Happy Power Ranger month! This story was inspired by a episode early in the the first season when we see that Kimberly can do sign language and there is a deaf character as a major point in the episode. Also to have a main character that is physically different from the other characters. Just to note, while I made the main character based on my own appearance, it is not a Mary Sue or even a self-insert, for two reasons. One is that the main character is deaf, I can hear, and two is that I have worn glasses my whole life while the main character can see without glasses.

Also, the whole thing that she has one name but mainly goes by another name is based on my younger cousin who was called by one name but now goes by a different name now that he is older. My other reasons are to try and give a first of the Silver Rangers and a dinosaur that doesn't appear into later shows with a unique weapon.

Summary: A new girl comes to Angel Grove and joins the Power Rangers when they are chosen to fight Rita by Zordon. While working with the Power Rangers, it is learned that this girl is different from the Rangers in a certain way. By fighting with the Rangers, can this girl learn to overcome her difference and help defend Angel Grove and the world from Rita's dark magic?

Pairing: Possibly

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Ranger as much as I wish I did. No, Power Ranger is owned by Hasbro and I only own my original character and her power as a Power Ranger.

The Deaf Ranger

Chapter 1 - Day of the Dumpster

The city of Angel Grove was bustling and full of life, the sun shining down on the busy crowds and people of the city. Among the crowd of people was a teenage girl with shoulder length brown and light sea-green eyes, having some kind of device in her ears. The young girl was dressed in gray and silver, having a shirt with a off-the-shoulder neckline, carpi-styled pants, and slip on shoes, over her shoulder was a shoulder bag, looking around and holding a letter in her hand. She sighed and looked at a nearby map for directions to somewhere to rest and walked to the juice bar.

Meanwhile in space, a space shuttle had landed on a distant planet and two of the crew stepped out, wanting to explore and see what they could find on the barren planet. Though they didn't see much, there are a glint of a red light in the distance. One of the men told his partner, excited for what they might be able to find.

"Hey! Look at that!"

His partner looked and saw the glint, also excited for possibly finding a rare treasure on a unknown world. He suggested, "Lets go!" In agreement, they ran in the direction of the glint, hoping to find something rare or valuable on this strange world. When they reached the source, they found what looked to be a very old and rusted dumpster with a tightly sealed lid that was covered in ancient runes of some kind and a red gem that was shining in the center. Though disappointed that it wasn't a rare treasure or something that would be valuable, they wondered what it was.

"What do you think it is?" One asked, the other said, "It looks like a giant space dumpster." Seeing as the red gem shined, the one suggested, "Lets open her up." He grabbed the gem which shined brightly and after it faded, they removed the lid. As soon as the lid came off, a strange wind and power came out and four beings appeared, one being a menacing cat-like humanoid creature in golden armor, a white anthropomorphic Scottish Terrier in a worker's uniform with a blue headband, a short and round blue skinned hobgoblin in metal armor, and a tall creature with monkey and bat features, including wings. The sight of the strange creatures caused the two to fall back in fear.

As they were celebrating their newfound freedom, the blue creature said, "All right! We're out!" As the two frightened men tried to get away, the blue creature went to the dumpster, "Rita, wake up! Wake up! We're free!"

Lastly, a sinister laugh was heard as a woman emerged from the dumpster, she wore a red dress with golden accents, a black high collar with gold lining and blue feathers, wrapped around her waist and covering her lower bottom was a white cape of white feathers, over her chest was a breast plate with two pointed cones pointed out. On her head was a hat with two pointed tips that were twisted and dangling from the hat were three strings that hung under her chin with a black veil around her face. She gave a big breath, smiling as she savored the flavor of freedom.

Smelling her breath as she opened her mouth, the blue creature covered its mouth, "Oh no! Morning breath! Let me get you a mint!" While he was doing that, rampaging through his bag, the Terrier-like being said, relieved, "Oh, it's good to be free after 10,000 years." As he was enjoying the freedom in his own way, the tall black creature stepped over to the sorceress and tried to act gentlemanly, grabbing her hand to help her out, "Here, your evilness, let me help you. Walk with me, talk with me~!" As he tried to help her, there was a splosh sound and Rita angrily looked at him.

