RWBY: The Blind Huntsman

Chapter 1- Prologue

In a hospital in Vacuo, not the prettiest or most healthiest hospital, but a hospital nonetheless. A woman has just given birth to a baby boy, this woman has long smooth brown hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes, and covered by her hospital gown is a long monkey tail. Quite a beautiful woman indeed as well, but she isn't exactly in her best state as of right now. Beside the bed is her husband, a human, with black hair, a headband around his eyes for whatever reason, very healthy and lean physique, but don't let that fool you, he is very strong indeed. He is a huntsman, a very skilled one at that. Hailing from his home kingdom of Vacuo, he sits just as nervous as his wife, waiting for their son to be returned to them. They've been told that their child has been born with a major vision impairment, that may or may not be able to be fixed with the medical equipment that they have at that hospital.

Hours later, and their son has been returned finally, after feeling for what feels like days when it has only been a couple of hours in reality. The doctor came in with the baby boy in his arms and a defeated look on his face. The baby has a mix of black and brown hair, soft puffy red cheeks, a short black and brown monkey tail that has instinctively wrapped around the boys waist, and his eyes are closed tight with bandages around them, no doubt going to leave some kind of scar. The doctor gives the baby to the mother, who outstretched her arms with a gasp as soon as he walked in, the father moves in closer to the bed, and sits on the edge of it, rubbing the head of the baby boy. They both look to the doctor with hopeful looks in their faces.

"... So how did it go?" The mother asks, and the answer she gets makes her regret every word that came out of her mouth.

"The operation… was unsuccessful. Your son is completely blind in both eyes. I am so sorry that we have failed you." The doctor begins to tear up as he leans on the frame of the hospital bed, the whites of his eyes turning red as he attempts to hold back his tears. He feels terrible that this young boy will never have a chance to see the world.

Both parents begin to ball their eyes out as well, hugging each other while holding their baby boy in their arms who is still sleeping peacefully. Not knowing the tragic truth.

"It'll be okay Marron, I promise you that I will do my best to support our son however I can." The father reassures the best he can in his emotional state.

"I hate to interrupt your emotional moment… but I need to know the name you have chosen for your son." The doctor very hesitantly says, while wiping a stray tear from his cheek.

"... His name is Kai. Kai Matsuoka." Marron answers without averting her gaze from her blind son.

Five years later

"C'mon Kai you can do better than that!" Kai's father shouts words of encouragement as he gently hits his son with a dull wooden sword. Over the years every time he would go to bed, his mother would tell him stories about huntsman and the acts of heroism they would do in order to protect people from the Grimm, which she tried her best to describe you him due to his unfortunate condition.

"Dad, you know I can't sense you well on ground like this." Kai whines as he digs his bare feet into the sand beneath him. Over the years Kai has begun to learn to use his senses and feel the vibrations in the ground to tell where people are, while it is not perfect, it is his only way of even coming close to any kind of sight. They live just outside the kingdom of Vacuo, while his father is a huntsman and gets paid a decent amount to live off of, it just isn't enough for a three person family, and Marron had to become a full time mother to take care of their vision impaired son, she doesn't complain about it at all and loves her son very much, but this way of living has not been the best financially, they have been forced to move from house to house, each building getting smaller and smaller until they finally found somewhere they can lives somewhat comfortably despite the constant threat of Grimm. Luckily the father is a fully trained huntsman and Marron is no pushover, they can easily deal with a couple of Grimm that come by every once in a while.

"Then how are you going to learn how to sense people, or Grimm if you are in terrain that is much softer than normal dirt or stone?" The father rhetorically asks, Kai's response is but a mere groan and a small adjustment of his own black headband that he wears around his eyes in order to prevent showing everyone he walks by that he is blind. He knows that his father is right but is refusing to verbally admit to it. "Exactly, now pick up the sword. You're the one who wants to be a huntsman like me right?"

Kai nods excitedly, but isn't facing his father fully, but close enough for the father to smile and pat his head before stepping back a few steps, holding his sword in a classic position. "Remember, sense more than just where I am standing, use all of your senses and act accordingly, you know the drill."

