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Chapter 6 - Furious Moonsault

"That stupid idiot, Ryuga..." Ginny grumbled before hearing Sento groan. "Sento, are you okay?" She went and knelt down next to him, he nodded, "Yeah."

"What are we going to do?" Ginny asked, worried about what happened.

"Find Ryuga and Tetsuya." Sento said, trying to stand. "Then you hit Ryuga all you want and I can restore Tetsuya."

"Are you sure you're good to stand?" Ginny asked, standing to help him. Sento groaned but nodded. He changed back into NinjyaComic and Ginny got on her quad bike. Putting her helmet on, Ginny followed Sento to the Skywall.

As they neared the wall, Ginny looked at it and thought to herself, 'This is the first time I've gotten this close to the Skywall since waking up in here. What's that red light coming from it?'

They saw Ryuga surrounded by soliders, Ginny looked at Sento and said, "Sento!" "I know!" Sento said, pulling the 4Koma Ninpoutou and pressed the trigger three times, activating the Wind Panel and blowing away the soldiers with the Tornado Slash while Ryuga ducked. When they drove up to him, he looked at Sento, surprised. "You...!"

"Talk later." Sento said, hoping to spare Ryuga from Ginny's wrath later. "Get on!" Ryuga looked at Ginny who was close by. He got on behind Sento and seeing they got surrounded again, Sento pressed the trigger four times, using the Disappearing Technique to get them out of there.

It was nighttime when they reached the nascita, and Misora was sleeping in the basement when she was suddenly awoke to the sound of Sento and Banjo aruging.

"Let go!" Banjo shouted, falling to the ground as Sento tossed him. Ginny followed behind the two, "The hell are you doing?!"

Sento gripped his shirt and shouted, "If I don't take out the Smash element, Tatsuya will be in danger!"

"If I hadn't done that, we wouldn't know where their hideout was!" Banjou shouted, pushing him to the bed and walking into the lab.

"And you're okay with Tatsuya dying?!" Sento shouted. "Screw you!"

"Then who's gonna clear my name?!" Banjou shouted.

Misora sensed dangerous vibes from Ginny as hearing that from Banjou made her snap and she walked up to the brunnette ex-boxer and gave a hard punch to the face and knocking him to the ground. Then she shouted, "I have had it with you, Banjo Ryuga, and your stupid need to have your name and innocence cleared! The fact you only care about that over the wellbeing and concern of someone possibly has made any piece of respect and hope I have for you just disappear! If that's the only thing you care about, I am out of here!"

With tears in her eyes, Ginny turned and left the lab. Sento sighed, hoping to calm her down after he dealt with Banjou. He said, "Why don't you think of anyone but yourself?!"

Stepping out of the cafe and taking a moment to breath, Ginny began to cry and fell to her knees, putting her face in her hands. She sobbed and cried, saying, "I wanna go home... I wanna be with my mom, dad, brothers, Harry, and Hermione again... I don't want to deal with those Smashes anymore..."

"Ginny-chan?" She heard Soichi ask but when Ginny looked up, it was Blood Stark and she quickly stood up, reaching to grab her wand but was suddenly knocked out by a strange gas that came out of the pipes on Blood Stark and fell, Blood Stark catching her and walking away, a bracelet that Sento had given her for her birthday falling out of her pocket.

Back down in the lab, Banjou said while groaning and holding his bruised cheek, "Well, sorry! I'm not gonna pretend to be interested in saving people!"

"What were you gonna do when you found their hideout?" Sento asked, crossing his arms.

"Isn't it obvious?!" Banjo shouted. "Capture Rouge and clear my name."

Sento scoffed, "With your power?! Gin-chan is right. Don't make me laugh."

"You wanna take me on?" Banjou said, getting mad and bringing out the Dragon Fullbottle then shaking it. "I'm different from how I was!"

Suddenly, he gave Sento three empowered punches, causing him to fall to the ground and made his Drive fall out of his pocket. Groaning, Sento said, "It seems the Dragon Bottle is different from the others... It's synchronizing with you and producing a strange reaction."

To counter, he punched Banjou in the stomach and made him fall to the ground. Then he tossed a FullBottle and caught it, saying confidently, "I'm better at using the Bottles."

"You coward!" Misora said, hitting with her plush rabbit.

"What?" Sento asked, confused. "That idiot used it first!"

"Then... I'll use this!" Banjou said, looking at the Driver and grabbed it. He tried to put it at his waist and Sento gasped, "Idiot! Stop!"

He tried to transform and got shocked, falling to the ground. "Why...?" He asked weakly.