"Oh! You made me step in a puddle, you nitwit!" She said, mad. "Get out of my way, monkeyface!" She used her staff, which had a crescent moon style moon with a red gem, to send a spell that destroyed the dumpster. The sight scared the two men who tried to get away, the group looked at them and laughed, Rita said, "Don't go. You'll make my coming-out party-that's when I destroy the nearest planet." She turned, setting her sights on the nearby blue and green planet.

Back on Earth, the young girl arrived at the Juice Bar and looked around, wandering around the Juice Bar. She saw a young woman in a pink leotard practicing on a balance beam, her brown hair up in a ponytail. There was another young woman with long black hair in a yellow outfit, practicing various martial arts poses, she also saw a young man in red and black practicing with a dark skinned young man in purple and black. She watched as the young woman on the balance beam jump off and land nicely on her feet. The girl smiled and thought about approaching them.

The girl saw a young man with sandy brown hair and glasses wearing a karate gi stepped in and looked around, saying something about he was ready, physically and mentally for his first karate class. The girl smiled, considering to approach both the girls and the boys. However, two certain boys appeared that she knew were bad news, they were dressed as punks with sunglasses, one was fat and one was lean. Taking off their sunglasses, they smiled as they approached the two girls.

Watching quietly, the girl looked at the two punks as they tried to coax the girls into a date, but luckily, the two girls had enough brains to decline though that didn't go too well for the punks as they tried to forcibly convince them and not listening when the dark skinned boy tried to help the two girls. Sighing, the girl walked up behind the fat punk and tapped his shoulder, having him and his companion look at her. She said, her arms crossed. "I believe that they said they weren't interested. So either your ears have built up so much wax that's making you unable to hear or your brains are so small and clogging your ears that you're only hearing every other word. I'm assuming the latter, so I suggest you get something to clear out your ears so you can hear every word."

The two decided to 'teach' the new kid a lesson about inferring but as soon as the round punk was going to send a punch, the girl quickly grabbed his fist and even grabbed the lean punk's fist, the two surprised at how quick she was and she was able to twist their arms behind their backs, causing them to cry in pain. The three watching were quite impressed at her skill, she said, "Take this as a lesson to listen before thinking you own the place." She tossed them onto the mat behind them and let go of the two, having them drop and twitch in pain.

The brunette girl said, laughing, "You guys should definitely join Jason's karate class." Having her interest perked up at the mention, the girl asked, "Can I sign up for this class?" "Maybe not right now, but I'm sure Jason will be happy to know there's someone interested." The black haired girl said, smiling. "I do have to admit, you're quite skilled." "I'm not that skilled," The girl said, embarrassed. The boy said, "Nonsense, you were amazing. Uh... What's your name?"

"Chelsea, but everyone calls me Eliza and that has just basically become my name." She said, the two girls smiled and the brunette said, "I'm Kimberly." "My name is Trini." The black haired girl said, the boy said, "Name's Zack. Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you all." Eliza said. Kimberly said, "Jason's gonna start his karate class. Lets all watch and we'll introduce you to him." Eliza nodded, walking to a stop to watch the class as Kimberly and Trini went to get changed, Eliza sat down on the floor next to Trini who, after she came back from getting changed with Kimberly, pointed out that Jason was the young man in the red and black and who was teaching the class, she also pointed out the young man in glasses with the blue headband as Billy, the two unaware that they were being watched by a certain evil sorceress from the moon.

As Kimberly sat with them, Zack stood next to them, the four of them watching Jason teach the basic moves and stances of karate. Eliza watched him as he tried to help give Billy confidence on the stances, encouraging him that he was even a student once. When Jason asked what it was that martial arts helped people develop, Billy answered that it was courage, kindness, integrity, fitness, loyalty, and discipline. Eliza smiled as she watched Billy be praised for the right answer but it faded as the two dimwits came up, apparently have forgotten what happened earlier. She sighed as the round punk said, "Hey. Geek. Teach us how to beat people up."