Kai listens as he walks around the mini makeshift training area his father has built for him the day he told his parents about his dream just a few weeks ago. 'You have to start training as soon as possible then, you're going to have to work more, and work harder than any other huntsman that has existed. Training starts tomorrow morning.' Is what his father said to him with very little hesitation, fully prepared to support his son. Marron however, has her doubts and worries, and has subtly tried to convince her son to choose another profession.

Kai finally finds the sword and picks it up from the dull blade part, only for it to be knocked out of his hand. "Ow! What was that for?" Kai whines as he shakes his hand of it's pain, he has never been one to cry about being in pain.

"You think the Grimm are going to wait for you to get ready? C'mon pick it up again and we'll go for another hour."

"Okay." Kai says in an unenthusiastic tone, when he said he wanted to be a huntsman he didn't expect this much support, his young mind doesn't know that it is for the best for him, and thinks that his father is pushing him a bit too hard to start off with. He hasn't even mastered his own unique way of sight and he is already being trained to fight while on soft terrain.

"Malikai! Dinner is ready! Stop beating our son and get in here." Marron playfully calls out to her husband, who scratches and shakes his head in response.

"Alright one more round and we'll eat, I'll go easy on you don't worry." Malikai says to his son, and although Kai can't see it, Malikai has a big smile on his face, proud of his son for going through with this for so long without any signs of wanting to give up. Most kids his age would still be walking around in diapers.

"Okay! Come at me Dad!" Kai shouts with newfound excitement, he is definitely hungry right now, if his grumbling stomach wasn't enough to go off of. He shifts his bare feet in sand, and manages to pinpoint where his father is standing. The way he has learned to track people without sight is completely unique to his father and him, being able to sense micro vibrations in the ground and hyperly enhancing his hearing and smell. Hearing being self explanatory, being able to hear their breathing to tell how close they are and what direction they may be in or how tired they may be, while also listening for the sound of a weapon being used to attack him up close or being thrown at him as it whips through the air, and sense of smell for sniffing out his opponent, other then his feet and hearing this is the only other way for him to tell where his opponent may be. In this case he smells the sweat that his father is excreting, not from battling him of course but rather from the unbearable heat people from around the world would rather steer away from.

He feels the soft vibrations in the ground as his father inches closer to him, and hears the shifting of his shirt as it moves along with his body as he swings his sword down at his son at a rather sluggish speed. He smells the wood of the sparring sword more and more as it closes in on the top of his head, he raises his sword up and blocks it… for the first time ever, the sound of the wood hitting against each other just bubbles up with excitement in the young boy so much that he drops the sword and jumps in the air out a giggling mess. Even his tail is swinging along with him.

Malikai, who is still shocked to see his son actually block an attack from him (Be it a very slow and easily telegraphed attack) begins to chuckle with pride, picking his son up by his armpits and swinging him around in the air telling him great job and everything that his son needs to hear after accomplishing something like that.

A small step for any normal child, but a huge leap for a blind child.

7 years later

Now twelve years old, Kai is now much more adept in his sensing ability, being able to almost perfectly locate anyone and anything within a fifty foot radius of him as long as they are on the ground or on something that is connected with the ground. His hearing and sense of smell has also improved drastically. He prefers to travel barefoot, because shoes impair his ability to sense vibrations in the ground and the way people move their bodies around him, as a result the bottoms of his feet are much tougher and resilient to the harsh terrain. He also still has the headband that his mother gifted him long ago, and constantly wears it around his head to cover his eyes, only his father and mother have ever seen the color of his eyes and for his father it was after an accident where his headband got snagged by a stick, the poor kid panicked and freaked out after feeling the oversized piece of soft fabric torn off of his head, his eyes being visible for just a split second before he shut them tight.

As he grew older, his training has begun to get more intense. His workouts consist of lots of sprints without the assistance of a walking stick, his father runs with him just in case he had an accident, strength training that consisted of many varieties of push ups, pull ups, and weight training. Kai is uncomfortable with taking his feet off the ground, since that makes him truly blind to what is happening around him, but with the presence of his father who is also his mentor, he is comfortable with being vulnerable around him. Finally there is the combat training, luckily for Kai he managed to unlock his aura at the age of eight, he can't see it but the color of his aura is a bright silver in color, and he has a large amount of it. He has been working hard to unlock his semblance ever since. He hasn't decided on a type of weapon to use just yet, but knows how to use a variety of them, such as swords, greatswords, maces, and even a firearm despite his lack of eyesight. His workout clothes consist of just plain black sweatpants and no shirt, he chooses to wear no shirt because it helps him feel around the area, such as the direction wind is blowing, or how is hairs stand up when something is close to him. Of course he stills wears shirts, although sleeveless, when he travels with his parents. He doesn't really have a set of clothes that he always wears, since he doesn't really know what he looks like in them, but most of the time he wears a grey sleeveless shirt, and a pair of black shorts.

