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Chapter 5 - Dangerous Identity

Ginny kept quiet, her hand over her mouth as she tried to process what Sento was asking. Was it possible that Soichi, the man who was kind enough to take her and Sento in when they had no other place to go, was a member of the group who did experiments on Sento, Ryuga, and Nabeshima and made Sento lose all his memories of his life

She continued to keep quiet as they headed into the cafe and Soichi began to brew his coffee, he explained, "This is my original blend to compete with the cafe I work at part-time. I call it 'Nascita de nani shita?'"

"So, what's going on?" He said, looking at them. Ginny looked at him and said, "Soichi-san, please. Don't act naive. The panel Sento found was stolen from the Institute by Faust." Sento showed the panel that they had found in the wall, Ginny asked, "Why do you have it?"

"You're a member of Faust, aren't you?" Sento said, looking at him. Soichi looked serious for a moment, "I'm... Faust... he says." But he suddenly laughed with Misora, Ryuga shouted, "What's so funny?"

"Have you ever seen such a stylish bad guy before?" Soichi asked, trying to look cool with his hat tilted. Ginny thought to herself, sweatdropping on whether to answer or not, 'Debating to myself if I should say yes cause while he was a major pain in the butt, Draco Malfoy was pretty stylish and he was a bad guy for a while, nearly my school life at Hogwarts.'

"Then what about the panel?" Sento asked, holding the panel in his hand. Misora spoke, "That's from when I was captured by Faust." "You were captured?" Ginny said. Misora nodded, "Yes. I've got the power to purify Smash elements, right? So Faust was after me. But Dad saved me." "When I rescued Misora from their hideout, I took the panel and bottles." Soichi said, stepping out from behind the counter.

"So the reason you never go outdoors.." Ryuga realized, looking at Misora. Misora finished his sentence, "... is because Faust is still after me! And Dad had a different job too." "This." Sento showed Ryuga a picture of Soichi when he was a astronaut. Ryuga was shocked and asked, "You were an astronaut, Master?!"

"You knew?" Soichi asked, smiling. Ginny said, "Sento told me how you were the one who found Pandora's Box on Mars, right?" "The one who released the light from Pandora's Box and caused the Skywall tragedy was also you." Sento said, pointing at him.

"I went a little crazy due to Mars' influence." Soichi said, rubbing his neck. "I still don't know why I did that." He and Sento began to play foosball and Sento said, "I heard you were also the one who helped Faust the panels."

Soichi smiled, "I did that to save Misora. In order to infiltrate their hideout, I had to get Faust to trust me as a ally." "So why didin't you return the panel to the government?" Sento asked, Ginny was amazed that they could talk and focus on the game they were playing. Soichi said, "Return? Faust could force their way into the Institute if they really wanted." "Then why didn't you tell me?" Sento asked.

"Because I wanted you to become Build." Soichi said, surprising Sento. Ginny looked at Soichi as he explained, "I can't forgive Faust. They kill people like they're mere bugs. But Misora and I couldn't do a thing. Then when I met you and Ginny-chan. I thought you could use the bottles' power for good and defeat Faust. But if I told you everything, I wasn't sure if you would help me. So I decided I wouldn't tell you about the panel until you discovered it yourself."

"So that's why you made me work at the Institute?" Sento said, sighing. Ginny smiled, breathing in relief. Sento thought and said, "If I researched Pandora's Box, I'd evenutally find out about this... So it was all as you planned." He took a cup of the coffee, sipping the cup. Sento sighed, "Can't be helped then. In light of your courage to try and sell such terrible coffee, I'll forgive you."

Ginny laughed, smiling. Ryuga groaned and shouted, "Seriously?! You're too soft-hearted!" "If people weren't soft-hearted, they'd never try this obviously horrible coffee once they heard the terribly puny name." Sento said, looking at him. Soichi retorted, "It's not that bad." Ginny, Misora, Soichi, and Ryuga took a cup and took a sip of coffee, before spitting it out. Ginny said, "Sorry, Soichi-san, but that's not coffee."

