a/notes: So, this is a fic I'm writing back at QQ forum. I debated a lot about crossing this fic here, because it uses a Cyoa that, as far as I know, its exclusive for that site. But then I thought Whatever, might well put here and see what happen.

I'll put a explanation of the Cyoa (in the words of the author) by the end of the chapter, along with the choices I made of courser.

A fair warning the choices are overpowered, and the MC will be overpowered, because I like doing MCs like that. To be fair, I put some effort in the story (like world building and such) its still a shameless power fantasy, but I like to think its the entertaining kind of Power fantasy.

I have like ten chapters and two interludes of this ready, but I need to polish a little before pushing here, because this is my second story and my english was much worse then them it is now. So I should be putting one chapter a day until it catches up up or something.

Oh Yeah here some warnings: Dark themes (hopefully not edgy, oh how am I kidding!), Mature themes, Mind Control, Conspiracies, BSDM, Harem, and Incest... only the good stuff!

so here is the story, I hope you guys like it:


Where am I?

…W-who am I?

I…I can't see anything… What is this place?

Slowly, my eyes began to get used to the darkness, allowing me to see my surroundings for the first time. There is a… A table in front of me with a silver case lying on top of it, there's also a simple clock hanging from the wall ahead, with two pointers instead of three, both pointing up. There is something about this clock, I think that is important, but I can't quite get it, I only know this: the clock is important, theimportanceoftheclockcannotbedenied,Imustfocusall mybeingontheclock,theclockmustbeplayedattentionto-


I managed to tear my eyes away from the clock, fighting to catch my breath, this…this isn't normal, I feel my stomach twist with dread, my chest burn because of the effort it took for breathing, never before I been so- NO! Don't think about it! I-I got to get out of here.

I tried to get up from the chair I was sitting- WHAT!


"HELP!" My scream echoed across the tiny room, "SOMEBODY HELP ME!"

Fuck! I can't move!

Even the fucking chair doesn't budge an inch.

Oh, Fuck! I can't breathe!

I am dying! I can't see! I don't know where I am! I'm hurt! Please, I don't wanna die! Please!


My right arm, I can move it now. I quickly tried to take out the restraints-


My body was being kept on this wooden chair by some kind of…of invisible force or something. I can move my upper body and right arm, but the rest stayed glue to the chair, and the fucking thing keeps challenging the laws of physics by not moving when I threw my weight around.

Right-Fuck! This is fuck up!- I have to calm down. This is going nowhere. Maybe I could use my arm to-


Everything stop. My entire body freezes, my mind became blank, and I knew from the deep of my soul that something monumental has just happened; I don't even have to look up to know that hanging quietly on the wall. The clock began to move.

And deep inside, I knew what that means…

My Time is running out.

Before the panic could restart properly, an alien thought jumped to the forefront of my mind, it's was my thought yet not, it was a certainty and an instruction, something that I have to do during my time here. Something that if I didn't, I would regret it for the rest of my days…

I have to choose.


There was nothing in this shitty room for me to choose from. I couldn't even get the fuck out of a damn chair, let alone make a choice that feels like it would define the rest of my days…Wait…


I hastily threw my arm to grab the object, but the sensation brought by the contact made me flinch. It was like holding my entire fate in one hand. I could feel the magnitude of the choice I was about to make, this moment was going to define my whole life.

Ok…Calm down, I really, really have to have a clear head to do this. This is the one thing I can't fuck up.




With a shaking hand, I opened the damn thing.

Inside there were… shots? Tiny shot glasses filled with some liquid, each in different colors…I don't understand-


ALRIGHT, JUST… Cut it out…

Ok, I pick the colorless one in the middle, the one that looked more like vodka to me; maybe it had less chance of being an experimental drug or something.

I take all in one gulp- It's water…Is this a joke?

Ok! Choice made, you can release me now!


…And the clock still ticking, is about to reach the halfway point, fuck! What does that mean?… Perhaps… Do I have to drink more?

I grab the red one now… It tastes… strong, something that I can't…


The weigh of the world falls over me. My movements became sluggish; each breath became an impossible effort and… and then everything goes back to normal, and I could move again.

OK, FUCK THAT! I know the drink did something to me, I can feel it-


…I have to drink more. I can't afford not to. The drinks are precious, and I have to drink as many as I can!

I pick the blue one… It tasted like a mystery; literally, I don't know how I knew that taste but apparent-

My vision darkens, the weight came back, twice as dense than before, some of my bones broke under the pressure, I could discern which, but the blinding pain felt too real.

Then, it stops; everything went back to normal once again. I was left leaning as far as my upper body could go. I could see drops of blood falling to the floor, breathing hurts so much.


