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Chapter 6 - Food Fight

Breathing as she stood still in front of a full-length mirror, Eliza looked at herself, wearing a silver floral pattern yukata which David was finishing mending before putting on his yukata to wear. Looking at her reflection, Eliza began to have some doubts about what she was wearing.

"I'm not sure if I should be wearing this." She said. "I mean, it looks amazing and you worked so hard on it, but I'm not sure if everyone will appericate me wearing it."

"Don't think like that." David said, finishing his mending and standing up to stand next to her. "You look amazing and I think everyone will be happy to know that we're trying to represent the culture we're helping with at this event."

Eliza nodded, recalling that they were helping with a food festival and food from all the world was to put out for everyone to try. She and David were helping Trini and Billy with the Asian food while Kimberly and Jason were handling the good old Amercian food, meanwhile Zach picked to help with the Jamerican food. David nodded and went to put on his yukata. While he was busy doing that, Eliza grabbed her Morpher and hid it in her yukata in case she and the others needed to teleport out of there and morph to fight whatever new pain in the neck Rita sent down.

While waiting for David, Eliza put her hand to her chin and wondered who was more annoying, Rita with her constant monsters or Bulk and Skull due to them trying to be the typical punk and failing with how stupid and shallow they were. Eliza sighed and wondered where did Rita get some of the ideas for the monsters that she would send. She breathed and touched her communicator, thinking about how much she had changed since becoming a Ranger.

Thinking, Eliza wondered if David knew that she was a Ranger, but she didn't think that he did. She feel worried that her and the others might be run out of execuses to use when Zordon would call them to protect the world. Eliza hoped that he didn't find out since one of the rules of being a Ranger was that no one was to know who the Rangers were under their helmet. She sighed, wishing she could talk with him about her worries and concerns about a Ranger but she couldn't tell him and just took a breath to calm herself when she heard David step into the room.

She turned and saw him in a dark red and golden yellow yukata, him wearing the male yukata. She smiled and nodded, he nodded back and they walked to his car. He drove them to the Juice Bar, Kimberly saw the car come up and waved, Kimberly in pigtails and dressed like a country girl, Jason dressed in a American flag hat, while Trini and Billy were dressed in their regular clothes while Zach had a bit of a Jamerican style to his clothes. When the two stepped out of the car, the Rangers smiled and was amazed at what they wore.

"Wow, you guys look amazing!" Kimberly said.

"It's nothing, really." Eliza said. "It was all David cause he's got amazing skill with a sewing machine."

"I'm not that good." David said, looking embarrassed. "I can see if I can make something for you all later. But right now, lets head inside and help with the food festival."

Everyone nodded and headed inside the Juice Bar. While everyone worked together to get their respective booths ready, Ernie came in, wearing lais for a bit of a Hawaiian theme as well as carrying creme pies and nodded in approval, "This is really looking good."

He was greeted by two women who were dressed as hula girls, the two greeted him in a friendly matter and even pinched his cheek. Upon that Bulk and Skulk were just messing around and not helping, Ernie told them to help out. The two came over, assuming to help with the beautiful womens but luckily, Ernie squashed their hopes by saying he meant to help with the creme pies to which the two reclunantly helped. The principal came by, seeing the three female Rangers walk with food for their booths.

"How are you doing, girls?" He asked, looking at them.

After the three gave their greetings, he continued, "Well, looks like the cultural food festival is going to be a great success."

"Yes, we should raise a lot of money for the pre-school and daycare center." Trini noted.

Eliza nodded as they were joined by the rest of the team, Caplan saw some delicious food that Kimberly was carrying, but she told him, "You have to buy it first."

"I believe that one's $20." Billy said, smiling. So with a sigh, Caplan decided he wasn't hungry and left to check the other stands out.

Ernie came up and say, "Hey, let's get back to work, kids. Doors open in ten minutes."

"This is gonna be a amazing food fair." Zach said, smiling and feeling pumped.

"Yeah, I just hope that Rita isn't hungry for trouble today." Jason said, looking concerned.

"This is Rita, J." Eliza said. "Knowing her, she'll probably cook up something."

With a collected nod, everyone went to their respective station and the food festival began with a lovely hula dance. The fair was turning out to be a success, Eliza smiled, giving people some Asian food to try and getting compliments about her yukata and how she was representing the country of origin. David smiled, also helping her along with Billy and Trini with the Asian food. Jason and Kimberly helped try to sell the American food while Zach was helping at the Jamerican food station.

However, displeased at seeing how everyone was having fun, Bulk and Skull along with their little gang decided to disturb the fun and peace by wanting to throw some pies. However, rather than that, by hitting off Principal Caplan's wig and hitting Skull in the face, the place turned into a food fight. David saw that Eliza had a good throwing arm, unaware it was from her fighting as a Ranger and tossing her vairous small bombs during the many fights against the Putties. Of course, he was amazed to see how good she could throw.

