Chapter five: Rescued for the second time

Hinata put her homework in her folder. She was glad that she was finally done. It was saturday afternoon and she almost spent two hours with homework. Although school just started one week ago, there was already a lot to do. If the school year started that stressful, she´d rather not think about how much work would await her the coming months.

She attended the second grade of a private girls high school. Her parents found it important that she wouldn´t have any contact with growing boys, so this was the best solution for them.

Hinata was just a average student and only because she studied a lot. It wasn´t that she wasn´t grasping what the teacher explained, but sometimes it was just too quick and she couldn´t follow the rest of the lessons than. She sat often at home, in front of the textbooks and reproduced what she hadn´t understand at school. Mostly it worked more or less.

What bothered her, was the fact that her parents were never happy with her grades. They constantly pushed her to be better. Unfortunately, those pressure let her fail even more.

She didn´t like going to school. Most girls in her class tolerated her and spoke to her friendly, but she wasn´t really popular. Hinata had no friends and although she accepted it, she suffered everyday silently whenever she stood alone on the schoolyard or no one wanted her in their team during gym. It hurt, but she was used to it.

Her eyes wandered towards the wall clock. Almost three o´clock pm and she remembered that her mother would serve the tea soon. She put her folder and textbook aside and stood up, in order to head towards the veranda.

It was a routine on weekends to drink tea with her mother and sister. If the weather was pleasing they´d always spend the day on their huge veranda. Since the weather was still very nice, she knew that she´d find her mother there.

Hanako and Hanabi were already waiting for her. She took the seat right next to her sister, after greeting her mother kindly. She really loved her mother with all her heart, but sometimes she was just so strict and overbearing and after she´d pushed her in that engagement, Hinata´s trust in her wavered.

Hanako poured tea in her cup and began to question her about her homeworks. She lowered her head and blushed when she answered all the questions dutiful. It was embarrassing that her mother still treated her like a little girl. But the truth was, she was always patronize her in every aspect of her life.

She talked for awhile with her mother, until Hanako frowned at her younger sister. Hanabi wasn´t bothering to take part into their conversation. Instead she was busy with consuming one Wagashi after another. She´d almost eaten the whole plate alone.

"Would you stop to stuff yourself so grossly?!" The Hyuga matriarch scolded. "You´ll ruin all your teeth if you continue like this! And look at your dirty hands, is that a manner a young lady should act?!"

"Mother please don´t reprimand me." Hanabi said cheerfully and grabbed another piece of wagashi with her fingers. "I can wash my hands and if I damage my teeth, I´ll just visit a dentist."

Hinata could´t hold her giggles in. Her little sister had always been a foxy and cute girl and it seemed that not even the high expectations of their parents could change that. In a matter of fact, both Hiashi and Hanako seemed to be more lenient with their younger child as they were with Hinata back than.

It was more than obvious that Hanako had difficulties to maintain her strict facade, she was on the verge of laughing herself, but she stayed firm and pulled the plate with the sweet treats away from the girl and demanded that she´d to wash her hands immediately.

After a sulking Hanabi went inside, her mother continued to talk to her. First she talked about trivial things but than she came to the specific topic, Hinata would rather forget.

"By the way, I invited the Uchihas for breakfast tomorrow." Hanako said.

She frowned, not liking in which direction the speech went. Alone the thought that Sasuke would appear here tomorrow, let her squirm with anxiety.

The older female looked at her expectantly. "Aren´t you looking forward to meet your fiance again?"

She almost spluttered her tea and blushed from shame and because the topic was just so awkward. But her mother asumed she was just nervous from anticipation.

"W.. Why?"

"Don´t be ridiculous Hinata. You know why. The Uchihas are your future family. It´s important for us that you´ve a good relationship towards them from the beginning."

"I... I just thought because of the school..." She tried to protest weakly, inwardly praying to find an escape from tomorrow, but she´d been never good in prevail with her opinion. Like always, her excuse just sounded weak.

