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Personally, I tend to see Lance and Pidge in a brother/sister relationship but it's open to interpretation. I won't lie, sometimes Plance is just too cute to not like.

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Edit: This chapter has been revised.

"Pidge!" Lance cried in dismay as an attack sent her flying into the wall. He raced to her side, aiming his blaster at the offending beast's head. Lance quickly took it out, watching for more attackers as Pidge stumbled to her feet. "Can you make it?"

Pidge grimaced. "Yeah, I just can't take more damage."

Walking towards the next room with his gun raised, Lance replied, "I've gotcha covered."

The two of them stepped through the doorway. Seeing nothing but a dark chest in the corner, they moved to open it.

"It needs a key," Pidge stated, looking around.

Lance followed her gaze but saw nothing. "It must be with a guard. Let's keep going."

Pidge nodded, following him to the next room. As expected, several guards waited for them.

Lance fired rapidly, taking out three of them. Turning to Pidge, he grinned. "Not bad, huh?" In his moment of distraction, however, one of the remaining guards had raised its own gun.

Lance cried out as the blast hit his shoulder. Just as the guard was about fire again, Pidge took it out from behind.

"I thought you were supposed to be covering me?" she smirked.

Lance brushed himself off, grabbing his gun from where it had fallen. "I was!" He squeaked indignantly.

Pidge rolled her eyes as she fired at the remaining guard. She raced over and searched it, cheering when she felt her fingers close around something. "Got the key!" she called to Lance, waving it in the air.

"Sweet!" Lance replied, giving Pidge a high five. "Now let's go get that trea-UGH!". Lance's voice cut off in a grunt as he was blasted to the ground.

"Lance!" Pidge cried. Glancing at Lance, she quickly assessed his damage as he stood up. "We can't take much more of this!"

Lance charged at the guard, only to be thrown to the side. "Why isn't it dead? We already got it!"

Pidge narrowed her eyes, thinking the same thing. They must have missed something.

"A little help over here!" Lance called as the guard charged its weapon. That was when Pidge noticed the mark on the back of its uniform. Her eyes widened as she recognized the symbol and the rank it represented.

That was no guard.

"Pidge!" Lance screeched, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"It's a commander!" Pidge called and started to run towards him, halting when the commander turned and blasted her own weapon out of her hand. Stumbling back, she screeched as it stalked towards her. The commander aimed at her again but was interrupted when a voice rang out.

"Not on my watch!"

Pidge gasped, gripping one hand to her head. She'd heard someone say that same thing years ago.

She felt the controller buzz in her hand, signaling that her character had been killed, but she couldn't bring herself to care. Distantly, she could hear someone calling her name, but it all faded as she was transported back to a familiar place, her brother's words echoing in her ears.

"Not on my watch!"