"Are they serious?" Eliza asked, watching the lean punk attempt to make karate sounds and movements. However, Jason wasn't swayed and said, "Karate was not developed to hurt others." "We did not sign up for a geeky karate class." "Sensei." Eliza said, speaking and stepping onto the mat after removing her shoes and her bag. The round punk smiled, seeming to think he can finally get payback for what happened earlier, Jason looked at her as she bowed in respect, and said, "I'm sorry to interrupt and I am not part of the class, but might we learn some advanced moves to see if this student can handle the class?"

"Alright, I agree." Jason said, respecting her for her honesty and honor. "You and Bulk will do the same moves that I demonstrate and whoever does better will be part of my class." "Yes, Sensei." Eliza said, bowing as Bulk scoffed. "Anything a wimpy girl can do, I can do better." "Very well," Jason said, looking as they stood ready. Then he showed the first move, a side kick, "Side kick. Ladies first." He bowed to Eliza who did the side kick and most everyone clapped, then Bulk scoffed and did it as well, but only his partner clapped. Jason showed the next move, "Tornado Kick." Eliza did the move pretty well, landing on her feet and everyone clapped, when it was Bulk's turn, he tried to do it and fell on the ground, again only his partner clapped.

Eliza gasped for air, Jason patted her shoulder, "Very good. Class dismissed." As his students bowed and left, Jason looked at her and said, "Let me and Billy get changed, then we can talk about you joining my class." "Thank you, sensei Jason." Eliza said, smiling. Jason smiled, "Just Jason is fine." As he went to get changed with Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Zack walked up to her and Kimberly spoke, "That was amazing. I had no idea that you were that good." "I'm not that good, I'm a bit rusty." Eliza said, embarrassed. "I just couldn't stand seeing that round doofus think he is a punk and misuse something like martial arts to hurt others."

The three smiled and sat with her after she put her shoes back on and put her bag back on, then later Jason and Billy came up in their regular clothes and were properly introduced to Eliza. Jason looked at her and said, "As part of the deal, I would like you as part of my karate class." "I would like to, I am a bit rusty at it." Eliza said, smiling. "I hope I can learn a lot about the sport from you." Jason smiled and nodded, then turned his attention to Billy and said, "Billy, I'm telling you, for your first lesson, you did really well." "I did?" Billy asked, looking embarrassed. Trini nodded, Kimberly said, "Yeah, we were watching you."

"I don't know if I've got what it takes." Billy said, worried. Trini said, "It's all a state of mind. You don't need to be strong for this." "Yeah, man." Zack said, helping him. "It's all up here." Eliza nodded, tucking some hair behind her ear, having Kimberly take notice of the device in her ear. A older man in a Hawaiian shirt appeared, saying hi, and Eliza learned that was Ernie, the owner of the Juice Bar. He asked who had the spinach juice before the area began to shake and everyone began to run out of the building. It wasn't just in the Juice Bar, but the whole city was shaking.

As everyone stood up, Zack said, "Oh, man, must be the big one!" "Something tells me this is no earthquake." Billy reasoned, as soon as it was just the six of them in the building, there was a strange feeling over the six of them, Kimberly shouted, "Oh my gosh! What's happening?!" "This is too weird." Trini said, Eliza kept quiet as Jason shouted, "Hold on!" The six of them disappeared into six colored beams of light, Jason in red, Trini in yellow, Billy in blue, Kimberly in pink, Zack in black, and Eliza in silver. The six of them found themselves flying across the mountains to a strange looking building that was hidden in the mountains.

They teleported into some kind of control room, standing in between two pillar with a semi-circular control panel in front of them. The wall around them was black with many lights like stars. Looking around, Kimberly noted, "This isn't exactly the mall, is it?" "This place is magnificent." Billy said, awed and amazed. Eliza was worried and wondered aloud, "What is this place?" "Yeah, I don't get it." Jason said, agreeing in confusion. "How'd we end up here?" "I just want to know where 'here' is." Trini said, looking at them, just as confused.

