke stood on the end, so that no one from inside could see him. His back was turned towards her but he hadn´t noticed her yet.

Nevertheless, it was obvious that he smoked. She wondered if his parents were aware of that but probably not, otherwise he could´ve just smoked a cigarette inside. But it wasn´t her business anyway. The Uchiha was probably just as desperate as she was and maybe this was his way to calm himself down.

The young Hyuuga wasn´t moving while she prayed inwardly that he wouldn´t notice her. She was afraid of his reaction if he would catch her. Few minutes passed, where he wasn´t aware of her presence but than he turned around and looked at her with such hateful eyes that her whole body froze. Without a word, he headed for the door and went back inside.

It wouldn´t make a good impression if she stayed here alone but she needed a moment until she found the courage to return inside. Sasuke sat already on the table and stared lifelessly on his cell phone display. She too, returned to her place immediately.

She spent the rest of the night in a forced conversation with Mrs Uchiha and Izumi. She made an effort to present herself and her family in a good light. Hinata smiled and was polite, even if she was so tired and wanted to be alone so badly.

It was three o´clock am when they finally returned home. She wasted no time an headed to her room. She felt so depressed, when she sat before her commode and began to open her hair. She just wanted to forget tonights events. When she had managed to remove the half of the hairpins, she stopped and observed herself in the mirror.

She raised her left hand and held it directly before her face, observing the small ring once again. Maybe there was still time until she´d marry Sasuke Uchiha but the decision was made and no one could change that.

Inside the safe walls of her room, Hinata allowed herself finally to cry. Thick wet tears streamed over her cheeks, smearing the mascara all over her face. Without a second thought, she removed the ring from her finger and let him fall on the commode.

Her parents demanded that she wore him. They demanded that she was happy and proud about the possibility to marry into such an important family. But how could she be happy with the perspective of marrying a man like him?! No one cared about her wishes and so there was no other choice as to accept her fate.

Some hours ago, she waited for a shooting star in order to make a wish. Those times were over now. Because she knew for sure now, that this was just nonsense. No one would make her wishes come true and she´d never be so stupid think otherwise again.


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