While the rest of the group tried to get the awful taste out of their mouth, Sawa came in and smiled, "I have a scoop! I found someone who knows Sento-kun's past!"

So Ginny went with Sawa and Sento to meet the person who knew Sento's past, however, Sento wasn't sure about the meeting and asked Sawa, "How do you know this person knows my past?" "I asked around with your photo and a music club owner led me to a member of your band." Sawa said, showing his photo on her phone.

Ginny looked at him and asked, "You had a band, Sento?" "I was in a band?!" Sento said, surprised. Sawa nodded and said, "Apparently you lived with a younger classmate called Kishida Tatsuya-kun."

"Aniki!" Somone shouted, they looked and saw a slightly chubby young man wearing a afro, a tank top, glasses, sweat pants and shoes. He excitedly ran to Sento to hug but as if on instinct, Sento tossed him to the ground, Ginny and Sawa just looked at him with surprise and quiet shock, as did the passersby in the area. Realizing what he did, Sento led everyone to a area that wasn't as crowded. Once there, Tatsuya gave Sento's real name

"Satou Tarou?!" Sawa asked, Ginny put her finger to her chin, thinking to herself, 'I personally prefer Sento.'

"Yeah, that's your name, Aniki!" Tatsuya said, getting disturbingly close to Sento. Sento almost fell back in shock, as they followed Tatsuya, Sawa asked, "Sento Kiryu isn't your real name?" "Master gave me that name." Sento said. "I had no identification with me when he found me. Gin-chan was the same, but she remembered her name, just not how she ended up where Master found her."

"But Satou Tarou..." Sawa said, laughing. Sento said, "I just can't get it through my head." "You really can't remember anything?" Tatsuya said, looking at him. So he showed them a regular-looking apartment, "This is it, Aniki! This is the apartment where I lived with you!"

"No way..." Sento said in disbelief. Tatsuya led them into the apartment, and the three of them were hit with a awful mess as the entire apartment was a mess. Sawa shouted, "What a mess!" "It completely smells in here!" Ginny said, covering her nose. Tatsuya asked, "Do you remember anything now, Aniki?"

"Not a thing..." Sento said, looking around. "And I definitely couldn't have lived here!" Sawa quickly went to open the window, Sento told him, "I'm a neat freak! You must've been mistaken." "Uh, Sento..." Ginny said, looking at the photos on the wall. Sento kept quiet as he saw them and they all had a familiar looking young man in a red jumpsuit with his hair in a weird spiky style. Sawa gasped, "You really were in a band!"

Sento went to sit by the window to let it sink in, and Ginny looked at him, wondering what was going on in his head at this revelation. Tatsuya said, "Aniki, you always used to say if you were famous, you'd marry a TV announcer, eat a hundred bowls of egg eyudon, and a buy a thousand buildings!"

Ginny cleared her throat, "Um, Tatsuya-san, we were curious." "When did Satou Tarou disappear?" Sawa asked, Tatsuya thought and said, "I'm sure it was September 5th... yeah." "Sento..." Ginny said, looking at him. Sento looked at her, shocked, "That's the day Master found me and you."

He led them to the alleyway where he was found, Sawa asked, "How did you collaspe?" "Just normally..." Sento said, pointing to the spot. Ginny thought about this, they were found on the same day but Soichi found him awake while she was unconscious when she was found. Sawa put him in the spot and said, "Do it!" Ginny looked at her, confused.

She watched as she tried to get Tatsuya to see if he recongized the area and Ginny looked around, trying to find where she was found. Ginny turned to look at Tatsuya who explained that Satou went somewhere for a part-time job to test some kind medicine for something. Suddenly Sento went to him and asked, "Can you give me more details?"