"It's not something just any amateur can use." Sento said, grabbing the Driver and the Bottles.

Misora poked him with her plush and said, "He's dead!"

"He'll wake up soon." Sento reasoned, looking at her and got worried about what was taking Ginny so long. He also worried that Banjo's newfound strength was because of the Bottle.

"All you achieved by using him was raising Build's hazard level." Night Rouge said, looking at the recaptured Tatsuya in his Smash form. He wasn't sure what to say about the young redheaded woman who Blood Stark suddenly brought him with. He asked, "What are you planning?"

"I'm simply hungry for strength." Blood Stark said, turning to look at his black armored companion. He walked up to his companion, "He has to learn more about himself before he procreeds to the next stage."

By the next morning, Soichi had revealed that Ginny was captured and gave Sento her bracelet. While he didn't show any shock or surprise, Sento did gently hold his gift to her and silently went to work, so Soichi opened the cafe and smiled, looking at the beautiful morning and hiding his concern for Ginny too.

Stepping inside, he saw that Banjou had woken up and said, "Oh! You're awake! I heard all about it from Misora. You tried to transform. Give it up. It's too dangerous."

Banjou seemed unfazed and said, "Shut up." He went to sit at the counter and looked around, asking, "Where is he?"

"At the Institute." Soichi said. "He said he was going to research the Skywall. He's going to find Faust's hideout and rescue Tatsuya and Ginny."

"I can't believe he's doing that for a friend he doesn't even remember and someone he's only known for a year." Banjou said, unbelieving.

"It's not because they were friends or even that they haven't known each other that long." Soichi reasoned. "He'll lend a hand to anyone who's in trouble."

"God, Buddha, and Sento-sama, huh?" Banjou scoffed.

"Not like that." Soichi said, smiling. "He's... just insecure. Losing his memory and not knowing who he is, he's drowning in insecurity. Of course, the feelings that grow from that are real. But behind his joy and affection is an unfathomable loneliness."

Banjou kept quiet and tried his coffe but found it bitter, meanwhile Sento was busy at the Institute, Ginny's bracelet around his wrist hidden under his watch. His supervisor noticed how he was working and made up, saying, "What's going on? You're unusually enthusiastic."

"I want to know more about the Skywall." Sento said, looking at the screen.

"Did you know the wall emits a gas?" His boss said, walking by him.

"No." Sento said, surprised.

His boss nodded, "An element not found on Earth pours out from underground. Katsuragi called this 'Nebula Gas'."

"Nebula Gas?" Sento asked, interested.

"Katsuragi realized the importance of this gas before anyone else." His boss said. "Bring up Katsuragi's research data."

"Are you sure it's okay to show him?" His assistant asked.

"Yes." The man said.

"Very well." His assistant said, sighing and going to a computer to type in the password and showed Sento the screen. "This is Takumi Katsuragi's research data."

Sento was so excited to see it that the turf of his hair went up. He was unaware of his boss looking at him interested. Back at the cafe, Misora was letting Sawa know what happened, she was shocked to hear that Ginny was missing and that Sento and Banjou had a fight.

"So, Sento-san and Banjou fought?" Sawa said, a bit surprised.

"They were at each other's throats." Misora said.

"Don't worry about it." Sawa said, smiling. "They'll make up soon."

"I think it's impossible this time though." Misora said. "I doubt even if she was here, Ginny-chan would be able to do something about it."

"Misora-chan, do you have a boyfriend?" Sawa asked, looking curious.

The question caused Misora to freeze and shake the hot sauce bottle, pouring too much onto her meal. "Of course not!" She said said.

"Well, then, are you interested in Sento-san or Banjou?" Sawa said, laughing.

"OF COURSE NOT!" Misora shouted, tossing the bottle. "Why would you ask something like that?!"

While fanning herself from the hot feeling of the idea, Sento came in and grabbed her toward him, "Misora! I like you!"

The declaration made Misora gasp but he actually, "A gap, gap! I found a gap in the Skywall!"

He jumped around and went down to the lab, making Misora fall to her kness cause of her mistake to confusing the two words.

"Hey! Musclehead!" Sento said, rushing down to the lab to find Banjou doing some push-ups. Upon hearing the insult, Banjou stopped and looked up.

"Who are you calling a musclehead?!" He shouted, but Sento stopped him and smiled.

"I think I found their hideout!" He said.

"Seriously?!" Banjou said, smiling. "Nice going!"

Listening to the conversation, Sawa smiled and said, "See?"

"I shouldn't have worried." Misora said, sighing.

