Hello, fellow Halo fans. I bring you a Halo X Akame Ga Kill! Fic involving MC and co. Something many of you were probably waiting to see. XD. I'm here to deliver.

Anyways, Miranda Keyes and Sgt Johnson both survive in this fic. Because in all honesty, Halo never felt the same without then both.

Greetings, this is I4MD347H. I am also rewriting this fic in honor of my writing friend who has given up this series, SpaceEngineer643. We have planned so much into this fic; it is a shame to see it go to waste. Looking for another co-author for this series as well as Ben 10: The Banished Hero.


The darkness of the vast, infinite unknown. Where anything could exist in the expansive realm of stars and dust. Ranging from the humans, the weakest yet with the most potential for growth, to the Flood, a galactic horror whose purpose was to consume and remold all life, this time deprived of free will.

And floating within the darkness of space, was the Ark, grand machine designed to activate all the Halos, weapons of galactic scale destructions, and eradicate all life within the galaxy. And the three powers fighting for control of the device. Humans, Covenant, and the Flood. With the humans standing out as the victor in the three-way struggle for survival, their victory stemming from the destruction of the Ark in general, with the one who personally set the Ark in a slow self-destruct already escaping for his dear life.

The Master Chief jerked the steering wheel of the Warthog to the right, avoiding death as a massive pillar came crashing down towards the Warthog. Johnson chuckled weakly.

"Would've been a shitty way to go out." He joked. Master Chief, Cortana, The Arbiter, and Johnson narrowly escaped the control room. The latter being injured by 343 Guilty Spark in a fit of rage.

"Hang in there." The Chief said, shooting the Sergeant a slight nod.

"Charging sequence is at 70%. Chief, don't let this ring be the end of us." Cortana informed.

Master Chief steered the Warthog around a recently formed hole in the rough metal surface. The vehicle was rocked by small explosions, followed by floor panels caving in.

"They're gaining." The Arbiter said as he swiveled the Warthog's 50cal turret around back. Chasing behind him were the Flood combat forms hunting for their blood in a fit of blood-curling rage, especially after the Master Chief set the Ark to eradicate all Flood Based lifeforms from the galaxy.

The Arbiter primed the slowly rotating turret and opened fire on the pursuing combat forms, the sickly yellow-green flesh exploding from each bullet piercing its infected tissue. The Sangheili continued fired until he felt the vehicle jerk, as the Warthog jumped off a ramp and soared into the air, flattening half a dozen infection forms upon landing.

"Cortana, is the Dawn Space Worthy?" Master Chief asked while flattening a few infection forms under his front wheels.

"It's our best and only shot of getting out of here alive….. But yes." Cortana answered. Master Chief glanced at Sgt. Johnson who was now unconscious in the passenger seat; his MA5B tumbled out the side of the Hog. The Chief felt a spike of worry in his chest.

"Will he be alright?" The Chief asked.

"Hard to say for sure. Spark's particle beam did a number on his lungs." Cortana answered. The Spartan's lip curled behind his helmet, unsatisfied with the AI's answer.


"Yes, as long as we get him in the infirmary in time," Cortana answered in a coy tone.

Now satisfied, Master Chief nodded. He continued driving, pushing the Warthog's engine to its mechanical limits. The Spartan stopped for nothing, flood forms that dared get in his path were either flattened or ripped in half by the four-ton mass of metal barreling across the collapsing surface. The Chief could now see the Forward Unto Dawn in the distance.

'Home.' He thought.

His ticket back was a mere few hundred meters from him. Should he slip up, should the Warthog break down, flip over, or plummet off the flimsy pathway. He and his team would join the Flood as victims of the unstable Halo's firing. And yet the Chief was calm despite the deathly odds stacked against him.

"80%!" Cortana informed.

"Noted." The Chief said as another Flood combat form squelched across the Warthog's front bumper, and another Flood infection form jumped at him from his left. With superhuman speed, his fist collided with the bulbous little creature before it could follow through, splattering it like an overfilled water balloon of pus. He secretly hated those things. Especially ever since one nearly claimed his life, were it not for Cortana.

The Arbiter continued swiveling the 50cal around, shredding any and every Flood specimen in sight with metallic rage. The few that managed to clamber onto the vehicle's rear bumper met a brutal end at the hands of the Sangheili warrior. The Arbiter noticed that the pathway behind the hog was rapidly falling apart. Massive Forerunner buildings and unfinished artificial cliffs plummeted. It was like a wave, said wave was catching up to the team.

