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Arc 4 Omake Chapter: Interview with Himawari Part 2

This interview was filmed before "Arc 4: A Chance Meeting Part 5"

Himawari sat down on a certain bench located in the middle of the wide park pathway surrounded by the lush and peaceful forest, the young lady decided to take a little rest before proceeding with the next scene, where she will meet Miyuki at the other end of the park to commence their scene for the next episode. She placed her paper shopping bag beside her, followed by taking a sip from her small plastic water bottle. She really had to admit that it was kind of a tiring journey from the main district until here. As much as she was used to going through along huge crowds, in truth she really disliked the noisy and chaotic atmosphere for most of the time. There was literally no social distancing as she really had to squeezed through the crowds. This is could be really risky if there ever was a pandemic ongoing.

The young lady took a deep breath as she enjoyed the fresh air blowing through. She also shifted her attention towards the small crew, who were setting up the interview scene as usual. She let out a smile, thinking that this was definitely a good time for her to evaluate and release her thoughts and opinions lately. She had to admit that being alone in the apartment was really giving her a little craziness.

"All set up Himawari!" The interviewer announced, referring to the small setup, which consisted of just one camera placed on a stand, and facing the Uzumaki girl.

Hearing his announcement, the girl quickly straightened up and began preparing herself, dusting her clothes, doing some last minute check ups on her face using a small pocket mirror, before finally giving her signature adorable smile facing the camera. As the interviewer set up his foldable chair in front of the young lady, he drew out a small notebook and pen and started flipping the pages before stopping at a certain page.

Himawari, curious as ever couldn't help herself but take a peek at that certain page, though Interviewer-san was able to noticed it quickly as usual and immediately closed the book, giving the young lady a look.

She gave a peace sign in return and grin," Sorry about that hehe... I'm just really curious about the questions this time." She explained, letting some of her excitement radiate.

The interviewer sighed but gave a smile." Oh come on Himawari, these are just simple questions, I know you can answer them straight off the bat." He replied, though deep inside he was a bit of nervous since the questions were quite a bit personal this time. Moreover, today's interview coincides a certain event which happened in the 19th of February, which was also today's date. His eyes were looking back and forth on the small notebook and back towards the Uzumaki girl. He also wondered if this was really the right time to do this.

There were 6 questions in total.

"Is everything alright Interviewer-san? You looked a bit nervous." Himawari commented, showing some concern before being shrugged of the latter.

"It's alright Miss Himawari, uhmm shall we begin?" The Interviewer asked, clearing his throat and adjusting his glasses.

Himawari simply nodded." Yeah sure! Just throw me the first one." She smiled.

"Very well..." The Interviewer said, before finally proceeding with the interview as he read the first question.

Question #1

-So first question is... How you've been doing lately so far since Boruto and Sarada are still away on their mission?"

Himawari smiled." Well, I'm doing good! As usual being in- charged of chores and keeping the apartment tidy is always been a part of my job...Though, I have to say it's making me a bit crazy since you're all by yourself. I might need to buy myself a pet or something." She finished answering the first question with a slight chuckle.

The Interviewer nodded, filling up the notebook before proceeding to the next question.

Question #2

- It's good to know that you're coping well, so for the next question, How does your relationship with your young Uncle and Aunt going, especially the Hyuga clan of this era? "

Himawari paused for a few moments before answering the second question." Well... For the Hyuga clan, I'm not sure yet, I haven't got to meet the rest of them, except for my mom, which was a great thing since I was able to established a friendship with her in just one day. As for Uncle Neji and Aunt Hanabi, they've really dedicated themselves as family to me and my big brother, though Nii-chan won't be able to attend the dinner thing at the compound later tonight... She smiled, finishing her response.

Time passed by and the wind grew stronger as the interview finally reach the first three questions.

Question #3

- Well, this question might be a bit personal but when you said that you wanted a pet as a companion, What kind of pet do you prefer and Why? "

Himawari scratched her chin and began to wonder. She had feeling that this question was going to be ask, so she just decided to share her thoughts about it.

- I think this maybe a weird answer, but If I were to have a pet as a companion of my own, I would definitely pick a small talking nine-tailed fox and named it "Kurama or Kuu-chan! "

And the reason is that the cute furball had been in our family's side for a very long time, and along with my dad, they had been protecting the village and I was able to lived a normal life."

The Uzumaki girl smiled, though decided to only wander along the good memories of the fox. She didn't want to go further down.

Question #4

- Ahh yes... The one and only Kurama, He is quite a celebrity back in your home, even had his own merchandise for the kids. Though, the question is... How did you met Kurama? And what was you relationship with him?

