Sami and Lizzy sat in the library, searching through acting scene books to find the right scene for the two girls. Though Lizzy and Sami had been an alliance together for the past few weeks, they hadn't gotten a chance to sit down and talk one-on-one, and Lizzy wanted to take this opportunity to bring in her innocent good-girl side to Sami and ask her a question.

"Can I ask you something?" She asked as Sami scrolled through books.


"How was Piper after the show? Did she really go into being a good girl?" Sami looked up from her book, creasing the page she's on and closing the book as she looked at Lizzy seriously.

"She wasn't mean, but there were times where she wasn't very nice. Does that make sense?" Lizzy was about to speak. "Maybe that didn't make sense. When we were in the drama club together last year, she got really competitive with me and even said some really nasty things out of stress. She apologized and went back to her normal self when the competitiveness was over, but I thought it was really weird."

"What do you think of her wanting to get Mickey out?" Lizzy asked.

"It's a real shame. Mickey didn't do anything wrong, he was just pressured by Shawn. And now he's sort of forced to be in that alliance, but I think he wanted to be with us all along."

"I'm going to tell you this because I like you… I want to work with you. But I don't want to work with Piper." Sami widened her eyes at Lizzy's statement.

"I don't know if I can go against Piper like that." She said.

"She doesn't have to know. We'll just have to get creative on when we meet to discuss strategy. And honestly, I think she's faking the nice girl act. You can't say you're nice now but still yell at people during stressful situations." Sami thought about her statement. "We'll still have to work with her, or at least pretend we are, but maybe we can find a way to get other people to get her out, you know, so it doesn't look like we're voting for her. You're friends with Naomi, aren't you?"

"Yeah. I could talk to her." Sami smiled at her. "I'm so glad you talked to me. And I'm so glad I told you that about Piper. It's been hard to deal with, and I told her I wasn't hurt by it anymore, but I kind of was."

"That's what friends are for, right?" Lizzy smiled. "Now, let's get back to work, partner."

"I was actually like, really excited to have been randomly picked to work alongside you. I went ahead and picked something out, if that's okay with you."

"Sure! I trust anything you pick." Sami smiled as she handed her a piece of paper, and Lizzy scrolled through it.

"We'll have to be mean to each other, since it is a dramatic teen piece. It'll take a bit of method acting, since we get along so well." Sami smirked.

"For sure. I'll just pretend to hate you! But it'll be so hard!" Lizzy told her.

Confession Cam

Lizzy: *Lizzy walks into the confession cam, and relaxes her face as she looks into the camera* I don't blame Piper one bit if she is actually taking away her good-girl image. Or if it was ever there. It's exhausting to be this happy and nice all the time. *pause* But anyway, now that I have Sami on my side, Piper is gone for sure. Of course, Sami is gonna have to go, too. No way am I bringing an alumni into the final 2 with me. But I'll figure that one out when I get Piper out. Sami is a good asset to have, for now.

Boys Room

Naomi and Mickey sat on the top of Mickey's bed, looking through duet scenes in a book Naomi brought from home. Though she hadn't been doing a lot of acting scenes, she was glad she brought this from home. The two had been trying to find the perfect scene for three days now, and with just a few days left until the challenge, they had to hurry and find something.

"So how are you feeling about Shawn's departure? I know you two were really close." Naomi asked.

"I think that since he left, I've realized I don't really need him anymore." He said to her.

"Really?" Naomi said.

"Yeah. I mean, I know I'm not the brightest bulb in the shed, but it feels like he used me to string him along in this game. Which is weird, it should be the other way around since he's the alumni."

Naomi thought about what he said, knowing what Sami was saying is true - Mickey didn't want to be part of this other alliance, he was always going to be loyal to Sami, Piper, and Lizzy. She realized Piper was using her in order to gain more votes for her side, as she was about to decide to work with Dustin and crew. She scooted closer to him, looking at the open door to see if anyone was around.

"I want to tell you something. You have to promise me you'll lay low with what I'm about to tell you." She said.

"Okay." Mickey smiled as she drew herself closer to him, her voice in a much quieter tone.