"Maybe the answer's in these controls." Billy suggested, beginning to press some controls. But suddenly a new voice spoke, panicking as a red and blue robot with a yellow lighting bolt symbol on its chest and a gold disc-like head appeared, "No, no! Don't touch that!" But it tripped and fell to the ground, Billy went to help and was amazed, saying, "Wow. A fully sentient, multi-functional automaton. Never seen anything like it." Everyone was in awe of the robot til a wise voice spoke and a large head formed in the tube behind them, "Welcome, humans." "Uh... big head..." Eliza could simply say, looking at the big head in surprise.

"So, who are you?" Jason asked, Kimberly asked, "Like, what are you?" "I am Zordon, an interdimensional being caught in a timewarp." He introduced himself, then the robot introduced itself, "And my name is Alpha 5." "Excuse me, but could someone come back to Earth and pick me up?" Kimberly asked, confused. "Because I am totally confused." "I think we all are." Eliza said, looking at her. Zordon explained, "It's quite simple, my dear. This planet is under attack and I have brought you here to save it." "Oh, yeah right." Zack said, unbelieving. Even Eliza seemed unsure to believe that they were picked for such a task as saving the world.

"Ah, a unbeliever." Zordon said. "Look behind you at the Viewing Globe. Your doubts will be answered in the images you see." Looking at each other, they walked to the large globe and watched the screen showed the new freed Rita on a bike. Zordon explained, "This is Rita Repulsa, an intergalatic sorceress who is bent on controlling the universe. With her henchmen and Putty Patrolers, she plans to conquer Earth." "That's awful." Eliza said, shocked, Trini asked, looking at Zordon, "What does all of this have to do with us?"

"You've been chosen to form an elite team to battle Rita." Zordon told them. "Each of you will given access to extraordinary powers drawn from the ancient creatures you call dinosaurs." "Dinosaurs?" Kimberly said, unbelieving as they were given belt buckles with coins in the center. Eliza looked as she didn't get one and stayed by the Viewing Globe, Zordon said, "Behold, the keys to your powers." "What are these?" Zack asked, Zordon looked at them and explained, "Those are your Power Morphers. When in danger, raise them to the sky, calling the name of your dinosaur and you will morph into a formable fighting force known to one and all as the Power Rangers." "Morph?" Kimberly asked, still confused. Billy explained, "Metamorphosis." "It means to change," Trini said, simplifying it for her.

"As Power Rangers, you have access to a universe of power and will command a fleet of fighting machines known as Zords." Zordon said, Trini said, "I don't get it." Zordon nodded and then began to tell them what powers they had been given, "Jason, bold and powerful. You shall command the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Zachary, you are clever and brave. You shall command the Mastodon Dinozord. Kimberly, graceful and smart. The Pterodactyl Dinozord shall be yours. Billy, patient and wise. You shall command the powerful Triceratops Dinozord. Trini, fearless and agile. The Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord will be under your command."

"And me?" Eliza asked, stepping up to the others. "I was brought here with the others and I seemed to have been left out." "Ah, Eliza, you are right." Zordon said, giving her a Power Morpher. "Despite having being born differently than the others, you are strong and kind. The Ankylosaurus Dinozord will be yours to command. Now observe the Viewing the Globe." The six of them looked to the Viewing Globe again as he explained, "Just as the six of you work together, so do your Zords. When you need help, you need only to turn to the power of the Dinozords which will come together to form the mighty Megazord." Eliza looked interested at the formed Megazord that was showed on the Viewing Globe.

"Power Morphers?" Zach said, still not believing it. "Megazords? This is just too weird for me. I'll tell you what-it's been real but I got to go." "Yeah, see ya." Kimberly said, as they turned to leave. Zach turned and asked, "You all coming? Jason!" "What?" Jason said, Zach said, "Let's go, man." Jason and Eliza looked at each other,turning to go with the others. Both Eliza and Jason looked back at Zordon and Alpha, as Zordon said, "Farewell, Rangers. Let the power protect you." "Well, now that didn't go very well, did it?" Alpha said sadly.