Himawari was a bit surprised that the interviewer had decided to explore more of the fox himself.

-I first met Kuu-chan when my dad first summoned him as this small cute talking fox to babysit me and big brother, during the time when he and mom celebrated their anniversary outside. At first, I thought this was some kind of joke because I was only aware that Kuu-Chan was just a fictional creation of some writer, though both of them told me that he was really the real thing and I was just speechless..." The girl chuckled.

So from that then on He kinda became our babysitter and sometimes He would accompany me for strolls in the park. Furthermore, It was his character that made our ties strong. He's like that grumpy loveable uncle, but in the form of a nine tailed fox. But for most of time, He's inside dad's mindscape so that means he's part of the everyday Hokage stuff and I can't imagine how he's already sick of seeing paperwork everyday. " Himawari chuckled as she paused a brief while as she drew out a small photo from her wallet and showed it to the camera." I've been keeping this photo for a long time now, and glad that I brought it along here in the past." She said, as the photo showed a younger Himawari cuddling a very small blushing Kurama, who was obviously trying his best to smile.

"This was the last photo I had with him and the last time he was in this form, a week before died." Himawari finished her sentence, deciding to take another drink from her plastic water bottle. She knew that she was closed to the sad part.

Question # 5

- Speaking of Kurama, How did you learned of his passing and What really happened?

There was silence when the question finally asked, Himawari took the time to gather herself, as she knew she would be opening one of her painful memories.

-Well...the day I learned of Kuu-chan's passing, I was with my mom in the Hyuga compound visiting grandpa and some relatives and suddenly we got this call regarding my dad, my big brother, Kawaki-nii, and Uncle Sasuke, that they were attacked and rushed to the hospital. By the time we got there, we saw all of them being treated and were confined into this very large room. Uncle Sasuke had his other eye wounded, Boru-nii was covered with bruises, while Kawaki-nii lost his right hand. We spent hours waiting outside of the room, and by the time Aunt Sakura called us in, we immediately rushed inside to discover that everyone was mostly alright, which was relief. Dad was the most affected, I recall seeing him lying there on his hospital bed staring at the window, and he was fine, but what really shocked me is that his whiskers marks where gone." The young lady paused to gather her his breath, before continuing on.

"The first thing that came into my mind was Kurama-chan, I asked dad about if he too was also alright, and all I could remember is him giving me this very sad look and he eventually told us the truth. Apparently, they were sucked into his different dimension by an Otsutsuki and they barely even survived if not for dad using a technique called "Baryon Mode" or something to beat their enemy, the cause of using the move is that dad will die, though in truth Kuu-chan lied to him and instead he was the one to go.

Small tears were beginning to form around the girl's eyes, though she managed to fight it off and instead gave a sad smile to the camera" Sorry about that."

Question # 6

- I'm very sorry to hear that Himawari, though do you wish to see Kurama again if you ever have the opportunity?

The girl simply smiled.

- If there was ever a chance, I would be very glad to meet him again, though like I said before, You gotta move on and focus towards the future, For now, I'm just very thankful that I was able to spend time with Kuu-chan. If he ever he was going to come back, it might take years, centuries, or maybe not in my lifetime and if he does come back, he wouldn't even remember me nor us. I might as well meet him in heaven if they really say that he really is gone for good. But who knows? Anything could happen.

By the time she finished answering the final question, the camera stopped rolling and the interview was finally over. Himawari let out the huge pressure building up inside her and she immediately went for her water bottle and drank the last remaining portion.

"Those were some tough questions Interviewer-san." She commented, giving a little chuckle thereafter.

"Yup, and I apologize for not informing you sooner Himawari, I mean today is 19th of February and we really had to commemorate his death anniversary." The Interviewer explained.

Himawari nodded in understanding." I know, and it's alright for me, It's good to let out some tears for once and awhile." She smiled, taking a glance at the small photo before placing it back inside her wallet.

"By the way, I think your next scene is waiting for you at the other side park." The interviewer said, as he placed back the camera equipment inside a large briefcase.

The young lady smiled, taking her shopping bag.' Well, I guess I'll see you around Interviewer-san, and Thank you very much for your time." She said, thanking the older man before leaving the area.

"You're welcome miss Himawari, Take care and be well!"

As last words were finally exchange for the meantime, Himawari finally continued her journey and headed to the her next destination, but before that, she took a glanced at the clear blue sky and smiled.

"I missed you Kuu-chan and I hope we meet again someday!"

(Omake Chapter End)

AN: This Chapter is Dedicated to the big crimson furball himself, who gave up his life to save our Beloved knucklehead Ninja. Thank you for the memories Kurama!