Before he could, there was a shout and they ran to see Faust mechas scaring construction workers, Ginny watched as Tatsuya bumped into Sento before he could transform into Build. Then government guardians appeared and the group hid to see the Guardians finish the Faust mechas but suddenly they turned on the workers, attacking them.

"Why did the Guardian turn into Faust mechas?" Sawa asked, worried. Sento transformed into Build, using the Taka and Gatling bottles before running into the fight. Even though he saved the workers, they ran away because Build was a wanted criminal. Ginny walked up beside him and took his hand to help comfort him. But they suddenly heard a voice.

"So the hero of justice appears?" The voice asked, Sento turned to see the red armored being, asking, "Cobra?" "Wrong~! The correct answer is Blood Stark!" It said, Ginny thought, 'Blood Stark?'

"You're the one who turned Nabeshima into a Smash!" Sento shouted. Blood Stark said, "You got it right this time! As your reward, I'll play with you!" He pulled out a weapon and fired at everyone, Ginny felt Sawa cover her as they and Tatsuya fell to avoid the bullets while Sento used the wings to fly around and fight Blood Stark, getting him to fall on the ground.

Once he was on the ground, Sento changed to RabbitTank, running to fight. Ginny looked at him, worried since Blood Stark could be stronger than him like Night Rouge. Sawa was just busy taking photos for the fight while Ginny and Tatsuya were worried about Sento. Sento attempted to do his finishing kick on Blood Stark, but Blood Stark grabbed his foot. Ginny and Sawa gasped at what they saw.

"Nick kick!" Blood Stark said, before tossing Sento to the side. "Hazard Level 3.2. You've got room to improve. See you!" 'Hazard level?' Ginny pondered before running to Sento, she knelt down to him and asked, "Sento, are you okay?" "Yeah." Sento said, nodding. "What's with that guy?"

They all headed to the cafe, Ryuga saw them and said, "Finally! That took forever!" Ginny rolled her eyes at he contiued while Tetsuya tried to talk about the cafe, "Do you know how long I've been waiting?! SHUT UP!" Tetsuya shook scared at Ryuga's aggressive attitude, looking at Tatsuya in his attire, Ryuga asked, "Who's this weirdo?" "Apparently, he's Sento's old classmate and friend." Ginny said, looking at him.

She was wide-eyed to see Ryuga headbutt him and knock him out, she thought, 'He's more hard headed than I thought.' She groaned after that when he whispered to Sento, "Can you think of a way to prove my innocence?" 'I take that back...' She thought, sweatdropping and shaking her head in her hand in her face.

"Shut up." Sento said, looking annoyed. "I've got my hands full with this Satou Tarou thing." "Who's Satou Tarou?" Ryuga asked, Ginny told him, "It seems that's who Sento used to be before he lost his memory."

After Misora cheered at completing her puzzle, she said, "I made a bottle too." Sento's tuft of hair went up and he looked excited, "You're kidding! How exciting!" He went down to the lab and Ginny sighed, not seeing Ryuga headbutt Tatsuya again after he thought he was the escaped murderer that the news called him. "I didn't kill anyone." Ryuga said, grumbling.

"Didn't you kill Katsuragi?" Tatsuya asked. Ryuga said, "I just saw his body." "Apparently he's innocent." Sawa explained.

Still unconvinced, Tetsuya left the cafe, Ginny shook her head. "Way to go, Ryuga-kun." She said, grabbing him from stepping outside. So they went down to the lab where Sento, acting like a child, tried to figure out what organic bottle worked with the new Comic Bottle. Ginny laughed, while Ryuga still wanted his innocence proved, Sento said, "This is for your sake too."

"What do you mean?" Ginny asked. Sento said, "It was Faust that used Nabeshima to set him up, right? So if we discover their hideout and the full story, we can prove your innocence too. For that..." While he was talking, they found that Ryuga picked and discovered the Ninjya bottle was the Best Match for the Comic Bottle.