"Alright Kai, lets see how you do today." Malikai says as he unsheathes an actual steel sword, they have begun training with real weapons ever since Kai unlocked his aura, much to Marrons displeasure and worry, every time they clash sword she flinches and can't bear to watch any more, scared that one day she might see her own son get dismembered by her own husband's razor sharp blade.

"I can pinpoint exactly where you are now, and every small movement you make I can hear. I'd like to see you try to hit me this time." Kai retorts in an overconfident tone.

"Funny, that's exactly the same thing you said the last time I knocked you on your ass." Malikai remarks with a silent chuckle. "Remember that I mastered what you are still learning, so I can do what you can, only better."

"Yeah yeah you just love to remind me of that. C'mon lets get this over with before the sun goes down, you know how mother worries a lot." Kai says as he unsheathes his own blade that his father bought him for his tenth birthday.

"Looks like I am going to have to knock you down a peg in that time." Malikai responds as he charges at his son. Over time Kai as grown much more confident, a little TOO confident, now he needs to show his son just how far is is from being a fully trained huntsman, despite whether or not it hurts him. As he closes in on his son he feints a horizontal slash and jumps to his left just before his son tries to counter him. Being off the round for that second almost completely three off Kai, but once he lands he spins around to block a predicted second attack but… Malikai is gone again, he can't even hear his movements, let alone smell him. Before he can notice, Malikai appears behind him and use the blunt end of the hilt to bash his son's head with more strength then he ever let his son witness from him before. Kai drops his sword and falls onto his knees, grabbing his head and groaning in pain. Reluctant tears threatening to fall from the corner of his eyes that get absorbed by the fabric around his head.

"You are far from my level kid, you are ahead of most but you are still years away from being a huntsman. You haven't even encountered any Grimm before thanks to me and your mother." Malikai scolds his son, who is still holding his head in pain.

"Malikai! That much force wasn't necessary!" Marron yells as she runs up to her son.

"He won't learn if I keep holding back on him. He needs to get more skilled, more skilled than anyone his age if he wants to be to Beacon." Malikai bitterly responds as he sheathed his sword.

As the years went by Malikai has been getting increasingly hard on his son, making the workouts and training sessions more intense every week that goes by. He has been taking Kai's training a little too serious, but in a way he has a major point. Beacon won't just accept a blind student if he is of average skill, it is too much of a liability in their eyes, but if this blind student happens to be much more skilled, way above average, then they may consider it at the very least.

"It's fine mom. He's right." Kai says as he forces himself back on his feet, his aura going to work on the bump he now has on the top of his head. "If I can't handle a little bump on the head then how am I going to handle going toe to toe with even a Beowolf? Let alone any of the more powerful Grimm." He continues as he picks his sword back up. "I need to be top tier if I want to have any hope of getting into the best huntsman academy on Remnant. Anything less and my dream will be cut short and I'll have nothing to fall back on."

These words surprise both the mother and father. They knew he was determined, but this determined? His father wells up with pride and a big smile on his face while his mother just gets even more worried about her sons mental health and the path he may be taking that may very well get him killed one day.

"Don't hold back against me anymore dad! Whether I cry, bleed, or lose consciousness, I need to keep going and push through!" Kai exclaims, getting back into a fighting stance, but this time holding his sword in a backhanded position.

"Kai…" Marron mutters, feeling both joy and sorrow from her sons declaration.

"Hmph, I might make a huntsman out of you yet kid, Signal is just around the corner. We got two years left before we move to Patch, in the meantime I'll be training you harder then you have ever trained before, and I'll be taking you out on missions with me as my shadow, you do what I say when I say it and no backtalk you understand?" Malikai says as he enters his own combat stance.

"Yes sir!" Kai exclaims with even more determination in his voice.

"Good, now you be the aggressor this time."