She was joined by the rest of the team, who at first wanted to stop the food fight in order to save the food fair, Jason used a link of sasuges to scare Bulk and Eliza used a pair of plates as shields then tossed them to hit Skull in the face. Watching her while trying to help, David remained shocked and tried to hide, not sure how to help his friends. He just watched as they worked together, however, Caplan had enough of the senseless food fight and shouted for it to stop, accussing the Rangers, saying that they should be ashamed for taking part of it and only hoped there was enough money to at least get the playground equipment. So they were punished to clean up the area.

"That could have gone better." Eliza said, sighing.

"We're so sorry." Kimberly said, looking at her. "That stupid Bulk and Skull..."

As David began to dampen a mop to help clean, he heard the beeping and saw the Rangers went into the hallway. Eliza felt bad that she had to hide this from her closet friend but stood by Jason as he answered the call.

"Come in, Zordon." He said.

"Power Rangers, I need you to come to the Command Center immediately." Zordon told the six of them.

"We're on our way." Jason said, the six Rangers teleporting to the Command Center and David stepping into the hallway just afterward, wondering where they went.

Once they had arrived at the Command Center, their attention was turned to the Viewing Globe where they saw a pig's head with arms and legs and wearing a Roman helmet.

"That's Rita's new monster?" Eliza asked in disbelief.

"What a pig!" Kimberly stated.

"Man, this dude needs a serious diet." Jason said, watching the pig eat.

"Ugh, doesn't he ever stop?" Trini asked.

Zordon spoke, stating what he learned, "The images you see happened just a moment ago. It appears that Rita has unleashed a ravenous pig upon the Earth. Its sole purpose is to eat."

"Dang!" Zach said, surprised. "If this due keeps this up..."

"He'll evenutally eat everything," Billy concluded.

"I calcuate he will consume the entire supply of food on Earth in 48 hours." Zordon estatimed.

"That doesn't give us much time to think." Eliza said, crossing her arms.

"Yes, this pig must be stopped." Zordon said, agreeing with the Silver Ranger.

"Look at that thing." Kimberly noted, looking at the pig in the globe. "It is so gross."

"Greetings, dudes and dudettes." Alpha said, appearing with a chef's hat on his head, holding cooking tools in his hands. Eliza couldn't imagine Alpha trying to cook, but brushed it off. He said, "I thought I'd give you a hand with the food for the festival." The Rangers nodded in apperication for his kind thoughts.

"Later, Alpha." Zordon said. "Our Power Rangers have work to do. I wish you luck."

"Guys, it's morphin time." Jason said, looking at everyone.

Everyone nodded, morphing into their Power Ranger forms, ready to fight this hungry pig. Eliza rolled her shoulders and seeing the pig up sitting on a rooftop of a nearby building as everyone jumped into action, looking up at Jason spoke first, "All right, porker! The pig feast is over!"

"Oh, yeah." Zach said, getting excited. "You're finished, pig!"

Kimberly shivered, "He is so digusting!"

"Come down and fight like a pig!" Trini shouted.

Slowly reaching into her pouch, Eliza grabbed some of her bombs for a surprise attack. "Here, pig, shall I give you a appitzer to start with?!" She shouted, tossing a mix of flash bombs and gernades.

However, the pig jumped up, catching them then ate them and they exploded in his mouth, some smoke coming from his mouth. Eliza gasped, surprised that the pig would literally eat anything. Then the pig jumped down to them, hoping to have some more of what she had tossed. So, with that, everyone brought their weapons to fight it hand to hand. Eliza twirled and swung her hammer to hit the pig, but her attack had knocked back. Suddenly, as soon as any of the Rangers tried to get close and hit the pig, it ate their weapons.

"Oh, great!" Eliza shouted in disbelief. "How do we beat this thing?!"

'Better not do any more bombs, since it will eat them as well.' She thought.

Jason looked at her and Eliza looked back at him, the two Rangers sharing the same thought process about what would happen if she had used her bombs.

"Wow!" The pig shouted, happily. "Here I come!"

It ran to Jason and Eliza, hitting them and knocking them to the ground. As the others surrounded them to help them up, the pig fired a beam at them and sent them spinning as the six Rangers got dizzy, getting sent to a park and demorphed. Eliza groaned and sat up, getting up with Kimberly's help.

"What a weird way to travel." Zach said, getting up.

"This is too strange." Jason said, looking concerned. At the same moment, the communicators beeped and Zordon rang in.

"Power Rangers," he spoke, "while you were caught in the pig's vortex, he found his way into your food festival and is causing chaos."

"What?" Kimberly and Trini asked, shocked.

"Oh no!" Eliza and Jason said, realizing it.

Then Jason said, "Come on!"

Everyone ran back to the Juice Bar and indeed, the pig was creating more of a mess then what was made when the food fight happened, though it avoided the hot stuff. While Ernie and everyone was panicking, wishing for the Power Rangers to appear, David brought out his bo staff and tried to fight against the pig, but it ended up eating his staff. However, unfazed, David tried to phsyically fight it but it managed to knock him back as knocked him out and after eating the rest of the food, the pig disappeared.