Seeing that, Sento's tuft disappeared and wept, "No way..." "Satifised?" Ryuga said. "Now about my problem..." Then Sento screamed, making Ginny and Ryuga jumped as he shouted, "In that case, I need a weapon!" He began to write on the clear board about the kind of weapon the new Best Match, so since he was so absorbed in making the details of the weapon, Ginny and Ryuga went to lay on the bed, Ginny fell asleep while he was working on the blueprint.

"Done!" Sento shouted, making Ginny wake up and yawn. "I call it... Four-Panel Ninpou Sword!" He revealed his new weapon, which was a sword with four comic panels on the blade. Ginny rubbed her eyes and gathered some clothes to get changed into a fresh set of clothes. She went to the changing room and began to change her clothes. While she was changing, Misora checked her idol site and said, "I got a Smash report. Apparently, it's heading to your Institute, Sento."

"Why is it going to the Institute?" Ginny asked, tying her hair into a ponytail and styling it into a bun. Misora said, "Maybe it's after Pandora's Box?" "Then Master was right." Ryuga said, sitting on the bed. "It's a good idea to keep the panel here after all." "By the way, where is Soichi-san?" Ginny asked, checking herself over. "He's been gone for a long time."

Misora and Sento had no answer so Sento grabbed his coat and Driver as Ryuga said, "Just let the government special forces deal with it. You can't expect to transform and fight there anyway!" "Just gonna take a look." Sento said, Ginny thought and said, "I'm coming with you!" They went upstairs and rode out to the Institute, watching the new Smash fight the guards.

"So the fugitive can't do anything but watch?" Blood Stark asked, appearing behind them. Ginny stayed close to Sento as he said, "Do you know who that Smash is? Here's a hint. Aniki~!" "No..." Ginny gasped as Sento looked shocked. "Tatsuya!"

"Correct!" Blood Stark said. "But don't get the wrong idea. He volunteered for the experiment. What a brave man. Still, he's just a hopeless fool." "Stop screwing with me..." Sento said, getting his Driver out. Ginny gasped, "Don't, Sento! As Build, you're a wanted criminal!" He transformed into Build and went to attack Blood Stark.

Ginny looked worried as Sento tried to fight Blood Stark, swinging his weapon but Blood Stark managed to block til Sento was about to push him back and tried to perform his kicking kick. While he was able to damage his arm, Sento was still sent flying as Ginny covered herself from the blast. Blood Stark noted, "Hazard Level 3.7? So anger increases the level..." " 'That again.' Ginny thought. 'What is a Hazard Level?'

"Just as I hoped." Blood Stark said, looking thoughtful at Ginny and she gasped. "Hurry up and save your Smash." He walked away and Sento groaned, running to help his friend in trouble. Ginny didn't watch the fight as she looked pale at the thought if her brother or friends coming and getting changed into Smashes that Sento would have to fight.

"Ginny!" Ryuga shouted, she turned to see him. "Go with Sento. I'll handle the government guys here!" "Okay." Ginny nodded, running to her quad bike and putting her helmet on, riding after Sento who rode to a empty location, tossing his friend on the ground. She watched him use his new bottles, changing into a yellow and purple colored Build.

'So that's the new Best Match?' She thought, looking at the new form and watching him use the special ability which allowed him to make copies of himself to rapidly slash at the Smash then performed a slash at him before the Smash fell to the ground and Sento extracted the Smash element from his friend.

Walking to him, Ginny watched as he went to Tatsuya's side and he revealed the reason Satoru went for the part-time job was cause he thought they were pressed for money, and that he just wanted to help him, but he couldn't, calling himself useless. Ginny kept quiet as Ryuga came up, but gasped as Ryuga punched him in the stomach and took the bottle, giving him the element back.

"Ryuga, you coward!" Ginny shouted, crying as he hid behind his bike and the Smash walked off.

And for that, I really began to dislike Ryuga. I mean, he was okay, but in these early episode, he was the spitting image of being a hard headed idiot since all he cared about proving his innocence. And this kinda ruined his character for me.

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