I have to drink…

My hand picked up the yellow one, bringing to my mouth with some difficult, everything hurt.

It tasted like greed…


The…Clock…Almost…No time…






Its… falls…





The pink… The pink one…

Ah…Ah… My arm doesn't move.




Don't…Let it fall…





…So sweet.


I have grown to like this new life.

Sure, it has been some difficult few months before everything fit together, but I like to think I got a much better deal than the other self-insert characters I read about in my old life. Instead of having everything shoved in my head in one day or worse waking up inside of a uterus; I gently dreamed everything from my past life over the course of my first months living my new one.

Now, that isn't to say everything went perfectly. If the intention was for me to be an actual self-insert character, I believe I would have to feel as if the man whom memories belonged was me.

And I don't feel like that.

The man and I are different people. Sure, his knowledge played a big part in the formation of my personality, and I might have acquired a taste for some of his fetishes, but none of what was left of him held any influence over my consciousness, all of his memories were presented to me in a reasonably detachable way; I watched his experiences, rather than living them.

That isn't to say I resent the man, quite the contrary; I held great gratitude for that man who lived a pleasant but uneventful life. The knowledge that he left would help me significantly in the future, and the wealth of media he consumed were quite entertaining. However, I'm not the same person.

So, who am I?

Well, my first few weeks were plagued by that question, and they were quite dull now that I look back on it. Once more I'm very grateful for the memories, as they gave me the much-needed context for these basic, but pointless questions. I would decide who I am later, taking in accord my future actions and choices.

One thing that was made clear was that I'm not normal, even by the standard of this new life.

A baby is not born with full self-awareness, that's for sure. Even when I first opened my eyes, I could see and understand everything around me. And that makes for a very confused baby.

So my first few weeks of awareness were spent pondering about the profound questions about life and existence; quite like that whale that was born beside a bowl of petunias a thousand feet's up in the sky. Only for most to be answered by the upcoming memories, and the answers being a variation of the always wise: 'Don't think about it'.

But they brought more than answers; they brought knowledge, wisdom, ideas, and more important Power.

That's how I knew this is a reincarnation situation, an isekai story so to speak, I'm living inside a light novel.

A light-hearted harem light novel with a very dangerous world for anyone opposing or not directly involved with a pervert draconic teenager powered by the power of breasts.

I'm in High School DxD.

I've picked up enough clues over that past few months to say that for certain.

And yes I shat myself when I first found out, literally, babies' bowel control sucks.

Now, as I say, High School DxD is scary as fuck, underneath its harem comedy surface lays a complex world at the brink of war, full of conspiracies, violence, fuck up shit happening in the background, sometimes for laughs, and beings that could casually destroy everyone if they feel like it. On top of all that the 'rules' of the setting were wonky at best, meaning that people could do some impossible things that break the established order using the power of friendship, or breasts, in this case. But the worst thing by far, it's the lack of information I have about the setting.

The man from my old life had watched a great number of animes in the past, thousand hours of content about many different series, but this particular series he never managed to get into. At first, he avoided like the plague by the principle of being a cliché harem anime, a genre that he quickly got sick of. But after finding out that it had an interesting modern fantasy setting, he went back and finally watched the series… and dropped the thing on the fourth episode.

The show was unwatchable for him for some reason, it wasn't like he didn't sit through a shit anime before, but that particular one rubs him in all the worst ways. He even tried to read the light novel, but the thing was written in the perspective of the shittiest main character he had ever seen.

So, that only left me with information from fanfics and wikis, and some vague knowledge about the canon up to a point where some swords got stolen or something. So yeah, I'm in an incredibly dangerous world with almost no knowledge about the things to come.

But there is some silver lining in all of this.

Two things really, two things that kept me from running to the sideline, tried to stay as invisible as possible and hoped for the best.

The first; I was born a Devil.

For those who don't know; that's the race whose magic abilities were ruled by imagination; as in, everything you can imagine, you can do it, if you have enough power.

That's a power gamer went dream.

The second…well it was a gift from my old life.

Five set of powers. Five incredibly overpowered, beautifully broken set of power, so overpowered that I can reliably say that I can reach the same level of the most powerful being of this world, and surpass them.

I'm talking Ophis, Great Red, and Trihexa.

Maybe if I was born human… I would be content to live a peaceful life, like the man of my memories did.

But as I am now, with the power of my imagination and the bullshit of my Essences.

I can't just leave the shining place at the top alone, not when I can see it so clearly.

My name is Elias Dantalion. And I am going to make this world into my bitch.

