Harry Potter King of Pride Rock Challenge:

This idea stems from my recent obsession with Lions especially the Lion King and my long term love for Harry Potter.


-Harry has to go to Africa and join the Pride Landers

- Harry Has to be a long lived Large Cat, does not have to be a Lion, but being a lion would probably be easiest

-Harry has to be able to still be able to return to Magical England if required

-Harry must become a dominant member of society

-Harry must have been betrayed causing him to leave magical England

-Harry must protect the Pride from some sort of danger.

-Must take place in Lion King world


-Slash pairing

-Weak Harry as an animal or as a human

-Everyone being good in Magical England


-Harry Growing up with Simba and helping Simba overthrow Scar, and watching Simba die in the battle thus allowing Harry to become the King of Pride Rock

-Takes place post Final Battle