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Alice felt drained. Even the fight with Meta God hadn't taken this much out of her. Her entire lower body, stomach down, felt like it had turned to gel.

But she had a pleased smile as she looked down at the baby in her arms. Her baby. Alice's first child—a little baby girl.

Yuri, on his part, looked dumbstruck. Alice had seen this expression a few times before, but not so much as now. "What's the matter?" she asked with a shaky laugh. "Haven't you ever seen a baby before?"

"She's beautiful," he breathed, finding words to express his joy. "And so are you," he added, kissing his wife on the cheek. At the moment, Alice had serious doubts about the latter statement—she had been sweating all over, and her hair clung to her face—but she couldn't argue with the first. She was a beautiful baby, looking around with sleepy, puzzled eyes.

"That's just narcissism," Margarete contended, looking the baby over. "You're just saying that because she looks like you, Yuri." It was true; the drooping eyes were brown, and there was a little brown fuzz on her head already.

"I see a bit of her mother in her," Keith said. When you looked for it, you could see a few similarities in their faces.

Alice looked up at Yuri and held the newborn out. "You want her?"

Hesitantly, almost fearfully, he took the small bundle and walked around the hospital room with her. Yuri felt a sense of awe at how light and small this new life was. He couldn't remember having held a baby this small before. And here she was…

"So what are you going to name her?"

"I'm not sure."

"You haven't chosen a name?"

"Well…maybe Catherine? Or Samantha?"


"Now who's being a narcissist?"

She doesn't look like a Catherine or Samantha, Yuri thought as he held her. And definitely not a Margarete. Along with Alice's chin—and nose, he discovered as he looked closer, something about her reminded him of his mother. Paired with the hair and eyes, there was a bit of a resemblance. "Anne." The girl gave a little cry and he chuckled. "You like it?"

"Yuri, may I have some part in naming the child I just went through labor for?" Alice sounded just a bit peevish. Labor had not been fun.

Yuri pouted. "Isn't it a good name?"

Alice frowned and then sighed. "At least it's not one of your old girlfriends' names."

"He was suggesting former girlfriends?" Margarete asked.

"I think he tried all of them."

"What a jerk! I don't know why you married him, Alice."

"Sometimes, I don't either."

"Hey, that's a low blow," Yuri complained. Both women laughed and he turned to the vampire. "Help me out here, Keith. Your wife's corrupting mine."

"Oh, I'm corrupting her? I think you did a good enough job of that on your own, mister."

"I haven't been corrupted," Alice protested.

"Oh? You should have seen the poor doctors when they ran out of here," Margarete told Keith, who had been gone earlier. "You had Alice inside, screaming curses at them because she was in pain, and Yuri outside, yelling at them to know what the problem was and why they weren't doing anything because he could hear Alice screaming. And frankly, I think Alice swore more than he did."

The new mother looked embarrassed. She did remember yelling at the doctor quite a bit, and she thought perhaps once or twice there were a few lapses of the tongue, but she hadn't thought it'd been that bad. "Well, he was idiotic," she said. "Can you believe it, the doctor coming in after she was born and saying, 'by the way, she should have been a c-section'?"

Anne began crying and Yuri looked at her nervously. "Uh, what do I do?" he asked Alice.

She sighed. "Here, give her back." Yuri walked over to her and tried to place the baby in her arms. But at the same time, Anne became interested in his hair and grabbed one of the strands hanging over her face.


Margarete chuckled. "She's telling you to get a hair cut." Over the time they had last seen him, Yuri's hair had grown out, mostly out of pure neglect on his part to get it cut. Alice pried her fingers open so Yuri could get back up.

"She's got a pretty strong grip," he said surprised.

Alice looked down at the baby. "Just like your daddy, huh? Are you going to take after him?" However, Anne's face scrunched up and she began crying again. "She must be hungry. Alright, everyone get out so I can feed her."

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