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"Just like everyone else, I had no knowledge of what was going to happen next. I'm a shinobi, so violent deaths were common in my profession, but still—I never actually thought that my life would end in such a way. Now that it might, I have no choice but to brace myself for whatever lies ahead of me. It's surprising, but dying seems to be rather peaceful and serene no matter how we go; I guess this is what heaven really feels like. Despite this calming sensation, I have a feeling that it isn't going to last."


The last thing that Boruto remembered before being swallowed by complete darkness was a blindingly bright light. It took a few moments, but soon, all of his senses slowly returned to him. He felt a single drop of a familiar liquid and woke up fully, his eyes snapping open.

He found himself lying on his back and looking up at something brown and green which he soon realized to be branches of a tree with leaves sticking out of it.

Boruto slowly tried to get up but felt pain all over his body. He cringed and winced, but was eventually able to sit up enough to finally get a good look at the place that he had woken up in.

"What in the world?" Boruto muttered. He had found himself in a forest, possibly in the middle of nowhere. In addition, the sky was dark and cloudy, fat rain drops slowly starting to fall. He supposed one had hit him earlier as it slipped through the fluffy tree leaves.

Of course, he was still confused. Why would he end up in some forest? His memories from before waking up here consisted of him in a death match with Kawaki. The energy surge from his Jougan had been powerful and at the time he'd thought it was going to rip him to shreds and then disintegrate all the pieces. But instead, it seemed like he'd been transported somewhere.

As the blonde slowly got back to his feet, he had to support his weight on the nearby tree, his balance still unsteady causing him to stumble around. Once he was sure that he wouldn't fall, he surveyed his surroundings. To his continued shock, he found his sister lying unconscious a few feet away.

"Hima-chan!" Boruto exclaimed as he instantly tried to rush to her. It still hurt to move though, the pain in his legs keeping him from running and causing him to limp the short distance. His mind was racing a mile a minute, thoughts boring into his head.

Was his little sister really alright? Was she injured in the blast wave like he was?

The blonde couldn't subdue his worried, overprotective 'big brother' complex away as usual; every time Himawari was in trouble it tended to come out and consume him. He kept repeating 'She's going to be alright, no matter what, she has to be alright' over and over again.

As soon as he reached his little sister, he rolled her over so that he could check her vital signs and examine any injuries she might have sustained. It was very possible that she received broken ribs and damaged muscles just as he had. He wasn't a medic ninja, but right then he had to do his best; if anything happened to Himawari when he could have prevented it, he knew he would blame himself.

To his intense relief after several minutes of intense examination, he didn't find a single serious injury to the lavender haired girl. He sighed happily, hoping that her unconsciousness was just a deep sleep and not indicative of something worse.

Boruto struggled to lift her from the ground, finding her much heavier than she had been when she was a child. He told himself that she was growing up and felt pride swell in his chest. He sat her back against a tree and then stood again to continue searching. If she'd been transported their as well, then that meant that Sarada and Kawaki could have been too.

Before leaving, he used what was left of his chakra to create a shadow clone that would guard his sister just in case, hoping that all would be well again soon. He kissed her head gently, whispering that he'd be back to take care of her.


"It was the only thing what was left in chakra vault so far and I'm really glad that it was a full working clone that puff up.


Boruto eventually decided to search for Sarada first, his mind deadest on finding the girl that he somehow saw as a possible crush. He was fairly certain that she felt the same way towards him, but it was just intuition. His feelings were far more obvious since he'd always blush whenever she got near him.

The blonde shook his head to clear it. There was no time to think about such frivolous things when his priority needed to be finding her and making sure she was alright too. It took a while, but luckily the sun was still out to help him see. He eventually found her lying in a small grassy field a little ways out of the forrest.

"Why would you end up all the way over here Sarada?" Boruto thought to himself as he approached her unconscious form.

The area was quiet, almost too silent. It gave him the creeps and put him on edge, especially when he was still very low on chakra and limping. He examined her as he had with Himawari, relieved that she was unharmed as well.