CYOA used:

You find yourself before a shrouded figure standing behind a table. On the table are many potions, choose as many as you want or none. The choice is yours. In addition pick additional CYOAs or none to add on to this if you want some adventure.
Each one infuses you with a variety of effects which cannot be taken from you unless you willingly allow it.
The Potions
Note: exact effects in different ones such as perfect memory, intelligence, etc. do not stack.

Essence of the Blank
By taking this essence, you gain but one benefit:
Your potential becomes limitless. You can learn any discipline or skillset, even if you shouldn't be capable of it, without forgetting it and practice them into mastery, no matter how many you learn. Any abilities you have from other Essences will increase where possible and develop in ways beyond their initial purposes.

Essence of the Warlord
By consuming the essence of the Warlord you are granted several boons.

*A body just above peak human in ability, one sculped to your tastes and tougher then it should be. This body can grow in ability and durability through training.

*Infinite willpower to tackle any foe, even bloody and broken you will not stop.

*Endless endurance, stamina, and immunity to pain.

*Mild regenerative ability able to come back from would be fatal wounds in minutes.

*Supernatural mastery of many weapons and unarmed styles, even just plain old brawling.

*Immense skill conducting war on a strategic and tactical level.

*Good handle of logistics and how to raise and train a force from a small band of soldiers to entire armies.

*Charisma to lead and inspire said armies even at your darkest hour.

Essence of the Archmage
By consuming the essence of the Archmage you gain several boons

*Perfect memory with infinite storage

*Beyond genius level intellect

*Capacity to learn any 'magic' even unique ones upon seeing it once or understanding enough about it. This also includes things like Ki, Chakra, soul power, etc.

*Possess a supernatural reactor that can adapt to any supernatural energy to fuel spells, enchantments, powers, etc. this reactor provides a steady supply of power that will grow over time, right now you could use high consumption abilities with wild abandon and still not make much of a dent after a few hours.

*Can teach others systems even if they previously lacked the capacity.

*Manipulate entire systems or combine then with experimentation.

Essence of the Binder
By consuming the essence of the binder you gain several boons

*Have the ability to mark targets with a sigil of your own design. This sigil manifests wherever you want on their body and may even be full body tattoos should you wish. The Mark can become invisible without active use. At its base lets you telepathically speak to each other and know the exact location and status of whoever marked. This mark is completely immune to any sort of tampering save yourself and is otherwise permanent though you may remove any mark with but a thought.

*Those bound by the mark gain access to weaker versions of the essences you have, even this one. You may choose which essences they are empowered with. They may also be granted weaker forms of other powers you may possess at your discretion. If the mark is removed they will retain some but not all of this power just wisps of it.

*Marked beings who mark others will give weaker versions of their own powers to their marked

*Marked beings have a sense of innate loyalty to you instilled within them, they will be unlikely to betray you unless horribly abused. This loyalty may be dialed from slight trust all the way to utter devotion. This function only rests with you and those you explicitly give it to. You may optionally discard this function permanently this once.

*The Binder has the ability to invoke 'commands' which are absolute orders the marked is compelled to follow to the best of their ability even functions they might not have exact control over like bodily functions. This function only rests with you and those you explicitly give it may optionally discard this function permanently this once.

*Those marked may be summoned and dismissed by you at will and even stored away in a void inaccessible by all but you for safe keeping when not needed. They will be in a sleep like stasis when in storage and will not suffer from the passage of time or basic needs.

*If a marked individual is killed even down to the soul they will instead respawn safe and sound inside your storage. Dead beings can be marked if you have remains, a object heavily associated/meaningful to them, or a soul to interact with, they will reform alive as if they had died as one of your marked.

*You and others marked may set conditions and requirements for certain powers or essences, even restrictions that lock down powers should they violate a restriction or other punishment.

*those marked can have their appearance, traits, attributes, and mark changed slowly by the binder.

Essence of the Breeder
By taking this essence, you become the sexiest thing alive.

*Your body is changed to become your ultimate ideal of sex appeal, including tremendous endowment.

*Porn physics apply to you.

*Members of the opposite sex are inexorably drawn to you. You may toggle this on or off, or set it to target certain criteria.

*Your charisma increases to ridiculous levels.

*You are guaranteed to impregnate or be impregnated every time you have sex, with however many or few babies you want. This can be toggled on and off.

*Pregnancies last up to a third as fast as normal, and your offspring reach sexual maturity in a matter of months.

*There are no negative consequences for incest.

*Your offspring (which can be any sex you wish) can inherit your abilities, either at full power or weaker.

*You can breed with any species, and the offspring will either be a half-breed (with just the right amount of fusion) or purely one of the parent's species. You choose which.