Hey everybody! Before anybody says anything, I absolutely hate the fact that Peter and Olivia are divorced in my fic! It was just a way to write this fic, but I think and hope this wouldn't have happened in canon. I love them and I'm sorryyy!


Olivia sighed in front of all the FBI paperwork she had to go over. She was head of Fringe division now and that did not help the fact she had to go over paperwork, she actually had to do it more often now. Her daughter heard her sigh, "Mom, you promised you would stop working". Etta was lying down on the carpet, watching tv and writing something at the same time. She knew Peter encouraged her to write, said that she could become a writer. Where did all the science go?

"I said I would stop working on Thursday and it is still Thursday" Olivia said.

"No mom, it's Friday now" She had a cheeky little smile. She knew she had inherited that smile from Peter; she disliked how much it reminded her of him.

"Alright, there's a three day holiday I promised you we would enjoy," she reluctantly pushed the papers aside. "And it's Friday already, young lady! We have to take a flight in 6 hours!" Olivia couldn't believe she hadn't think about that before. "Go sleep and I hope you are all packed up"

Etta looked at her like saying "duh, I am" and left for her room. Olivia knew it was impossible for her to sleep, but she hadn't packed and started doing it. She felt a bit guilty for telling her daughter to pack when she hadn't done it herself. After putting everything she needed, she realized she still hadn't packed a swimsuit and she knew she had one somewhere, although she couldn't find it. She opened all of her drawers until she saw a green bikini at the bottom of it and when she pulled something fell to the floor making a metallic noise. She was looking for what it was when she noticed a coin. She gasped because it was Peter's coin, Peter's lucky coin that didn't exist in this time line or world or whatever thing they were in now.


They were taking the sun in the sand. It was thanks to Etta that Olivia had learned to do things she never wanted to do before, like relaxing without doing anything else, or actually not working for a few hours or a couple of days. She loved Etta to pieces, she could do many things for her.

"Mom, can I ask you something?" Etta said.

"Yes, honey, what is it?"

"But you won't like it" said Etta, and Olivia knew where this was going.

"And I know you think you are protecting me, but I am 14 and I think I have a right to know"

"Tell me, baby" Olivia said, a bit resigned.

"Why did you and Peter get a divorce? I know something happened, but like half of my friends' parents are divorced and they hate each other. You guys don't. Yes, you avoid each other, but you seem to care deeply for one another."

"I think we do" said Olivia a bit uncomfortable. "Peter and I loved each other a lot, Etta, and we loved you so much as well…"

"Yes, I know mom, cut to the chase"

Olivia could see her own impatience reflected on her daughter. "But things kept happening to us. It was as if someone wasn't happy with our relationship."

"Things, like?"

"Classified" said Olivia in a serious tone and Etta rolled her eyes. "It's enough that you know that things just kept trying to break us apart and then your grandpa died and I thought I could help Peter with that, but it just became too much and we decided to split so you could live without permanent damage from our fights"

"You guys fought?" Etta was surprised

"Yes, because we wanted different things at the moment" Olivia thought of how Peter had wanted to continue working on a time machine to go back to his father and she threatening to leave him if he continued with that madness and then she finally left him and Peter thought he could get them back, but it was too late for her. She had felt so broken when Peter wanted to travel time, so alone. She understood why, but she didn't think this was what Walter would have wanted or herself. Plus all the things she remembered from a time line where observers had killed Etta. She suddered. It had been too much.

"I don't think I understand half of it, but okay, at least you told me the gist of it, thanks mom."

"It's the most important thing. You see, sometimes even when two people love each other a lot, you cannot be together, because love is not enough to survive in this world, it is not the only thing in this world."

Etta felt sad for her mom, she had grown since a young age knowing her parents weren't together, and they had each loved her a great deal and she thought her upbringing was better than most teenagers. However, her mom had known love and she had lost it. She thought most of the fault had been Peter's too, just because she could feel it from her mom, not that she had any hard proof; she would ask him eventually. She also thought about how her mom had never had any boyfriends after Peter and she thought about doing something about it. Her mom was such a smart, caring person! And so beautiful, how many of her friend's moms had Olivia's body? None, she thought. She deserved love.

"And don't call him Peter, he's your dad!" Olivia said

"Hm" she heard her daughter say before she saw her go into the waves to swim.

To be continued…

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