Without any more words being shared, the two began their most vigorous training session yet, Kai's sensing abilities are put to the test, and his feet have never moved so fast in his life, constantly searching for his opponent as he jumps and dashes from place to place. Marron watches in astonishment and awe at her sons ability, she hasn't really been paying attention to his grow of skill over the years and is now regretting it. Kai really is a fantastic warrior for his age, and tough to, taking powerful blows from his father that actually doesn't send him keeling over gasping for air like what happened just minutes ago. For once she actually watches the entire training session, taking a seat outside of the training area in a chair she brought from inside the house. Of course Kai loses and ends up with his aura broken and a few bruises on his body, but he fought valiantly. He actually landed a single hit on his father, a very small one that barely dented his aura, but a hit nonetheless. Malikai congratulates Kai, and helps him up and into the house, right away Kai falls onto the couch he has become accustomed to sleeping on rather than his own bed that is just down the hall, once he felt the couch with his toe he let is body fall over on its belly, and fell asleep instantly. He would eat a big breakfast in the morning anyway so dinner wasn't as important to him as sleep was at that time. His mother smiles and runs a hand through his hair, moving his bangs out of his eyes that never really bothered him. Malikai also pats him on the shoulder before unclipping his sheathe and placing it in it's usual corner. He walks into the bathroom of the house and places his hands on the edges of the sink, he then raises his hands to the knot tied at the back of his head, and he removes his own headband and reveals his eyes for the first time in years, and looks into the mirror, staring into his own…

Silver eyes.

"He has your eyes." Marron says with a small smile as she enters the bathroom, she doesn't know the true meaning of the silver eyes, but she is the only one that Kai has willingly shown his eyes to, they are silver, but the pupils are as white as snow, and around his eyes are scars that almost look like burn marks when the operation on his eyes all those years ago failed.

Malikai looks at the mirror and smiles when he sees his wife. "He does indeed."

"I can understand him but why do you always cover your eyes? There's nothing wrong with them. Besides I think they're pretty!" Marron says as she tickles her husbands nose with her tail. He gently pushes it away and chuckles at his wife's antics, he turns around and holds her close, staring into her eyes in the meantime.

"It's just how I like it. I can't really tell you why I do." He lies, he has been protecting her and his son from the truth ever since he met her. But ever since he looked into his sons eyes for the first time, he knows that the truth is going to have to come out sooner or later.

"Psh, again with that silly excuse. You know, now that I think about it, I've never seen anyone and I mean anyone else with eyes like yours. What are they? A super rare gene?"

"... You could say that." Malikai says as he leans his forehead against his wife's.

"Heh, okay I won't pry… Our son really is going through with this huh." She changes the subject, a sad but happy look taking over her beautiful features.

"What told you that? The last twelve years or just today?" Malikai asks with a wide smile on his face.

"Okay smartass whatever. It was just hard for me to accept. Our son being born blind, and then he wants to be a huntsman of all things, you didn't hesitate to support him but I… I was always against it, subtly, but against it. I just feel terrible that I haven't supported him to the fullest like you have." Marron admits as she begins to get teary eyed.

"Hey, don't say that. Look at the bright side, you finally came around instead of forcing him to study instead of exercising like he should have been."

"*Gasp* You ass!" Marron playfully exclaims, lightly punching his chest with her small fist. The mood is light for now, but sooner or later life has to kick in. "D-did you tell him yet?"

"About us not being able to go with him to Vale and that we're actually sending him to a friend of mine? No, I haven't broke the news to him yet." Malikai says with a sigh.

"He should know sooner rather than later, he might resent us for it but he is not one to hold grudges. Even if it breaks his heart…"

"I know Marron. I know."

Two years later

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE NOT COMING WITH ME?!" A now fourteen year old Kai yells, dropping his sword to his side out of pure shock and anger.

"We don't have the money for all of us to live in Patch Kai, I'm sorry but in order for you to progress further as a huntsman we have to do this for you. I've already taught you almost everything I know already, you just need to refine them on your own or with a professional teacher." Malikai says through the tearing he feels at his heart.

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier? Y'know before I put in the application to join that school?!" Kai asks, tears beginning to well up from behind the headband.

"Because we know you would have refused if we had told you earlier." Marron honestly says.