"Don´t worry. I just called Mrs Uchiha earlier and she assured me that Sasuke hasn´t much work this weekend, so that he´s free to spend time with you."

What was she supposed to reply? Everything was already decided by her parents and they were so smitten by the idea of marriying their daugther to an Uchiha, that neither her mother nor her father had any doubts about Hinata´s feelings.

Luckily Hanabi returned and spared her the torment to answer. Her sister and mother began a new conservation, while Hinata wondered inwardly how she could endure tomorrows planned breakfast. She wasn´t indulge in illusion that Sasuke would act civil towards her. As soon as they´d be alone, he´d disregard her again.


Hinata couldn´t sleep the whole night. She was too afraid of the coming day, that she couldn´t find the needed rest. Thinking about Sasuke, let her feel fear and reluctance instead of the positive feeling you should´ve regarding your fiance. The whole relationship was a farce but one, he wasn´t even bothering to keep upright in her presence. She already knew that today would turn out terrible. And this time, there would be no Naruto to save her.

It was sunday and she left her bed already in the early morning hours, in order to take a shower in the adjacent bathroom. After drying up, she got dressed. She decided to wear a simple white T-shirt, combined with a colorful maxi. When she took a look into the mirror, she noticed the dark eye bags from the lack of sleep. Her depressed expression made the image perfect.

I look like I´m attending a funeral. Great, Mom will be pleased...

Sighing deeply, she pulled out some make up in order to conceal the eye bags and lend her face a fresh touch. If she was feeling like a zombie, she haven´t to look like one. After brushing her hair, she left the bathroom and headed back towards her room.

She opened the window and sniffled the warm summer air. The weather would become nice, like every day those past weeks. On the whole, it had been a dream summer. Too bad that Hinata was too occupied with her problems as to enjoy the nice weather. The time passed to fast for her liking and soon she was called by her mother to come down to greet the Uchihas. Her heart pounded like crazy when she headed down the stairs.

Sasuke arrived together with his parents. He stayed a bit behind them but Hinata didn´t dare to look at him longer and so she averted her eyes to the floor. The welcome was stiff. Sasuke greeted her politely but she knew it was just a pretending in order to please his parents.

Her mother led them to the dining room and only a moment later she sat on the table, right next to her fiance.

The breakfast was served with the most delicious deli but she wasn´t hungry and just stared at her plate.

"I´m glad you found the time to come." Hanako said.

"There´re few matters I´ve to discuss with Hiashi anyway, so we could connect it with a family meeting." Mr Uchiha said.

Hinata observed her future father-in-law for a brief moment. He seemed so serious and his features harsh. His demeanor intimidated her, like her own father did so often. Maybe that was just another thing the both men had in common.

"I don´t understand why you can´t at least spend one day without work." Mrs Uchiha complained.

"Oh don´t upset yourself with that topic. My dear husband isn´t different. He only thinks about his work." Hanako replied jokingly towards the other woman.

While both wifes got into a lively discussion about the fact that their husbands worked too much, Hiashi and Mr Uchiha began a boring conversation about their projects. Only she and Sasuke stayed quit. They wasn´t anything to say between them.

Although not hungry, she filled her plate in the hope, if she´d pretend that she was busy with eating, no one would concern oneself with her. For a while it worked well, but soon the breakfast came to an end and with that, her luck was crushed.

"Hinata why don´t you show Sasuke our estate?" Her mother adressed her directly. "The last time he showed you his home. Now it´s your turn to return that cordiality."

If she´d been a more cynical person, she´d have laughed at how her mother described the evening she spend with Sasuke in the family´s garden. In the short time, since she knew Sasuke, he´d shown her many things, cordiality hadn´t been one of them.

Unfortunately, Hinata wasn´t a cynical person. She was shy and timorous. And she´d never contend herself against others. She was someone, whom was reliant to the kindness of others. If someone treated her badly, she just let it go.

"If you don´t mind, I´d rather spend the afternoon with Hinata in the city." Sasuke said and she was so shocked that her head snapped around and she stared at him with disbelieve.

