Hello everyone, this is my first story and it is a short one. I drew inspiration from the songs melting and trauma by Kid Cudi. I think the songs go good with the story. I hope you enjoy . Disclaimer I do not own bolt or anything affiliated with Disney as much as I would like to haha. warning mature content.


It was a gloomy sunday evening as rain showered the vacant streets of Chicago. The only sound that could be heard besides the rain, was the pitter patter of paws on the sidewalk. White paws that belonged to a german shepherd named Bolt. The rain soaking his fur as he trudged through the city feeling numb to the outside world. Bolt had told no one where he was going , not even his owner who wouldn't have understood him even if he had tried to . He needed to get out of the house and away from all of the noise and anxiety that always followed it.

' This cannot be happening.'

He thought as he continued along the dim lit street. 'This has to be some kind of dream'. The white shepherd tried reassuring himself, but the pain he was in told him otherwise.

"I'm going for a walk Bolt , care to join me"?

The shepherd froze in his tracks as a familiar voice rang in his ears. He shook his head violently trying to suppress the memory to no avail. He began running trying to escape the voice that pulled at his heart with every word.

" No thanks Mitts, I better stay here and wait for Penny".

The memory bombarded the dog's mind as he desperately tried to escape its grasp.

"SHUT UPPP", Bolt howled, pain lining his words as he sprinted across the street.

Tears started forming in his eyes blinding the dog's vision, causing him to trip and stumble, colliding hard with a metal gate. Bolt's head was throbbing, spinning, fading as his world was going black.

And then it happened, the memory he had been fighting with, fighting to suppress, to forget. Intruded into his mind, flooding his thoughts leaving him crippled and at the will of his own sanity.

"No..n..no", he begged before he collapsed, succumbing to the darkness.

Hey Bolt , I'm going for a walk and was … what are you doing"? Mittens asked him as she found him sat at the foot of the entryway, his eyes glued to the front door. She could only sigh, bringing an exasperated paw to her face.

"Bolt please tell me your not trying to use your very non existent heat vision again are you"? Mittens said dryly, sarcasm lining her voice.

"Haha very funny Mittens. No, I'm not trying to summon my superpowers again. I'm waiting for Penny to come back from school".

The shepered said with a flustered smile, shifting his gaze back to the door.

"Well it wouldn't be the first them I've caught you, anyways I was going to go for a walk and was wondering if you wanted to join me"? She offered.

"I didn't know you were the exercising type cat". Bolt said smirking at her.

"I think you have me mistaken for Rhino dog", she shot back.

They shared a silent glance before bursting out laughing at the thought of their beloved, yet lazy, hampster friend trying his paw at exercise of any kind.

Once the pair were done rolling on the ground they both sat up trying to keep straight faces.

"No thanks Mittens I better stay here and wait for Penny". Bolt said with a smile.

"Suit yourself waggs, I'll see you later." she said while jumping up and turning the door knob with her paws. And with a flick of her tail she was gone, leaving the white dog dumbfounded.

"She has to teach me how to do that someday," he mumbled to himself before getting up to close the door left adjar.

And then he heard it, the skidding of tires, the roar of the engine and a short, deathly yet familiar yowl piercing into his big ears. All of this was followed by an eery silence that made his blood turn to ice.

Bolt shot up trying to open the door but couldn't grip the knob no matter how hard he tried, merely leaving scratches in the brass knob. Loosing his cool, he began slamming his shoulder against the door, his heart and head racing a mile a minute, each though worse than the last when he tried to reason with himself what he had heard.

" Oh god, please no".

Bolt had to get to her. She had to be ok. Without a second though he leapt up and smashed through the front window, rolling to the ground dizzy and bleeding. He looked up , vision blurry, as he made out what had to be a car. He got up shakily as his vision returned to him. He was frozen unable to move for what seemed like hours. Mittens was lying limp on the pavement as blood began pooling around her.

"MITTENS!" Bolt yelled sprinting toward his fallen friend. "NO NO NO , Mittens stay with me please," Bolt howled cradling her in his arms. "You .. you have to wake up , you can't l..leave me". He cried, trembling, trying to get as close as possible to the black tuxedo cat; embracing her tightly. Blood and tears soaked both of their fur as the rain began to wash over them from above.

Bolt woke up with a start and immediately gripped his head as pain shot through it. He wearily stood up and made his was through the double door iron gates, and into the cemetery.

He searched through the endless rows for the tombstone he was looking for, but with the frequency that he visited, he figured he could find it blind folded if need be.

One row down from the big oak tree, three to the left and he was there. The one that marked the final resting place of his beloved best friend.

It had only been a month since her tragic death but to Bolt it felt like years. Years of isolation and waves of depression, living without her faithfully by his side. It didn't feel like living at all.

He sat down, silently studying the grave with a heavy heart; never once taking his eyes off it.

"I'm sorry Mitts, I c..couldn't save you." He choked out holding back tears. " I failed you," he whispered before lying down next to his friend and closing his eyes.

Weeping himself to sleep, like he always did.

letting the pain and guilt he felt consume him, like it always would.

Praying to see her one last time, like he wished he could.