"Piper is-" Just as she was about to finish, they heard someone come through the door. Naomi jumped, going back to her position, leaving Mickey curious about what she was about to say. Xavier walked through the door, going over to his bed.

"Hey, I'm just picking something up." He said, walking over to his bed. He lifted the covers and took his book, then looked over to Mickey.

"No problem, dude. You're good." Xavier looked over to Mickey as he stood outside the door.

"Are we on for tonight?" Xavier asked. He was referring to their alliance meeting, but with Naomi around, he wanted to try to be discrete about it.

"You mean the-" Mickey stopped, remembering Naomi was next to him. "Oh. Right. Yeah. That thing. The thiiiiing." Mickey smiled.

"Great." Xavier quickly left the room, book in hand. Mickey looked over to Naomi.

"Were you going to tell me something?" Naomi thought about whether or not she wanted to expose Piper, but decided to let it go for now.

"Oh, no. I was just going to say Piper suggested a scene for us to do together. I just wanted you to be hush-hush about it because we're supposed to be coming up with it ourselves." Naomi told him.

"Really?" Mickey asked. "She's so nice like that. A real difference from her first season."

Confession Cam

Naomi: I know this goes way against my character, but we're in the merge! I can't let Mickey know about Piper this soon. I have to just… let him be voted out. Then hopefully they'll go after Piper, right? *she sighs as she facepalms into her forehead* This is wrong. Mickey is my ally as much as Piper is. I have to find a way to save him, even if that means not telling him what's going on. But how am I going to do that without going against Piper? *her eyes widen as she looks down* Why am I so scared of her if she's supposedly 'nice' now?

Screaming Sopranos Dance Studio

Xavier walked into the dance studio to Piper, his songbook in hand with the piece they'd be performing together. He sat down in front of her criss-cross, and Piper went right into business before getting ready to rehearse with him.

"So before we start looking for songs, I want to talk about Mickey."

"Mickey?" Xavier asked.

"Yes. I heard he's been working with you recently, which is fine, you can have him. But I also wanted to let you know he hasn't stopped working with me." Xavier's eyes widened at the news.

"And why would you want to tell me this?" He asked.

"Because I don't like him and I want him out."

"Getting Mickey out means fewer people on my side. What's in it for me?" Xavier asked slyly.

"Look, I know who's in your alliance. We're all split in the middle. We have more people than you do, your alliance isn't going to last forever. Let's make a deal. When your alliance crashes and burns, I'll take you to the final two with me. No need to make a side alliance, we just know we have each other's backs. I'll work to make sure my side doesn't get you out, and you work to make sure I'm not taken out."

Xavier felt sketched out, as just a second ago she was critiquing Mickey for working for two sides, and now she essentially wanted him to do the same. However, he knew she had a point and had to meet her in the middle. He did quite enjoy the idea of an unspoken final two where nobody had to discuss game, just make sure one didn't go over the other.

"Are you sure on that?" Xavier asked.

"I promise." He spit into his hand, and brought his hand out to her. She looked at him in disgust.

"I'm not doing that."

"We don't have a deal, then." She looked down, knowing what she had to do. With her hand shaking in disgust, she lightly spit into her hand, then quickly shook his hand and let her hand out of his. She stood up, quickly walking out.

"Where are you going?"

"To wash my hands." She said as the door closed.

Confession Cam

Xavier: I don't trust Piper one bit, but I can't show her that. Her plan just makes no sense if she claims they have more numbers than us.

Piper: Guys are so gross. *she shutters* And so dumb. As if I'm going to be able to secure Xavier? Who are we going to go against once we get everyone out? It's just not possible to keep him safe for the final two.

Terrific Tenors Dance Studio

Dustin and Lila stood in front of the mirror, awkwardly going through the motions of their romantic comedy song. Lila had taken the liberty to find their song, as Dustin had never even looked into musicals with such a theme. With Dustin being awkward around any new person, their song wasn't going so well, but Lila was determined to help him through it.

"I didn't even know they made a Frozen musical. Now there's two Elsas out there with that horrible Let It Go song." Dustin snarked.

