Since the bomb of Allys true heritage had dropped, she had spent the rest of the day training in the simulation room. Of course, Charles had tried to get her to talk about what was going on, or even to let him inside her head so he could help her sort out her thoughts, but she refused.

"I need to make this decision on my own Dad, just, please...please give me time," however time was something she had very little of.

The day after the surprise visit a letter came, by owl surprisingly enough, telling Ally that both Dumbledore and Alvarion would return by the following Saturday morning. Though they did promise to come at a more appropriate time, it didn't help ease the anxiety in Charles' mind or anyone else who knew what was going on.

Since then Ally had barely talked to anyone, preferring to spend her time in her room or hiding in her secret corners in and around the mansion. Many of the faculty and students reported then when she was seen, her eyes were blank, and she never seemed to pay attention to her surrounds.

The week dragged on, and Ally still moved in a daze, her young mind buzzing. But no matter how much she looked at it, the whole ordeal came down to one choice; leave the US and get to meet her brother with no guarantee he would at least make an effort to know her. Or stay in the US, stay close to home and possibly never meet him. Both schools had sounded equally matched academically from what she had gotten from Albus and Alvarion's argument, so that wasn't a problem. But there was one other thing that she had to consider. Everyone else's safety from her.

Yes, Ally had a better hold on her powers than most adults, but still, it was something she had to think off, especially given...

Ally sighed and dropped her head in her hands, a groan of frustration passing through her lips. All she was doing at this point was chasing her tail, going over and over the pros and cons of each option. She was doing what her dad had taught her over the years," Think before you act." A simple lesson, yes, but right now, that stupid lesson was biting her in the ass.

"Ok," Ally said out loud, thankfully she was in her bedroom, so she didn't have to care about people hearing her. "Thinking about this logically isn't getting us anywhere, so...what does my heart say?"

That was the most straightforward answer she could get in less than a second. She wanted to go and meet her brother and attend Hogwarts as it was the place where her birth parents had learned magic. Maybe it was a little silly, but Ally felt that going to the same magic school as they had would help her feel closer to them, even if they were no longer alive.

'But what about the other students? What about their safety from you? Not to mention it is so far from home and you'll be on your own: no Dad, no Uncle Hank, no one. And you won't be able to tell anyone about what you can do. You'll be alone, an outcast, a fre-'

"Shut up!" Ally growled, and the voice fell silent. She leaned back in free fall until her back hit the bed covers. Her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling, her mind once again running in circles. Finally, she flipped over, grabbed her pillow, and let out a scream of frustration into the fabric. 'Why is it so hard to make one stupid decision!?'

She lay on her bed for a few moments before sitting straight up. Yes, there was more safety in staying here in the states, but she didn't want to stay safe, not when she could meet her twin brother. Safety was an issue, but not as much as she was making it out to be. She had been learning how to control her mutation for years, so why was she so scared about losing control when she knew how to keep her cool in dozens of different situations? Ally started to laugh, she knew what she wanted now, and no amount reasoning would stop her, especially after all the time she had spent thinking this over. Yes, it was a hard decision, especially considering what she would be giving up. But her heart told her she needed to. Logic was a great tool, and Ally would never dispute that, but once in a while, you had to go with what your heart was telling you.

"Guess I'm leaving the house a lot sooner then I thought and definitely not for college."