All right, y'all! I have finished the cast list! Thank you so much to those of you who submitted characters, I really appreciate it! I wish I could have accepted everyone but if your OC wasn't chosen it's because I couldn't fit them into any scenario, or I had found them to be similar to another character that I had plans for. And without further ado, here is my cast! I've already started writing the first chapter and I'm sooo excited!

Cast List


Naomi Carter, "Confident Actress", xLIV3

Lizzy White, "The Popular Chick", Gucci Mane LaFlare

Janice Marlick, "Classy but Bold Dancer", Candela Monsoon

Lila Holcomb, "The Attractive Italian Musician", MistressMysterious

Hinley Bowman, "The Constantly-Singing Edgelord", ThorBringsTheThunder

Lydia "Jackson" Carter, "Eccentric One-Legged Girl"

Ivy Morrow, "Fashionista Thief", FreakyFanGirl136


Walter Schneid, "Manipulative Actor", Meesa Senate

Luke Cicero, "The Theater Fanatic", Skyn1nja123

Koda Black, "The Bubbly Bisexual", TheProtecterOfHim

Carson Tero, "The Disabled Bassist"

Mickey Jacobs, "The Carefree Rocker", pizzawizza

Xavier King, "The Boxing Actor", King DelObre

Dustin Newton-Obsidian, "The Mathematical Chess Player", Obsidian Champion

Denzel Quinley, "The Bum Who Won't Cry For Help", Sh4d0w17

Arin Markowitz, "The Edgy Idiot", Sir Pootis

Again, thank you all so much! I look forward to starting the series! I have already sent you all messages and some of you have already responded. Oh, and another thing - for those who don't have a penname attached to the character (Jackson and Carson), those are some characters I pulled from an old story a friend and I never got to publish. The story was unfortunately taken down before we could start it, but we had the applications saved and I really enjoy those character so I decided to add them in since they had a music theme to them! If I find their usernames I will let you all know!