"The first time I came to America, my family and me went to see Frozen on Broadway. It was magical." She giggled. "We didn't understand the music, but it was fun."

"Your English has gotten a lot better since you came into the house." Lila looked down, wishing people would stop saying this to her. She felt like everyone looked at her as the miraculous girl from Italy who learned English so well, and that she was only worth something because she learned the language. But then again, it went to her advantage when nobody voted her out due to them feeling like she's not a threat, so she took it anyway.

"I owe it to Denzel. He is good at teaching." She said to him.

"Yeah. Denzel was cool. I miss him." Dustin was running out of things to say to avoid the song in hand.

"You ready to try the song again?" Lila asked.

"Definitely, let's do it." Lila went to the front of the room, turning the boombox on, and standing in front of him as the song started.

One Week Later, Auditorium

The teens filed into the auditorium and sat with their partners as Chris stood at the top of the stage.

"Everyone here?" He looked down at the audience, counting heads. "Great! Welcome to our duet challenge, everyone! Your partners and genres were picked at random. The winning team will be picked by myself, and both will get immunity for the week! The team I deem to be in last place will get a special punishment, courtesy of moi. Now first, let's go with…." Chris closed his eyes, pointing out to the auditorium. He stopped his arm in the middle and opened his eyes, seeing his finger pointing at Naomi and Mickey. The two of them walked up to the stage, standing in front of each other. They nodded at each other, signifying they were ready.

Naomi: Look at me you rotten, disgusting animal!

Where are you? I'll get to you, I'll get inside you.

Mickey: There's no getting inside me anymore, Jan.

Naomi: The pathetic peasant speaks.

Mickey: Why don't you stop trying to get a rise out of me because it won't work. You can carry on, scream, push me, curse me, put me down like you always do but it won't work anymore. I'm not going to allow you to get under my skin anymore, you're not worth it.

Naomi: Ha! That's right. Just sit there and fight for nothing, just like your father. Hit me, just like your father.

Mickey: I didn't hit you, I pushed you on the bed because you were getting in my face.

Naomi: You still put your hands on me and the next time you even think about laying one finger on my body I will stab you in the eye with a knife. I will break your head.

Mickey: Good. Break my head.

Naomi: I will! I will bash your face in.

Mickey: Good. Do it then.

Naomi: I will!

Mickey: Do it then!

Naomi: Loser…waste that you are.

Mickey: Go on…get it all out.

Naomi: There's nothing between you and me. I can never be with such a weak, pathetic boy. I've waste years, years of my life giving myself over to you. Waste! Waste my life!

(she throws a glass across the room)

I hate your guts. You've ruined my life!

Mickey: Are you done yet?

Naomi: Piece of shit.

Mickey Go ahead. Keep going.

Naomi: I'm calling your Mom. I'm going to call your Mother and tell her what a loser her son is…that I've been paying rent and taking care of us…you don't even have a job…you can't even take me out on a date. Not even contribute for the groceries. What do you do but wank off all day long and dream about being something instead of being something. You're too old to be anything! You've had your chance. You should go find a different career or work at some shitty department store because you're good for nothing at all.

(she walks off stage – Mickey remains on the stage. There's rummaging and sounds of objects getting thrown. Jan comes back into the stage)

You see this? It means nothing! I'm throwing this out the window!

Mickey: Don't do that, you'll regret it.

(Naomi rushes to the front of the stage)

We got that in Sweden! You will destroy that memory. Don't throw it out the window…and you will kill someone down below!

Naomi: What memory? All the bad you've done, you've sucked out all the good memories we've ever had. It's all sucked out of my heart.

Mickey: Give it to me, give me the—

(he pulls the object out from Naomi's hand. She storms off)

This is getting too crazy, alright? Why don't you cool off?

Naomi: Putting your hands on me, that's crazy! You little bitch!

Mickey: I didn't—I pushed you on the bed mattress because it wouldn't hurt you and to get you away from my face. I wasn't trying to hurt you, Jan, you know that.

Naomi: I don't believe you. You shoved me really hard.