Of course their parents didn´t mind. Her mother had no problem to provide their personal chauffeur, but both mother´s admonisched the teens not to return late because they´d school in the morning.

Sasuke looked indifferent when he asked her to leave, but like always his eyes betrayed him. It seemed as if the Uchiha´s eyes reflected how he inwardly felt. As for Hinata, she was a nervous mess when she forced herself to follow him outside. She´d hoped that her parents would deny Sasuke´s request, usual she wasn´t allowed to drive in the city on her own. But since her fiance was going with her, they didn´t mind.

The car stood in the entrance, already waiting for them. Sasuke wasted no time and climbed on the backseat. Hinata walked to the other side and did the same. She tried to distract herself with fixing the seatbelt.

"To the Yoyogi park please." The Uchiha ordered the driver.

That was the same park they visited one week ago. The same park, where Sasuke met his friends and where she met Naruto. Although unintentionally, her heart began to beat faster. It was bad enough to spend the day with Sasuke but if the blond would be there too, it couldn´t be too bad. And to the nervousness and fear joined a feeling of anticipation.

Thirty minutes later, the car parked at the same spot they stood one week ago. Sasuke left the vehicle without ordering a time for the driver to pick them up. Hinata looked helplessly at the demanding look of their employee and affirmed that she´d call if they wanted to head back.

The Hyuga girl left the car with mixed feelings. But she quickened her pace when she recognized Sasuke walking with fast steps away from her.

She was about to catch up to him, when he suddenly stopped and turned around to her. This came so unexpected, that she almost stumbled.

"Don´t even think about following me again." He snapped, not bothering to hide his enraged expression. She stepped back almost automatically.

"I... I...just..." She tried to find the right words and lowering her eyes, because she couldn´t stand his hard stare. But like the last time, she felt so terrible cowed in his presence.

"Shut up!" He interrupted her before she got even the chance to speak. "Just fuck off and leave me alone!"

He walked away without saying another word. Before Hinata realized what she did, she called after him. And she didn´t even stutter.

"You can´t just leave me behind!"

He stopped in his tracks and even before he turned around, she knew it was the wrong thing she did. When he stepped back to her, she felt so afraid that she played with the thought to run.

"I don´t like to repeat myself! It´s bad enough to play that fucking charade in front of my family but whenever they aren´t around you´ll stay away from me. I don´t want to see your ugly mug and I don´t want to listen to your ridiculous stammering! So fuck off!"

And with that said he finally walked away. This time she didn´t bother to stop him. His speech had been abundantly clear. Never before someone had hurt her so much and although, she didn´t want it but she began to cry.

She hugged herself tightly when she began to walk into the opposite direction, while she tried to calm down.

Why was he so mean to her? She´d understand that she wasn´t a dream woman but Sasuke wasn´t someone she wanted to marry either. But the way he´d insulted all her obvious defects, deeply hurt her.

What was she supposed to do now?

She was alone on the street of an unknown district. How should she find her way home? And even if she´d call a taxi, her parents would want to know what happened and if this wasn´t already bad enough, the Uchihas were still at the Hyuga residence.

And even if she´d tell her parents about Sasuke´s ungracious behaviour towards her, what would happen then? Would they really go so far and dissolve the engagement or would they just lecture her to try harder to win his affection?

Maybe they´d contact the Uchihas so that they´d put their son back into place and what´d happen then? If she´d denigrate him by his parents, she was sure he´d really crush her.

She sobbed quietly while wandering through the unknown streets. A lot of people were on their way but everyone passed by her, without taking any notice of her troubled state. Perhaps she could find a mall or something where she could spend the afternoon. Most shops were open on sunday and shibuya was a popular area, surely somewhere must be a shopping street.

Unfortunately she wasn´t used to wandering on her own so much and lost the orientation. It let her resolve crumble and fresh tears formed into her eyes.

"Hinata is that you?" A male voice said from the side and someone tapped her shoulder lightly.
She recognized the voice almost immediately and her heart beat faster when she slowly turned around. It was only the second time she meet him, but it seemed as if Naruto always showed up to rescue her.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked with raised eyebrows. "And by the way, are you crying?!"