When the Rangers came in and saw the mess, Eliza gasped and ran to David. Thankfully, Billy comforted her, saying that he was still alive, just unconscious and they needed to focus on the damage the pig had done.

"Eww, what a mess!" Kimberly said, looking around.

"I guess we're too late." Billy noted.

"Man, he ate everything in sight." Jason said, sighing.

"Mr. Caplan is gonna flip his wig..." Zack said. "Again."

"We gotta stop that pig." Jason reasoned, starting to look worried.

"Yeah, but how?" Kimberly asked, hands on her hips. "That thing just swallowed our weapons."

"Not to mention, it will eat any of the bombs that I toss at it." Eliza said, her finger on her chin.

However, Trini noticed something and smiled, "Hey, wait a minute. Do you guys see what I see?"

Looking at the table of hot stuff, she had a idea and said, "Come on!"

They went to the table and she said, "Look around. That pig ate everything in sight. But it didn't even touch the hot stuff."

"Trini, what are you getting at?" Eliza said, getting more confused then hearing Billy in his scenific talk.

"Obviously, he doesn't like spicy foods?" Kimberly reasoned.

"We could use that information to defeat the monster." Billy concluded.

"Well, how do you figure that?" Zack asked, looking at him.

"Well, why not lure the animal with food?" Billy said, picking a radish root. "After we stick a piece of spicy radish roof inside."

"Morphenomenal idea, Billy." Kimberly said, amazed. Eliza kept quiet and nodded.

"So we make it sick, we get our weapons back." Jason realized, looking at them.

"Sounds perfect." Eliza said, smiling.

"Affirmative!" Billy said, smiling.

"I'll bring the hot stuff." Trini said. "Come on!"

So everyone began to prepare for the fight by preparing any dish they could think of and Eliza carried David to Ernie so he could get patched up, before she left, she promised to get his staff back since she learned that the pig ate his staff. Once they had gotten everything prepared, Jason called Zordon.

"Zordon, we found a way to defeat the monster." He said.

"We just need to know where he is." Trini added.

"My sensors tell that it is terrorizing the food packing plant." Zordon told them. "Go now, Power Rangers, and let the power protect you."

"We're on our way." Jason said.

So the six Rangers remorphed back into their Ranger forms and teleported to the food packing plant. They quickly found the pig and held out their respective dishses to feed it.

"Come on piggy, free food!" Jason shouted.

So Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Eliza, and Zack tossed their dishes first and the pig ate them right up, lastly Trini had her dish. Jason looked at her. "Okay, Trini, send down the hot stuff."

Trini nodded, "One red-hot radish coming up!"

She sneakily placed the radish in her dish and tossed it, which the pig naturally ate but suddenly the hotness of the radish caused it to puke up everything it had eaten including David's staff and the Rangers' weapons. With their weapons back in hand, the Rangers were able to attack it and then formed the blaster, finishing the pig for good.

For the first time, the pig didn't turn into a giant and the Rangers headed back to the Juice Bar, Eliza smiled as she carried David's staff to give it back.

"That was great." Jason said, as they entered the Juice Bar. "We really gave it to Rita this time!"

"Yeah, we were-bam!-morphenomal!" Zack said, excited over their victory.

"That is true." Eliza said, walking with him. "However..."

"Yeah, we took care of the pig." Kimberly said, a bit concerned. "That's true but what about the food festival?"

Everyone looked at the still messy remains of the festival, Trini askde, "Do you guys think we made enough money for the playground equipment?"

Suddenly, Zordon called, "I see you finished your mission, Power Rangers."

"Yeah, we sent that pudgy pig to the fat farm." Jason said, smiling with everyone.

"Congratulations." Zordon said. "Well done."

Then Alpha spoke into the communicator, "Oh, happy day. I have figured out a way to defeat that pesky pig!"

"A bit late there, Alpha." Eliza said, laughing.

"Whoa, Alpha." Jason said. "I think we have the problem under control."

"Yeah, that pig is assuage, man!" Zack added.

"But he ruined our food festival." Trini noted, sadly.

"Oh, that's too bad." Alpha said. "Maybe these'll help. Teleporting now!"

He sent trays of the food that he made and everyone was surprised. Zack said, "Hey, thanks, Alpha."

Eliza saw Mr. Caplan come in and waved, Kimberly also saw and said, "Oh, hi, Mr. Caplan. Look we're really sorry about what happened."

"Look, I know you kids weren't responsible." He told them. "We almost have enough for the playground despite all this."

"With a little help, Mr. Caplan." Trini said, pointing to the food Alpha sent. "We can make up for the rest."

Eliza hid a laugh as he paid $20 and took a bite of one of the spicy sandwiches. Caplan poured some cool jwater on himself to cool the spiciness, losing his wig and everyone laughed, but David stood in the hall, wondering who were the voices he heard.

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