These last two years have been… tense, for lack of a better word. Malikai wasn't kidding when he said he was going to up the intensity of the training drastically in order to improve every one of Kai's aspects and abilities. He has basically mastered his was of sight, being able to sense someone from an indistinguishable long distance by just the softest micro-vibration he can feel with his bare feet. He can even tell when someone is lying by feeling their heart rate and the way they smell. It's like he is not even blind at all, except he still has to feel out a persons face if he wants to know what they look like, but he has never done that to anyone but his parents so far. Just recognizing people based off of their voice. He even managed to unlock his semblance at the age of Thirteen, "Element manipulation" he calls it.

One year ago


During another one of Kai's vigorous training session, he is currently fighting like his life depends on it. His sword skills have improved greatly, and he even got into using a bracer on his left arm to block and parry attacks to create an opening. He does just that, smacking away his father's sword and thrusting his own toward his chest, which actually does catch him, nearly knocking Malikai off of his feet, before catching himself and jumping over his son just as he jumped into the air, intending to land on him and jab his sword into his fathers chest.

When he landed behind him, he went for his usual slash that he almost always landed on his son. But something happened this time.

Kai instinctively felt the urge to raise his left arm up, his hand in a fist as if he is pulling something out of the ground, but what follows is what shocks the both of them, a pillar of rock rises with his fist, blocking the sword with a clang, not even cracking. What comes next shocks Malikai even further, a blast of air is sent into his chest, Kai thrusted his fist toward his father and even though it missed by several feet its like he pushed the air into his fathers chest, knocking him down and sending him flying out of bounds.

Kai looks down at his hand, and then to the pillar of stone, and then toward where his father is just pushing himself to a sitting position.

"I won? I won!" Kai exclaims, pumping his fist into the air.

"That's some semblance you got there." Malikai states as he stands back up, he didn't know he could feel even more proud of his son then he has ever before, but welcomes the feeling anyway. "Looks like you can manipulate elements, quite the powerful semblance if I do say so myself."

"I beat you!" Kai exclaims in a high pitched and excited voice, letting his young age that so rarely gets released out for the first time in a while.

"That you did Kai, great job." Malikai says as he rubs his head. Of course he was still holding back, but truthfully he had to admit that did catch him off guard. "Don't expect me to fall for that a second time though."

"Hehe, I'm never going to forget this, I have to learn how to control this better." Kai said as he raised more stone from the ground.

Over the year he had left he has been focusing it on making it part of his fighting style, he doesn't use a sword anymore, since he can literally pull weapons out of the ground, and even figured out that he can manipulate other elements, such as water, and fire. But he needs actual sources of water or fire in order to manipulate them, such as a river or a torch. He tried metal once but nearly broke his hand when he tried to bend it using his semblance. But that is not what is important right now.

"Even then… to wait for me to apply to this school that you know I was going to go to before Beacon for the longest time, and still keep it to yourselves even after I sent in the application." Kai says as he rubs his face.

"I know son, but please you have to understand-"

"Understand WHAT?! Understand that my parents aren't going to be with me for one of the biggest chapters of my life? Because I get it, I do. I know we're poor, I'm not mad that you aren't coming, Im mad because you waited until it was too late to change my mind. Just… leave me alone for today, let me sleep this off." Kai relented finally, dropping the stone sword he made back to the ground, the second it leaves his hand it crumbles back into dirt and pebbles, not hardened or sharpened in the slightest.

Malikai and Marron let him walk away, when Kai gets like this it is best to let him handle it and think it over himself. He is not one to hold grudges after all…

After a week of trying to get through to him as he trained on his own, he finally started responding with single words or grunts. He is in a much better mood today now that he is supposed to get the mail of either acceptance or rejection. The whole family knows that if he doesn't get in because of his disability… he should start looking for a new occupation, or become a bounty hunter if he still wants to be a fighter like his father.

A couple of tense hours later, it finally comes in, the mail man hands Kai the envelope that has a stamp from Signal on it. Kai almost doesn't want to open it because of two reasons, he can't read and he is afraid of rejection, but luckily his mother helped him out with the former. He can only read braille, and even that he isn't exactly adept at after learning it from his tutor.

She rips open the top of the envelope and slowly takes out the paper, which has a lot of nubs on it, but no words to her surprise, she quickly realizes that it is in braille, for blind people to read by feeling out the patterns.

"Kai, it's in braille, you know I can't read braille." Marron says as she hands the paper toward Kai.