Hinata shook her head quickly and wiped away the tears from her cheek with the back of her hand. " I just ...I got lost..."

"Huh? But if you don´t know wher you are, why are you here?" He asked, honestly surprised by her answer.

She bit her lower lip and felt heat raising to her cheeks. Maybe Sasuke was right and she was really stupid. At least she felt like the last idiot.

"I... I..."

And her inability to talk in full sentences. No wonder the Uchiha hated the engagement even more than she did. Which guy would want to marry someone like her?

Maybe the Uzumaki noticed how agiated she was, because he smiled at her reassuringly. He pointed towards a small shop on the opposite street.

"I´m working there. My shift ends in three hours. You can keep me company if you want and then I´ll help you to go home."

Once again surprised by his kindness, she nodded and allowed him to led her to the opposite street. Once inside the shop, he advised her to sit down on a chair near the cashbox, while Naruto was busy with unpacking cartons and fill up few shelves or taking care of some customers.

While he was working, Hinata tried to calm down. Her tears were dried soon but her depressed mood stayed. She was ashamed about her pathetic behaviour and her inability to take care of herself properly. If Naruto hadn´t shown up, she hadn´t know what to do. But at the same time, it was horrible that he caught her in such an wretched state. Hopefully he wasn´t thinking to low of her now.

She observed the small market. It was a really small shop but obvioulsy selled everything at the same time. From drinks and snacks to instant- and hygiene products were anything present. You´d even buy dog and cat food.

To her shame, she´d to admit that she never had entered such an store before. The Hyuga´s domestic servants took care of the grocery shopping and Hinata doubted that they´d get the food from such an simple shop.

She was so lost in her thoughts, that she didn´t notice Naruto approaching and sitting down on another chair right next to her. She only acknowldged his presence, when he adressed her and offered her a bottle lemonade.

"Th... Thank you very much..." She replied hastily after accepting the drink.

"You´re welcome." He smiled. "Would you like to eat something too?"

"N...No it´s alright b... but thank you though..."

Naruto waited until she´d taken a sip of her drink, before he spoke again.

"Can I ask you what you were doing here all by yourself? I mean, it´s pretty obvious that you don´t even know this area and I doubt that the mayor´s daughter is supposed to wander through shibuya all by herself."

She stiffened and fresh tears welled up in her eyes, while she tried to came up with a quick response. But all she managed was to mumble an unintelligible stutter. She was such a pathetic crybaby!

Meanwhile, the blond observed her skeptical. He raised his eybrows and it seemed as if he´d discovered the cause for her misery.

"Say, you don´t came with Sasuke to shibuya, did you? Because I know that he wanted to meet the others today, I know for sure that he´s in this area now. And since he brought you last time along, I wonder if he was supposed to take care of you today too."

Her breath hitched and she lowered her eyes, while she tried to find the right words to say something. It surprised her that Naruto figured the truth out so quicky but maybe her awkward behaviour had been too obvious. She didn´t want to denigrate Sasuke by Naruto, he was his friend after all and she wasn´t in the position to create a rift between them. But when all what came out of her mouth was a inaudible mumble, he seemed to know that he was right.

"What an asshole!" Naruto said. "I mean, I get that he isn´t thrilled to spend his free time with you, if his parents are sentence him to do it. But that isn´t a reason to treat you like that. He could´ve brought you along like last time or you two split up and each does his own thing."

Hinata could tell that he was pissed. Although it impressed her, that he held so much sympathy for her problems. She didn´t want to be the cause of a fight between Naruto and Sasuke. The Uchiha wouldn´t forgive her for that and again, she didn´t want to cause a rift in their friendship.

"N... No... You misunderstand... It´s not Sa...Sasuke´s fault. His family were visitig m... mine a... and my mother wa...wanted us to spend time to... together... be...because it´s boring for us listening to their endless speechs about politics... But I guess... Sasuke wasn´t very keen to sacrifice his free time for me..."