Stepping out, Eliza looked at where the building was. "Seems we're quite a ways outside the city." She noted, Kimberly nodded, "Great. He could have sent us back into town." On a hidden palace placed on the moon, Rita saw that her enemy, Zordon, had picked a group of teenagers to be his warriors, smiling as she decided to stop them before they even started to be the Rangers, ordering her crafter, the anthropomorphic Scottish Terrier, Finster, to create and send a troop of Putty Patrollers.

Keeping quiet as she stayed close to Jason, he spoke, "Guys, we shouldn't have left. I mean, he chose us to save the world." "I don't know, Jason." Eliza said, gripping the handle on her bag. "It's too big for us to handle." "I say we do it." Jason told her, Trini asked, "Do you really think we can?" "Hey, guys, you don't even know what you're talking about." Zach said, still disbelieving. "I mean, we were talking to a giant floating head." "Maybe so, but we were picked for a reason." Eliza said. "Maybe we should do it."

Before there was a reply, there was a sudden blast near them as she covered her head with Jason covering her, "Get down!" "What was that?!" Trini asked as they were surrounded by the gray Putty Patrollers that suddenly appeared. The six teenagers gathered together as they were surrounded, not sure what to do. But one of the Putties grabbed Kimberly, she screamed, "Let me go!" "Zack!" Jason shouted, Zack nodded, "Right. These two are mine." He faced two of them, showing his style as a mix of hip-hop and martial arts, which confused them and allowed him to get some hits on them.

Removing her bag off her shoulder, Eliza used it as a weapon to hit the Putties, swinging it to hit the gray clay troopers. Jumping back, she lowered herself and swept her leg across, knocking them out their feet. She ran to Billy, swinging her bag to get the Putties out of the way to go and help one of her new friends, Kimberly was tossed at them as was Zack, Trini, and Jason. Kimberly said, "This day is too weird." "What do we do now?" Trini said, worried that it might be the end for them. Jason looked at the Power Morpher and thought of something.

"Zordon said these Power Morphers will give us power." He said, looking at them. So he said, "Let's do it!" The six of them stood up and took out their Morphers, shouting their respective prehistoric creature.




"Saber-Toothed Tiger!"



They all changed into their new forms, wearing a spandex outfit with a white collar, white gloves, white boots, and white diamonds across their chests, only Eliza and Kimberly had skirts on their outfits, there were also diamonds on the gloves and boots in the respective color of the person, Jason in red, Eliza in silver, Billy in blue, Trini in yellow, Zach in black, and Kimberly in pink, along with their helmets being a representation of their respective creature. As soon as the transformation was completed, they shouted, "Power Rangers!"

In addition to her new uniform, Eliza's bag had become a pouch on her belt, containing what she guessed was flash bombs or something small. Suddenly, they were teleported back to the city, Billy said, "We're teleporting again!" "Where are we going?!" Kimberly asked. Jason said, "We're going to save the world!" Once they arrived, Jason said, "All right, let's do it!" The golden being, Goldar, appeared, jumping down in front of them with his sword in hand. He summoned a new troop of Putties to attack them.

Reaching into her pouch, Eliza tossed a flash grenade and it did make the Putties dizzy and distorted, which allowed her to come in and toss some of the Putties flying. Then Goldar suddenly grew larger, Jason said, "Look at him, that dude's huge!" "What do we do now?!" Eliza asked, watching him walk around. Jason nodded at her and they looked at Goldar. Jason said, "Back off, fang face!" "The good guys are here!" Zach added, Billy inputted his part, "Get off our planet!" "Cause we're the Power Rangers!" Trini said, Kimberly put in, "And we're not backing down!" "So get ready for some pain, gold boy!" Eliza finished.

Jason called out, "Dinozord Power!" Everyone watched the mechaized versions of their respective creature appeared, Eliza watched as a silvery mech Ankylosaurus appeared, suddenly finding herself jumping into the cockpit. "Whoa, this is so unreal!" She said, looking at the controls. She grabbed the controls, "Eliza here. I'm logged on!" She watched as her mech ran with the others, feeling amazed that she could drive this huge thing.