Mickey: I wasn't trying to hurt you but you make me insane. You make me reach my breaking point.

Naomi: So you turn to physical abuse, just like your dad?

Mickey: Listen you…I'm gonna lose it completely…(beat)…stop comparing me to my father. Stop working me up again, alright? My father and me are two different people.

Naomi: I think you're exactly alike.

Mickey: Oh yeah? At least I'm not dumb like you are, who takes after your Mother.

(Naomi punches the door)

Mickey: What's the matter? You don't like it when it's done to you? So stop doing it to me!

Naomi: I hate you. I hate your guts. We're done. I don't want nothing to do with you ever again. You a-hole.

Mickey: Fine. We're done. Figure out your shit and that's that.

Naomi: You figure out your shit.

Mickey: Don't worry, my shits already figured out.

Naomi: Oh yeah? You've probably been planning this the whole time.

Mickey: Yep.

Naomi: You see? I told you you were sick in the head.

Mickey: Yep.

Naomi: Good. Glad you now see it too.

Mickey: Yep.

Naomi: Good. Pack your shit and leave then.

Mickey: I'm not going anywhere. You can leave.

Naomi: You leave!

(long pause.)

Mickey: Why don't we both calm down a bit. Alright? Let's just take it easy.

(Naomi starts crying)

Naomi: No, I don't want this life. I don't want it with you anymore…

Mickey: I don't want this life either, but it's the only one we got.

Naomi: No. I want it to change.

Mickey: It's up to us to change it.

Naomi: I don't know what to do.

Mickey: Can you remind me why we are even fighting?

Naomi: Are you serious right now?

Mickey: …Oh right, it's over the laundry card…right, right. How do we go from a laundry card to this?

Naomi: Cause of you…you never have any money. Always broke. Can't even put six dollars to cover our laundry…

Mickey: Yeah, well we can use my change jar. I must have about eighty bucks of change in there. We can use that for a few days.

Naomi: And what do we do when the money runs out from that?

Mickey: Well, I have my freelance gigs coming in, so we'll be fine.

Naomi: You always say that, Charlie.

Mickey: Yeah, but we are, we will be. I have two contracts coming through this month and we'll be fine. I'll be able to cover things for us.

Naomi: Yeah, yeah. I've heard this before.

Mickey: Well, we're supposed to keep eachother strong. I'm always there for you, you need to be there for me too. We've just hit a little dry patch is all. Things will get better for us. We just need to hang in there and be strong.

Naomi: I don't know anymore. I don't know what to believe. Maybe I should move back in with my friend Tara.

Mickey: No…you don't need to do that.

Naomi: I feel like you're taking advantage of me. Taking me for granted and using me.

Mickey: You think I'm using you? Is that what you think?

Naomi: It feels like you are.

Mickey: Using you? I've done so much for us…how can you say that to me, Jan?

Naomi: It's true. You make me feel that way cause I pay for everything now. You don't make me feel like you appreciate me.

Mickey: …Look, I think we just need a break from all of this madness. I appreciate you more than anything in my life, okay? I don't want you to feel that way.

Naomi: You don't ever get me flowers. You used to always get me flowers.

Mickey: Flowers?

Naomi: Yes, flowers.

Mickey: Right.

Naomi: Little things like that is all I want. If that happened, then maybe I wouldn't feel like you take me for granted as much.

Mickey: Right. I've been slaving away, trying to find work…last thing on my mind is buying you flowers.

Naomi: Yes, but that's what you are supposed to think about as a man.

Mickey: Well, then let me worry about that then, okay?

Naomi: Mmm hmmm.

Mickey: Can we be friends again?

(they hug)

The two finished their scene and looked over to the teens in the audience as they bowed, watching them applaud for them. They quickly stepped off the stage, and Sami and Lizzy walked up. They stood side by side, then gave themselves the cue to go.

Lizzy: What the hell are you doing here?

Sami: I feel terrible. I'm so sorry for what happened -

Lizzy: Sorry? You humiliated me in front of every single person that I know and you

think you can just say sorry?!

