Olivia woke up happy, like she hadn't been happy in a very long time. Peter was still asleep next to her. She shyly gave him a kiss on his neck. He sleepily hugged her closer to him. How had she denied themselves so much joy? She felt so guilty. Olivia would generally think that was the moment to run so she could sulk and feel guilty alone, but she wanted to be selfish now. Peter's scent was intoxicating; it was maybe what made her stay there. Peter slowly stirred and opened his eyes: "You're here!" he said with the biggest smile in the world and then kissed her gently on her lips.

"It's your fault, I'm exhausted" she said, sheepishly.

Peter pouted, "so, no resuming of our activities?"

"Well, if you can take the soreness away…"

And Peter went down on her because he was that sort of a gentleman.

Olivia was surprised her cellphone hadn't rung. Fringe Division could take care of itself, apparently. But what about Etta? Did she have a long sleepover with Ella? She was about to voice her concerns about her daughter when Peter spoke: "Don't worry about her. In fact, I think she was in the middle of this."

"Of this?

"Well, this as in us. Yesterday night I found a device on the battery of the car," Peter saw Olivia was about to say something, "but then when I checked again this morning I'm pretty sure I know who built it. And all that deal with suddenly finding Ella and going with her, it's just too much coincidence."

"Did Etta build that?"

"I guess she could, but there are some parts maybe a bit advanced for her. I'm pretty sure it was Astrid, maybe with the help of Luna."

Olivia was flabbergasted, Astrid knew all along! You couldn't even trust in your friends now.

"Olivia don't be mad at Astrid, I'm pretty sure Etta coerced her into this."

"Your daughter is just… so much like you!" Olivia was fuming, but Peter was laughing loudly.

"Hon, if she hadn't done that, we would pretty much be back to square one. That means me eternally in love with you, moping from the distance, and you being a badass as always."

Olivia smiled, "Peter, when I said I missed you I meant it. I think I'm also eternally in love with you." Peter stopped and kissed her.

Etta had finally called her mom, and while Olivia didn't want to let on she knew about her daughter's plan, she could also stop herself from sharing important bits of information, like she was back with Peter. And when Etta called Peter, Olivia stared at him as if about to set him on fire, so he didn't say anything either.

Olivia wore the green blouse Etta liked so much and went to pick up Peter. He got in the car and immediately felt awkward.

"Peter, I don't want to tell them"

"Why, Liv?"

"Well, for starters I hate sharing my private life. But, also, they will all look at me as if saying: finally, she was being so stupid by staying away from Peter."

Peter chuckled, "Is that so bad?"

Olivia knew she was being childish. But her pride was something she protected.

"Ok, I have an idea," Peter said, "We act as a couple, and I know that for us is not showing too much affection. And so when someone notices, we say very casually that we are back together. And, before you say anything else, I'm not gonna lie. I want people to know we are a couple. Besides, it's not like Walter is here, he would throw a party. Everyone will be understanding, I think."

Of course, what they didn't expect was seeing Etta in tears after they announced it.

"Etta, baby, what's wrong?" asked a very worried Olivia.

"Yes mom, I'm just very happy and now I can't stop crying," she said between sobs. Peter and Olivia hugged her and then Etta asked Olivia if her make-up had smeared and where Ethan was. Olivia subtly escorted her daughter to the toilet.

In the meantime, Peter saw Ethan was a normal boy. He didn't know what he was expecting, a teenage con? He wanted to ask him a lot of questions, but he didn't because he had promised Etta he wouldn't.

When Etta came out of the bathroom looking as beautiful as ever, Olivia went to find Astrid. Astrid gulped, but instead of what she expected, Olivia hugged her. "Thank you" the blonde said and they both smiled.

Nina had gone over the roof again with the party. There was a mountain of gifts from everyone in the room, a huge cake in the shape of a book, all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and Etta's favorite music. Etta was so happy she couldn't believe it was all real. She felt the bullet that was now a part of her; it seemed like a sign, the fact that she had found it. She looked at the joy reflected in her parent's eyes and felt like the luckiest kid in the world. Maybe she would always feel like a kid with her parents, and that was okay.

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