The six mechs together formed a tank using the Saber-Toothed Tiger and the Triceratops forming the tracks, the Mastodon made the center with two blasters and the Ankylosaurus formed the protective cover over the Tyrannosaurus, adding it's hammer-like tail, while the Tyrannosaurus and Pterodactyl made the top of the tank. Within the driver's area, it was Trini, Billy, Jason, Eliza, Zach and Kimberly. Jason said, "Alright, guys, let's go get him!" "Right!" Everyone shouted, moving the tank to fight the giant golden creature. But Goldar sent a blast to them, though the damage wasn't too much due to the Ankylosaurus, Goldar taunted him, "You and your weapons are no match for me." "Alright, guys, lets see what this baby can do!" Jason said, having the blaster hit Goldar and sent a blast again, sending him back

Deciding to form the Megazord, the tank changed its form to stand upright. Trini and Billy formed the legs with their mechs, Zach combined his mech with Eliza's, the Mastodon becoming the arms with reinforced armored shoulder pads that had the spikes from the Ankylosaurus, Jason had the head and body with Kimberly finished it by adding her mech as the chest, the six of them in the combined pilot room, looking at their opponent. They shouted as they were hit by Goldar's sword, but the Megazord managed to punch the gold being a few times.

Jason felt something and shouted, "Power sword!" The sword appeared and the Megazord grabbed it, but Goldar seemed to run off, not wanting to fight equally with the Megazord. Eliza breathed and leaned back in her chair before they headed back to the building they went to earlier. She kept quiet before feeling Jason pat her shoulder and she smiled, "Sorry, I'm still shaking. That was just... wow. It was incredible." He nodded and smiled, as everyone talked about that first battle before Zordon spoke to them.

"Congratulations on a job well done." He said, happy that they had fully accepted their roles now. "Now that you are Power Rangers, you must follow three basic rules or lose the protection of the power. First, never use your power for personal gain, second, never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you, and finally keep your identity secret. No one may know you are a Power Ranger." "We'll do what we can with this power." Eliza said, Zach stopped her, "Wait a second." "Yes, Zachary, what is it?" Zordon asked, Zach said, "I'm not sure we're all up to this. I mean, we were pretty lucky this time."

"Luck had nothing to do with it." Zordon said. "The six of you have come together to make as fine a group of superheroes as there has ever been." "No way." Kimberly said, smiling. "Really?" "You've been through an extraordinary experience together." Zordon said, looking at them. "You need each other now and the world needs you." "Yeah, all right. I'm in" Jason said. Eliza said, "Sounds like a plan to me." Trini, Zach, and Billy all agreed but Kimberly said, "I don't know, you guys. I mean, the outfits are cool and everything, but my hair gets all tangled up inside the helmet. I don't think I can do it."

"Kimberly..." Eliza said, looking down with everyone, but Kimberly smiled and said, "Not!" Everyone laughed and Alpha suffered a overload of confusion, waving the smoke, Kimberly explained, "You guy, I was just kidding!" "Oh, humor..." Alpha said, getting it finally. "What a concept." "Lets do it!" Jason suggested, everyone putting their hands on top of each other in a circle, before jumping and shouting, "Power Rangers!"

I love this series. TTvTT My childhood... While watching the episode to get the dialogue, I noticed the main cast of Rangers were already wearing their communicators but without the colored wristbands. What Eliza did to Bulk and Skull is what I would have to loved to have done to them myself, so yeah. Also, I used to do karate myself but I am more rusty than Eliza and I only got up to the green belt. I wanted to post this on the anniversary of the first episode, but I wasn't sure if I could wait that long, so yeah.

Next chapter, Eliza helps Trini get over her fear of heights, Billy creates the communicators for the team, the first hints of Eliza's conditions to the team appear, Rita comes up with a new monster and plan to stop the Rangers. If you have any idea of how Eliza's deafness can be used by Rita, please let me know. This has been WhiteRose-Aki, next you in the next chapter. Please R&R, if you enjoyed it