There is nothing I love more than a Royalty AU, and I saw the Detroit fandom was lacking this AU content, so I made my own!

This story is going to track Hank and Connors lives as they grow up together and deal with hardships that are thrown their way.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Born only hours apart.

Their futures decided long before they had even been conceived.

One to serve and one to rule.

Prince Hank Anderson, first and only heir to the throne of Detroit. On the dawn of his 18th Birthday he is to be crowned king, but until then he has a lot to learn.

Connor Smith, abandoned. Taken in by the Royal family to be trained by Amanda Stern (head lady in waiting) to become the perfect servant and companion to the future king.

Destined to walk through life together, the pair have a long road ahead of them before they discover their hearts desire.

Age 8 - Autumn

It had been clear from very early on in their lives that Hank was far more adventurous than Connor. Hank, bold and brash would often storm his way through the Castle and surrounding areas while Connor would stick close behind advising on the rising levels of danger the other boys antics were causing.

That didn't mean Connor didn't enjoy the thrill of the danger though. Sometimes Connor would even find himself encouraging the destructive behaviour! But he would never tell Amanda that, she wanted him to be like a finely crafted machine. To do what he was told and nothing more. To value the prince's safety above his own at all costs.

The pair had been playing one day when they got slightly carried away and found themselves at the entrance to the vast forest surrounding the Castle. The forest was forbidden to enter, as those who go in rarely come out again.

Hank nudged Connors side "Let's go."

Connor hesitated, he had been lectured several times about the dangers of the forest by Amanda. "I think we should turn around. There are trees we can play on in the Palace Gardens, Sire." He reasoned.

"That's true. But we play there all the time. I'm bored of it, let's go exploring here." Hank started off in to the dark shade of the trees. "-and call me Hank when we aren't around my parents!" He called over his shoulder.

Connor spared a long glance back towards the Castle. He had a sinking feeling in his stomach, the kind he gets when Amanda is displeased with him. He could almost feel her cold stare on his back as he jogged off after Hank.

Besides he couldn't let Hank go alone, he had a job to do after all. So long as she didn't find out it would be okay.

They climbed tress.

Jumped over small rivers.

Held races in the forests open spaces (Connor won every single time!)

Had fights with the fallen crisp colourful Autumn leaves.

Both Hank and Connor had laughed like they never had before. Being so far out of sight from the Castle made them relax and really enjoy themselves. On several occasions Hank had been the one to tell Connor to stop as what he was about to do was too dangerous (And that was saying something coming from Hank).

Hank liked this Connor.

He liked Connor anyway- but when the other boy was worrying himself with correct protocols and being way too over protective about Hanks general well-being he was no where near as fun.

They'd been enjoying themselves so such they hadn't noticed the sun go down and the moon begin to show itself. Also how much the temperature had dropped.

Hank wrapped his arms tightly around himself "It's getting cold."

Connor nodded. The cold didn't really bother him, he couldn't really feel it. What bothered him was the overwhelming realization that he couldn't remember what way they had come from. Every where looked the same. Guilt began to wash over him along with the fear of being lost as he looked at the young prince next to him.

"Yes it is. Perhaps if we try and re-trace our steps?" Connor offered.

"Unless you've been leaving a trail of bread like Hansel and Gretel I don't think we will be able to." Hank squinted in to the distance, trying to see if anything looked familiar.

"The trail of bread Gretel left got eaten by crows anyway, If I had left a trail we would still be lost." Connor replied dryly.


Actually saying that they were lost made the situation far more scary than it was before. Suddenly the sound of the wind in the trees was haunting, the rustle of wildlife in the distance intimidating and the moonlight cold and unwelcome compared to the warm rays of the sun that had been there earlier.

"Well then, why don't we pick a direction and just go that way till we find an exit?" Hank paced slowly as he spoke.

"What if the direction we pick is the wrong way? We would just be further away from the Castle than before."

"You got any better ideas?" Hank snapped, he was known in the kingdom for having a short fuse (even at eight years old).

Connor looked at his feet as he thought of all possible options. There weren't many.

He could climb to the top of one of the trees and see if he could see the Castle, then they would know what direction to go in. But he would never make it to the top of the tree, and a fall from that height would certainly kill him- then who would be Hanks servant?

Any ideas that Connor had all had a very big chance of ending poorly apart from one.

Connor walked over to one of the trees that was more substantial than the others "I believe it would be for the best if we sat by this tree and awaited day light before we make any decisions. It will be easier to find our way in the morning."

"We cant just sit around and do nothing!" Hank protested "If we stay here we'll get eaten by one of those monsters out there." he gestured to the unforgiving darkness that surrounded them.

"There is a slim chance of that yes." Connor said thoughtfully as he sat down by the tree "But my other reason for staying here makes sense too. Or did you forget who you are? Your highness?" he emphasized the 'highness hoping that Hank would understand what he was going for "I'm sure the royal guards will be on the search for you as we speak."

Hank laughed quietly and went over to Connor siting next to him "You're right. Lets hope they find us quick, I'm hungry." he yawned.

"It would be nice to be back yes." Connor nodded.

The pair sat in a tense silence for a while, an unspoken question lingering in the air between them.

It was Hank who finally said it.

"We are going to be in so much trouble aren't we?"

"Most certainly." Connor had a smile on his face as if he were joking. But even in the dim light Hank could tell he was forcing it. He could see the tension in the other boys shoulders and the way his hands trembled ever so slightly.

Now it was Hanks turn to feel guilty. He knew that when they got back to the Castle he wouldn't get much more than a slapped wrist and maybe have to go to bed without dinner. But Connor on the other hand would probably be in for quite an ordeal. Hank knew that Amanda wasn't the nicest lady, he had no idea why his mother liked her so much.

Hank sighed and rested his head on Connor shoulder "I'm sorry I dragged you out here. Its my fault Amanda is gonna yell at you later."

Connor hesitated, then rested his head on Hanks, closing his eyes peacefully "It's okay. For all the fun we've had today I'll take whatever punishment Amanda has in mind for me deviating from my duties."

Hank hummed in agreement, today had been one of the best days they'd had in a long time. Their days where they're could just play were becoming so few now that they really had to make the most of the little time they had.

Eventually they drifted off in to a peaceful sleep.

Only to be woken up about an hour later by the sounds of frantic rustling and distant shouts of "Prince Anderson!"

"Looks like they found us." Connor jostled Hank off his shoulder as he stood up, fixing his clothes so he looked as neat as possible.

Hank followed suit. As they walked towards there shouting Hank sung his arm around Connor "You have one comfortable shoulder, they could have held off fining us for a little while longer, I was having a pretty good dream!"

"Yes, you were quite comfortable too, Hank." Connor smiled warmly.