The New Winnie & Jesse

Winnie should've drunk from the spring.

Jesse's love lingered

But he could not die.

Winnie learned not to be afraid of death

And she learned that summer can bring

Freedom and paradise

That is love in the woods.

Winnie should've drunk from the spring.

She sat at the spring

Staring at her reflection on the water

Thinking about her father

And the rest of her kin.

She contemplated immortality

The way she used to contemplate running away

With the trees in the generous wind.

But the branches are as fragile as Winnie in the woods.

Winnie should've drunk from the spring.

Her white dress frail yet powerful

And she didn't just want to live,

She wanted to be with Jesse forever.

Winnie took a drink

And on the brink of a hopeful day

She swallowed the refreshing liquid

And bid

Goodbye to her homeland.

If Winnie had drunk from the spring,

She would've wondered if she was truly immortal,

She'd go to Jesse's Eiffel tower of rocks,

Climb up it, and jump.

She would've lived

And went to see Jesse in France.

If she drank the magical water,

They would've lived happily ever after together in

A tiny white house on a prairie.