Sami: I - I know, but -

Lizzy: Jane you were always jealous of me!

Sami: What?

Lizzy: Always! Of my clothes, of my boyfriends!

Sami: Stop it!

Lizzy: You've just been waiting for the chance to tear me down!

Sami: That's not true!

Lizzy: Yes it is!

Sami: Ow!

Lizzy: And you took the one thing in my life that was finally working out!

Sami: Oh please! This is so typical Tess! You're not taking any responsibility for the

fact that you lied to George! You manipulated him - put down the bug spray, put down

the bug spray Tess! Did you even love him, or was it just convenient?

Lizzy: Oh please Jane. Get off your high horse. Just admit it, you resent me because

you were the one who always had to braid my hair, and make my Halloween outfits, and

go shopping for my prom dress.

Sami: No, I have never resented any of that.

Lizzy: Yes, you have. You always thought that my life was so easy.

Sami: It was! It is! You have never had a care in the world. You're beautiful, and fun,

and charming. Your life is perfect.

Lizzy: Perfect? Are you crazy? You have no idea! You want to know the real reason

why I decided to stay in New York? I got fired from my job. And to top it off, Rudolfo

dumped me. He dumped me! And then, George came along and he was nice to me.

And he treated me well, ya know? I mean, I just wanted to be someone that he wanted. I was trying to be someone who deserved him, someone he could respect. I was trying

to be you.

Sami: Why? Why would you want to be me when you get to be you?

Lizzy: This is a mess.

Sami: I know.

Lizzy: Jane, you've been trying to take care of me ever since Mom died.

Sami: I had to.

Lizzy: No, you didn't have to.

Sami: But, but if I don't, then -

Lizzy: But if you don't, then you'll just be my sister. Which is what it should be. Maybe

when I was young you needed to help me out, but now, you've got to stop taking care of

me. Of everybody.

Sami smiled and looked over to Lizzy as the two girls gave a curtsy while everyone applauded for them. The two girls walked off as Xavier and Piper walked up, ready to perform their song.

Piper, spoken: It is time


To die!

Sorry to interrupt

But we got bones to pluck

The time for chaos is long past overdue

Death isn't optional

In fact it's optimal

Your time is up

And now we go through you

We tried to convince you

In soliloquy

But now we'll kill you

With more than harmony!

Just die

Piper & Xavier: Join us

And die

Join us

And die

Join us

And die

All you gotta do is

Join us

And die

Join us

And die

Join us

And die

All you gotta do is!

Piper: Here's how it's gonna go

We're gonna kick your ass

And then we're gonna

Piper and Xavier: Fucking kick your ass

Piper: We're gonna puke all that goo

Into your mouth where your food

And all your cells will renew and be enhanced

It's a death-like process that you gotta see

Xavier: Ahhhhh

Piper and Xavier: Your own body

Is your front row seat

To die!

Piper and Xavier: Join us

And die

Join us

And die

Join us

And die

All you gotta do is

Join us

And die

Join us

And die

Join us

And die

Join us and

Punch it!

Squeeze it!

Crush it!

Kill it!

Ride it!

Drag it!

Wind it up

Kick its nuts!

Xavier: Here's how it's gonna go—


The two went from super-serious to smiling as they took a bow, the teens applauding for them. They walked off as the final act of the night came up, Dustin and Lila. They got into place, then began their song.

[Lila, spoken]

Hans is not a stranger

[Dustin, spoken]

Okay. So, what's his last name?

[Lila, spoken]

Of the Southern Isles!

[Dustin, spoken]

That's not a last name


You've got opinions on my life and my relations

But let me tell you what

[Dustin, spoken]

Okay. Enlighten me


Love is the one thing that has zero complications

And I can trust my gut

[Dustin, spoken]

Okay. You frighten me


Some people know their hearts

The minute true love starts


Some people read a lot of books

[Lila, spoken]

I like books!


Some people simply know

When true love says "Hello"!


Some folks are taken in by curly locks and princely looks!

[Lila, spoken]

He does have princely looks. We agree on that one!

[Dustin, spoken]

Right! Ah, by the way, what color eyes does he have?