Turning on his computer screen, Sento brought up a map of the Skywall and pointed to the highlighted circle on the screen, saying, "This Nebula Gas is leaking out of the wall."

"Oh, that?" Ryuga said, curious.

"Did you see it?" Sento asked.

"Yeah." Ryuga said, looking at him

Looking back at the screen, Sento explained, "Injecting that gas into humans cause celluar divison and changes them into monsters. In other words, the Smash elements."

Both Sento and Ryuga hid the concern that whoever took Ginny might inject the gas in her and turn her into a monster, Ryuga whispered, "That gas in my body. You too?"

Deciding not to answer, Sento said, "Faust's hideout has to be close to the Nebula Gas."

"But the secruity there is pretty tight." Ryuga said, making Sento smile.

Trailing his finger along the screen, he said, "I found a gap in secruity where the gas is leaking."

"But that area is prohibited." Sawa said, suddenly appearing with Misora with their food.

"It'll be dangerous." Misora said.

"We have to do it." Sento and Ryuga said together.

Groaning as she woke up, Ginny looked around and guessed she was in a lab or something, wearing a short sleeved white dress, nearby her were people in white clothes, some chained to bare beds. "Tatsuya..." She whispered, wondering where he was and looked around for him. She said to herself, "Sento will come to save me and Tatsuya. He may be full of himself and has a huge ego, but he will never leave behind those he care about."

"Don't worry," Blood Stark said, appearing in front of her. He grabbed her face and lifted her to face his visor.

"He'll come no doubt, I wouldn't go through the trouble of capturing you and Tatsuya for him not to come." He said, trying to sound sly.

"Expelliarmus!" Ginny shouted, sending the red armored being flying. Then she ran off, trying to avoid the guards. But she didn't get far as one of the guards grabbed her and tried to hold her as she watched them force a person into a tank of green liquid. Suddenly, she heard Ryuga, "Hey! What're you guys doing?!"

Then there were sounds of fighting as she struggled as the scientists held her while they prepped another captured person, then looking, despite how she felt about Ryuga earlier, Ginny felt a sudden spark of hope and heard footsteps and could see Sento and Ryuga appearing, Sento being in NinjyaTank. "Sento! Ryuga!" Ginny shouted.

"Ginny!" Sento shouted back, trying to find her.

"Ginny-chan!" Ryuga shouted as well.

The two saw what was happening and were speechless, Ryuga said, "We finally made it."

Looking up as they prepared the tank, the scientists gasped as Sento removed his transformation and looked shocked. While looking around, Ryuga saw Ginny getting led to a tank. He saw that she was struggling against their hold and shaking the Dragon Fullbottle, ran to the scientists holding her then punched them in the face.

Untying the coat around his waist, Ryuga put it over her shoulders and they looked at each other for a moment before he shook the bottle and shouted, going to punch the scientists, "You remember me, right?" Ginny kept quiet and held the coat he put on her, guessing she was wrong about him or that he was realizing that she was right while he demenaded which of the scientists framed him.

"Don't shout." Blood Stark said, walking down a set of stairs. He looked at the three of them, Ginny, Sento, and Ryuga were quiet as he said, "What rude guests."

"What the hell are you?" Ryuga asked.

"Don't move." Blood Stark said, holding a gun. "I don't want to kill such a precious sample."

Ryuga held his arm out to protect Ginny, asking, "Sample?" before running to Blood Stark and shouting as he sent a punch, "Don't screw with me!"

But Blood Stark put a needle in his neck and black vines appeared on his face, causing Ryuga to gasp for air. Blood Stark said to him, "I told you."

Ginny and Sento gasped as he fell to the ground, running to him as Sento shouted, "Banjo!" Ginny lifted his head on her lap and he screamed, grabbing Sento's shoulder, Sento pondered, "Poison?"

When he seemed to go limb, Ginny covered her mouth and Sento shouted, "Hey! Banjo!"

With a sigh, Blood Stark knelt down said, "Too bad. Oh well, I have two other samples." Ginny and Sento looked at him with Sento asking, "What do you mean?"

"A large amount of Nebula Gas was injected into both your bodies, just like the Smash." Blood Stark told them, Ginny felt the color drain from her face. Blood Stark stood up and told them, "You can't just become a Kamen Rider that easily. And I wanted to see what would happen if a pure-blooded witch was given such a high amount. Even after injecting you three with the gas, you didn't become Smash. You're extremeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely rare spicemens."