"Make haste, Spartan." The Arbiter urged as the number of flood tailing them was growing larger. The Spartan suppressed a grunt, as he already pushed the Warthog to peak performance, to the very limit. After all, they only had a maximum speed of 125kph. The Chief would've killed for the Pelican he and the Arbiter left behind to be functional. Master Chief glanced in the rearview mirror, understanding the Arbiter's concerns.

'Damn it.' He internally cursed upon seeing a literal pus-yellow flood of Flood combat forms, no pun intended.

"90%. Firing sequence initiated!"

"How much further to the Frigate?" Chief asked. The Spartan's voice was calm, but he was feeling slightly anxious. It was no different than any of the countless life or death situations he'd been in before, yet his heart accelerated somewhat.

"Round the bend, and it will be a straight shot for the hangar," Cortana answered. The Chief did now respond as he focused. The last stretch of the journey was an unstable patchwork of thin grey panels, with a sizeable cliff to the left. The Chief felt the vibrations of nearby explosions vibrating through his armor. With each blast, a floor panel was launched several meters into the air. The Chief tightly gripped the steering wheel of the Warthog in anticipation.

"...Ch….Chief?" Came the voice of Miranda Keyes over the comm. The Spartan raised an eyebrow.

"Commander? I thought-"

"I'll tell you once you're on board. But you need to pick up the pace. From what I can tell, the entire section you're driving over will collapse in under thirty seconds." Commander Keyes explained in an urgent tone. Master Chief bit his tongue a little. Thirty seconds to live. Could his lucky streak be running out at last?

"Cortana, we need more speed." Master Chief spoke in an elevated tone.

"No kidding…. I can overload the Hog's engine to 300% power for a-"

"Do it!"

"Yes, sir," Cortana replied. A moment later the Spartan's lurched back as the roar of the Warthog's engine nearly tripled in volume. A few small explosions popped under the hood, followed by flames. Master Chief glanced in the rearview mirror, seeing the collapsing platforms behind him receding.

'That was a little too close.' The Chief thought. The Warthog raced across the unstable ground. Up ahead was an arch, with the Dawn directly inline with the Warthog's path.

"There it is! Floor it, Chief! Right into the hangar!" Cortana exclaimed as the Hog raced down a decline. Master Chief took a split second to glance at Sgt Johnson. The man's skin was becoming a little pale; blood trickled from his mouth.

'Hang in there Johnson.' Master Chief thought as the Warthog jumped up a curved section of floor. The hog soared directly into the hangar of the Forward Unto Dawn. The vehicle slid on two wheels, the Chief stomped on the brakes, bringing it to a halt shortly before colliding with the far end of the hangar.

"Yank me!" Cortana exclaimed, the Chief wasting no time leaped out of the Hog. The Arbiter followed, slinging Johnson over his shoulder. Master Chief rushed over to a pedestal in the middle of the hangar, quickly swiping Cortana from his neural interface and into the Ship's systems. Cortana's hologram materialized on the pedestal

"Hang on everyone!" Commander Keyes called over the comm. Master Chief turned to the Arbiter, nodding at him. The Sangheili returned the gesture, carrying Johnson into the ship. Master Chief grabbed ahold of the pedestal Cortana's avatar stood on. He felt the rumble of the ship's engines vibrate through his boots. The vessel tipped upward as it ascended, the unfinished ringworld rapidly left behind.

The Chief gripped the pedestal as tightly as he could, seeing the various crates and vehicles tumbling down one side of the hangar and out into space. The Spartan noticed a worried look on Cortana's face.

"I'm right here." He said, attempting to comfort her somewhat. However, her expression remained the same as the contents of the hangar flew out at a faster rate than before.

'It won't hold. I'll need to-' The Chief's thoughts were interrupted when a Warthog slammed into his helmet, propelling him head over heels towards the other end of the hangar. The Spartan's heart raced as he desperately tried to dig his hands into the hard, metal floor.

"Chief!" Cortana cried, instinctively reaching out to her companion. Master Chief loudly grunted as he stabbed his hand into the floor, just before he would've been flung out into space.

"Cortana!" The Spartan cried, resisting the G-forces with all his strength, but he felt his hand slipping from the indent he made in the armored floor.

