"I'm not sure why you're tryna' re-cork it, luv. At this rate you'll finish it off tonight."

I looked over my shoulder at Jack, standing in the doorway. He was leaned against the doorframe watching me with amusement, his mouth turning up at the corners.

I huffed at him and brushed some of the loose hairs from my face. "Not tonight, Captain Sparrow." I took a step towards him and he copied me, coming further into his cabin. "Tonight you aren't allowed to be a bad influence".

"Why is that, love?"

"Because it's my birthday, which is why we have wine in the first place. Remind me to thank Mr Gibbs again, it's a very nice gift." I picked up my glass and took a (sizeable) drink from it as Jack poured himself a glass as well. I watched him sniff it before taking a careful sip, his nose crinkling as he swallowed. Setting his glass down, he looked at me. "Not sure how you drink that, darlin." He was fishing around in a crate on the floor, and came up with a bottle of rum. I giggled to myself and he smiled at me. "This is more like it."