"Gin-chan and I are the same as a Smash?!" Sento said, on the verge of losing it. Ryuga, gasping for air, held Ginny's hand, trying to comfort her on the revelation but she wasn't sure how to react. Sento shouted, "That can't be!"

He violently shook his bottles and changed into Build, Ginny shouted, watching him trying to go after Blood Stark, "Sento!" "Stop it!" Ryuga shouted with her. At that moment, Cross-Z appeared, biting into Ruyga's neck with its tiny mouth. Ginny was confused since it was her first time meeting Cross-Z.

She watched as the poison disappeared from Ryuga's body and he immediately sat up, saying in surprise, "I'm better!" Cross-Z spit out the poison and looked at Ryuga, he told it, "Good job!" before shooing it away.

Getting up, Ryuga helped Ginny stand up and they watched as Sento went all out on Blood Stark, demenading who filled him with the gas and what caused him to lose his memory, wanting his body and his memory back. Blood Stark laughed, saying, "Your weakness is that you lose all judgement when it comes to your memory."

Shooting him in the stomach to send him back and changing him back to normal, Blood Stark sighed and said, "I'm disappointed in you. Shall we call it a night?" First he aimed at Sento but then fired at the ceiling, causing the buildng to shake and fall apart, he turned and left, saying, "Thanks for the fun party."

As he passed Ryuga and Ginny, he said, "See ya." Seeing them get defensive, Blood Stark shrugged, "Suit yourself." Sento ran, trying to go after him but was stopped by Ryuga and Ginny trying to hold him back from going after Blood Stark and only hearing his evil looked at Sento and shouted, "Sento, calm down!"

"What about the hostages?!" Ryuga told him. "We haven't found Tatsuya yet!" "This is my only chance!" Sento shouted. But Ryuga put him against the wall and shouted, "Open your eyes! I asked you before... Your memory or the rescuer Build, which is more important?! You answered 'Build' without hesitation. It was the first time in my life I've ever felt envy. I knew I was no match for you."

Keeping quiet, Sento calmed down and sat on the steps. Ginny looked at him, holding the coat over her shoulders and asked, "How do you feel about it now? Your memory or Build? Which is it that is more important?" Taking a moment to think about it, Sento got up and said, "Of course. Build!"

"Just as I thought." Ryuga said, smiling and Ginny smiled as well. She stood back as Sento changed into NinjaComic and he along with Ryuga fought the guards while she helped the hostages, leading them to the exit. But Tatsuya's Smash form appeared, groaning.

Looking as he was groaning in pain, Ryuga said, "Something's wrong." "He's been injected with more gas than he can handle." Sento said, examining his body. Ginny looked at him and asked, "What can we do?"

"If the swelling keeps up, he'll blow in less than a minute." Sento said, before looking to Ginny and Ryuga. "Get the hostages out of here!"

Ginny and Ryuga nodded, leading the hostages out of the building and made sure they were a good distance from the building and looked as a hole in the ground appeared and the building exploded. "He didn't make it?" Ryuga pondered. Ginny smiled at him, "No worries, I'm sure he's fine." Ryuga looked at her and looked as Sento appeared with Tatsuya who was back in his human form before they fell due to the aftershook.

While Ryuga went to check on Sento, Ginny went to Tatsuya, "Tatsuya-san, are you alright?" "Aniki!" He cried. "It hurts!" Ginny breathed as Ryuga and Sento smiled, the group looking as the lab was destroyed by explosions. So they walked back to the cafe, Ryuga sighed, "Back to sqaure one again. Can we really clear my name?"

Ginny just kept quiet, her mind replaying the revelation that she had Nebula Gas like Ryuga and Sento. Sento looked at her as they stopped for a moment, Tatsuya said, "Um, actually, there's something I didn't tell you, Aniki. Actually, um... Actually, on September 5th, when you disappeared... I drove you in my car to your clinical part time job. And actually, it was at Takumi Katsuragi's apartment! But I was sure you didn't have anything to do with Katsuragi's murder! But Banjo said he didn't kill him so...! So that means!"

Ryuga went to him and asked him, "When was this? What time?!" "About 9 in the morning!" Tatsuya said, scared. Ryuga gasped, "I went there... an hour later."

Ginny gasped, looking at Sento who was equally confused by the confession.

As they say, the plot thickens and it's only on 6 chapters. Btw, I would like to say though Ginny has Nebula Gas, she won't become a Kamen Rider, this story has enough as we get deeper into it, her with the Nebula Gas is a experiment to see what would happen if a witch or wizard has the Gas and how that will mix with their natural magical reserves. Lets see what happens.

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