He picked up her glasses that had ended up on the ground beside her and looked at her face. It was covered in a few cuts and dust, but she was beautiful. "She might even look prettier without them on…" he thought as he smiled.

As he proceeded to pick the girl up though, he sensed danger coming towards them and knew he had to get here somewhere else that would better allow him to keep her safe. Just as he turned to run, he came face to face with a large wild boar, it's snarl telling him in was angry and probably hungry as well.

There was a moment of silence between Boruto and the wild boar, the wind russeling around them as they stared each other down.

"You've got to be kidding me Dattebassa." Boruto tiredly sighed. He did not want any more trouble but, it didn't look like the boar was going to back down. He had to just suck it up and run like a real man.


"It practically scared the hell out of me (Chuckles) Can you imagine a fearless Shinobi scared of a small but menacing wild boar."


Boruto found himself running comically through the forrest for dear life as the boar chased him. He kept his grip on Sarada firm, though the girl on his back didn't even stir from the jostling trip; "lucky for her"he mused.

She was still in her deep sleep and was unaware of what was happening right then. Although, there were signs of her dreaming as she was muttering some words about riding a roller coaster and eating lots of her favorite dishes.

As funny as the situation was, Boruto was still injured and tired. He knew he had to find a way to either outrun or outsmart the boar so that they could get away and he could safely get back to Himawari.

Luckily, his quick thinking worked out and he saw a large, sturdy tree coming up ahead of them, knowing he could use it to his advantage. He kept running straight at it, tricking the animal into thinking that he wasn't going to change directions anytime soon.

"Hold on tight, Sarada." He muttered as he channeled chakra into his feet and braced himself for a jump. He ran up a few steps and then did a backflip, holding his unconscious teammate tightly as he flew back.

The boar, who hadn't expected Boruto to leap away, widened its eyes in shock. It watched as the blonde barreled over it, escaping its clutches without realizing that it was still running at the tree. A moment later, the impact occurred, instantly knocking it out.

Boruto landed safely on the ground with his Uchiha teammate in one piece and finally safe. Breathing out a sigh as he headed back to his little sister.

The rain had finally stopped by the time the young Uzumaki had made it back to where he'd woken up and the sun finally appeared in the sky. He saw that Himawari was still asleep while the rays of the sun penetrated the forest and shined upon her. He then thanked the clone for its service of protecting his little sister and with a single hand sign, it disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Boruto gave a small smile as he slowly walked towards the tree where his little sister was resting and placed the still sleeping Sarada beside his her. As for the blonde he sighed and rested on a rock in exhaustion.

The blonde let out all the pressure that had been building up inside of him and breathed in a fresh breath of air, completely forgetting about Kawaki who didn't seem to have been teleported their too. Of course, he knew celebrating wasn't the answer since the enemy was still at large somewhere and he had to find a way back to civilization or at least away from ground zero.

He theorized that somehow his Jougan had reacted to the intensity of his fight and accidentally transported them far away from the ruins of Konoha. But he was not sure and there was only one way to find out.

Boruto then darted his eyes at the two girls, who were sound asleep. The blonde smiled, he was sure envious of them because they were getting a good sleep while he was still awake and acting as a babysitter for the two of them.

He knew he couldn't just leave them there, but carrying both would be difficult. There were shadow clones, but his chakra was so low he wasn't sure he could make another one right then. Boruto sighed yet again, knowing he just had to try and lift them both himself and hope for the best.

While he considered the best positions to carry them in, he saw and heard some birds flying above him. The blonde looked up and wished that he had wings so that maybe he could get an idea of where they were and where they should go. It could be a long journey otherwise.


"I really didn't have any maps or whatsoever, I really had no idea where I was, but when I saw those flock of birds, it gave me idea that they could be somehow useful as a guide to get out of the forest.


Unbeknownst to Boruto, the birds were flying in the direction of a village, one with a large overseeing mountain with five huge faces carved into it.


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