Kai feels around the air for it at first before finally grabbing it between his thumb and index finger, his father eagerly waits on the wall behind them. He took a day off today just for this, and he NEVER takes off. He can't wait to hear what Singal thought of his son, he has sent multiple recommendations to the training school and even got a friend to put one in for him. So if the application and transcripts weren't enough, the recommendations should be.

"Greetings Kai Matsuoka…" Kai began to read out loud as he traced the braille over with his thumb.

"I can't say I've ever heard of a blind person applying for a school meant for training huntsman, so you are indeed unique…" Kai begins to smile as he reads the rest of the letter, along with his parents. "I have received multiple recommendations from two huntsman, they speak quite adamantly about your skill, and with the way you see using your feet and sensing the ground for any sort of vibrations sounds remarkable. Usually I turn away children with disabilities from coming to this training school, especially one with a major vision impairment like yours, but I am willing to take the chance if you are. But I must warn you, you will not receive any special treatment, and will be expected to complete your assignments like all others that come to the school."

"Oh of course, I'll get right on that with sight I don't have."

"Finish reading it please."

"Alright alright."

"But since you are blind and not expected to be able to write, you will be taking your tests verbally and will be provided with a recorder to record lectures and lessons. You will receive a much better explanation when you arrive here…"

"Did I just read that correctly?" Kai's hand stops as he reads the rest of that sentence without speaking it out loud. "Welcome to Signal, you are to arrive here in exactly one months time, see you then. Headmaster of Signal training academy whose name I can't figure out HOLY SHIT!" Kai shouts, jumping from his chair and knocking it over in the process.

"You made it! I am so happy!" Marron exclaims, hugging her son tightly, which is happily reciprocated.

"Oh my god... " Malikai slides on the wall to the floor, holding his hands to his mouth. "You made it." He doesn't even hold back his tears of joy for his son, he lets them flow freely.

"Dad… are you crying? You know I can't tell but I feel your heart rate rising and I can smell something salty." Kai asks, tilting his head toward his father sitting on the ground.

"Hehe, I'll let you have that one son. Guess I don't have to call off those plans I got for you."

"Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be living with a guy named Tai right? Xiao Long?"

"That's the one, me and him go way back, I knew both of his wives."

"He has two wives?"

"Oh no one died and the other ran away."

"... Ouch."

"Yeah, but don't bring it up and you'll be fine. He has two daughters around your age to, so I think you will all get around just fine. You are a good kid."

"When will he be here to pick him up?" Marron asks.


"Huh?!" Kai and Marron both exclaim at the same time.

"Yeah, and Kai?"


"The next time I see you… I'll tell you why I always wear the headband around my eyes even though I am not blind."

"Really? Awesome!"

The rest of the day was just pure last minute bonding between the family of three. For the first time on Marrons side of the family someone is becoming a huntsman. While this is the ninth generation for Malikais side of the family. The whole day Malikai and Marron were both happy and sad for their son, since he is going to be "officially" a huntsman in training, and the first blind one at that. But sad since their son is leaving so early. Tai came by not too long later, and after a tearful goodbye which embarrassed their son greatly, waved goodbye to their son.

"So you're blind right?" Tai asks as they arrive to an airport.

"Yeah. Zero vision up here in the eyes." Kai answers in a rather shy and nervous tone while pointing to his headband around his eyes.

"Never heard of any blind huntsman before, but I feel like you're gonna be someone to keep tabs on." Tai says with a smile, before realizing that Kai can't see it and returns his gaze to the Bullhead ahead of them.

"You have two daughters right?"

"Don't get any ideas, just because you're blind doesn't mean you get to be in the same room as them when they're changing."

"O-oh uh, I promise I won't u-uh sir." Kai gets flustered all of the sudden, but wonders why he is in the first place, he can't see anything anyway

"Oh if that got you flustered then Yang is gonna have a field day with you."

"Oh… great… Who is that again?"

And with that, the two got aboard the Bullhead, and are set on a path to Patch where Kai is about to begin his journey to become the best huntsman ever. Kai somehow managed to steer away from the topic of Tai's daughters and moved on to more pressing matters, such as how Kai fights, how he is going to study, his semblance and so on and so forth. Tai likes the kid, and the feeling is mutual to Kai.

"Already off to a great start."

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