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Plot Summary: During the fight with Kawaki in a destroyed Konoha, Boruto unknowingly gets himself sent back in time along with his little sister and Uchiha Teammate.


"It has often been said that every beginning has an end. But what if that end was the only way that you could go back to the beginning?



A Barren wasteland is what you could call the once progressive place known as Konoha. Buildings and homes were now ravaged into pieces, and there was barely any signs of any life.

Not even the seven Hokage faces were spared from destruction. All of them were completely damaged and on the 7th's destroyed face, two human figures could be seen fighting.

The battle had just begun and it was clear that there was no turning back. A young blonde man knelt down on the rocky surface, holding the handle of his blade that was stuck deep in the ground. His face was covered with dust, a few small cuts, and a right eye which is badly scarred.

There was a sense of calmness in him as he kept quiet. He opened his left eye, it's color a cerulean blue, and stared at the opponent in front of him.

"I didn't know that you go this far, Kawaki." 16-year-old Boruto Uzumaki calmly said. Even with all the horrible deaths and destruction that he witnessed, he still managed to control his rage.

His counterpart, who was revealed to be none other than Kawaki himself, just stood there holding his staff, looking down at the latter with pride and arrogance.

"It's hopeless now; I will send you to where I sent the Seventh, Boruto." Kawaki cruelly stated. "There will be a new world under His reign and everything existing in this current world must be erased to make way. The Age of Shinobi is over."

The wind blew stronger than it had before, its breeze rustling through the rubble surrounding them the only sound as they both fell into a tense silence.

Boruto kept his gaze steady and jaw hard set as he reached for his pocket. He drew out an old Konoha headband, the only difference on it was the harsh slash that ran through the middle of its Leaf symbol.

The blonde then slowly raised the headband and wrapped it around his head. At the same time, looked up with determined eyes, ready to finish this once and for all. He opened his right eye, finally revealing the Jogan.

The blue had drained from the iris into white with a darkened sclera and visible pupil. Then, small dark tattoos began to appear around his right eye down to his arms and hands.

Kawaki, however, didn't even react; he wasn't intimidated. He was ready to shed yet another persons blood to reach his ultimate goal and calmly waited for their fight to begin.

In his mind though, he was a bit puzzled about why Boruto would still want to fight after his home had already been completely destroyed. Desiring an answer, he almost asked, but the blonde spoke first.

His blonde counterpart on why the latter would still want to fight since his home had been destroyed. He was going to ask that question until the latter spoke.

"Then you're wrong... I'm still a shinobi!" Boruto exclaimed as he charged as fast as lightning towards Kawaki, his blade poised to strike. But Kawaki just smirked and lunged as well, now even more determined to put the teen back in his place.

As the two high-level ninjas clashed, their chakra and energy were emitted in extreme amounts, each hoping that the other would end up defeated. Boruto's mind was consumed with various thoughts, but most centered around his doubts and fears, making him wonder if he should be the one to give up.

"What if I fail to defeat Kawaki? What will happen to the rest of the people that I love if I lose to him?" he wondered.

Boruto shook his head to rid himself of the self-defeating thoughts. He was not going to give up and let his little sister and the others become victims of this destruction. "There is no turning back now." He thought as he prepared himself for what could come.

Unbeknownst to the Uzumaki, a certain worried, short, dark blue-haired girl and an exhausted raven-haired Uchiha teen had managed to escape and survived the horrors and tragedies that they had witness earlier. They arrived on the scene moments after Boruto began his charge and found themselves witnessing a final death match. Sarada clenched her fist as she activated her Sharingan. She was greeted by all the energy gathering in that particular area. It gave her the feeling that this will end up in a grand catastrophe.

She knew that if something bad were to happen to her blonde teammate, she would blame herself. After the death and sacrifice of both her parents, the knucklehead was the only family that she's got. Her eyes glazed shortly at Himawari beside her before turning her attention towards the main battle. He was the only family they both got.

As for Himawari, the young lady was covered with dirt and the latter had a several bruises on her skin. Her clothes were almost tattered yet she didn't bother any of those recent aspects. Her mind focus on her big brother all the way. It didn't took long enough for her to finally voiced out her concerns.

"We need to help Nii-chan!" Himawari stated worriedly. She was concerned about her big brother and was eager to protect and save him from the man, who she used to treat as a family.

"No Hima! It's dangerous!" Sarada protested. She was thinking more logically and knew if they get in the way, they could potentially received major injuries or simply get killed in the process. Although, this was the knucklehead that they are talking about and they really need to help him.

Boruto's eyes widened in shock when two familiar voices reached his ears. "Hima!? Sarada?! What the heck are they doing here!?" He thought as he continued to charge towards his enemy.

But it was too late to stop. As his sword clashed with Kawaki's staff, a huge wave of energy surged outward with sparks of lightning appearing around the area. Boruto felt something small yet sharp had struck his skin near his right eye and it became numb after a few moments and also didn't realize that the Jougan had reacted and was glowing out of control, it being the cause of the lightning and growing energy.

Meanwhile, Himawari who was near the point of breaking down suddenly charged towards the main scene in the goal of helping her big brother. He was the only family member she had right then and it was too difficult for her to witness another death of a loved one. She'd already seen her mother risk her life to protect her and she didn't want to see her big brother risk his life.

Sarada, who was surprised by the Uzumaki girl's actions, followed. "Hima! What are you doing!?" She exclaimed. She understood what the younger girl had been going through as she had also witnessed her own mama and papa giving their lives to save her, but rushing into an obviously dangerous situation was not the smart thing to do.

Himawari ignored the raven-haired girls pleas and continued towards the two young men who were barely even due to the sparks of lightning that had very much engulfed the scene. Sarada quickly acted on the situation and proceeded to catch up with Himawari who was nearing the main site.

"I need to get her before she-" Sarada started, only to be cut off when a powerful wave of energy, one that she had never seen or felt before, hit her. It was followed by a bright flash of light so large that it completely engulfed her and the others.

Boruto was shocked as the sparkles of lightning suddenly stilled and a sudden flash of bright light hit his eyes. He found himself being engulfed by that light as if a giant shark swallowed him whole in a matter of seconds.

If anyone were to witness the whole scene unfold from a distance, the last thing that they would see or witnessed was a giant, powerful explosion. It was so massive that it would be compared to a single drop of an atomic bomb and the whole place was engulfed by the explosion.

Before blacking out, Boruto's last thoughts centered around his family. He wondered if he would get to see them soon- His mom, dad, and everyone else. He was expecting a peaceful ending to his life and he was looking forward to it.

Although, Fate had bigger and better plans for him.


-I think it was because of fate which led us to where we are right now. From the very beginning, I knew that this would be a Different Kind Of Journey."



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