Sasuke didn´t deserve the defense, she knew it. But she couldn´t bring herself to be honest to Naruto. What she told him wasn´t entirely a lie, more a half truth but she wasn´t honest either. Sasuke hadn´t told Naruto about the engagement and she didn´t want him to know about it either. For some unknown reason, she couldn´t bear the thought that he´d know that she was indeed Sasuke´s fiancee.

Naruto looked at her with disbelieve. "Do you even listen to yourself?"

She chewed on her bottom lip and lowered her eyes again.

"You don´t have to defend him just because he´s my friend." He said.

"Th... That´s not it..."

"So you´re just too nice for your own good then? Hinata, people like Sasuke exploit that. Right, he´s my friend but I know how he can be and he´s an arrogant asshole if things don´t go his way. And if you don´t stand up for yourself, he´ll continue to take it out on you!"

"It´s alright really..." It wasn´t.

"No it´s not. If you don´t want to stand up for yourself, I´ll tell him to look for someone else to treat like shit. This is no way to treat you Hinata. You´re a nice girl and even if he don´t like you, he can at least act civil towards you. He´ll survive to spend some time with you, it´s not like you two are forced to marry or something like that."

She swallowed hard after hearing his last words. If he knew... Unfortunately getting married was exactly what she and Sasuke were supposed to do into the future. But she couldn´t risk letting Naruto know that, she didn´t want him to know it.

"Pl...please don´t speak with Sa...Sasuke about me... He´ll just get mad and..."

"As if I give a shit about that." He interrupted her but Hinata shook her head quicky.

"Please don´t!" She said, without a stutter this time. "It will just cause problems for both of us. O... Our familys don´t meet on a regular basic, so I do... don´t see him often anyway. It doesn´t matter if we´re on good terms or not... Si... since like you said... we ´re not supposed to marry a...and we´re not even friends, so it really doesn´t matter..."

She forced these words out and was surprised that he managed to speak almost fluently, although she felt ashamed for lying so boldly. But no matter how nice Naruto was towards her and how much she began to like the blond boy, he wasn´t her friend. He was a part of Sasuke´s life and she couldn´t meddle herself between them.

He tried to say more but Hinata begged him once more to let it go and to her relief, he nodded. They quickly changed the subject after that, talking about this and that like the last time they met.

Time passed quickly and soon Naruto´s shift ends. He repeated his offer to escort her home, despite her protests that she´d get an taxi. But he just laughed and said that she´d pay a huge amount, if she´d drive with a taxi through half of the town.

"But I guess, money isn´t really an issue for you." He said knowingly and Hinata blushed.

She eventually agreed to his offer. More out of politeness but inwardly, she knew that she just wanted to spend more time with him.

Naruto had a scooter and at first, Hinata was afraid to climb on the thing. But she eventually overcome her fear after Naruto´s encouragement.

It was fun driving between the cars around. Her tummy tickled with excitement, together with the strange sensation of heat in her body when she wrapped her arms firmly around Naruto´s waist. She told herself that she wasn´t affected by the fact how close their bodies were but the heat in her cheeks told her otherwise.

She really enjoyed the drive. She couldn´t remember the last time, she´d so much fun. It was the second time that the blond changed a miserable day into something special. A part of her never wanted to let it go.

Although the Hyuga´s lived almost on the other end of the city, the ride passed too fast for her liking.

He dropped her few streets away from her home, because she couldn´t risk her parents spotting her together with a foreign boy. She didn´t want to be unpolite when she tried to explain this to Naruto, but he just laughed, telling her that he knew, because Sasuke´s parents weren´t very keen about his presence near of their residence too. And since she was a girl it would be even worse for her.

Hinata thanked him for everything he did today and to her secret delight, she managed not to stutter.

When Naruto drove away, she looked after him and she didn´t understand why, but she wanted to call out for him and tell him not to leave.

In that moment she didn´t understand those strange thoughts, neither the tickle in her stomach, nor the quick rate of her heartbeat. But soon she´d understood.



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