[Lila, spoken]



All I'm sayin' is when you go to climb a mountain

You don't just jump to the top

[Lila, spoken]

If it's true love you can!


There's scalin' and scramblin'

And too many steps for countin'

And the work doesn't stop

[Lila, spoken]

Maybe for you


Love's not an easy climb:

You have to take your time!


We get a whole life, that's the plan

[Dustin, spoken]

That's not a plan!


Love's not a thing you get

It's work and tears and sweat


So says a sweaty, smelly mountain man!

[Lila & Dustin]

Oh, what do you know about love?

What do you know about love?

What do you know about love?

What do you know about love?


Have you even kissed a girl?

I mean, a human girl!



[Lila & Dustin]

What do you know about

Anything, anything?


Anyone with half a brain

Would have worn some winter gear!


Anyone with half a life

Would have one friend who's not a deer!

[Dustin, spoken]

I do!


Any fool who jumps headlong

Is gonna bang their head!


Any fool who doesn't jump right now

Is probably gonna end up dead!




Like I said


You okay there?

[Dustin, spoken]

I've been better...

[Lila, spoken]

You should have listened to me! I've got good instincts! I know danger when I see it. Just like, I know love when I see it. Whoa!

[Dustin, spoken]

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Thank you!

[Lila, spoken]

Ah, that's not quite how I thought we'd end up

[Dustin, spoken]

You've got to think things through in life, and... in love

[Lila, spoken]


[Dustin, spoken]

Here. Grab on and brace yourself. Ready? Here we go!

[Lila, spoken]

Whoa! Whoaa! Whoaaa!


I'd like to point out that we've come a good long way here

And that you're–wow–really strong!

[Dustin, spoken]

I lift a lot of ice


You saved my life just now

I guess I gotta say here

My first impression was wrong

[Lila, spoken]

And see? You're nice!


That jump was really brave


Your catch was quite a save


You've got some guts!


You've got some brains!

[Dustin, spoken]


[Lila & Dustin]

With miles and miles to go

I guess it's nice to know

That I can trust you

Though the question still remains...

What do you know about love?

[Dustin, spoken]

Just, be careful

[Lila & Dustin]

What do you know about love?

[Lila, spoken]

Have a little faith

[Lila & Dustin]

At least we know one thing:

This trip should be interesting!

What do you know about love?

What do you know about love?

The two left each other's gaze and looked up at the audience as they took a bow, looking at each other and smiling as they took a bow. They went to sit down as Chris took their place on the stage.

"Today's winners are…" The teens looked up at them in suspense. "Naomi and Dustin! Congratulations, you both win immunity!" The teens clapped for them as the two smiled, humbled to have won the challenge this week.

"Now, the duet I have deemed to be the worst…" Chris paused. "Piper and Xavier."

"What?!" Piper exclaimed.

"Your song had no depth. It was just you two singing 'die, die, die'." Piper lifted her head down, embarrassed at her placement. "You'll find out your punishment at the elimination ceremony tomorrow." Chris looked up to a camera in the back of the room. "Join us next time here on Total Drama Arts!"

A/N: I feel like I say this at the end of every chapter, but thanks SO much for sticking around! I had a real writer's block trying to figure out how to balance all the characters a little better, as the show was starting to be the Lizzy and Piper show by mistake.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I can't believe we're at this point of the story already! As always, my PMs are open for any critique or suggestions on your character and how I'm handling them. At this point of the story, I have it set for who I want to leave, but feel free to let me know anyway who you think your character would want to see go. Sometimes I change things last minute!

Randomized Genre/Duet Challenge Songs and Scenes:

-Xavier and Piper, science-fiction song with a science fiction theme: Join Us (And Die) from The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals

-Lizzy and Sami, teen drama acting scene: 27 Dresses scene, Sami as Jane and Lizzy as Tess

-Naomi and Mickey, dramatic acting scene: Dry Patch by Joseph Arnone, Naomi as Jan and Mickey as Charlie

-Dustin and Lila, comedic love song: What Do You Know About Love from Frozen the Musical