"Chief! Please!" Cortana pleaded. She cursed her non-corporeal body if only she could reach him.

The Spartan tried to claw his way back into the ship; a dull green mass obscured his vision. The Chief's heart sank when he realized a Scorpion Tank was flying at his face, and he was too late to avoid it. He braced himself for the pain. Had he had time to pressurize the hydrostatic gel in his armor, he could've calmly endured a hit from the object.

"No…" The Chief muttered in defeat before his whole world went black. Cortana's avatar was motionless.

"John! No!" She screamed, seeing her friend tumbling out the rear of the frigate. She watched as his enlarged frame slowly became smaller and smaller. She continued to stare, her avatar's eyes wide.

"Cortana, where's the Chief.?" Commander Keyes called over the comm. Cortana didn't reply, still too shocked. A digital tear slid down her face. The comm was silent for another ten seconds.

"Cortana, report," Keyes called in a more authoritative tone.

"...Gone." Was the only response the AI could muster. She continued staring out the back of the Dawn, the world around her going white as the ship entered Slipspace. Still drifting, the unconscious Master Chief and various UNSC debris floated into the portal right as it closed.


General Esdeath looked down at the garden, smiling. A particular flower had her attention, but not for its beauty…

"Hmm. We'll be having a great deal of fun later." She mumbled cheerfully. This flower caused incomprehensible pain when rubbed into wounds. Naturally, the most sadistic woman in the Empire held plenty of the useful flowers lying around her feet. Today was a perfect day for her daily routine. Not only was the weather perfect, with Tatsumi's recent escape… It was ideal for her to relieve her stress fitly. She blushed as Tatsumi crossed her mind.

"You'll be mine soon enough." She lightly chuckled while blushing. Her expression returned to a neutral state. She remembered she'd yet to punish Wave for allowing Tatsumi to slip through the cracks. A smirk crossed her face at the possibility of inflicting pain. The general turned towards the palace, slowly walking towards it. The general stopped, feeling a presence. She turned around, looking into the sky.

"Hmm? An attacker?" She muttered. The presence was unlike any she felt before. To her, it felt like an intruder was ready to pounce. There was an indescribable… alien feel to it. Her eyes widened in surprise when she watched a specific point in the sky warp and distorted, crackles of purple-black lightning arced in random directions. Then a massive purple-black sphere ripped apart a good portion of the sky. Esdeath on instinct unsheathed her sword, raising her left arm, ready to blast any foe with ice.

"What is this?" She felt the air rush past her, up into the breach in the sky, like a vacuum. The rupture rippled as objects spilled out of it. Esdeath could see swarms of crates. A strange looking carriage, and what appeared to be a small metal building with what she could tell was a canon on top. All had the same dull green color. The last object to exit the breach was a giant humanoid figure, clad in armor similar in texture to the other objects that came out of the sky.

Esdeath braced herself, expecting this to be some attack. The carriage and the small building crashed into the walls of the Imperial Palace, burying themselves into the structure. The General leaped to the side as the humanoid crashed into the garden, skidding a reasonable distance, digging a shallow trench.

"How the hell….." Esdeath muttered as she cautiously approached the armored figure. It was lying on its back. She pointed in with her sword, getting no response. She sheathed her sword, grabbing the figure's arm in an attempt to roll it over. Esdeath grunted, struggling to move the character. Growing impatient, she raised her palm towards the sky, a small ice spike sprouted from the ground, displacing the figure to the side, rolling it over.

"Interesting." She said, gazing into the orange visor of its dark green helm. Before the General could do anything else, purple light baked the Palace for a brief moment. Esdeath looked up to see that the breach had collapsed, but now a massive wave of energy was radiating outwards. Esdeath shielded her eyes, ducking behind a pillar as an enormous wave of air pressure washed over her.


Somewhere in the countryside, a portal very much like the one in the Capital appeared. A massive vessel, known as the Forward Unto Dawn slipped out from the breach. The thrusters were dark; the ship was plummeting towards the surface. The portal closed behind the massive vessel, exploding an enormous blast of air, pushing the Dawn even further down the planet's surface. Crashing like a meteor, digging up thousands of tons of Earth as it skidded across the landscape for a few kilometers before halting to a stop.

From a distance, a young girl with long black hair reaching her knees, a sleeveless dark mini dress. Red eyes and black shoes with long black socks watched on all while chewing on a piece of meat.


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